Strain of bird flu detected at Suffolk chicken farm

A restriction zone has been put around the farm to stop the disease spreading.
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Wirelessly charge up all of your Apple devices at once with the AirDock
We live in pretty crazy times. Where we once relied on flimsy cables prone to fraying to charge up our gadgets, we can now just lay our dead devices on a magical pad and watch them return to a full charge. Do you know what’s even more magical? When these wireless pads can power more...
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Man dies after falling on subway tracks in Midtown
A man died early Sunday after getting hit by a train in Midtown Manhattan, cops said. The unidentified man, who is believed to be in his 50s, fell on the tracks at the Herald Square Station just before 12:30 a.m. and was hit by a southbound Q train, according to cops. EMS pronounced the man...
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Queen Elizabeth flashes smile with Prince Andrew amid Megxit mess
Her smile appeared to show relief at her statement Saturday finally settling the Megxit of grandson Prince Harry and actress wife Meghan Markle from the royal family.
The long shadow of Claude Monet
In Denver the country's largest Monet exhibit in more than two decades, and another upcoming exhibition in Chicago, celebrate the Impressionist master whose work inspired 20th century art movements
Pompeo meets Sisi and expresses outrage over 'pointless' death of American citizen in Egypt
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Sunday met with Egypt's president and expressed outrage "over the pointless and tragic death" of Moustafa Kassem, an American citizen detained in the country.
Harry and Meghan's Declaration of Independence
With the bombshell news that Prince Harry and wife Meghan are stepping away from royal duties, Queen Elizabeth II has given her official blessing. But there's a price to be paid, as Imtiaz Tyab reports from London.
Almanac: Neon lights
On January 19, 1915, French inventor Georges Claude received a U.S. patent for his "System of Illuminating by Luminescent Tubes" ... tubes filled with neon gas
Video shows brazen, broad daylight shooting in Manhattan
Police are hunting for a woman in a brazen, broad daylight shooting in Midtown Manhattan, cops said Sunday. The shooting occurred around 1 p.m. on Friday when an 18-year-old got into an argument with 36-year-old Eric Raheem on the northeast corner of 9th Avenue and W. 42nd Street, according to the NYPD. At one point,...
Trump impeachment: Democrats set out case as Senate trial looms
Republicans insist Trump did nothing illegal regarding UkraineA Very Stable Genius review: at the court of King DonaldImpeachment: is Trump set to survive and win a second term?Prosecutors in the impeachment trial of Donald Trump have declared that the president must be removed from office for putting his political career ahead of the public trust and seeking to hide that betrayal from Congress and the American people. Related: Alan Dershowitz: Trump impeachment acquittal would make me unhappy Continue reading...
Ex-Trump adviser Gary Cohn says China tariffs "totally hurt the U.S."
President Trump's former top economic adviser said he doesn't believe the tariffs on Chinese imports helped the U.S. reach a different outcome.
Next U.S. Navy aircraft carrier to be named after African American Pearl Harbor hero
Instead of presidents or admirals, an enlisted sailor will be honored when the USS Doris Miller is christened
Chiefs vs. Titans Game Time: How to Watch, Live Stream AFC Championship Game on Sunday
The Chiefs aim to return to play for the Lombardi Trophy for the first time in 51 years, while the Titans look to break a 21-year absence from the first time in 21 years.
Trump Lawyer Pam Bondi Claims Whistleblower Is Not a 'Real' Whistleblower But an 'Informant' and 'Leaker'
Former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, who is on President Donald Trump's defense team, claimed the whistleblower whose complaint sparked the impeachment inquiry is not a "real" whistleblower.
NFC Championship Game picks: Ride with the underdog Titans
Tennessee Titans (+7) over KANSAS CITY CHIEFS / Under 53: We preferred the defending-champion Patriots against Tennessee in the AFC wild-card round — but with a sustained contribution from dominant running back Derrick Henry, the Titans quickly gained the upper hand and held off the aging Pats. Many more believers were minted when Henry made...
Democrats Lay Out Impeachment Arguments: “Trump’s Conduct is the Framers’ Worst Nightmare”
The president's lawyers argued the impeachment arguments are "constitutionally invalid" and an effort to overturn the 2016 election.
Former Marine charged in murder of 16-year-old California girl, called 'online predator'
A former Marine has been charged in California with murder in the October death of a 16-year-old girl he met through social media.
Weinstein trial is a milestone for #MeToo and a moment of wrenching truth for survivors
The allegations against Harvey Weinstein are now set to culminate in a trial that is undoubtedly a landmark case for women's rights. But despite the potential for a life sentence, advocates contend that the trial is just one milestone in a long crusade for systemic, lasting change.
SpaceX Launch Abort Test Live Stream: Watch Live Online as Falcon 9 Rocket Explodes Over Atlantic Ocean
The Dragon Crew escape test will explode the Falcon 9 rocket roughly 60,000 feet above Earth.
Classic movies in L.A. this week: 'The Godfather,' 'An American in Paris' and more
Classic movies, film festivals, etc., in L.A. for Jan. 19-26 include Francis Ford Coppola's "The Godfather" and "The Godfather Part II" plus "An American in Paris" starring Gene Kelly
Review: Fox's '9-1-1' spinoff 'Lone Star' shines with charming Rob Lowe and a sense of fun
Rob Lowe and Liv Tyler lead a charming cast in Fox's "9-1-1: Lone Star," a chipper "9-1-1" spinoff that lives up to the original.
Stay in bed or struggle in? How to know when to go back to work after an illness
If you come into the office with a cold or a bug, your boss may be happy, but your co-workers won’t thank you. GPs offer their advice on when to heal at home or return to the officeWe have all known colleagues who struggle into work when they are unwell, leaving a trail of germs that threaten the health of their co-workers – and then expect praise for their fortitude. Maybe you are one of them. So, should you do the decent thing and go home?According to the Office for National Statistics, 141m working days were lost in 2018, with minor illnesses such as colds the most common reason for absence. Although the days lost to sickness have been falling since the early 00s, with a sharp dip since the 2008 recession, the reason is probably not that we are getting healthier, but that we are more worried about job security. Presenteeism has tripled to a record high since 2010, according to a survey by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development in 2018. Continue reading...
Can a yoga and sleep retreat cure my 20-year battle with insomnia?
A sleep retreat in the rugged hills of central Portugal, filled with sunshine, yoga, vegan food and kindness, promises a lasting cure for sleepless nightsI stepped into the glass-walled yoga shala and stared at the impressive rugged valley outside. It took me a second to realise I wasn’t alone. Vonetta Winter, teacher and co-owner of the centre, was sitting on a mat in cross-legged meditation – and I swear I could see a Ready Brek glow of peace around her. It was the start of a yoga and sleep retreat at Vale de Moses in the mountains of central Portugal, and I relaxed. This place had a good vibe. Maybe this really would be the final chapter in my 20-year story of insomnia. Continue reading...
Opinion: What Jewish and black people owe each other
The bravery of some Jews in the civil rights movement did not necessarily reflect American Jewish attitudes at that time.
As Dems push for witnesses in Senate trial, Alan Dershowitz slams impeachment case
Rep. Adam Schiff, the lead House impeachment manager, and Alan Dershowitz discuss impeachment in separate interviews on ABC's "This Week."
Cops search for suspect in violent Queens rape
Cops are hunting for a brute in Jamaica who dragged a 27-year-old woman into an alleyway and raped her, police said Sunday. The violent encounter happened around 4 a.m. on Saturday while the woman was walking in Queens when the creep stopped in front of 163-18 Jamaica Ave. cops said. When the woman tried to pass...
GOP Senators Are Following 'a Pretty Damn Corrupt Strategy' With Trump's Impeachment Trial, Republican CNN Host Says
"It's also pretty damn cowardly. Imagine being this afraid," S.E. Cupp said.
Claude Monet: The Truth of Nature
The Denver Art Museum presents the country's largest Monet exhibit in more than two decades, exploring the Impressionist's fascination with light, and how tragedy colored his work
Treat coastal erosion as natural catastrophe, UK ministers urged
East Yorkshire councillors bemoan lack of national guidance and fundingMinisters have been urged to step in to help families whose homes are at imminent risk of collapsing into the sea on the fastest-eroding coastline in northern Europe.Residents in the Yorkshire village of Skipsea were told this week that more than 20 homes were at risk of falling into the North Sea in the next 12 months, with hundreds vulnerable in the coming decades. Continue reading...
Woman’s body found in submerged car years after mysterious disappearance
The body of a missing New Jersey woman was discovered in a submerged car nearly six years after her mysterious disappearance, authorities said. Vanessa Smallwood was identified as the remains found by commercial divers Thursday while removing debris from the Salem River, according to New Jersey State Police. Smallwood, who was 46 at the time...
Rudy Giuliani says he’d ‘love’ to testify at Trump’s Senate impeachment trial
Rudy Giuliani, President Trump’s personal lawyer, said he’d “love” to be a witness in the Senate impeachment trial because he would like to talk about corruption in Ukraine. “I would love to see a trial. I’d love to be a witness – because I’m a potential witness in the trial – and explain to everyone the corruption...
Is there renewed hope for 'Shoeless' Joe Jackson gaining Hall of Fame?
Shoeless Joe Jackson was banned from baseball for their involvement in the Black Sox Scandal of 1919. His lifetime ban expired upon his death in 1951.       
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Paris transport set to return to normal as rail union suspends strike
Union says members need to recharge after 45 days of industrial actionParis’s strike-hit public transport network is expected to return to near normal this week after the city’s main rail union voted to return to work.The decision to suspend industrial action from Monday follows six weeks of road and rail chaos since transport staff walked out in December as part of national protests over pension reforms. Continue reading...
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Calendar: Week of January 20
From Martin Luther King, Jr. Day to the Chinese Lunar New Year, "Sunday Morning" takes a look at some notable events of the week ahead. Mo Rocca reports.
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UFC 246 Promotional Guidelines Compliance pay: Donald Cerrone doubles up on Conor McGregor
Fighters from Saturday's UFC 246 took home UFC Promotional Guidelines Compliance pay totaling $165,000.        Related StoriesFight Tracks: The walkout songs of UFC 246 with Led Zeppelin, Garth Brooks, Conor McGregor's returnUFC 246 bonuses: Conor McGregor leads pack of five $50,000 winnersUFC 246's 13-bout lineup finalized with Conor McGregor vs. Donald Cerrone headliner 
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Low alcohol wines don't have to taste awful. Try these…
Not all zero- or low-alcohol wines have had their soul removedCan a wine be a wine without alcohol? Not according to the European Union it can’t. Who knows what will happen to legal definitions in the UK once the definitive break with the continent is finally made, but for now, with one or two exceptions, fermented grape juice must reach at least 8.5% abv if it’s to qualify to have the word wine on the label.But the question isn’t just a legalistic one. For those of us looking to cut down on booze, it’s more urgently about aesthetics: can a wine without alcohol ever really taste, in any meaningful sense, like wine? Continue reading...
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China to step up countermeasures as virus outbreak grows
China will step up efforts to contain the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan ahead of the Lunar New Year holidays as a rise in confirmed cases fanned fears the virus could spread to other countries.
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First 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray auctioned for $3 million
And you thought dealer markups were high. The rights to the first 2020 Corvette went for $3 million at auction.
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Harry and Meghan are giving up royal titles and state funding. Here's what that means
Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, will give up their royal titles and eschew some state funding in a deal brokered to end a crisis that broke out after the couple announced they would step back from the royal family.
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Clashes cut short Hong Kong protest
“We want real universal suffrage,” the protesters chanted. “Disband the police force, free Hong Kong!”
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Burnley v Leicester: Premier League – live!
Live updates from the 2pm GMT kick-offMatch preview | Live Sunday scoreboardTweet John or email him with your thoughts 1.26pm GMT An Opta stat which tells something of the problem with Burnley, Burnley have gone 10 Premier League games without scoring a first-half goal, since beating West Ham 3-0 in November. The last team to have a longer run of games without netting in the opening 45 minutes were Burnley themselves in May 2015 (12 games). 1.07pm GMT Those teams again in analogue fashion. Burnley: Pope, Tarkowski, Mee, Taylor, Bardsley, Westwood, Cork, McNeil, Hendrick, Wood, RodriguezSubs: Hart, Lowton, Brady, Pieters, Lennon, Vydra, Long Continue reading...
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Turkey's Erdogan urges Libya's Haftar to end aggressive stance
Eastern Libyan military commander Khalifa Haftar must end his aggressive stance to pave the way for a political process in the North African country, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on Sunday at a peace summit in Berlin.
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Rebel Wilson shows off weight loss in new video
Actress Rebel Wilson says she's making 2020 "The Year of Health."
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Trump trial: Ken Starr and no stripes
It's been 21 years since a President of the United States went on trial in the Senate. Then it was Bill Clinton, today it is Donald Trump. And as different as the two impeachments are, there are some common elements.
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Lord Maclennan of Rogart obituary
Last leader of the SDP who oversaw its merger with the Liberal party in the late 1980sAs the third and last leader of the short-lived Social Democratic party, Robert Maclennan presided over its demise in 1987. An accidental leader, he lacked drive and colour when placed beside his predecessors at the head of the party, Roy Jenkins and David Owen.In 1981 he was one of 28 Labour MPs who followed Jenkins, Owen, Shirley Williams and Bill Rodgers in splitting from Labour and forming the SDP. Although not as newsworthy as “the Gang of Four”, Maclennan designed the structure of the new party, which, supposedly learning the lessons of Labour’s system, excluded the membership from making party policy. Following general elections in 1983 and 1987, when the SDP failed to gain more than a handful of MPs in either contest, a ballot of its members in 1987 agreed that the party should merge with the Liberals. Continue reading...
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Man drives off cliff and escapes with no injuries in 'miracle' crash
A man is lucky to be alive after driving off of a cliff and somehow managing to only escape with just a few cuts, scratches and bruises.
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This US bond will hit markets for the first time in decades. Here's why
A version of this story first appeared in CNN Business' Before the Bell newsletter. Not a subscriber? You can sign up right here.
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Let's celebrate Tallahassee's past to change the future
Johnita Due reflects on her parents' history as civil rights activists in Tallahassee, Florida, which was not the idyllic paradise it portrayed itself to be.
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Detained US Navy vet details prison conditions in Iran
US Navy veteran Michael White was sentenced to at least 10 years in prison in Iran, and has described the conditions of prison to his family. CNN's Nick Valencia reports.
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