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Spotify Is America's Most Loved Workplace

The music-streaming behemoth is the No. 1 company on Newsweek's first annual list of the Most Loved Workplaces in America. This is how they did it.
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Man Accused of Simultaneously Working as Principal of Two Schools Located 400 Miles Apart
For a 17-week period, Michael Redmond worked in-person as a principal in Rhode Island—while remaining employed as an assistant principal in Washington, D.C.
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Alia Shawkat always ‘assumed’ Desi Arnaz cheated on Lucille Ball
"She married a Cuban," Shawkat said before clarifying she wasn't saying that all Cuban men are incapable of fidelity, adding, "At that time, I think most husbands cheated on their wives."
Lewis Hamilton's F1 Team Apologizes to Grenfell Tower Fire Victims for Sponsorship Ties
Mercedes-AMG Petronas CEO Toto Wolff apologized for emotional harm caused to victims of the 2017 fire after a recent sponsorship announcement drew criticism.
Manhunt underway for Michigan school shooting suspect's parents
Celebrities rally around Alec Baldwin while the public criticizes him following tell-all 'Rust' interview
Celebrities showed their support for actor Alec Baldwin following his first sit-down interview about the fatal shooting on the set of "Rust." Despite Hollywood support, Baldwin was criticized by the public for doing the interview.
Stephen Colbert declares 'we don't live in a democracy' as right-leaning SCOTUS considers abortion case
'The Late Show' host sounded the alarm on the future of Roe v. Wade
South Africa Covid-19 cases have quadrupled since Tuesday, with Omicron fueling the surge
South Africa's Covid-19 cases have nearly quadrupled in the last four days, underscoring concerns around how contagious the new coronavirus Omicron variant might be as the country enters its fourth wave of the pandemic.
Loudoun County schools charge mom $36,000 to respond to open records request on ‘sexual assault,’ ‘rape’
A parent filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the Loudon County Public School District when administrators charged $36,000 to retrieve records related to possible sexual assaults.
Man sentenced to nearly 7 years for attacking Black man with knife was repeat hate crime offender
A repeat hate crime offender was sentenced to nearly seven years in federal prison for an unprovoked knife attack against a Black man in California, the Justice Department announced Friday.
Alec Baldwin 'Rust' Shooting Interview Unwise, But Likely Not Harmful, Experts Say
Legal experts tell "Newsweek" the interview may not have served the star well, though they also said it likely didn't hurt him from a legal standpoint.
‘Bachelorette’ stars Katie Thurston and John Hersey make red carpet debut
"When it's suddenly snowing in San Diego and your whole mood changes," Thurston wrote on Instagram alongside a pic of the pair kissing on the red carpet.
'100 Confirmed Cases in the World': Boy Diagnosed With Rare Uncombable Hair Syndrome
14-month-old Locklan Samples was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder over the summer. Now his parents are bringing awareness to UHS.
14 arrested for LA smash-and-grab robberies all released on zero-bail policies
Over a dozen suspects tied to the spate of nearly a dozen smash-and-grab robberies in Los Angeles were busted but then quickly released due to zero-bail policies.
Asylum-seekers react to restart of Trump policy
Migrants stranded on the Mexican side of the US-Mexico border reacted to an announcement from the US government to reinstate a policy requiring them to stay in Mexico as they await immigration hearings (Dec. 3)
The feds must act to recover the billions in COVID aid foreign fraudsters stole
These gangsters plundered hundreds of billions in public funds that were supposed to assist Americans in their hour of need. Now it’s time to make them pay the price — and show the world that the American people will not stand for being bilked.
Wisconsin Gov. Evers vetoes bill compelling care for babies born after failed abortion, other pro-life bills
The Democratic governor of Wisconsin struck down a suite of pro-life bills passed by the GOP-controlled state legislature, promising to do the same for any anti-abortion bills in the future.
Maryland fans will celebrate Mark Turgeon’s departure. So will Mark Turgeon.
With their uneasy partnership over, Maryland fans and Mark Turgeon can finally exhale.
Former deputy arraigned on murder charges
The Ohio sheriff's deputy who shot Casey Goodson Jr. in the back five times pleaded not guilty Friday to charges of murder and reckless homicide almost one year after the killing of Goodson. A judge set bond for Jason Meade at $250,000. (Dec. 3)
Mexico Seeing Spike in Asylum Applications as Migrants Seek Alternative to Settling in U.S.
The new plan from Mexico will move migrants across the country to other states and allow them to work legally for a year under a humanitarian visa.
Migrant Rights Groups Fear Kidnappings, Extortions in Renewed 'Remain in Mexico' Program
"We've accounted for numerous cases of kidnapping and extortion, of physical assault, sexual assaults, violence," Marisa Limón Garza, deputy director of the Hope Border Institute, told Newsweek of the conditions people face under the Remain in Mexico policy.
Nevada Supreme Court Rules Gunmakers Not Liable for Las Vegas Concert Shooting
A Nevada law protects the gun manufacturers from culpability unless one of their firearms malfunctions.
Coloradoans Wearing Tank Tops and Shorts in December Wonder Where the Cold and Snow Are
Temperatures in Colorado and the western U.S. have set record highs this year, with experts worrying about the environmental and economic impacts.
I tried the Elizabeth Holmes schedule, and here is how it went
Who Is Shannon Smith? Larry Nassar's Attorney Reps Alleged Oxford Shooter's Parents
The parents of the teen accused of killing four fellow students went missing hours after they were charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter.
‘Entitled’ old-timers in huff over Gen Z invasion of NYC’s Bemelmans Bar
Bemelmans Bar, the unchanged 1940s-era bar room at the Carlyle hotel, is the latest victim of cool, with Gen Zers overwhelming the formerly buttoned-up boîte each night.
What Stacey Abrams' announcement means for Georgia and America
Stacey Abrams announced her candidacy for governor of Georgia this week, and while she may or may not become the first Black woman governor in America, she represents an enduring tradition of radical democratic political activism by Black women, says Peniel E. Joseph.
Stop sharing your real phone number with everyone
No matter how long you’ve had your phone number, it’s never too late to start being more discreet with it.
South Carolina gun store owner fatally shoots worker in botched prank
Jon Whitley told authorities he mistook a real Glock 17 handgun for a BB gun when he blasted employee Stefan Mrgan inside the gun store.
Biden’s free at-home test promise could come with added costs
"We should not think for a minute that this is some sort of magic bullet that is going to get us to universally free and accessible testing," said a Georgetown health policy expert.
AOC Calls out Leadership for Not Disciplining Lauren Boebert: 'It's Embarrassing'
House Democrats this year have voted to strip Republicans Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar of their committee assignments over controversial posts.
Fearful Brooklyn high school students arming themselves for protection
Students at a Brooklyn high school awash in weapons said they are arming themselves due to growing safety concerns both in and out of the classroom.
Cook Political Report's Dave Wasserman on "The Takeout" — 12/3/2021
Cook Political Report's Dave Wasserman joined Major Garrett for this week's episode of "The Takeout" to discuss redistricting, gerrymandering and previewing the 2022 midterm elections.
Where to Watch ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ Online In 2021
"Charlie Brown is a blockhead, but he did get a nice tree."
Stream It Or Skip It: ‘The Rescue’ on Disney+, A Riveting Doc About Saving The Thai Soccer Team Trapped In A Cave
The Rescue chronicles the efforts of an unlikely team of civilian cave diversto save a group of boys trapped in a waterlogged cave system.
UFC on ESPN 31 predictions: Can ex-champ Jose Aldo upset Rob Font?
Check out our staff members' picks for the UFC on ESPN 31 main card, featuring Rob Font vs. Jose Aldo.       Related StoriesUFC on ESPN 31 predictions: Can ex-champ Jose Aldo upset Rob Font? - EnclosureUFC on ESPN 31 weigh-in results: Rob Font, Jose Aldo, 28 others hit marks in Las Vegas - EnclosureVideo: Will the winner of UFC on ESPN 31 main event between Rob Font and Jose Aldo earn a title shot?
Woman with ‘the world’s biggest lips’ is getting even more injections
The 24-year-old hopes the injections — she'll have her 27th round of fillers over the holidays — will help her look more like a Bratz doll.
Why Mexico's president is promoting a recall against himself
While enjoying high job approval ratings, Andrés Manuel López Obrador has been promoting a referendum that could result in booting him from office.
The 6 best Christmas pop-up bars in NYC for the 2021 holiday season
NYC watering holes are decking the halls for a new season of festive pop-up bars with jaw-dropping decorations and over-the-top specialty cocktails.
New York City School Finds 21 Weapons With Metal Detector on Day of Installation
"Weapons of any kind have absolutely no place in our schools," New York City Department of Education press secretary Nathaniel Styer told Newsweek.
Parents of Michigan school shooting suspect charged
James and Jennifer Crumbley have each been charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter, prosecutors said.
Staten Island couple awarded $10 million after botched hysterectomy
A Staten Island woman and her husband were awarded a $10 million verdict Thursday after she underwent a botched hysterectomy that left her incontinent, in agony and unable to have sex.
Crumbley parents face rare, but not unprecedented, charges in Michigan school shooting
Charges against parents of the children who commit school shootings are rare, but the Crumbleys aren't the first to be held accountable by the law for children who commit crimes.
Rare blizzard warning in Hawaii as up to 12 inches of snow expected
A rare blizzard warning has been issued for the Big Island of Hawaii, with a large amount of snow anticipated.
Fabrizio Moretti, drummer of the Strokes, invites you to step into the rhythm of light
On view at Sotheby's, the musician's immersive installation is part of a larger exhibition featuring light and space movement artists.
U.K. Says Minority Groups Dying From COVID at Higher Rates Due to Vaccine Hesitancy
Vaccination against the virus has lowered death rates among all groups, but Black and South Asian residents of the U.K. die from COVID-19 at higher rates.
Lady Gaga responds to criticism of her performance in 'House of Gucci'
She stars in the film as the woman at the center of a scandal in the fashion world. But the actors' Italian accents have been panned and the Gucci family has criticized the way it was depicted.
US officials say humanitarian effort in Syria is another means to counter ISIS
United States special operations forces in northeastern Syria have been quietly visiting local villages to help provide medical care to communities which have seen little health care in the wake of years of war.
Kim Kardashian denies dissing ex-BFF Larsa Pippen over ‘RHOM’ comparison
Some Instagram users thought Kardashian's "steal your recipe" caption was a response to Pippen being called "the new Kim Kardashian" in the "Housewives" trailer.