Starting Tomorrow, Starbucks Will Require Employees To Wear Face Coverings At Work

For employees who don't have their own face covering, the company created a tutorial on how to create one using store supplies.
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Protesters Kneel With Cops, Detain Looters as Donald Trump Threatens Military Action in Burning Cities
Amid the disorder and unrest, there are many peaceful protests and acts of compassion and unity taking place.
18 gifts for dad that he'll like better than what he got last year
A tie is the ultimate cliché dad gift, but there are plenty more uninspired presents for your pop when you think about it. Have you fallen into a polo shirt, gift card or mug rut? This Father's Day, reimagine your old standby and go with a gift he'll never see coming but utterly love.
Virginia county pulls officers from D.C. after tear gas used on protesters
A protest outside the White House that was peaceful turned chaotic when police deployed tear gas and flash bangs to clear the area.
Derek Jeter’s 3,000-hit milestone was torture, lies and ecstasy
Derek Jeter needed just 74 hits to get to 3,000 when the 2011 season started, but a sluggish start and a calf injury slowed his pursuit of the milestone. Finally, on July 9, with the Yankees facing the Rays in The Bronx, Jeter singled to lead off the bottom of the first off left-hander David...
Exclusive: U.S. small business program handed out virus aid to many borrowers twice
A technical snafu in a U.S. government system caused many small businesses to receive loans twice or more under a federal aid program to help businesses hurt by the COVID-19 pandemic, nearly a dozen people with knowledge of the matter said.
LA Mayor Faces Calls to Fire Police Chief Who Said George Floyd's Death Was Also on Looters' 'Hands'
LAPD Chief Michel Moore apologized after saying: "We didn't have people mourning the death of this man, George Floyd. We had people capitalizing. His death is on their hands, as much as it is those officers."
DC Bishop on Trump's photo-op: This was a charade
Bishop Mariann Edgar Budde of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington criticized the manner of President Donald Trump's visit to St. John's Episcopal Church amid protests over the death of George Floyd.
Five police officers shot, wounded in U.S. protests
At least five U.S. police officers were shot and wounded during violent protests over the death of a black man in police custody, police and media said, hours after President Donald Trump vowed to deploy the military if unrest did not stop.
LAPD, FBI collecting protest, looting footage as evidence for future arrests
The LAPD has been collecting evidence throughout the protests, mostly in the form of video footage, that could be used to identify individuals and bring charges against them in the future.
Column: Stores may be insured for looting. But guess who pays in the end (hint: you)
Looting isn't a victimless crime. Even if a business is insured, higher rates are nearly certain, which will result in higher prices for customers.
Southern California wins I-5 APBA Series with a 19-6 rout in Game 7
Southern California wins the I-5 APBA Series over Northern California.
Season Interrupted: Alex Rubel punches out batters, punches out stories
The UCLA-bound pitcher aspires to be a journalist: 'Usually when I think of an angle to write a story, I'll put myself in the player's shoes.'
As protests roll on, demanding the justice that leads to peace
I was optimistic enough to believe that the spread of protests across the country signified a long-overdue national reckoning with the plague of police brutality. But looters and troublemakers hijacked some of the efforts.
Rangers mailbag: MSG tax break may cause playoff disadvantage
You ask, we answer. The Post is fielding questions from readers about New York’s biggest pro sports teams and getting our beat writers to answer them in a series of regularly published mailbags. In today’s installment: the Rangers. Has there been any discussion about what will happen to the Rangers’ tax exemption if they are...
Can Operation Warp Speed deliver a COVID-19 vaccine by the end of the year?
Operation Warp Speed aims to produce 300 million doses of a COVID-19 vaccine by the end of the year. If scientists succeed, it would be a first.
This week in TikTok: 7 videos to watch about this weekend’s protests
Plus, how Childish Gambino’s “This Is America” became a protest anthem. Hello from The Goods’ twice-weekly newsletter! On Tuesdays, internet culture reporter Rebecca Jennings uses this space to update you all on what’s been going on in the world of TikTok. Is there something you want to see more of? Less of? Different of? Email, and subscribe to The Goods’ newsletter here. Over the weekend, there was only one story: the protests against police brutality and institutional racism that have spread all over America, and now the world, in the wake of the killing of George Floyd. But on Twitter, rumors started to spread that TikTok was suppressing the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag and others related to the movement. To anyone familiar with TikTok and its parent company ByteDance’s history of censoring content deemed sensitive to certain governments, it wouldn’t sound all that surprising. Only this month, creators changed their avatars to the black power symbol and united on TikTok to protest the longtime censorship that black creators have faced for speaking out against racism. @kareemrahma this is america #minnesota #minneapolis #protest #blacklivesmatter #blm ♬ original sound - carneyval_ The hashtag, though, was not actually banned — TikTok says it was experiencing a glitch that impacted hashtag view counts displayed during uploading, and the issue was resolved quickly. It’s why when I opened the app on Saturday, I was glad to see my For You feed filled almost exclusively with videos from creators of color speaking out about the ongoing protests. Here are some of them: A cinematic video of the Minneapolis protests by comedian Kareem Rahma, who has made more than a dozen TikToks documenting the scene over the last few days A spoken word poem about white feminists and cultural appropriation A handy guide for who to unfollow on social media A helpful rebuttal for when people claim that riots undermine the movement A list of advice one TikToker’s mom would give him before going out in public to avoid getting hurt or killed by the police A beautiful animated tribute to black lives lost at the hands of police Lizzo explaining the very long history of racist police structures In between donating to bail funds and other anti-racism organizations or supporting your local protest efforts, spend some time exploring the Black Lives Matter hashtag on TikTok — these are only a handful of the videos I came across over the weekend. @mistercapehart Ooh I got time today, honey #fyp #blacklivesmatter #blackvoicesheard #riots #protests #minneapolisprotest #foryoupage ♬ original sound - mistercapehart TikTok in the news TikTok has leased a massive new office space in the heart of Times Square, likely using some of that reported $3 billion in profit that ByteDance made last year. The TikTok competitors are swarming: Facebook’s new collaborative music-making app, Collab, launched its invite-only beta test last week, while Zynn, “a near button-for-button clone of TikTok” is actually paying users to sign up and watch its videos. Taylor Bryant at Nylon has a cool rundown of how and why TikTok has totally taken over the beauty industry. Taylor Lorenz at the New York Times explained ironic TikTok cults. The Washington Post profiled Charli D’Amelio, the most famous person on TikTok, with the same angle that seemingly all profiles of Charli D’Amelio feature: “She doesn’t know why she’s famous.” (At what point does this become sort of a neg?) In other Charli news, she posted a thoughtful video about Black Lives Matter to her 60 million followers this weekend. The bugs in your strawberries are fine. Meme watch At Mashable, Morgan Sung detailed how a remix of “This Is America” by Childish Gambino and Post Malone’s “Congratulations” became the unofficial anthem for the protests. For months, black TikTokers have been using the song, which is explicitly about police brutality, to highlight structural racism. When the remix began circulating, however, non-black TikTokers used it to make videos about other social issues, like campus sexual assault, lack of access to health care, and xenophobia. That’s also when the song started to be appropriated by white TikTokers who attempted to expose prejudice against Trump supporters, or claim that, actually, America is fine and great. After the killing of George Floyd last week, however, many users set their videos of the protests to the song. Whether intentional or not, thanks to TikTok’s music library the sound acted as a hub for people searching for news and footage from the front lines, like an audio hashtag. It’s a neat way of exploiting tech features to organize for social causes. One Last Thing Here is a painfully on-point impression of what some white teen girls’ Instagram Stories looked like this weekend. @christinawalll not saying it’s wrong to post your support but it’s not really the time for selfies lol#greenscreen #blacklivesmatter ♬ original sound - christinawalll Support Vox’s explanatory journalism Every day at Vox, we aim to answer your most important questions and provide you, and our audience around the world, with information that has the power to save lives. Our mission has never been more vital than it is in this moment: to empower you through understanding. Vox’s work is reaching more people than ever, but our distinctive brand of explanatory journalism takes resources — particularly during a pandemic and an economic downturn. Your financial contribution will not constitute a donation, but it will enable our staff to continue to offer free articles, videos, and podcasts at the quality and volume that this moment requires. Please consider making a contribution to Vox today.
Biden: Officers should train to shoot attackers ‘in the leg instead of the heart’
Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden suggested that police be trained to shoot individuals posing a threat to them “in the leg instead of the heart,” as the country grapples with its national outrage over the murder of George Floyd. Biden brought up the idea while speaking to African American community leaders Monday at Bethel AME...
Notre Dame-Navy opener moved from Dublin to Navy's home stadium in Maryland due to COVID-19
The season opener between Notre Dame and Navy will be moved from Dublin to Navy's home, Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium, for first time.
'Star Wars' Stormtroopers now patrolling Disney Springs, enforcing social distancing protocol
You had better watch your step at Disney Springs — a Stormtrooper just may be tempted to fire a wildly inaccurate laser blast in your general direction.
'Twilight' actor Gregory Tyree Boyce, girlfriend's cause of deaths revealed
Drug use is what killed "Twilight" actor Gregory Tyree Boyce and his girlfriend, the coroner in Las Vegas said Monday.
Many states scrambling to update hurricane plans for coronavirus
Officials across the U.S. South are still scrambling to adjust their hurricane plans to the coronavirus. The big unknown: Where will people fleeing storms go?
Will Joe Biden Change His Stance On Reparations?
"It shouldn't be a study of reparations. It should be funding reparations," Delaware State Senator Darius Brown told Biden on Monday.
TikTok apologizes after claims it blocked #BlackLivesMatter, George Floyd posts
TikTok apologized after claims the social media service blocked posts featuring hashtags related to the death of George Floyd.
'Twilight' Star Gregory Tyree Boyce Cause of Death Confirmed as Cocaine and Fentanyl Intoxication
Boyce and his girlfriend Natalie Adepoju were found dead in a Las Vegas apartment on May 13.
‘Rick and Morty’: 7 Loose Ends from Season 4
But our biggest question is: when are we getting more episodes?
This is the largest mask and distancing review
Keeping at least one meter apart and wearing face masks and eye protection are the best ways to cut the risk of COVID-19 infection, according to the largest review to date of studies on coronavirus disease transmission.
City Council to vote on bill to criminalize NYPD chokehold use
The New York City Council will soon vote on bills that would criminalize the use of chokeholds by NYPD officers and force the department to create a standardized disciplinary system, according to a new report. Council Speaker Corey Johnson (D-Manhattan) has enough support on both bills — which will be introduced at the next council...
Hong Kong Leader Carrie Lam Accuses U.S. Of 'Double Standards' Over Policing of George Floyd Protests
Carrie Lam has warned that countries could hurt their own economic interests if they apply sanctions to the city.
NYPD officer criticized for pointing gun at protesters was reacting after his supervisor was hit by brick, union says
A police officer that New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio wants stripped of his badge after being seen on video pointing a gun at a crowd had actually drawn his weapon after his supervisor was “nearly killed” by a brick, a union says.
Chicago pastor condemns looting and rioting: 'We have to find another way'
In the wake of nationwide protests prompted by the police-involved death of George Floyd, Chicago pastor Corey Brooks appeared on “Fox & Friends” Tuesday to condemn the rioting that occurred in the Windy City.
What States Have Election Primaries Today? A Full Elections Guide
The main focus is how smoothly (or not) voting by mail unfolds, but several noteworthy congressional primaries will take place, including Mr. King’s latest challenge in Iowa.
Florida woman discovers alligators fighting by her home
A woman in route to get her morning coffee was jolted awake with pounding on her front door she later discovered to be two alligators fighting in front of her home in Florida
Why posting a black image with the #BLM hashtag today is doing more harm than good
The way people are posting messages of solidarity is choking out critical activist work
Judge Napolitano slams NJ gov for backing protests amid coronavirus restrictions: He 'misunderstands the First Amendment'
Fox News senior judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano blasted New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy for backing protests over the death of George Floyd while in police custody amid coronavirus restrictions in the state saying, “He simply misunderstands the First Amendment.”
U.S. protests point to long-standing racial inequalities - U.N. rights boss
Protests in U.S. cities triggered by the killing of George Floyd underscore "police violence" against people of colour, and historic inequalities in access to health, education and jobs, the top United Nations human rights official said on Tuesday.
Michael Jordan's 20-page love letter to actress Amy Hunter auctioned for more than $25,000
Michael Jordan’s love letter to actress Amy Hunter was auctioned for more than $25,000 on Sunday.
Unrest in wake of Floyd death puts pressure on Biden as he mulls running mate
As former Vice President Joe Biden considers one of the most consequential decisions of his White House bid – whom he’ll choose as running mate – the wave of unrest sweeping across America’s cities the past week is impacting his decision-making as it elevates the combustible issue of racial injustice.
Stars of Documentary About Free Speech Blast Walmart for Refusing to Sell DVD
Comedian Adam Carolla and talk-show host Dennis Prager are complaining about Walmart's decision to shun their free-speech documentary, "No Safe Spaces."
Officer Shot in Las Vegas Amid George Floyd Protests
(LAS VEGAS) — An officer has been shot in Las Vegas and authorities are responding to another shooting as people protest the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, authorities said. The officer was shot in the area of the Las Vegas Strip and an officer was involved in a shooting in the downtown area, the…
Coronavirus mask rules could spur spike in bank robberies: regulator
The coronavirus crisis could make America’s banks an easy target for bandits, a federal regulator warns. Requiring people to wear face masks in public amid the pandemic creates a “very real risk” of a spike in bank robberies, according to Brian P. Brooks, the US Treasury’s acting comptroller of the currency. Brooks issued the warning...
If you're planning to take part in protests, know your rights. Read this.
Here's what you need to know about your rights as a protester, what to do if you're arrested and how to stay safe when you're demonstrating.
Black and Asian Ethnic Groups up to Twice as Likely to Die From COVID-19, U.K. Government Confirms
British Bangladeshi people are twice as likely to die from COVID-19 than their white counterparts, according to the findings from Public Health England.
Las Vegas cop on life support after gunshot to head at George Floyd protest
A Las Vegas police officer was shot in the head and clinging to life early Tuesday after another night of protests over the police-custody death of George Floyd. Cops were trying to disperse a large crowd of protesters in front of the Circus Circus Hotel and Casino just after 11 p.m. as the crowd hurled...
George Clooney pens an essay about 'our pandemic' of systemic racism
George Clooney penned an essay about systemic racism following a weekend of protests across the country in the wake of George Floyd’s death.
UK warns China: do not destroy the jewel of Hong Kong
The United Kingdom warned Beijing on Tuesday to step back from the brink over an "authoritarian" national security law in Hong Kong that it said risked destroying one of the jewels of Asia's economy while ruining the reputation of China.
Joe Jackson's granddaughter says she was stabbed 7 times in racial attack
Joe Jackson's granddaughter revealed she was stabbed a total of 7 times in a racially charged attack.
Carnival Corp.'s P&O Cruises cancels sailings into October due to coronavirus pandemic
British cruise line P&O Cruises, a Carnival Corporation subsidiary, is canceling all its sailings until Oct. 15 — following a move from Canada.
Kpop Fans Spam Grand Rapids Police Department With Fancams After Crashing Dallas Police App
Police departments across the U.S. are asking the public to send in video evidence of crime taking place during George Floyd protests.