Sellulle tuskin käy kuin paperille – suomalaisilla on hintanuupahduksesta huolimatta kelvollinen asema

Suomalaiset metsäyhtiöt eivät joudu suurimpaan pulaan, kun sellun hinta halpenee, vaikka heilahtelut nypyttävät yhtiöiden tuloksia. Sellun kysynnälle ei myöskään ennakoida loppua, päinvastoin.
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Dylan Sprouse and Barbara Palvin don matching suits at Milan Fashion Week
The couple looked stylish in the front row.
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New York Post
New York Police Investigating Multiple Jewelry Thefts in Trump Tower
A 33-year-old woman told police her $117,000 Graff diamond bracelet was taken
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Congo starts using second experimental Ebola vaccine
LONDON — The World Health Organization on Monday announced Congo will start using a second experimental Ebola vaccine, as efforts to stop the deadly outbreak are stalled and Doctors Without Borders criticizes vaccination efforts to date. Since this outbreak was declared in August 2018, more than 200,000 people have received doses of a vaccine made...
New York Post
Yes, Toy Story 4’s director knows how weird Forky made the Toy Story world
Photo: Pixar Animation Studios Toy Story 4 debuted in a world that’s changed profoundly since the original Toy Story hit theaters nearly 25 years ago. Toy Story was the first-ever entirely computer-animated film; now CGI animation is common, and the hand-drawn cel animation it replaced is a shrinking rarity. Toy Story was considered a huge success because it made more than $300 million at the box office; the newest sequel was considered a mild disappointment because it didn’t meet the outstanding projections for its performance, meaning it only brought in $1 billion. But more significantly, Toy Story dropped into a world where Pixar Animation Studios was still an unknown, rather than an industry-shaping inspiration. Expectations for the first Toy Story were modest. Expectations for Toy Story 4 were outsized in part because Pixar has been such a powerful industry force over the last 25 years, and the Toy Story series in particular has been such a critical, aesthetic, narrative, and financial success. It was a major legacy to live up to with a third sequel. With Toy Story 4 coming to home video, first-time feature director Josh Cooley — a Pixar vet who’s worked as a storyboard artist, writer, and shorts director on projects from Ratatouille, to the Cars movies, to Up and Inside Out — talked to The Verge about the biggest challenges on the film, from specific story beats, to character design, to making the perfect virtual spider. What was your biggest challenge on Toy Story 4 from a technological perspective? Josh Cooley: It would definitely be the antique store. We have about 10,000 items in that store, and each one had to be shaded and built and rendered, so there’s a lot of information for the computer to wrap its head around. And we knew we were going to be in that antique store for a big chunk of the film. There’s also dust, and spiderwebs, and all this detail. So at first, we weren’t even sure we would be able to fill a store that big with that much stuff. The tone I really wanted was like a jungle, like a crammed city jungle, just a lot of stuff, how the stores are. We did a test a couple summers earlier, and we were able to make it work, so it seemed like would be possible. You’ve said you put a lot of visual Easter eggs in the antique store because you got “lazy,” so you put in renders of things like Bing Bong’s rocket from Inside Out. What else should viewers watch out for on home video? [Laughs] I should verify that it wasn’t out of laziness. That was just a joke. We do actually have to re-render everything, it’s not as easy as just clicking and dragging something from an old film. We have to start over again every time. But my favorite thing is, in one shot, there’s a casting of a hand in the background. And that is Ed Catmull’s hand. Ed’s the [former] president of the studio, and it was the very first computer model that was ever created. He did it as like, a project in school. I think they even used it in Star Trek: Wrath of Khan or something. [Catmull worked on the film’s computer-generated Genesis simulation.] So we made it into a plaster statue that you can purchase at an antique store. It’s so random. Talking to Pixar over the years about its evolving technology, we’ve heard a lot about your light-renderers and how they change the textures of your world. How does your lighting interact with something as visually complex as spiderwebs? Yeah, that’s a great question. I’m not exactly sure even how that works. I do know they had to build, basically, a virtual spider to design the webs realistically. They’d say, “Where exactly would you like to have spiderwebs?” And I’d point on the screen where I’d like them, and then they would send the spider into action that would create natural-looking spiderwebs. It was insane, it was amazing. To be able to direct that side of the film, the technological side, all I had to do was talk about the emotion I wanted, and the animators would go do their magic and come back and show me incredible stuff. It was like a magic trick. It was insane. What was the hardest sequence to plan and design? The big action scene in the store, when they’re rescuing Forky out of the cabinet. That was a tough one. There were a lot of moving parts, a lot of characters. The staging had to be very clear as to where the characters were. We use the lighting to help sell that. The light coming in from the front of the store is casting into the store, so in the beginning, Woody and the toys are in shadow, and then when they get into the cabinet, the light’s streaming in. So we really made a difference between the two parts of the set they were on. But there’s a lot of action, a lot of story beats within that action scene that had to be very clear. So that was a tough one. Photo: Pixar Animation Studios What about from an emotional perspective? What was hardest to convey when you were trying to break down the narrative and get the script set? Probably the Bo and Woody relationship. Overall, we kept a real close eye on it. It was so important. Because this is a movie about their relationship, we looked at a lot of movies about relationships. Often there’s not a lot of dialog to establish a relationship. It’s mostly the looks between actors and the chemistry you can feel when you’re seeing how someone will look at someone else for just an extra little beat. Really subtle little things. And so, whenever we had moments like that, we made sure when we were animating it to bring everybody into the room at the same time and look at all the shots back to back. We wouldn’t just look at a single shot, like we tend to do. We’d look at the whole scene in whatever state of animation it was, just to make sure that every beat was being timed correctly and was being acted in the correct way. The boldness of the ending was a big surprise to a lot of fans of the franchise, but Pixar just released an alternate ending that went in the exact opposite direction, and it apparently got as far as the animatic stage. What kind of conversations did you have about how you wanted to end the film? Well, the very first version — this was always just in animatics — all the toys, including Bo, came back to Bonnie’s house at the end, and it was kind of like, “Bonnie has a new lamp now, and everything’s reset the way it was, but now with Bo in the picture.” And it just wasn’t emotionally satisfying. We didn’t really learn anything in that version. So we thought, “Let’s see what happens with a Casablanca-type ending, where they love each other, but they know they have different duties they have to perform now.” So that’s what you saw in the deleted scenes. And that wasn’t satisfying, either. And then we went on to the next step, which was, “Let’s see what it looks like if they both don’t return.” I had this thought — I remember walking through this pitch with the producers. Just talking about him staying with the love of his life and saying goodbye to his friends, and saying “To infinity and beyond!” with Buzz, my voice cracked with the emotion of that moment. I could feel that. So I was convinced that if I could put that emotion on the screen, it could mean something. Photo: Pixar Animation Studios What were the biggest challenges in the design stage, particularly in designing Ducky and Bunny? Well, the great thing is — my production designer, Bob Pauley, was a designer on the first Toy Story. He actually designed Buzz Lightyear. So he came in with the design aesthetic, knowing the world. Toy Story is all about exaggerated shapes seen from low perspectives, because that’s where the characters are going to be most of the time. He knows theatrical lighting and realistic textures are the things that defined Toy Story. With Ducky and Bunny, I said, “These are carnival toys. Most carnival toys are crappy. They don’t look like you can really hug them, because they’re made of this awful material that’s really cheap. These guys are designed to be as cute as possible, which will contrast perfectly with their actual personalities. So the designers showed me tons of different designs of cute animals, and we narrowed it down to two, who are attached and have these off colors, you know, with a bright blue Bunny and such. Forky is a new visual element for this world, and he has to look like trash but still be a personable, relatable character. What were the discussions around his design? There weren’t that many! [Laughs] He’s very simple, which is what I love about him. When we first started speaking about an artcraft becoming a toy, the very first drawing, I think, was of a spork. And when we all saw that, we all just kept drawing sporks with different types of arms and legs. It was just that sporks are funny. In a weird way — we didn’t even plan this, but the idea of a spork being a fork and a spoon also complements the idea that he’s trash and a toy at the same time. Even in his creation, he’s not even sure what he is. So there was just something really funny and entertaining about that. People take Pixar movies so seriously, debating your timeline and your philosophy and so forth. And Forky freaked people out because they’re saying, “So can anything be a toy? Can anything in this world come to life, and then it’s alive forever?” Do you guys have these kinds of philosophical discussions? Did you talk about what Forky was doing to your world? Oh yeah! That’s how he was born. We were in a room talking about our own kids, and how the rules of Toy Story are that toys come to life. We said, “Well, our own kids in real life, they will pick up a rock and play with it. If Bonnie does that, does that mean the rock’s alive?” So we started pulling the threads on the universe. But then we were like, “Well, wait, let’s embrace that! Let’s say what would happen!” And the fact is, that thing that was not a toy would come to life. It has never seen Toy Story 1, 2, or 3, so it doesn’t understand any of the rules of the world. And we were just busting ourselves up with how ridiculous that was. But also just the fact that the audience is coming in with all this knowledge of Toy Story. So to have a character show up that doesn’t understand it gives you so much leverage, comedy-wise. But also, it allows you to have an innocent character that can force Woody to explain what it means to be a toy. And then we could say, “Oh, now he’s supporting Woody’s story. Now there’s a real reason to have him in the movie.”
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Ring and Nest video doorbells include a free smart display with purchase at Best Buy
Photo by Dan Seifert / The Verge Best Buy is hosting a new promotion that will give you a free Google Nest Hub if you purchase a Nest Hello video doorbell, or a free Amazon Echo Show 5 when you buy a Ring Video Doorbell 2. Neither video doorbell is discounted, so the Nest Hello costs $229.99 while the Ring Video Doorbell costs $199.99. But smart displays are great as far as freebies go, especially since they serve as good companions to smart doorbells. Whether you buy the Google product or the one from Amazon, you’ll be able to use the smart display to see who’s ringing the doorbell, and talk with visitors via two-way audio. The displays also make for good digital photo frames and smart alarm clocks. To get a free Echo Show 5, add the Ring Video Doorbell 2 (or the more expensive Ring Video Doorbell Pro) to your cart from this page. The smart display comes only in the charcoal color. For the Nest Hello doorbell, add it to your cart and you’ll see a note in your cart above the total that says you get a free Google Nest Hub. It only comes in the chalk color; as with the Echo Show 5, you can’t change the color.
The Verge
We Need More Doctors Who Are Scientists
It’s in everyone’s benefit if physicians participate in research.
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How Can You Appreciate 23rd-Century English? Look Back 200 Years
We should stop worrying that kids these days refuse to say “no worries” in response to “thank you.”
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British tanker Stena Impero free to leave: Iran ambassador to UK
The detained British-flagged tanker Stena Impero is "free to leave," Iran's ambassador to the United Kingdom, Hamid Baeidinejad, said on Twitter on Monday.
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Planes Weren’t Built for Big People Like Me. Here’s What I Want My Seatmates to Know
He’s six foot five if he’s an inch. Legs like tree trunks latch into a strong torso with muscular shoulders so wide there’s no way he can stay in his own seat. A full head of tousled blonde hair and a still-boyish thirtysomething face makes me smirk to think of the effort he must expend…
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Varadkar and Tusk say no UK proposals yet that can replace backstop
Ireland's prime minister met European Council President Donald Tusk in New York on Monday for 45 minutes to take stock of the latest Brexit developments.
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If You Booked Travel With Thomas Cook, Here's How to Get a Refund
On Monday, UK-based tour company Thomas Cook abruptly collapsed, impacting 150,000 travelers’ plans and laying off “tens of thousands” of employees. At airports like the one in Menorca, Spain, hundreds of travelers have been left stranded at their gates.Read more...
Fan in J.J. Watt jersey tackled by security after running onto field
The Texans’ come-from-behind win over the Chargers Sunday wasn’t the only noteworthy thing to happen on the field in Carson, Calif. A fan wearing a J.J. Watt jersey jumped over the wall and ran onto the field during the fourth quarter of the Texans’ 27-20 victory. He managed to juke several security guards before he...
New York Post
Ukraine wants to stay out of U.S. domestic politics: presidential official
Ukraine wants to stay out of a domestic political battle in Washington and any attempt by either side to take advantage of Ukraine would damage relations, a top official in President Volodymyr Zelenskiy's administration told Reuters.
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RIP Thomas Cook: holiday dreams washed away by tide of debt
Thomas Cook sold tens of millions of Britons a summer holiday to remember with the slogan "Don't just book it, Thomas Cook it".
Democrats Pressure Republican Senate to Join Ukraine Inquiry
The Democratic leader in the Senate warned Republicans would be “silent and submissive” if they did not request more information.
NYT > Home Page
Climate Protesters Snarl Traffic but Washington Still Goes to Work
A coalition of climate protesters tried to shut down the streets of Washington.
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Apple will manufacture its new Mac Pro in Texas
Apple hinted that it wanted to manufacture the redesigned Mac Pro in Texas, and now it's official. The company has confirmed that it'll assemble the workstation at the same Austin, Texas plant that has produced the cylindrical Mac Pro since 2013. T...
Engadget | Technology News, Advice and Features
Racist slurs hurled at San Clemente High football game, investigation confirms
San Clemente's football coach had previously said there were no incidents or taunts in the Sept. 13 game against San Diego's Lincoln High School.
Ikea's Expands Augmented Reality App, Lets You Fill an Entire Room With Virtual Swedish Furniture
Augmented reality might one day be a crucial piece of technology, but for now, the best use we’ve found for putting virtual objects in real scenes is previewing how new furniture might look in your living room. Of course, Ikea is just fine with that, and the company just updated its Place app so users can try multiple…Read more...
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Best TV deals this week: Vizio, Samsung, TCL, and more
All of Westeros went wild last night as Game of Thrones was crowned the winner for Outstanding Drama Series. The cult-favorite show is now the most decorated drama in Emmys history. Our dragon show's ending may have sucked, but we'll take this obsession to the grave. But your (binge) Watch doesn't have to end just because their Watch did. You can take the ride of a lifetime again any time you want — but this time, do it in 4K so you can actually see what's going on in those dark scenes. If it's still too soon, Apple TV+ and Disney+ are bringing a slew of new thrillers that are sure to get you screaming on Twitter just like GOT did. 4K can get you that hyped about anything. Read more...More about Samsung, Game Of Thrones, 4k Tv, Vizio, and Mashable Shopping
Former college football QB Jevan Snead dead at 32
Jevan Snead, a former standout college football quarterback at the University of Texas and Ole Miss, has died at the age of 32, police and university officials said. Snead, of Austin, was pronounced dead after cops responded to a report of a deceased person in downtown Austin late Saturday. Investigators later identified the victim as...
New York Post
At least 40 civilians at wedding party killed during nearby U.S.-backed Afghan army raid
At least 40 civilians attending a wedding party were killed by explosions and gunfire during a raid by U.S.-backed Afghan government forces on a nearby Islamist militant hideout, officials in Helmand province said on Monday.
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Jennifer Lopez didn’t think her iconic Versace dress was that risqué
Inspiring Google Images is just another day in the life of a pop icon.
New York Post
Project Voldemort: Instagram reportedly threatened 'verified' status of influencers who shared Snapchat links
Facebook's rivals are spilling the tea to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) about the social media giant's hardball tactics.  A story in Monday's Wall Street Journal outlines Snapchat's anger and frustration over how Facebook allegedly tried to suppress competition. It was so bad, Snap named an internal document listing its Facebook-related grievances as "Project Voldemort." Perhaps the pettiest example of Facebook attempting to squash Snap is the claim that Instagram reps went so far as to pressure many of the platform's influencers to stop posting Snapchat content on their Instagram feed — and some were threatened with losing their oh-so-coveted "verified" status if they kept it up.  Read more...More about Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Antitrust, and Tech
Colombia ex-rebels testify on kidnappings at peace tribunal
Former combatants from Colombia’s once-largest rebel army are asking for forgiveness as they testify at a special peace tribunal about kidnappings that took place during the long civil conflict
Apple will build Mac Pro in Texas using tariff-exempt components
The highest-end Apple computer will continue to be partially assembled in the United States, using a mix of U.S. and foreign-made parts.
VentureBeat | Tech News That Matters
What's the top-grossing mobile game right now? Pokemon Go
If you thought Pokémon Go sunk into obscurity after taking over the world a few years ago, do we have news for you: It just climbed to No. 1 on the list of top-grossing mobile games.
Here's where things stand as GM workers strike for second week
Both the United Autoworkers Union and General Motors say negotiations continue, but there remains no clear end in sight.
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Apple to make new Mac Pro PCs in U.S. after some tariff exemptions
Apple Inc said on Monday it will make new Mac Pro desktop computers at its Austin, Texas facility, following some relief on tariffs by the U.S. government.
Taraji P. Henson reveals who’s designing her wedding dress
"I don’t have to lose sleep. I know she’s going to have me look beautiful," the "Empire" star said of her chosen designer.
New York Post
Can of dry shampoo explodes in hot car, breaking sunroof
Let this be a reminder not to leave aerosol cans in your vehicle. A 19-year-old in St. Louis, Missouri, returned to her car after leaving it parked in the sun last Thursday to find that a can of dry shampoo had exploded inside, blowing a hole through her sunroof. At the time of the incident, the can was in the car's middle console, and the console's lid was closed. The woman's mother, Christine Bader Debrecht, detailed the harrowing experience in a Facebook post. "[The can] blew the console cover off of its hinges, shot through the sunroof, and went high enough in the air that it landed about 50 feet away," she wrote. "Please don't leave aerosol cans in your car!" Read more...More about Social Media, Culture, and Other
Instagram filter lets you wear Case's Neuromancer headset
On the left is Josan Gonzalez's illustration of Case's headset for the Brazilian edition of Neuromancer, and on the right is a 3D-version created with Blender and Photoshop.  Using this Instagram filter, you can wear the headset (with visor up or down). (via William Gibson and Vinicius Imbimbo.)   Read the rest
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TIMELINE-Key events in Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou's extradition case
Meng Wanzhou, chief financial officer of Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, will appear in a Vancouver, Canada, courtroom on the first of three days of trial starting on Monday. Here is a timeline of the case and its geopolitical implications.
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Microsoft releases .NET Core 3.0 with support for WPF and Windows Forms
Microsoft today released .NET Core 3.0 and new versions of Visual Studio 2019 for Windows and Mac at its .NET Conf 2019 event.
VentureBeat | Tech News That Matters
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid Was Inspired by a True Story. Here’s How the Real Bandits Began Their Life of Crime
Long before the duo were immortalized by Hollywood, their names were infamous throughout the West
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Google Play Pass gives you over 350 Android apps and games for $5 a month
Android folk have an answer for Apple Arcade: It's Google Play Pass, and it will offer access to more than 350 apps and games for $5 a month. It'll debut this week in the U.S., Google says, and it'll roll out to other nations "soon."
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Apple Says New Mac Pro Will Be Manufactured in Texas After Receiving Tariff Exemptions
Apple today announced that its next-generation Mac Pro will be manufactured in Texas, with production slated to begin soon at the same Austin facility where the current Mac Pro has been made since 2013. Apple says the new Mac Pro will include components designed, developed, and manufactured by more than a dozen American companies for distribution to U.S. customers. Suppliers will span eight states, including Arizona, Maine, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Vermont. Apple did not immediately respond when we asked if the new Mac Pro will be made in Texas for orders distributed in other countries. Apple says the U.S. manufacturing is made possible following import tariff exemptions the Trump administration granted Apple last week for certain necessary components. The value of American-made components in the new Mac Pro is 2.5 times greater than the current Mac Pro, the company adds. Apple CEO Tim Cook:The Mac Pro is Apple's most powerful computer ever and we're proud to be building it in Austin. We thank the administration for their support enabling this opportunity. We believe deeply in the power of American innovation. That's why every Apple product is designed and engineered in the US, and made up of parts from 36 states, supporting 450,000 jobs with US suppliers, and we're going to continue growing here.Texas Governor Greg Abbott:Apple's latest investment is a testament to Texas' unrivaled workforce and premier business climate. Our state's economy is thriving as the tech and manufacturing sectors continue to expand. I am grateful for Apple's commitment to creating jobs in Texas, and will continue to promote fiscal and regulatory policies that encourage investment in our state and benefit future generations of Texans.Apple says it remains on track to fulfill its commitment to invest $350 billion in the U.S. economy by 2023. Apple said that, last year alone, it spent over $60 billion with more than 9,000 domestic suppliers across the country, including at manufacturing locations spanning 36 states. Note: Due to the political nature of the discussion regarding this topic, the discussion thread is located in our Politics, Religion, Social Issues forum. All forum members and site visitors are welcome to read and follow the thread, but posting is limited to forum members with at least 100 posts.Related Roundup: Mac ProBuyer's Guide: Mac Pro (Don't Buy)This article, "Apple Says New Mac Pro Will Be Manufactured in Texas After Receiving Tariff Exemptions" first appeared on MacRumors.comDiscuss this article in our forums
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Google's Play Pass app subscription service is now available
Subscription services have taken over music and movies, and now they're coming to games and apps too. In August we heard that Google was in the final stages of testing its new Android app subscription service called Play Pass, its equivalent of Apple...
Engadget | Technology News, Advice and Features
It's Kids vs. the World in a Landmark New Climate Lawsuit
UNITED NATIONS—On Monday, Greta Thunberg and 15 other young people filed a potentially world-changing lawsuit. On an abnormally steamy day in New York, when sweat built on the brows of the dark-suited diplomats funneling into the United Nations for a major climate summit, the group of teens cranked up the heat even…Read more...
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Google Play Pass bundles 350 Android games and apps for $4.99 per month
Illustration by William Joel / The Verge Today, Google is launching a new service called “Google Play Pass,” which for $4.99 per month gives Android users access to over 350 games and apps which will be served ad free and without any in-app purchases. Google will give users 10 days free and is also planning on offering the first year at $1.99 per month. It will be available in the US this week and other countries “soon.” Google’s take on the app subscription model is a little different from Apple, which just last week launched Apple Arcade, its $4.99 games subscription service. Firstly, Google Play pass includes apps as well as games. Secondly, Google isn’t directly funding development their development nor demanding exclusivity. At launch, all of the apps and games included in Google Play Pass were already available on the Play Store and will continue to be available as standalone purchases (or ad-supported). If you’ve previously installed any app that’s included in the service and sign up, your current app should automatically have its ads removed and its in-app purchases unlocked. Few people buy apps on Android, so Google is hoping they’ll subscribe to a bundle of over 350 of them In a demo, Google showed me a game that normally would have an in-app purchase for an expansion pack — but as a part of Play Pass, it was simply free. The Google Play Store will soon begin showing a small, multi-colored ticket next to apps that are included in the Play Pass bundle, showing subscribers that it’s free and enticing non-subscribers to sign up. Google says roughly two thirds of the apps included in Play Pass are games, including longtime favorites like Stardew Valley, Monument Valley, Limbo, and Risk. In other words, they include a mix of indie and institutional developers. Similarly, the non-game apps include biggies like AccuWeather and smaller, well-loved Android apps like Hi-Q recorder. I haven’t seen a full list yet, but other notable games that I noticed include Star Wars: KOTOR, Mini Metro, Old Man’s Journey, and Eloh. Play Pass subscriptions can be shared with up to five family members and also integrate with Google’s parental controls for the Play Store. Unlike Apple, Google isn’t requiring more stringent privacy standards from apps included in Play Pass — though the removal of all ads is a big step forward for many of them. Also unlike Apple, Google was willing to share at least a little about how it plans to pay developers: via user “engagement” with the apps. What precisely that entails is not entirely clear yet — Google says it’s more than simply tracking screen time or number of opens per week. Developers may balk at their income being handled by another algorithm, but then again the state of Android apps is such that anything that brings in money at all would be a big improvement for Android developers. The platform has a reputation for doing a worse job of monetizing apps than iOS, after all. Fortunately, developers shouldn’t need to do a lot of work to make their apps compatible with Google Play Pass. The company says that as long as apps use standard APIs for ads and in-app purchases, it should be a simple switchover — either way, developers shouldn’t need to ship two separate versions of their app. For developers, the program is invite-only Google says that the program is “invite only,” but will put up a web form where developers who want to participate can “express interest in participating.” A company representative also waved off my question about how it’s quite a coincidence that Google Play Pass comes within a week of Apple Arcade, saying that it had been in the works for some time and was simply ready for launch now. Although Google wouldn’t speak about specifics, I was told that long-term the intention is for Play Pass to make money — it’s not Google subsidizing apps. The Google Play Pass “ticket” logo, indicating an app is free with the subscription service. I, along with many others, have been thinking about the potential implications of app stores switching to subscription bundles. For games, it could motivate developers to make stuff that’s less scammy, moving them away from in-app purchases that prey on the weak points in our psychology. In that sense, both Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass could be literal game changers. But the longer-term implications are potentially bigger. Patricia Hernandez sees a potential future where apps sink to a “Netflix” level of quality where “The content doesn’t need to be ‘good,’ just good enough.” For both Apple and Android, that may be a champagne problem — right now it seems much more important to find a way to extract games from the in-app purchase gutter. After that, who knows? Google Play Pass has the potential to be a very big deal for the Android app ecosystem. It includes both apps and games — I know for a fact that if I signed up I’d be more likely to use a weather app that’s included than one that’s not. That puts more power in Google’s hands to pick winners and losers. But if Play Pass is even moderately successful, it could also put more money in developers’ pockets.
The Verge
I'm Lifehacker Food Editor Claire Lower and This Is How I Eat
Hello. It’s me, Claire. I’m the food editor here at Lifehacker, and as we’re taking a look at how the Lifehacker staff works, I thought I’d show you how I eat. In order to maintain the conversational flow of How I Eat, I had my boyfriend conduct the interview. Below you will find answers to all sorts of interesting…Read more...
Google takes on Apple Arcade with its own $4.99/month subscription service
Just days after the debut of Apple Arcade, Google has also revealed a new subscription service for mobile games. It's called Google Play Pass, and it's available to Android users in the United States now for $4.99 a month, the same price as Apple's monthly offering. (Google is also offering the first year of the service for a promotional price of $1.99 a month for a limited time to new sign-ups.) Notably, Google is taking its subscriptions a step further than Apple. Though Google Play Pass doesn't have any exclusive titles, it will include apps that aren't mobile games. Popular apps like AccuWeather and selfie-editing app FaceTune will also be offered as part of the service.  Read more...More about Tech, Google, Apple Arcade, Tech, and Big Tech Companies
Ryan Murphy’s Netflix Debut The Politician Is Peak Ryan Murphy. That’s Not a Bad Thing
It looks like a Wes Anderson movie but turns out to be the purest expression of Murphy's sensibility to date
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Saquon Barkley will miss several weeks with ankle injury
It will be awhile before we get to see what Saquon Barkley and Daniel Jones are capable of together. Barkley will miss several weeks with the high ankle sprain that forced him out of Sunday’s 32-31 win over the Buccaneers on Sunday, NFL Network reported. Barkley was on the sideline with a boot and crutches...
New York Post
Oil steadies on hopes of full Saudi output restart
Oil stabilized on Monday, after gaining nearly 7% last week, as lingering concerns over global supplies following the Sept. 14 attack on Saudi oil facilities offset prospects for a faster-than-expected restoration of the kingdom's output and on signs of European economic weakness.
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How to Turn Your Hobby Into Your Job (Without Losing Your Passion)
All it requires is following three crucial guidelines.
Entrepreneur - Start, run and grow your business.
Tom Brady touches on Antonio Brown's release: 'It's a difficult situation'
New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady addressed Antonio Brown’s recent departure from the team in a radio interview Monday after the team’s recent win over the New York Jets.
Solskjær’s rebuild talk cannot mask Manchester United’s sense of drift
The manager’s honeymoon period is over and the defeat at West Ham demonstrated their lack of high-grade options againIt was a soundbite from Ole Gunnar Solskjær designed to cut through the hysteria that always accompanies a bad Manchester United defeat and, make no mistake, Sunday’s 2-0 reverse at West Ham was as bad as anything on the manager’s nine-month watch – with the exception of the 4-0 drubbing at Everton last April.“I’ve said it many times, this is a rebuilding job and the boys are working as hard as they can,” Solskjær said. Continue reading...
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