Should dating apps tell us how sexy we are? | Coco Khan

App algorithms rank results so dating opportunities end up being hoarded by the few. One app told me my score

Marks out of 10: how attractive do you think you are? Perhaps you’d describe yourself as a six on a good hair day, or seven when you’ve caught the sun? Attractiveness, after all, is subjective, and can change from day to day. Besides, isn’t beauty in the eye of the beholder? But the truth is, if you have ever used an internet dating app, your desirability has been rated. It has to be. User rankings are integral to how most mainstream dating apps, purportedly including Tinder and Bumble, function. So would you want to know how you scored?

Last week, the dating app Once emailed users (including me) to tell them that they can now discover how they have ranked. “To help our matching algorithm, we ask our users to rate each other [sic] pictures,” reads the email. “We have decided to be transparent and release this rating.” It was nearly 4pm and as a long-suffering glutton for pain, I jumped at the chance to ruin my day. I logged in – for the first time in several years – to find out how I ranked based on photos from younger, thinner times in my 20s. I thought I’d be crushed, and readers, I was right.

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San Francisco wrestles with reopening schools as it offers guidelines on doing so safely
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Protester who claimed to be struck by car at BLM march charged with filing false report
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Empty classrooms could put kids at emotional risk, therapist says
Keeping kids out of the classroom can deprive them of structure and hamper their learning of not just academics but key social cues, a city-based child therapist told The Post. “Kids thrive with a regular routine,” said Ari Fox, who is also the founder and director of Cope With School NYC. “Consistency is important.” The...
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Chris Hinton and his wife started College Football Parents 247 that aims to bring parents to the table, so to speak, to be able to advocate for their sons with the NCAA.
Kimberly Guilfoyle says she's 'feeling really pretty good' after coronavirus diagnosis
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Dr. Phil’s production companies received $7M in PPP loans
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Tucker warns idea Biden won't debate Trump sums up the far left: 'You criticize them ... they attack you'
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NY attorney general report calls for NYPD overhaul in response to protests
The New York state attorney general called for an overhaul of the New York Police Department -- including an independent commission to manage the department, more oversight and a uniform use-of-force policy -- as part of her investigation into clashes between police and protesters during demonstrations in response to police killing of George Floyd.
Houston Mayor Cancels Texas GOP's In-Person Convention, Citing Public Health Concerns
Mayor Sylvester Turner announced the move on Wednesday, as the city reported hundreds of new cases of COVID-19.
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Ending police violence begins with cutting Pentagon money, militarization program
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Tesla stock surge may lead to $1.7B payday for Elon Musk
Tesla’s supercharged stock rally has put a $1.7 billion payday within arm’s reach for Chief Executive Elon Musk. Shares of the electric automaker have soared 40 percent in the past week, and with a market cap of $253 billion, Tesla blew past Toyota as the world’s valuable car company. More important for Musk, however, is...
US Army soldier sentenced to life for sexual assault of minor
A 51-year-old US Army soldier was sentenced to life in prison Wednesday for aggravated sexual assault of a minor while on active duty, the Department of Justice announced. Daniel Kemp Sr. of Cameron, N.C., pleaded guilty last December. Kemp’s wife, Shanynn Kemp, harassed and prevented a witness from speaking out to law enforcement officials about the...
Socialist Seattle councilwoman to Jeff Bezos: 'We are coming for you and your rotten system'
A city councilwoman threatened Bezos in an interview posted on Twitter.
CNN's Angela Rye compares Thomas Jefferson to R. Kelly: Both had 'predatory relationships with underage women'
CNN commentator Angela Rye compared the "canceling" of Thomas Jefferson to the disgraced singer R. Kelly since both of them had "predatory relationships with underage women."
Jacksonville attorneys file lawsuit to block city from hosting Republican National Convention amid pandemic
Several attorneys in Jacksonville, Florida, filed a lawsuit Wednesday against the city in an attempt to block the Republican National Convention from occurring there amid the coronavirus pandemic.
Washington Redskins to remove Native American imagery from logo: report
The Washington football team has made the obvious decision to remove the Native American imagery from its logo.
Amed Rosario has so much to prove at his Mets crossroad
The platform has shrunk from a full-length feature to, say, a short film at best. Yet that doesn’t lower the 2020 stakes for Amed Rosario. This still can be his statement season. His stairway to a higher income and better job security. His message to the Mets in this golden age for shortstops. No pressure,...
Cannabis entrepreneurs agree to drop lawsuit over 'flawed' licensing process
Cannabis entrepreneurs agreed to drop a lawsuit over L.A.'s licensing process after the city agreed to consider more applicants vying to open new shops.
Michael Tracey: Minority businesses suffering in Minneapolis following rioting after George Floyd’s death
The national media might have “moved on” from the riots in Minneapolis, but residents have nowhere to go. Much of the Twin Cities is still in ruins.
Scrabble Association Bans Racial, Ethnic Slurs From Its Official Word List
On Wednesday, the North American Scrabble Players Association, which governs tournaments in the U.S. and Canada, said it was removing 236 potentially offensive words from its approved list.
San Francisco lawmaker pitches CAREN Act to outlaw 'race-based and racially-charged' 911 calls
San Francisco supervisor Shamann Walton joined "The Story" Wednesday to discuss the CAREN Act, Walton's proposed legislation that would punish so-called "false racially biased emergency reports."
What will the national security law mean for travelers -- and Hong Kong's tourism recovery?
When it comes to desirable travel destinations post-pandemic, Hong Kong would be an obvious choice. But the broad language and global scope of the city's new security law raise questions for foreign travelers.
What will the national security law mean for travelers -- and Hong Kong's tourism recovery?
When it comes to desirable post-pandemic travel destinations, Hong Kong would be an obvious choice thanks to its capable handling of Covid-19 outbreaks, which has so far limited infections to just 1,300 cases in the city of 7.5 million.
Montauk’s iconic Memory Hotel angers activists with Blue Lives Matter flag
“It’s a huge middle finger to the black people who work and live here,” one march organizer told Page Six.
Texas executes man for killing elderly man nearly 3 decades ago
Billy Joe Wardlow was the first inmate in Texas to receive a lethal injection since February 6 and the second in the U.S. since the nation began reopening following pandemic-related shutdowns.
Neil Young pens open letter to Trump, updates old song 'Looking For a Leader': 'We got to vote him out'
Neil Young has penned a letter to President Trump and updated the lyrics to one of his famous songs just days after rebuffing the president's use of his music at a July Fourth event on the footsteps of Mount Rushmore in South Dakota.
Black Players for Change protests on field prior to first MLS is Back match in Orlando
A group of nearly 170 players, club staff and coaches protested on the field before Major League Soccer's Inter Miami vs. Orlando City SC game.
Retired two-star Army general pleads guilty to sexually abusing his daughter
Retired Army Maj. Gen. James Grazioplene on Wednesday admitted to sexually abusing his then-teenage daughter in the 1980s, in exchange for a suspension of his sentence.
Breakfast bender, James Franco: What happened on day 2 of Johnny Depp’s libel case
Images unveiled in Johnny Depp’s libel case in London on Wednesday show a table laid out with his morning meal of booze and drugs during one rage-fueled bender.
NJ man admits neighbor's Trump flag made him so mad, he dumped trash in yard for months
New Jersey police said that a man faces a charges of criminal mischief and harassment for repeatedly throwing trash onto the lawn of a Sussex County home where a Donald Trump flag was posted.
Internet goes wild searching for #SATGUY
Internet sleuths try to score the name of the guy who allegedly took Trump's SATs for him. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports.
An officer told George Floyd it took 'a lot of oxygen to talk,' body camera transcripts show
After George Floyd repeatedly told police that he couldn't breathe, former Minneapolis police Officer Derek Chauvin said, "Then stop talking, stop yelling, it takes a heck of a lot of oxygen to talk," according to transcripts of police body camera footage.
NHLPA executive board approve proposed new labor deal with NHL
The executive board of the NHL Players' Association approved a proposed new collective bargaining agreement with the NHL. Full membership approval is expected.
In CA: She dreamed of prepping baby formula with the ease of a coffee maker. So she did
Meet the tired California mother who reimagined baby feedings, and the design team who helped turn her dream into reality. Plus: Cases surge in the state's most populous county, leaving in doubt whether schools can reopen next month.
Police in this Florida city will start fining protesters who block traffic
Police in St. Petersburg, Fla., said they will start fining protesters who block traffic during demonstrations this week following tense and dangerous standoffs between activists and drivers around the country.
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Doggy deliveries help Colombians shop during coronavirus pandemic
MEDELLIN, Colombia — Eight-year-old Eros trots through the streets of this hilly city several times a day with a straw basket in his jaws, taking vegetables, fruit and packaged foods to customers of the El Porvenir mini-market. The chocolate Labrador retriever is paid with treats and massages of his furry head. “He helps us to...
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NYT, Not So Fast: Biden ‘Can Hardly Wait’ to Compare ‘Cognitive Ability’ with Trump’s
Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden said he can “hardly wait” to compare his cognitive ability with President Trump's in upcoming debates. Meanwhile, the New York Times does not appear to share Biden’s confidence in taking on Trump and is demanding preconditions for debates.
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