Submarine found 51 years after mysterious disappearance

The Minerve was lost off France's southern coast with 52 sailors on board in 1968
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Stephen Colbert getting taught rugby in New Zealand is hilariously painful
Stephen Colbert's New Zealand trip may have started with a nice, cheerful ride from the airport with PM Jacinda Ardern, but now the real work begins. In the segment above, two former New Zealand All Blacks rugby players, Piri Weepu and DJ Forbes, join Sky TV broadcaster Laura McGoldrick to teach the Late Show host how to play their national sport — from the precision of lineouts and kicks to the heavy lifting of tackles and scrums. The verdict? Colbert may not be a natural rugby player, but he certainly gives 110 percent. Read more... More about New Zealand, Stephen Colbert, The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Rugby, and Entertainment
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Is N.Y.C. Ready for a Ban on Free Street Parking?
Bike and bus lanes have meant fewer spaces. Now, a panel in Manhattan has floated an idea that could make it even harder to find a spot for your car.
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China warns U.S. of "strong countermeasures" to Hong Kong legislation
President Trump is expected to sign 2 bills into law that would sanction Chinese officials for human rights abuses in Hong Kong
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Pokémon Sword and Shield is the fastest-selling Nintendo Switch game yet
Pokémon Sword and Shield are off to a great start, selling more than 6 million copies in the week since their release. That’s according to a tweet from The Pokémon Company, which notes that the figures make the latest mainline Pokémon instalment the fastest-selling Nintendo Switch game of all time. (It’s worth caveating, of course, that Sword and Shield are technically separate releases, albeit ones that are almost identical in content.) New Pokémon games are invariably strong performers. The last all-new releases, Sun and Moon for 3DS, have sold 16.17 million copies to date according to Nintendo, and they were the company’s fastest-selling games ever in the West upon release. It’s worth noting, though, that the 3DS had a larger install... Continue reading…
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Apple’s first big TV Plus movie may be in jeopardy as company cancels premiere
Image: Apple Apple has abruptly cancelled the premiere of The Banker, its first major movie for Apple TV Plus, after charges have emerged concerning a member of the family the film is based on, Deadline is reporting. The film was originally due to have its premiere on Thursday, on the closing night of AFI Fest in Hollywood, ahead of its theatrical release on December 6th. “We purchased The Banker earlier this year as we were moved by the film’s entertaining and educational story about social change and financial literacy,” Apple said in a statement to Deadline. “Last week some concerns surrounding the film were brought to our attention. We, along with the filmmakers, need some time to look into these matters and determine the best next steps. In... Continue reading…
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'Start Here': Was there a 'quid pro quo?' 'The answer is yes,' Sondland says
It's Thursday, Nov. 20, 2019. Here's what you need to know to start your day.
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OECD sees global growth at decade-low, blames governments' indecision
The global economy is growing at the slowest pace since the financial crisis as governments leave it to central banks to revive investment, the OECD said on Thursday in an update of its forecasts.
Watch live: Ex-White House official, diplomat testify in impeachment hearing
Hill, a former NSC official, and Holmes, a diplomat in Kiev, will appear at the final hearing of the week
CBS News - Breaking News, U.S., World, Business, Entertainment & Video
Fiat Chrysler to recall nearly 700,000 SUVs for electrical fault risk
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV said on Thursday it will recall nearly 700,000 sport utility vehicles worldwide because a faulty electrical connection could prevent engine starts or contribute to a stall.
Jaguar Land Rover chief wants alliances, not a merger
Luxury automaker Jaguar Land Rover's chief executive told Reuters he is open to more alliances to lower the costs of developing technology, but is not looking for a full-blown corporate merger.
Racist manifesto reports at Syracuse U. likely a hoax, school says
University's chancellor admits it's come up short responding to recent string of racist incidents; student protesters storm out of meeting on the incidents
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U.S.-Canada Border Community's Culture Changes As Security Tightens
While the wall and asylum-seekers at the U.S.-Mexico border have drawn a lot of attention, heightened security at the northern border has changed the character of the once-neighborly frontier.
News : NPR
Bram Stoker's vampire victim shows 'textbook' leukemia symptoms
Victims of vampire attacks in 19th-century novels didn't just turn pale, swoon and waste away; they displayed a wide range of symptoms that hinted at deadly attacks by a fanged, bloodsucking predator. 
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UK growth will dip to 1% even if no-deal Brexit avoided, warns OECD
Prospect of crashing out of EU leaves UK more exposed to global financial risks, thinktank saysThe UK’s GDP growth rate will slip to 1% next year even if a no-deal Brexit is avoided, according to the Organisation for Economic Development and Cooperation.The OECD said the economy would slow down from growth of 1.2% this year if parliament passes Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal before the 31 January deadline, before returning to 1.2% in 2021. Continue reading...
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‘I’m not going to be bullied into silence.’ The women defying abuse to stand as MPs
There has been a well publicised exodus of senior female MPs, yet more women than ever are standing in this election. They explain whyTucked away in the office of Labour candidate Natalie Fleet is a pop-up wendy house, meant to keep the children of campaign volunteers happy. But on the morning I visit, nobody can play there. In the middle of the night, someone smashed in the windows of her campaign headquarters in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, showering everything in broken glass. Now the office is out of bounds for volunteers until it can be made safe.“It’s deliberate, it’s targeted and it’s not very nice; and, unfortunately, in this climate it’s also predictable,” sighs Fleet, sipping a mug of tea amid the wreckage. Yet the prospective Labour MP for Ashfield is still out daily knocking on doors for Labour because for her, the prospect of her home town – which voted heavily for Brexit and where the anger at the failure to deliver it is palpable – turning Tory is both unimaginable and a real possibility. Continue reading...
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The best health foods? Soup, garlic and cake
When you’re ill, food can be a powerful force for recovery – even if scientists can’t always explain whySome people are brilliant when their loved ones are ill, and know instinctively what face to make, when to chat, when to be quiet, when to make tea, when to plump a pillow and so forth. Others are terrible, instinctively avoidant, brusque and awkward. They need to ask themselves what they’re so afraid of. But in the meantime, a great way to show you care while you build your genuinely caring personality is to do convalescent cookery.Soup is so famously a restorative that scientists with a bit of downtime often try to show the mechanism. This week, a study found four traditional broths that were protective against malaria, although there was no particular ingredient common to all four. The active property has yet to be identified, which is the fancy way of saying “we have no idea why”. It is unlikely, however, that you’re tending to someone with malaria. More probably, they have a cold (although my Mr currently has lockjaw, and if you’re wondering what to feed someone who can’t open his mouth, it is of course more soup). Continue reading...
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Re-greening: can Louisville plant its way out of a heat emergency?
The Kentucky city is the fastest-warming urban heat island in the US – and as its temperature has risen, its tree cover has plummetedThere are parts of Louisville, Kentucky, that are enveloped in green, where towering trees arc over broad avenues and walkers, joggers and bikers enjoy beautiful parks designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, the man who drew up plans for Manhattan’s Central Park.Even on the hottest days of summer, these neighbourhoods feel comparatively refreshing next to the more sun-baked quarters of the city, where shade is often an unavailable commodity on the street. Continue reading...
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Why Money (Usually) Can't Buy You A Successful Campaign
Only one major self-funding candidate — President Trump — has ever won the Oval Office. Despite long odds, some Democrats are spending millions of their own on the 2020 race, or contemplating it.
News : NPR
What To Watch For In Impeachment Hearing With Fiona Hill, David Holmes
Members of Congress are set to hear from two witnesses in the week's final hearing: a former White House policy insider and a foreign service officer who said he overheard a call with President Trump.
News : NPR
Snapchat’s Time Machine lens uses AI to age and de-age selfies
A new lens enables the popular social media and photography tool to reverse and speed up the aging process for users in real time, as photos or videos.
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A Diplomat With A History Of Voicing Concerns Set To Testify In Impeachment Inquiry
David Holmes is a top staffer at the U.S Embassy in Ukraine. He overheard a phone call between the U.S. ambassador to the European Union and the president in which "investigations" were discussed.
News : NPR
2020 Affordable Care Act Health Plans: What's New
ACA plans for 2020 are cheaper than last year — premiums lower, on average. And in some areas, people who qualify for federal subsidies could end up with no monthly payment. But read the fine print.
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This early Black Friday deal helps you save water — and the planet
TL;DR: Make your contribution towards saving the planet by getting the Flume Smart Home Water Monitor for $169, a 15% savings.  California is on fire and there’s an island made of trash floating in the Pacific. No one’s asking you to become the next Greta Thunberg, but the declining state of the planet suggests we should all take small steps to do our part. For a start, there are a number of easy ways to lessen your water usage. Some are obvious — like don’t water the lawn after soaking in a long bath — while others require a bit more thought. Get alerts and water use information via Flume, which is on sale for 15% off. Image: flume Read more...More about Climate Change, Apps And Software, Mashable Shopping, Consumer Tech, and Water Crisis
The best place to buy an Instant Pot on Black Friday may surprise you
Was the Instant Pot one of the best-selling products on Black Friday last year? Is the Pope Catholic? Is water wet? Surprising absolutely no one, the 8-quart Instant Pot Lux was Walmart's best-selling item in 33 states on Black Friday 2018. The 6-quart Instant Pot Duo was one of the most popular items on Amazon on Cyber Monday 2018Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019 will probably be a similar story with the addition of new models that were just released in summer 2019. From what we've seen during our investigations of all the major Black Friday 2019 ad scans (thanks to the intrepid work of our pals at, where to find the best Instant Pot deals will depend on the model you want. Read more...More about Cooking, Black Friday, Kitchen, Mashable Shopping, and Instant Pot
This is the best place to buy AirPods on Black Friday
AirPods will be one of the most popular items of Black Friday 2019. We're calling it now. Go type "AirPods" into Google Trends and check out the related queries. Searches like "Black Friday AirPods" and "AirPods Black Friday sale" have risen by 700% from October to November and over 100% in the last seven days.  This leads up to one question: Who will have the best price on AirPods for Black Friday 2019? As of now, Walmart wins for the more affordable AirPods 2 and Amazon wins for the new AirPods Pro.  The front page of Walmart's Black Friday ad flexes the second-generation AirPods with the regular (not wireless) charging case for $129, which is the lowest we've seen during our scouring of all the major Black Friday 2019 ad scans. $129 is $30 off the original price and $10 less than this model's lowest price on Amazon ever. Read more...More about Apple, Headphones, Airpods, Black Friday, and Mashable Shopping
How to become an Instagram influencer
TL;DR: Start using Instagram for more than just entertainment and get the Complete Instagram Influencer Bundle for $28.96, a 98% savings.  Do you know that Kylie Jenner makes an estimated million per sponsored Instagram post? Even if you aren't descended from a long line of famous people, there is money to be made on Instagram. And while effectively growing your IG following is unlikely to have brands, corporations, or corrupt foreign regimes just begging to thrust you into the 1% with lucrative #SponCon, it could go some way to supplementing your revenue stream. Everyone loves a side hustle, especially if you can do it on your phone. Read more...More about Instagram, Influencer, Online Learning, Mashable Shopping, and Shopping Onlinelearning
Snapchat's new 'time machine' lens is a nightmare look at your future self
Months after FaceApp's viral "old age" filter launched a thousand memes (and misguided rumors of Russian spying), Snapchat is getting an age-defying feature of its own and the results are...profoundly disturbing. The app added a new "time machine" lens, which lets you age from baby face to senior citizen in a manner of seconds. It's existentially horrifying and will almost certainly be the app's next big viral hit. Snapchat has offered both "baby face" and "old age" style selfie effects in the past, but the new "time machine" lens is the first that has offered the full progression from digitally enhanced toddler to AI-assisted old age in one go.  Read more...More about Tech, Snapchat, Snap Inc, Social Media Companies, and Tech
Everything coming to Netflix in December 2019
Happy Holidays! Here's what Netflix is sending down the chimney. On the TV front, the streaming service is debuting The Witcher, John Mulaney & The Sack Lunch Bunch, The Confession Killer, and more — alongside the returns of subscriber favorites like You and Ultraviolet. As for movies, expect the last of Netflix's Oscar contenders; Marriage Story and The Two Popes will premiere this month, along with 6 Underground. Christmas originals, including A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby, will start popping up in November and trickle into the start of December. Check out everything coming to (and going from) Netflix in December 2019 below. Read more...More about Netflix, Marriage Story, Entertainment, Streaming Services, and Movies Tv Shows
Restless sleeper? Try Eight Sleep’s Gravity Blanket and Pod mattress bundle and save $450.
TL;DR: With your purchase of Eight Sleep’s Pod mattress, get $200 off and a free Eight Sleep & Gravity Blanket, plus free shipping. That’s a total value of $450.  There’s nothing like falling into a deep, delicious slumber after a long, hard day of adulting. But plenty of things get in the way of good sleep: stress, anxiety, discomfort, and car alarms — to name a few.  You’ve probably heard of Gravity blankets by now, a brand name product that sits within the wider category of weighted blankets. (We named them our top pick for napping in this roundup.)  Weighted blankets can help to reduce stress and anxiety, ultimately helping you fall asleep faster. Eight Sleep has an amazing early access Black Friday deal, and it couldn't come at a better time: When you buy Eight Sleep’s Pod mattress, you’ll knock $200 off and get a free Eight Sleep & Gravity Blanket, plus free shipping. That’s a total value of $450. Read more...More about Sleep, Weighted Blanket, Mashable Shopping, Sponsored Shopping, and Culture
Snapchat's Time Machine lens lets you slide between young and old
Earlier this year, the FaceApp filter that made people look old and wrinkled in selfies went viral. Then we learned that the Russian-developed selfie-editing app was uploading users' photos to the cloud and that it required "full and irrevocable acce...
Engadget | Technology News, Advice and Features
Snapchat launches another aging AR lens to lure people back to the app
Snap Snapchat’s latest plan for a viral augmented reality filter takes users on an aging journey where they can use a slider to begin morphing from a toddler up to an elderly person. It mashes the success the company had with its original baby lens in May this year with an aging filter, along the lines of FaceApp’s filter, allowing users to rapidly age themselves. The lens is rolling out globally starting today and will be available from users’ lens carousel at the bottom of their camera interface. Although Snap does pay creators to build AR lenses for its platform, this lens is a Snap original, meaning an internal team built it. Seemingly, it’s primed to go viral both on and off the platform. When Snap’s baby filter went viral this past... Continue reading…
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Exclusive: German exports to United States jump despite trade tensions
Strong German exports to the United States helped Europe's largest economy to avoid a recession in the third quarter, data showed on Thursday, as companies benefited from a weaker euro and trade diversion linked to the U.S.-China tariff dispute.
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Security guard indicted for choking, punching 11-year-old shoplifter
A security guard at a clothing store in Boston has been indicted for choking and punching an 11-year-old girl who was shoplifting.
ABC News: Top Stories
Australia could scrap 60-cap 'Giteau's Law'
Australia are reviewing "Giteau's Law", which governs which foreign-based players are allowed to play for the Wallabies, after a poor World Cup.
BBC News - Home
NASA has found sugar in meteorites
Meteorites that crashed into Earth billions of years contain sugars, researchers say, lending support to the idea that asteroids may hold some of the ingredients to life. - RSS Channel
Leclerc has earned his spurs and deserves parity with Vettel at Ferrari
The case for Germany’s four-time champion not being No 1 with the Scuderia next season is overwhelmingAlready beaten and bloody from a punishing season, Ferrari completed Paul Weller’s Eton triumvirate by emerging from the Brazilian Grand Prix with sick down their shirt. Heading into the winter to regroup, the very last thing the Scuderia needed was for their drivers to clash on track and bring to a premature head the problem the team have in how they manage Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc next season. Indeed, what Brazil demonstrated is that they may have a problem that is simply intractable.At Interlagos the two drivers were set for a solid points finish when they came together battling for fourth. Leclerc had put in a fine move up the inside of turn one to pass Vettel but the German, with DRS, came back at him on the run towards T4, Descida do Lago. Vettel went in front but then moved marginally over towards Leclerc. They touched, both took damage and retired. Both were furious, both believed the other to have been at fault. Continue reading...
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GM lawsuit won't torpedo Fiat Chrysler merger with Peugeot: source
Fiat Chrysler's (FCA) planned $50 billion merger with Peugeot owner PSA Group will not be blown off course by a shock lawsuit against FCA from General Motors, a source close to FCA said on Thursday.
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Here’s why memories come flooding back when you visit places from your past
We all know our memories get worse as time goes on – your recollection of what you did yesterday is probably a lot better than for the same day three years ago. And yet we often have moments where old and seemingly forgotten memories pop back into mind. Perhaps you have visited your childhood home, walked into your old bedroom, and been hit with a wave of nostalgia. What triggers this rush of memories, and how can you suddenly remember things you may not have thought about for decades? Researchers are realizing that the context in which memories are created… This story continues at The Next Web
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Pentagon denies report U.S. mulls pulling up to 4,000 troops from South Korea
The United States on Thursday denied a South Korean news report that it was considering withdrawing up to 4,000 troops from South Korea if it does not pay more for maintaining a 28,500-strong U.S. contingent deterring North Korean aggression.
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A massive dust storm has turned this city red
On Thursday, it looked like Mars in the Australian city of Mildura. - RSS Channel
Measles hits Tonga women's World Cup qualifying bid
Tonga women are out of the Oceania Championship - a route to qualify for 2021 Women's World Cup - after being quarantined over a measles outbreak.
BBC Sport - Sport
Google announces stricter rules for political ad targeting
Google is changing the way it handles political ads.  In a blog post Wednesday, the company said it will limit election ads' audience targeting to age, gender and location, while banning targeting by political affiliation (such as left-leaning, right-leaning and independent) and public voter records (which was, until now, allowed in the U.S.). Google says this will align its political ads practices to how things are done in traditional media like TV, radio, and print.  "Given recent concerns and debates about political advertising, and the importance of shared trust in the democratic process, we want to improve voters' confidence in the political ads they may see on our ad platforms," Scott Spencer, Google Ads VP of Product Management, wrote in the post.  Read more...More about Google, Politics, Tech, and Big Tech Companies
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De Beers Namibian diamond venture seeks tax breaks to extend operations
Namdeb, a joint venture between the Namibian government and Anglo American's diamond unit De Beers Group, said on Thursday it was in talks with the government about tax breaks to extend its land-based operations beyond 2023.
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Serge Gnabry and Leroy Sane 'Would Tear Everyone' Apart, Says Jurgen Klinsmann
Jurgen Klinsmann has said he is excited by the prospect of Serge Gnabry and Leroy Sane pairing up to play for Germany...
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Kristen Bell and the 'Frozen' cast literally stop traffic with a musical in the street
The baking heat of a traffic-heavy LA crosswalk might not seem like the ideal setting for a musical rendition of Frozen, but somehow the cast make it work. Recorded to land just before the release of Frozen 2, the segment above from The Late Late Show starts with some mild teething issues — James Corden is hung up on playing Elsa instead of Idina Menzel, for instance — but in the end it all comes together beautifully. The songs are epic, the drivers are only mildly confused, and James Corden makes the perfect snowflake. Read more... More about Frozen, The Late Late Show With James Corden, Crosswalk The Musical, Entertainment, and Movies Tv Shows
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'Qatar 2022: Professor defends stadium cooling method
How will the stadiums used in Qatar for the 2022 FIFA World Cup keep fans and players cool while avoiding flames from eco-conscious critics?
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Qatar defends World Cup stadium cooling method
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Interstellar Lab biomes tap Mars research to help us survive climate change
Interstellar Lab will build biodomes to research how humans could live on Mars while applying those lessons to creating sustainable communities on Earth.
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