The best men's shorts for all ages – in pictures

Bring a dressed-up air to your summer shorts look with block colours. Choose linen or cord for a style statement and experiment with tailored designs. Mix in a subtle print with utility shapes, or wear with loose shirts or sporty stripes for a fresh look

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How you can cut the carbon footprint on your Amazon deliveries
Amazon has streamlined online shopping so much that most of us think nothing of clicking “buy now” and finding a package on our doorstep before we’ve eaten the next day’s dinner. The mega-retailer has roughly 100 million subscribers to its $119-a-year Prime program, all of whom can get free one-day shipping on 10 million products....
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Former Bolivian President Evo Morales begins exile in Mexico
Ousted Bolivian President Evo Morales arrived in Mexico on Tuesday and thanked the nation for saving his life by giving him political asylum while vowing to remain in politics. “I want to tell you we’re very appreciative, because the president of Mexico, the government and the people, they saved my life,” Morales, 60, said at...
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Playboy model freaks out after getting groped by frisky lemur
Animals just can't keep their paws off her.
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The Man Who Died Pursuing Nazi Criminals More Than Four Decades After World War II Ended
Read an excerpt from 'Citizen 865: The Hunt for Hitler’s Hidden Soldiers in America'
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Will Ferrell set to host ‘Saturday Night Live’ for fifth time
“Saturday Night Live” alum Will Ferrell will guest host the sketch comedy show on Nov. 23 — joining the five-timers club. “Anchorman” star Ferrell, a cast member from 1995 to 2002, is best known for his “SNL” impressions of notables like “Jeopardy!” host Alex Trebek and former President George W. Bush (who appreciated Ferrell’s impersonation)....
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Nissan cuts profit forecast after 70 percent quarterly plunge
Nissan reported a 70 percent drop in quarterly profit on Tuesday and cut its full-year forecast to an 11-year low, hit by a strong yen and falling sales, and highlighting the turmoil at the Japanese automaker after the ouster of Carlos Ghosn. The latest weak showing from Nissan, which also slashed its interim dividend by...
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Mouse deer, thought to be extinct spotted for first time in 30 years
A species of mouse deer called the silver-backed chevrotain was thought to be lost to science after 30 years of no sightings, but a video camera in a Vietnam forest captured one as it foraged for food. From The Guardian: The pictures of the rabbit-sized animal, also known as the silver-backed chevrotain, are the first to be taken in the wild and come nearly 30 years after the last confirmed sighting. “We had no idea what to expect, so I was surprised and overjoyed when we checked the camera traps and saw photographs of a chevrotain with silver flanks,” said An Nguyen, a scientist and expedition team leader at Global Wildlife Conservation (GWC). Image: YouTube Read the rest
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American charged in hotel worker's death now deemed a "fugitive"
Scott Hapgood was a no-show at a scheduled court hearing on Monday
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Supreme Court grapples with Trump cancellation of DACA, impact on immigrant families
A divided Supreme Court on Tuesday grappled with the rationale behind President Trump's decision to end protections for 700,000 young immigrants and subsequent impact.
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What to watch for in the blockbuster Trump impeachment hearings
Mark Wilson/Getty Images The first public hearing in the impeachment inquiry is on Wednesday, with two of the most damaging witnesses against President Donald Trump expected to vividly detail his pressure campaign in Ukraine. The public will get a window into what House Democrats paint as an insidious campaign by the president and his men to strongarm an ally into delivering political dirt. The hearing will be overseen by the House Intelligence Committee, a historically bipartisan panel which has taken several steps to streamline the process and allow for as few theatrics as possible. Democrats have one motto going into it: keep it simple, stupid. Instead of laying out a list of charges against Trump, they plan to zero in on abuse of power. Republicans are expected to use the hearings to push a bogus conspiracy theory about Ukrainian election interference and suggest the impeachment inquiry itself is invalid because it was unfair to Trump. GOP reps will also accuse Democrats of misleading the public, throw the spotlight onto former Vice President Joe Biden's activities in Ukraine, and call for the whistleblower to be hauled in to testify. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. When the House of Representatives officially begins open hearings in the impeachment inquiry this week, the public will have a firsthand window into what Democrats paint as an insidious campaign by the president and his men to strongarm an ally into delivering political dirt to help his reelection. At the heart of the inquiry are President Donald Trump's communications with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, in which he repeatedly pressured Zelensky to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, for corruption. Trump also asked Zelensky to look into a bogus conspiracy theory suggesting it was Ukraine, not Russia, that meddled in the 2016 US election and that it did so to benefit Hillary Clinton's campaign.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: Extremists turned a frog meme into a hate symbol, but Hong Kong protesters revived it as an emblem of hopeSee Also:John Bolton's lawyer dropped an intriguing hint that shows why he could be the most dangerous witness against TrumpThe public Trump impeachment hearings begin Wednesday. Here's who's testifying and how to watchEverything you need to know about Trump's impeachment process: What's happened, who the players are, and what comes nextSEE ALSO: John Bolton's lawyer dropped an intriguing hint that shows why he could be the most dangerous witness against Trump
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'Star Wars' and 'The Mandalorian' make Disney+ worth it
Disney+ has a ton of things to watch based on its vast library alone, but if you're interested in something that's actually original, your options are pretty slim. Just like Apple TV+, most of the new content on Disney+, like The World According to J...
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Homeless man hurls bucket of diarrhea at woman near Hollywood Walk of Fame
A homeless man dumped a bucket of “hot” diarrhea on a Los Angeles woman near the Hollywood Walk of Fame — an unprovoked attack that’s left her with PTSD,  she said this week. Heidi Van Tassel said she about to drive home from a Thai restaurant near the famed tourist trip in April when the...
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Facial recognition tools shared by 'Massive, secretive network of police departments'
At Medium's OneZero [@ozm], new reporting based on “thousands of pages of previously undisclosed emails” confirms “the existence of a massive, secretive network of police departments working together to share controversial facial recognition tools.” That's not good. And here's what's worse. "Officers on the listserv are encouraged to adopt a Fight Club-style directive that precludes group members from discussing the existence of the list publicly," writes Michael Hayes [@michaelhayes]. Excerpt: The emails, which date back to at least 2016, also indicate that these departments explicitly tried to keep this cross-department partnership secret from the public. These emails were shared with OneZero from a source who obtained the documents through an open records request. Many of these cross-department requests in Washington state were made through a previously undisclosed email listserv known as FITlist. FITlist — with FIT standing for “Fraud and Identity Theft” — includes officers from at least a dozen police departments, from large organizations like the Seattle police and Pierce County Sheriff’s Department to smaller ones like the Richland and Marysville police. Officers on the listserv are encouraged to adopt a Fight Club-style directive that precludes group members from discussing the existence of the list publicly. One document explicitly says: “Do not mention FITlist in your reports or search warrant affidavits.” Shankar Narayan, Director of the Technology and Liberty Project for ACLU of Washington, says that the use of a listserv to make backroom requests “with no opportunity for the public to know and to understand” what information is being shared is concerning. Read the rest
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Hong Kong universities become 'battlefields' as citywide violence spreads
Police in Hong Kong battled pro-democracy protesters at several university campuses in sometimes savage clashes, as parts of the city were paralyzed including Hong Kong's Central financial district that was tear-gassed for a second day running.
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A present for the planet? How to cut holiday waste
While the holiday season is a time of giving and thoughtfulness, it can also be a time of excess and waste. Americans throw away 25 percent more trash than usual between Thanksgiving and New Year’s — about a million extra tons of garbage each week, according to the National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF), a Washington,...
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The Dude's Pendleton sweater will keep me warm this winter
The Pendleton Westerly shawl collar sweater is super cool, but keeps me warm. All my winter stuff is in storage and I have no access too it. I expected to be out of storage before the winter came, but now I am cold and without my favorite sweaters: cable knit shawl collar sweaters ala Steve McQueen. Deal is, however, I have enough of them in multiple colors that I do not need duplicates when I am finally able to get all my stuff out of storage. Another sweater made famous by media that I love, and super comfortable too boot, is the Pendleton Westerly. This ultra-comfortable 3GG sweater immediately lets people know that you are a chill slacker who doesn't care much about anything, while also keeping you warm. Vintage models are available on ebay and etsy, but Pendleton has been making an exact-ish replica of the Dude's sweater for a few years now. Pendleton Original Westerly Sweater via Amazon Read the rest
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The Cavaliers are surprisingly fun under John Beilein
Cleveland is so much better than anyone expected. The Cavs were supposed to be terrible. Instead, they’re surprisingly competent. Nine games into the season, the Cleveland Cavaliers are very mediocre, and that’s outstanding. The Cavs were expected to be one of the worst teams in the NBA after winning 19 games last year and failing to sign impact free agents. Yet, Cleveland would be in the playoffs as the No. 7 seed in the Eastern Conference if they started today. The Cavs, at 4-5, have given the reins to their youngest pieces and overhauled their system with new head coach John Beilein. A few holdover veterans from the LeBron James era are still around and playing some of the best basketball of their career. Meanwhile, Cleveland’s recent picks in the NBA draft are starting to show signs of promise. Will the Cavaliers maintain this level of play? It doesn’t seem likely, but the glimmer of hope Cleveland has given its fans still counts for something. Cleveland has already beaten the Pacers and the Bulls, and knocked out Eastern Conference cellar dwellers in the Wizards and the Knicks. The Cavs have even fought hard in their losses: their point differential of -0.9 is also the seventh best in the 15-team conference. These Cavs aren’t the pit of misery from last season. They’re a fun team! What’s different about these Cavs as a whole? Let Fear the Sword writer Chris Manning explain The Cavs being as solid as they’ve been is frankly startling. I think the quality starts with John Beilein and the whole coaching staff he has around him. The offense flows better than it did last year, the team plays hard all the time and the defense isn’t hemorrhaging points anymore. Tristan Thompson is playing arguably the best basketball of his career, Kevin Love is playing at an All-Star level again and Collin Sexton is shining as a scorer while showing defensive improvement. Almost everyone who is playing is contributing in some way, which just wasn’t the case last year. Even Darius Garland and Kevin Porter Jr., two very raw rookies, are having their moments as they adjust to this league. Is all of this sustainable? Probably not, especially for the young guys. But this is a well-coached group that plays hard and has its key vets playing well. That means a lot. [Related: Why John Beilein’s jump to the Cavaliers rocked the basketball world] Collin Sexton is having a much improved sophomore season Sexton was the Cavs’ first draft pick in the post-LeBron era, selected at No. 8. There’s no understating just how disappointing his rookie year was. The Alabama product who was touted as a strong defender was porous on that end, and the scorer known for carrying his college team in a 3-on-5 game wasn’t finishing as well. This year, Sexton still isn’t good defensively, but he has the luxury of playing off the ball on the offensive end, and that’s helped. A year after he was point guard 100 percent of the time, that’s been reduced to 25 percent next to rookie guard Darius Garland, according to basketball reference. Sexton can do what he does best now: score. The 6’3 guard leads the team in points at 19 per game on an improved 44 percent from the field and 42 percent from deep on five tries per night. He leads the team in shot attempts, and he’s gotten smarter about where he takes them from. A year after 21 percent of his shots came from 16 feet to the three-point line (long-two range), he’s only taking seven percent of his shots from there. He’s getting to the free throw line four times per game, too. Sexton looks like a player. His 31-point night against the Knicks showed why. Tristan Thompson is playing at an All-Star level Thompson’s game has never screamed All-Star because he can’t handle the ball or shoot from distance, but he’s been incredibly valuable for this Cavs team. He’s averaging career-highs in scoring (16 per game), rebounding (11 per game), and assists (3 per game) while cleaning up the boards and finishing down low as well as ever. He’s taking a career-high 13 shots per game, and shooting 54 percent from the field. Thompson’s also grabbing five boards on the offensive end, his most ever, too. He’s been hard to stop in the post. Thompson is just 28 years old, enjoying the middle of his prime years, and that’s doing wonders for his young teammates. Garland, Sexton and Kevin Porter Jr. aren’t concerned with crashing the boards — they have a big man to do the dirty work and clean up their mistakes. So will this last? The Cavaliers have a funny mix of talent. Kevin Love is at the backend of his prime, Thompson is peaking, and everyone else is on the road to development. John Beilein, a first-time 66-year-old NBA coach out of Michigan, is as much a veteran as he is a rookie. He’s getting the most out of the talent they have. Overall, the Cavaliers are assessing their wide-ranging talent. The Cavs are likely to be trade deadline sellers. Now is probably the time to deal Love, and Thompson’s value may never be higher either. But if the team stays in tact through February, it’s reasonable to think Cleveland can exceed expectations and win around 35 or so games. That might be enough to hang around the playoff picture in the East. Regardless, Cleveland fans have to be pretty happy with what they’re seeing. The Cavs are coming along quicker than we thought.
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Owner of taco chain also meth lord, say cops
Adolfo “Flaco” Mitchell, 34, owns a chain of taco restaurants in coastal Georgia. He's also been indicted for drug trafficking and conspiracy. Police say Mitchell, who owns multiple Flacos House restaurants, was having methamphetamine shipped to him to distribute throughout the Savannah area. They say Mitchell was also directing others to transport methamphetamine to other states, including Virginia. Mitchell remains jailed Monday. It’s unclear if he has a lawyer. Read the rest
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The U.S. held over 69,000 migrant children in government custody in 2019
Government data reveals that in 2019, the U.S. held a record 69,550 migrant children in government custody, according to reporting from the Associated Press. That number is up 42 percent from 2018's fiscal year. United Nations researchers say this means the U.S. has the largest number of children separated from their parents, the AP says. Of the 69,550 children, 4,000 still remain in government custody, where more detained children and teens arrive weekly. Others have already been deported, while some have since reunited with family members in the U.S. SEE ALSO: Opening your home to refugees is one powerful way to resist Trump's immigration policy Read more...More about Social Good, Migration, Immigration, Immigrants, and Migrant Children
Ousted Evo Morales arrives in Mexico leaving power vacuum in Bolivia
Ex-president says army told him of $50,000 price on his headMorales thanks Mexico for ‘saving my life’Evo Morales, who resigned under pressure from police and army after a fiercely disputed election, has flown into exile in Mexico, leaving a confused power vacuum behind in Bolivia.Speaking at a hastily organized press conference on the tarmac Morales thanked Mexico for “saving my life” and repeated his accusation that his rivals had forced him out in a coup. Continue reading...
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Why Rahm Emanuel thinks Democrats keep learning all the wrong lessons from their wins
The 2018 midterms and the 2019 off-year elections were very, very good for Democrats.
Who do YOU think will win the NASCAR Cup championship?
They've all won in Miami before.
Fed's Harker says he opposed last rate cut, thinks rates should stay put
Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank President Patrick Harker said on Tuesday he did not support the Fed's last rate cut in October and that the central bank should keep policy steady.
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American suspected of ISIS connections trapped in no man's land between Turkish, Greek borders: reports
A U.S. citizen suspected of being a member of ISIS, is reportedly stuck in a heavily militarized no-man’s land between the borders of the country that kicked him out, Turkey, and the one that refuses to accept him, Greece, officials say. 
Philip Hammond joins board of Irish firm on salary of £125,000
Former chancellor becomes non-executive director of packaging firm Ardagh within week of stepping down as MPThe former chancellor of the exchequer Philip Hammond has found a job worth about £125,000 a year within a week of stepping down as an MP.He has become a non-executive director of Irish metal and glass packaging firm Ardagh, which is listed on the New York stock exchange. The firm said Hammond had joined its board and would serve on its audit committee, which oversees financial reporting and disclosure. Continue reading...
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Grandma wins $1.3 million lottery minutes after learning she beat cancer
Finding out she beat cancer was priceless.
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Trump Makes No Promises On China Trade Deal
President Trump says a mini trade agreement with China could happen "soon," but he offered no guarantees. In a speech to the Economic Club of New York, Trump downplayed the cost of his trade war.
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S&P 500, Nasdaq hold at record levels after Trump remarks
The S&P 500 and Nasdaq indexes remained at record levels on Tuesday spurred by gains in trade-sensitive technology stocks, after President Donald Trump reiterated that the United States was close to signing a "phase one" trade deal with China.
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How to divide numbers and cells in Microsoft Excel to make calculations and analyze data
Porrakij/Shutterstock You can divide in Excel using a few different methods.  It's easy to divide two numbers or cell values in Excel using the forward slash in a simple formula.  You can also divide a column of values by a constant, using the dollar sign to create an absolute reference in your spreadsheet.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. There are a few common techniques for performing division in Excel.  You can divide numbers directly in a single cell, or use a simple formula to divide the contents of two different cells. You can also set up a formula that divides a series of values by a constant. See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: Apple just revealed its AirPods Pro for $249, which feature noise cancellation. Here's everything that was wrong with the $159 pair of the wireless headphones.See Also:How to multiply cells and numbers in Microsoft Excel using 3 different methodsHow to wrap text in Microsoft Excel in 2 ways, to make sure that all of your data is visibleHow to freeze a row in Excel so it remains visible when you scroll, to better compare data on different parts of a spreadsheetSEE ALSO: The best Macbooks you can buy
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Boston Celtics star Enes Kanter: Turkey wants to punish me for caring about human rights –But I won't stop
I wholeheartedly believe that a country that mistreats its own population at home is also a threat to its neighbors and allies.
Announcing the winners of Sense About Science's 2019 Maddox Prize
The UK charity Sense About Science (previously) has announced the winners of its 2019 John Maddox Prize for Standing up for Science:forest fire expert Bambang Hero Saharjo and pharmacist Olivier Bernard. Saharjo, "the foremost expert on illegal and destructive forest and land fires in Indonesia," has faced threats, harassment, intimidation and lawsuits for his reporting on peatland forest fires, through which palm oil companies illegally clear land at a devastating environmental and public health cost. Bernard is a Quebecois pharmacist who campaigned against junk-science pushers who wanted the public health system to reimburse cancer patients who opted for expensive, ineffective high-dose vitamin C "therapy." Like Saharjo, Bernard faced retaliation in the form of attacks on his professional work, calls for his employer to sack him, death threats -- even attempts to get his wife's books boycotted. Bambang Hero Saharjo: “I still do not believe that I am receiving the prestigious John Maddox Prize. Only last year I was criminalised for presenting evidence and being forced to pay nearly rp.510 billion by the palm oil companies, who had been found guilty of preparing to plant palms by burning 1000 hectares of peatland. Finally the lawsuit was rejected and I am free. Using fire for land preparation is so destructive to the environment and it is destroying the health of local people. This is what the evidence shows. The prize will give me more power to say it and to fight the misrepresentation by companies who continue use of fire. Read the rest
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Joe Girardi could poach Chili Davis out of Mets limbo
The Mets didn’t hire Joe Girardi as their new manager, and now he might be poaching their hitting coach in his new gig in Philadelphia. Chili Davis, a teammate of Girardi’s on the Yankees’ championship teams in 1998 and 1999, is one of three candidates being considered for the Phillies’ hitting coach position, the Philadelphia...
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Kentucky vs. Evansville: The nation’s top team won’t cover
The Kentucky Wildcats are coming off two impressive wins that saw them cover each game. On Monday, they were voted the No. 1 team in the nation in the AP Top 25, and next, they will meet an Evansville team that finished at the bottom of the Missouri Valley Conference last season. While it would...
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Why We're Scared of Cryptocurrencies, and How It Can be Fixed
Many people have raised concerns, but there are potential solutions.
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Coast Guard Seizes $10 Million In Black Market Marijuana Headed For U.S. Customers
The black market continues to thrive even as legalization spreads. Some believe only national legalization will solve the problem.
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All the best TV deals to expect on Black Friday 2019
  Business Insider Black Friday is a great time to shop for all sorts of electronics, from laptops and tablets to kitchen gadgets and large appliances.  But some of the best discounts you'll find will be on TVs, from brands like Samsung, Insignia, LG, and more.  Many popular sellers, including Best Buy, Target, and Walmart, will offer TV deals in stores on the big day. But if you don't want to face the crowds, you'll also be able to find some great deals online.  We've compiled a list of the best Black Friday TV deals we know about so far. Keep an eye on this page; we'll be adding new promotions as they drop.  To save more on Black Friday deals this year, visit Business Insider Coupons. Black Friday is right around the corner, and stores are already gearing up for major deals on all sorts of electronics. But some of the best tech deals you'll find will be on TVs, at all price points, from brands across the board. See the rest of the story at Business InsiderSee Also:What deals to expect from Amazon's Cyber Monday 2019 saleBlack Friday is on November 29, 2019 — here's everything you need to know leading up to the biggest sales holiday of the year, including early dealsThe best online deals and sales happening now
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The Panic Attack Hack on Bojack Horseman Really Works
Bojack panic attack hack an actual tack! In the most recent episode of Bojack Horseman, Hollyhock (Aparna Nancherla) has a panic attack at a party. A guy named Peter talks her through it. “Look around the room and tell me what you see,” he says. Hollyhock names things—first the things giving her anxiety, then more and…Read more...
Scientist who takes on firms causing wildfires wins John Maddox prize
Bambang Hero Saharjo has received death threats for testifying against companiesA scientist who takes on the companies responsible for massive wildfires across Indonesia has won the prestigious John Maddox prize for standing up for science in the face of harassment, intimidation and lawsuits.Bambang Hero Saharjo, a fire forensics specialist at Bogor Agricultural University, gathers evidence for criminal trials against firms that are accused of using illegal slash-and-burn methods to clear peatland for cash crops such as palm oil, pulpwood and rubber trees. Continue reading...
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As a result of Trump, the suburbs are nearly gone for the GOP
The lesson learned from Pennsylvania, which went for Donald Trump in 2016, is the same as for the rest of the country, writes Charlie Dent. As a result of his election and performance in office, the suburbs are nearly completely gone for the Republican Party.
More Americans are looking for ‘alternative’ options for Thanksgiving dinner
Move over, turkey! More than a quarter of Americans are tired of traditional Thanksgiving food, according to new research. The poll of 2,000 Americans who celebrate Thanksgiving discovered that 26 percent would like to see alternative food options on the table this year. Celebrating an “alternative Thanksgiving” – breaking from the age-old meal traditions –...
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Andrew Sparrow's election briefing: for Angela Rayner, the personal is political
Catch up with the campaign with our daily roundupFollow the latest political news – liveBoris Johnson has claimed the situation is “stabilising” for those affected by the flooding in northern England, as he spoke to broadcasters after chairing a meeting of the government’s Cobra emergency committee. He rejected claims that the government had been complacent. But No 10 announced the Cobra meeting only after Jeremy Corbyn publicly called for one (although Downing Street says it was scheduled anyway), and Corbyn and the Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson both made visits today to residents affected. Corbyn said Labour would spend £5.6bn over 10 years improving flood defences. Continue reading...
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Seahawks-49ers was a beautiful mess that taught us nothing
Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images It was ugly. It was beautiful. It didn’t tip its hand as to the rematch in Week 17. Week 10’s NFC West showdown between the Seahawks and 49ers didn’t make much sense. A beleaguered defensive line created havoc all night en route to five sacks and a fumble return touchdown. The league’s current MVP favorite threw a back-breaking interception in the red zone in overtime. A rookie kicker, signed off the street as a free agent a week earlier, inspired all sorts of confidence ... then shanked it all away. The four-plus quarters of the Seahawks’ overtime triumph over the previously undefeated 49ers created its own narratives, then cast them aside in a sloppy mass of chaotic football that will stand as one of 2019’s most memorable games. Seattle won a 27-24 rock fight in Santa Clara, but the end result didn’t do much to dent a Niners team ravaged by injury in advance of its biggest game of the season to date. It looked like San Francisco would cruise to a statement-making home win after taking an early 10-0 lead against a Seattle team that gained five net yards in the first quarter. The Seahawks, never content to play an easy game regardless of their place on the scoreboard, roared back in very Seahawk fashion. By the time Jason Myers’ 42-yard field goal cleared the goalposts to end the game in overtime, the win probability chart the two teams left behind looked like a seismograph atop a tectonic shift: Wow. Game of the Year so far.Win Probability Chart for 2019 Week 10: @Seahawks at @49ers with data courtesy @nflscrapR #NFL #SEAvsSF— Lee Sharpe (@LeeSharpeNFL) November 12, 2019 Nothing really went as planned Monday. And it’s probably not going to give us much insight on the next time these two teams play in Week 17. Here’s why. The Seahawks couldn’t hold on to the damn ball Seattle had fumbled 13 times in nine games leading up to Week 10 — a 1.4 fumble per contest rate. San Francisco had forced 13 fumbles in eight games in the same span (1.6 per contest). On a typical day, even against a solid defense like the Niners’, the Seahawks might be expected to put the ball on the turf one or two times. On Monday, the Seahawks did it five times — including twice on one play. A Russell Wilson fumble ended up in the hands of offensive lineman Germain Ifedi, then ended up in the hands of DeForest Buckner. Buckner returned it 12 yards for a touchdown that kicked off the Niners’ fourth-quarter comeback from an 11-point deficit. TWO forced fumbles leads to the @DeForestBuckner TOUCHDOWNNNNN. #GoNiners— San Francisco 49ers (@49ers) November 12, 2019 That wasn’t the only slip-up that cost the Seahawks points. One DK Metcalf fumble at the goal line cost Seattle an important scoring opportunity at the end of the second half. While Jadeveon Clowney’s fumble return touchdown helped level that advantage, that lack of ball security is typically damning for an offense. Teams with four or more turnovers in a game are 42-326-1 in regular season games since 2010. Wilson setting up an Ifedi fumble wasn’t even his biggest miscue. The MVP frontrunner doubled his interception total for the season when he underthrew a potential game-ending touchdown pass to Jacob Hollister by a matter of inches. That allowed Dre Greenlaw to make what could have been the biggest play of the night: BIG. PLAY. DRE ‼️@DreGreenlaw comes up BIG in OT! #GoNiners— San Francisco 49ers (@49ers) November 12, 2019 It didn’t pay off. Instead, Greenlaw watched his offense drive only 20 yards on the ensuing possession and fail to generate the points that would have ensured a 9-0 start for San Francisco. The Niners’ passing game couldn’t keep up One of the biggest questions about San Francisco’s rise to the top of the NFC was what the team was capable of in situations where it was forced to throw the ball. An 8-0 start left few opportunities for Jimmy Garoppolo to practice his two-minute drill. On Monday, he’d have to do so without All-Pro tight end George Kittle. Kittle, sidelined by a pair of lower leg injuries Monday, had 25 more targets than the next-closest player on the 49ers roster. His sure-handed presence in the middle of the field was sorely missed. The club’s aerial offense flopped without him — and several other key players: Emmanuel Sanders, extremely not-washed at age 32 (he had 112 receiving yards in his first game with the Niners), left the game after two big catches due to a rib injury. Marquise Goodwin and Dante Pettis, two players who started the season atop the San Francisco WR depth chart, dropped multiple passes and finished the game with zero receptions. This left the keys to the passing game in the hands of rookie Deebo Samuel, WR4 Kendrick Bourne, and backup tight end Ross Dwelley. The team also dealt with injuries that chipped away at its offensive line. Tackle Mike McGlinchey was limited in practice through the week with a knee malady, and that rust was evident throughout the night. The 49ers were also without starting center Weston Richburg, who left the game early with a hand injury. That left Ben Garland to flail hopelessly at blown assignments in his place: Tomlinson slid and blocked his man, Garland either thought he had more help than he did or just got beat. Either way, he was the failure point. Backup center!— James Brady (@JamesBradySBN) November 12, 2019 Garoppolo, a tick off with both his accuracy and his timing, couldn’t overcome those mounting handicaps. While he put his team in position to win the game late, he was lucky to escape with just one interception Monday night. KJ Wright has some extreme linebacker hands— Christian D'Andrea (@TrainIsland) November 12, 2019 Still, this all almost worked out! A rookie kicker, subbing in for a Pro Bowler, nearly saved the day Robbie Gould had been a constant positive in the San Francisco kicking game the past two seasons. He made 96 percent of his field goals between 2017 and 2018, the highest rate in the league. However, he’d been uncharacteristically inaccurate through the first half of 2019 — his seven misses were more than he’d had the past three seasons combined — and was unavailable for the 49ers’ biggest game of the year (so far) thanks to a quadriceps injury. Enter Chase McLaughlin, who signed with San Francisco just four days earlier. McLaughlin, just one of six active alumni from the University of Illinois, had been discarded by the Bills, Vikings, and Chargers earlier this year. While he’d made 13 of his 16 kicks as a fill-in for Michael Badgley in Los Angeles, he was far from a sure bet. So, because this game was weird in every phase of the game, he went out and drilled field goals from 43, 39, and 47 yards — the last of which tied the game at 24-all with just one second left in the fourth quarter. This was an epic effort from a young kicker with plenty to prove. And with one last kick, he’d undo much of the confidence he’d inspired through the first 60 minutes of the game. Greenlaw’s interception and Garoppolo’s ensuing 20-yard drive gave McLaughlin the chance to up his hero bonafides with one more long kick. Instead, his potential game-winner wound up here: Um.... this is not where the ball is supposed to go.— Jennifer Lee Chan (@jenniferleechan) November 12, 2019 That tunnel is past the corner of the end zone. McLaughlin missed his desired landing spot by roughly 40 yards. That’s bad! Three drives later, Seahawk kicker Jason Myers pushed a 42-yard kick through the uprights to win the game. The first installment of Seahawks-49ers answered some questions about what each team is capable of against top-notch competition from within their own division. Seattle is up to the challenge of plugging up San Francisco’s potent rush game and forcing Garoppolo to beat them. The Niners proved they can frustrate Wilson into a below-average game behind their crushing defensive front. But much of the game turned on outlier trends and plays that probably won’t happen when these teams meet again. San Francisco can take solace in the returns of Kittle, Gould, and full-strength efforts from Sanders, Richburg, and McGlinchey (among others). Seattle knows it probably won’t triple its fumble rate in a single game again. The tablet will be wiped clean when these sides meet again in Week 17. If it’s anything like the first showdown between these two, it’ll probably find a way to get weird anyway.
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New 5G vulnerabilities could put phone users at risk
Security researchers at Purdue and U. of Iowa confirm what many security experts have long feared: there are serious security weaknesses in 5G that undermine the promised security and privacy protections. About a dozen vulnerabilities have been identified by the researchers, who report that the bugs can allow a bad guy to track your actual real-time location, send large numbers of people fake emergency alerts to trigger public panic or disconnect a 5G-connected phone from the network altogether. 5G was promised to be a more secure standard than 4G, able even to keep your data and voice safe from “stingrays” that present themselves as cell towers and spy on you. But, nope. Also researchers say some of the attacks they've newly identified can also be exploited on existing 4G networks. Worst of all, it's pretty cheap and easy to pull off the new exploits. “All of the new attacks can be exploited by anyone with practical knowledge of 4G and 5G networks and a low-cost software-defined radio,” reports Zack Whittaker [@zackwhittaker] of TechCrunch: The researchers expanded on their previous findings to build a new tool, dubbed 5GReasoner, which was used to find 11 new 5G vulnerabilities. By creating a malicious radio base station, an attacker can carry out several attacks against a target’s connected phone used for both surveillance and disruption. In one attack, the researchers said they were able to obtain both old and new temporary network identifiers of a victim’s phone, allowing them to discover the paging occasion, which can be used to track the phone’s location — or even hijack the paging channel to broadcast fake emergency alerts. Read the rest
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Battle for Mediobanca: Italy's richest man takes on seasoned CEO
One comes from a wealthy family, attended Milan's best schools and has spent all his career engineering mergers at Mediobanca , Italy's most influential investment bank.
Lib Dem candidate stands aside to avoid 'nightmare' of Tory win
Tim Walker drops out in Labour seat of Canterbury to avoid dividing pro-remain vote I’m a Liberal Democrat candidate – here’s why I’m stepping aside for LabourThe Liberal Democrat candidate in a marginal Labour seat has unilaterally decided to stand down, saying that while the two parties could not agree on a pact he wanted to avoid the “nightmare” of handing the constituency back to the Conservatives.In an article for the Guardian, Tim Walker said that while he did not trust Jeremy Corbyn on Brexit, he wanted to give Rosie Duffield, the Labour candidate who took Canterbury from the Tories for the first time in 2017 by just 187 votes, the best chance of winning. Continue reading...
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The SoftBank Effect: How $100 Billion Left Workers in a Hole
SoftBank poured money into start-ups that use armies of contractors. That has upended the lives of drivers, hotel operators and real estate agents around the world.
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US warship sails through Taiwan Strait in message to China
The move by the USS Chancellorsville, a guided-missile cruiser, is likely to irk China, which views the island of Taiwan as a breakaway province.
Remains found in Alabama during search for 5-year-old Florida girl
The team looking for Taylor Rose Williams found a body, according to a statement ​issued by police in Demopolis, Alabama
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