The latest on Jeffrey Epstein's bail request and newly unsealed documents from the case against Michael Cohen

Already, it's been a big week for high-profile legal cases. Newly unsealed documents pertaining to Michael Cohen shows Trump's alleged involvement in a hush money scheme. Disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein recently had his bail request denied. Criminal defense attorney Vinoo Varghese breaks down the two major cases.
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Huawei Funds Are Cut Off by F.C.C. Over Security Threats
The commission put new restrictions on money aimed at helping wireless carriers provide broadband to rural areas.
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The New York Times
Milan hospital exhibition shows X-rays of women attacked by men
MILAN — A Milan hospital is exhibiting X-rays of women attacked by men to highlight what one doctor calls the “daily horror” of violence against women. The San Carlo Hospital mounted the exhibit in its atrium to coincide with the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, which takes place on Monday. Patients’...
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New York Post
FCC bans Huawei and ZTE gear in US-funded broadband projects
New purchases banned, and ISPs may have to rip out existing Huawei and ZTE gear.
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Ars Technica
A Comic Book Vigilante Turned Zen Buddhist Is the Missing Link Between Watchmen’s Rorschach and Looking Glass
A right-wing hero called the Question inspired Watchmen’s faceless vigilante. But later stories took the character in a very different direction.
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An accused bank robber claims the police broke the law when they used Google location data to track him down. Privacy advocates agree.
Bill Pugliano/Stringer/Getty Images An accused bank robber's lawyer and privacy advocates say police overstepped when they requested the use of personal geographical data to track him down and make their arrest. The 24-year-old man allegedly robbed a bank at gunpoint in May and made off with nearly $200,000.  To solve the case, police requested the location data of everyone in a 150-meter radius of the bank within an hour of the robbery. Google complied.  As police narrowed down the suspect, they asked for more specific information, until they finally arrested their primary suspect.  Police used a relatively new and highly controversial tactic known as a "geofence warrant." In an interview with Insider, ACLU staff attorney Nathan Wessler worried these blanket geographic searches by police lack accountability and could violate the Fourth Amendment.  Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. When, if ever, should police be able to gather up Google location data to track down a criminal suspect? That's one of the questions being posed by the lawyers of an alleged Virginia bank robber, who claims local police overstepped their bounds and committed privacy violations when they requested data from Google on him and 18 others near the vicinity of the crime. Privacy advocates say the implications of this case reach far beyond the alleged burglar and could affect the rights of millions of Americans using Google products.  The robbery took place this May at a Call Federal Credit Union. Surveillance footage of the robbery obtained by CBS 6 shows the burglar, armed with a handgun, charging into the bank. The Department of Justice alleges that 24-old Okello Chatrie made off with more than $195,000 dollars.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: Here's how to escape a flooding vehicleSee Also:Disney Plus doesn't have all your favorite movies and TV shows. Here's how you can request the ones you want.A 3-year Newsday investigation found Long Island real-estate agents' widespread unequal treatment against Hispanic, Asian, and black homebuyersRich parents in NYC paid $200 for a newsletter that may have given their children an admissions advantage to some of the city’s elite public schools
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How to Add Two-Factor Authentication to Your Twitter Account
Using two-factor authentication (2FA) is a smart, simple tactic to add a little extra data security in your life. For those unaware, 2FA is when you use a secondary authentication method—like code generator apps or Bluetooth keys—to validate your identity when logging into a website or app. There’s a similar version…Read more...
Jeffree Star says it's 'not fair' to compare his recent makeup launch to Jaclyn Hill's disastrous lipstick line
Rosdiana Ciaravolo/Getty Images Jeffree Star addressed customer concerns that his eye-shadow palettes contain hair-like substances over social media on Friday. According to the YouTuber, a "few dozen people" out of 1.1 million received eye shadow with ribbon fibers from a factory machine embedded inside. Star assured that anyone with a damaged product can contact his brand's customer service team to receive a full refund and new palette. The YouTuber also said it's "not fair" to compare his brand's current situation to Jaclyn Hill's disastrous lipstick launch. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. Jeffree Star is defending his brand after people said eye-shadow palettes from the Shane Dawson x Jeffree Star Cosmetics collaboration contained hair-like fibers. On Friday, the beauty mogul took to social media with a statement regarding his brand. On Twitter, he said a "few dozen people" out of 1.1 million received eye shadows with ribbon fibers from a factory machine embedded inside. Star also shared a similar sentiment on Instagram.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: 5 things about the NFL that football fans may not knowSee Also:People say they're receiving broken eye-shadow palettes from Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson's makeup lineThe surprising real names of 14 popular beauty influencersJames Charles will host a beauty-influencer competition show on YouTube where the winner takes home $50,000
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CULTIVATED: Layoffs hit Canndescent, KPMG rakes in millions from cannabis companies, and more.
REUTERS/Blair Gable Welcome to Cultivated, our weekly newsletter where we're bringing you an inside look at the deals, trends, and personalities driving the multibillion-dollar global cannabis boom. Sign up here to get it in your inbox every week. Happy Friday everyone,See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: WeWork went from a $47 billion valuation to a failed IPO. Here's how the company makes money.See Also:Accountants are making millions from the Canadian cannabis industry, and KPMG is leading the pack. Here's how much each of the top firms is raking in.Cannabis companies have slashed over 1,000 jobs in recent weeks as the industry contends with a 'toxic' landscape. We're keeping track of all the cuts here.We got the internal memo that reveals why hot California cannabis startup Canndescent quietly laid off 16 workers just days before closing a big funding round
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We talked to 4 VC investors about the hottest trends in payments and the biggest innovations to keep an eye on
Citi Ventures; Insight Partners; Bain Capital Ventures; Andreessen Horowitz; Shayanne Gal/Business Insider We spoke to investors at Andreessen Horowitz, Bain Capital Ventures, Citi Ventures, and Insight Partners to learn where they see the next innovations and opportunities in payments tech. Mostly, they're looking out for ways that payments companies can do more than just process transactions. That may be through add-on services, or even machine-initiated payments.  Payments is interwoven into nearly every segment of the fintech landscape, from credit-card processing to online sales, to analytics around consumer behavior. Some unicorns making waves in payments include AvidXchange, Brex, Plaid, Stripe, and TransferWise. Click here for BI Prime stories. The fintech world is big, and funding is flooding into startups like robo-advisors, neobanks, and alternative lenders.  In the third quarter this year, total fintech funding topped $8.9 billion, a record when adjusted for Alibaba's fintech Ant Financial's $14 billion last year, according to CB Insights. Globally, there are now 58 fintech unicorns (startups valued at more than $1 billion). See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: How to find water when you're stuck in the desertSee Also:POWER RANKING: Here's who has the best chance of becoming the 2020 Democratic presidential nomineeI bought a $79 bidet attachment for my toilet in an effort to be more eco-friendly and hygienic — and now I can't imagine not having onePete Buttigieg is running for president in 2020. Here's everything we know about the candidate and how he stacks up against the competition.SEE ALSO: Credit Karma is launching its first-ever savings account, but its CEO says it doesn't want to become the next neobank SEE ALSO: We talked to Wells Fargo execs about its blockchain and Plaid data-sharing push. The bank has been balancing new tech investments against spending on cleaning up risk controls. SEE ALSO: Mastercard wants to be more than just a card company. It's turning to a blockchain for seafood and analytics for the healthcare industry.
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The 9 best airline credit cards for earning miles to book free flights
Alyssa Powell/Business Insider If you want to book free flights, a credit card from an airline or a bank that partners with frequent flyer programs is a must. Not only will you earn miles on every purchase you make, but you can also earn a welcome bonus that can jump-start your frequent flyer account balance and help you book an award flight sooner than you'd think.  There isn't simply one best airline credit card; the right option for you depends on what airline you fly, whether you're a loyalist or want flexibility, how you want to use your miles, how much of an annual fee you're comfortable paying, and several other factors.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: 9 items to avoid buying at CostcoSee Also:I've visited 87 countries so far, and I wouldn't be able to do it without points and miles2 great babymoon itineraries to Arizona and New York that you can book on points and miles6 smart ways to bypass checked bag fees every time you fly
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More foreign firms halted U.S. deals amid Trump administration scrutiny: report
More overseas companies investigated by U.S. authorities for national security concerns have abandoned investments in the United States since President Donald Trump took office, a report showed on Friday, signaling headwinds for key sources of funding for U.S. companies.
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7 Thanksgiving hacks that will make your turkey juicier, evenly cooked, and tastier than ever
skynesher/Getty Images Thanksgiving is right around the corner, but it's not too late to learn some expert tips for cooking the perfect turkey. We've rounded up some of the most helpful cooking hacks for preparing your Thanksgiving turkey. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. Preparing a Thanksgiving meal is no easy feat. There are so many variables to keep track of, from figuring out which side dishes to serve and when to start the cooking to choosing where each relative should sit at the table. And should you splurge for that 2015 Montanela Estate Cab Sauv, or serve Two-Buck Chuck and hope no one notices? All these considerations however, pale in comparison to the central issue of the Thanksgiving feast: the preparation of the perfect turkey. Because cooking that perfect bird requires way more than the old "15 minutes per pound" rule of thumb. Cooking a great turkey is one of the greatest challenges an amateur cook faces, so with Thanksgiving coming up fast, we turned to experts for some helpful Thanksgiving hacks. Follow these turkey cooking tips and tricks and this just might be the year your pièce de résistance doesn't go afoul.You need to plan well ahead for proper thawing, which might take an entire five days for a 20-pound turkey. Flickr/US Department of Agriculture According to Tony Seta, director of culinary services for Butterball, it's critical that you "plan your thawing schedule in advance. For every four pounds of meat, the turkey needs 24 hours in the fridge." That means you should move a 20-pound bird from freezer to fridge five days prior to cooking to ensure the turkey is fully thawed. An improperly thawed turkey will almost surely result in a bird with parts that are overcooked and distasteful, or undercooked, which can be a danger. A good meat thermometer is a must-have, and you should use it during the roasting process, not just to check the bird when you think it's done. Thermoworks Poultry needs to be cooked to at least 160 F to be safe to eat, and if heated much past 175, it will start to dry out. This narrow range is why Seta said people should invest in a meat thermometer, calling it "your No. 1 tool."  You should check the progress of the turkey every hour or so to make sure it is heating evenly, he said. Better yet, get a wireless meat thermometer that can stay in the bird the whole time. Keep in mind that a large piece of meat will continue cooking itself with retained heat even after removed from the oven, so pull the bird just as soon as you are within a degree or two of your target. Use ice packs to keep turkey breasts cooler at the start of the roast and juicer throughout the cooking. Flickr Creative Commons/RosieTulips Turkey breast is arguably the best meat the bird has to offer, but breast meat is also the first to dry out, thus the need for foil wraps to retain moisture and regular basting during the roast. But you can mitigate this drying out by prepping the breasts for the roast to come. "While the turkey is still in the fridge, apply ice packs to the turkey breasts, so they're a colder temperature than the rest of the bird," said Tony Seta. After the hours spent roasting, moist, fully-cooked turkey awaits. See the rest of the story at Business InsiderSee Also:13 of the most Instagrammable foods in TokyoHow Thanksgiving dinner has changed over the yearsWhat 34 actors took from the sets of TV shows
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Jet industry's grand masters fight to a draw in Dubai
After insisting for 15 years that the superjumbo is the future, Emirates airline has been forced by the demise of the A380 to embrace smaller wide-body jets, resulting in a flurry of maneuvers between planemakers at this week's Dubai Airshow.
Can you find the mouse hidden among squirrels in this viral brainteaser?
Gergely Dudás/Dudolf Hungarian artist Gergely Dudás draws hidden objects into his illustrations. In his latest creation, there's a mouse hidden somewhere among squirrels. Can you find it? Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. Squirrels and mice look similar from far away. But there are a few subtle differences that make this brainteaser possible to crack. Hungarian artist Gergely Dudás creates illustrations containing hidden objects and challenges the internet to find them. In past drawings, he's hidden a mouse among mushrooms, a penguin among toucans, and a heart among flowers.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: A podiatrist explains heel spurs, the medical condition Trump said earned him a medical deferment from VietnamSee Also:The most baffling optical illusions of 2019San Francisco airport's first therapy pig takes selfies with passengers and entertains them by playing a toy pianoAn Australian woman nearly lost an eye and needed 25 stitches to her face after she was mauled by a kangaroo while walking her dog
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U.S. Army Looking Into National Security Concerns Over TikTok After Using It to Recruit Troops
The United States Army, which has attracted scrutiny for deploying its recruitment campaign on TikTok, hears the drums of the resistance, Reuters reports. On Thursday, Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy announced that he’s ordered a national security assessment in response to a letter from Senator Chuck Schumer, who again…Read more...
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Where to find a Keurig on sale before Black Friday
TL;DR: All sorts of Keurig coffee machines are on sale at Target, Walmart, and Amazon ahead of Black Friday, saving you as much as 50%. A strong cup of coffee (or five) is an important part of every Black Friday shop-a-thon — after all, those early-bird deals and doorbusters wait for no one. It's do or die out there, dammit, and you need to be wide awake for this thing. If you happen to need a new coffee maker to ensure you stay caffeinated on the big day, your timing is excellent: Walmart, Target, and Amazon are all offering deals on quick-brewing Keurig coffee machines this weekend as part of their pre-holiday sales.  Read more...More about Keurig, Black Friday, Kitchen, Mashable Shopping, and Tech
Bolivia's interim government charges Morales with sedition and terrorism
Bolivia's interim government filed a criminal complaint on Friday against former President Evo Morales for alleged sedition and terrorism, the interior minister said, as authorities began probes of his allies that they accuse of corruption and fomenting unrest.
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Rev contractors say they had to transcribe sexual assault and sensitive audio regarding children without receiving a warning
Shayanne Gal/Business Insider Multiple contractors for Rev, the transcription startup, told Business Insider they listened to sensitive audio files regarding child sex victim, sexual assault recollections, and a legal case involving a child without receiving a warning beforehand.  Rev contractors get one hour to give up files, but the transcriptionists said they had passed the grace period when they realized it had sensitive content. Contractors said they felt pressured to transcribe the sensitive files for fear of losing their job if they didn't. Other tech contractors, such as Facebook content moderators, have described listening to and watching sexual abuse and other violent content. These contractors are not full-time employees of the tech companies, and get paid low wages for the grueling work. Click here to read our story: Contractors at controversial startup Rev say they worked long hours for little pay, feared they could lose their job at any time, and had to transcribe interviews with sexual-abuse survivors without warning Contractors for the controversial startup Rev said they had to listen to content relating to sex and child abuse without prior warning, and felt they couldn't decide against transcribing the audio for fear of losing their jobs. Business Insider recently spoke with 15 independent contractors with the startup Rev, which offers clients 12-hour transcription turnarounds for just $1 a minute. The contractors described a cutthroat culture where they compete for good quality audio, rushing to decisions on whether to take a project or not. See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: Taylor Swift is the world's highest-paid celebrity. Here's how she makes and spends her $360 million.See Also:Customers of controversial startup Rev are demanding the transcription company's CEO raise wages for its underpaid contract workersContractors at controversial startup Rev say they worked long hours for little pay, feared they could lose their job at any time, and had to transcribe interviews with sexual-abuse survivors without warningThese 8 non-union worker organizations are quietly leading the new labor movement
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5 lessons Luka Doncic has taught the NBA
Luka Doncic is making teams regret passing on him in the 2018 NBA Draft. Donic’s doubters were always going to be wrong. Luka Doncic’s stardom isn’t imminent anymore. It’s here. It took all of a dozen games after winning Rookie of the Year for Doncic to elevate himself into Most Valuable Player consideration at 20 years old. His rise isn’t surprising to anyone who’s been paying attention. How quickly he got to the point of averaging 30 points, 11 rebounds and nine assists might be, but Doncic was always destined for this. Last year, I wrote about all the skills that made Doncic special and put in context how much more impressive his EuroLeague Rising Star and MVP awards were than previous European stars. He’d been a professional athlete since he was 16 years old, and a standout since he was 17. Was Doncic stereotyped as a bust because of the country he played in? Probably. Of course, any seemingly great player can turn into an NBA bust, but the chances were always low for him. He had one of the best resumes of any teen to ever enter the NBA Draft. Why did the Phoenix Suns and Sacramento Kings pass up on taking him? And why did the Atlanta Hawks trade the pick the Dallas Mavericks used to select him? These are questions we may never have satisfactory answers for, but damn. It didn’t take a genius to figure this one out. Doncic’s first 12 months in the NBA have taught us a whole lot more than most. Here are the lessons a 20-year-old basketball prodigy has shown the world of basketball so far. NBA front offices are still struggling in the draft Doncic’s name will forever be linked to his place in the draft for good reason. Even if the Suns’ No. 1 pick, Deandre Ayton, or the Kings’ No. 2 pick, Marvin Bagley, turn into superstars, it was never a logical choice to take either over Doncic, who has been astronomically better. (Of course, the Hawks trading the Doncic pick for Trae Young and another first should also be put into question, but I’m tired of that debate, folks.) Doncic wasn’t playing in a small-time league with little footage and few scouts. He spent three years playing in the world’s most competitive leagues outside of the NBA for debatably the best team outside of the NBA, Real Madrid. And he was their MVP! At 18 years old! Ayton, who is serving a suspension for the use of diuretics, and Bagley, who has been injured for most of the season, are still good prospects. They’ll probably be NBA starters with long careers. But neither was as proven as Doncic was in 2018. Ayton is even a full year older. We won’t forget how the Suns had just hired Doncic’s Slovenian national team head coach, Igor Kokoskov, before not drafting him. The dysfunction is all too perfect. At the very least, the Suns went on to fire their general manager months later. Yet the Kings went on to extend the contract of theirs. European basketball stereotypes still exist, and are dangerous and dumb I wrote last year on the many people of Twitter grouping Doncic in with other European lottery pick players who did not turn out to be great or even serviceable NBA players. Jan Vesley, Andre Bargnani, Darko Milicic and Dragan Bender come to mind. Because of those names, Americans clung to the false belief that the NCAA provides a more competitive playing field than EuroLeague or Liga ACB, which employ adult professional athletes, including former NBA-ers. It’s obviously not true. How much did European stereotyping have to do with Doncic’s draft fall? It’s hard to tell. But does he drop two spots if he’s the starting point guard at Kentucky? It’s OK to be thicc One of Doncic’s biggest scouting knocks before he reached the NBA was his weight. The 6’7, 230-pound teen was, without a doubt, a bit on the heavier side, but it’s become one of his greatest weapons instead of flaws. Doncic uses his body to draw contact and absorb hits. He’s not the lightning-quick point guard Russell Westbrook or Kyrie Irving are, but he doesn’t have to be. Doncic thrives playing slow in the halfcourt, reading the defense’s set, and then outsmarting the hell out of it. Being thicc is useful. Young players might be ready to take over the NBA again Derrick Rose was just 22 years and five months old when he became the youngest MVP ever in 2011, but every MVP since then, with one exception, has been 25 years or older. James Harden and Russell Westbrook were 28, Stephen Curry 27 and 26, and LeBron James 27 and 28. A year after 24-year-old Giannis Antetokounmpo won, Doncic’s name is already in the mix, three months before his 21st birthday. Right now, Doncic is averaging 29.9 points (fourth in the league), 10.6 rebounds (11th in the league) and 9.4 assists (second in the league) per game on 48.6 percent shooting from the field and 34 percent from deep. At 32.43, he has the highest player efficiency rating in the league. At .300, he also leads the league in win shares per 48 minutes. Meanwhile the Mavericks have a 9-5 record despite playing just one other all-star who hasn’t been very good at all. Right now, the MVP conversation is probably six players deep with Antetokounmpo, Harden, James, Karl-Anthony Towns, Damian Lillard and Doncic. Rarely does a player so young make this much of an impact on winning basketball games. In fact, what Doncic is doing could be historic. Even if he doesn’t win MVP this year, he has a whole other year to best Rose. No athlete’s rise is as linear as we like to generalize. Year three isn’t always better than year two, but it definitely can be. The year before Rose won MVP (his second season in the league, just like Doncic), his win shares per 48 minutes numbers were league average, PER slightly above league average, and his scoring and assist numbers were marginally lower. In Doncic’s year two, he’s already taken over the league. Stop overthinking the NBA Draft Evaluating talent is really hard and really important. Scouts have a tough hard job that takes a lot of work, travel, thought and stress. Antetokounmpo was a genius find. Kawhi Leonard’s rise was hard to predict. Harden turning into the NBA’s best scorer wasn’t a viable thought five years ago, better yet at the draft. But picking Doncic wasn’t hard. Sometimes the answers are right in front of our faces.
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Shifting Gears: Tesla's Cybertruck, a bombshell union lawsuit, BI's Car of the Year, and holiday shipping heats up.
FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images Happy Friday and welcome to Shifting Gears, Business Insider's weekly round-up of the biggest transportation news. Tesla is dominating the news Friday, with the reveal of its long-awaited Cybertruck, but there was no shortage of other stories. In today's issue, we've got updates on the impending holiday travel (and shipping) crunch, FCA's juicy lawsuit against GM, Boeing-versus-Airbus drama, and more. Did someone forward you this email? You can subscribe here to get this digest direct to your inbox every week. Here's the menu this week:Tesla's long-awaited truck is here FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images Thursday night, before a packed house at Tesla's design studio in Hawthorne, California, CEO Elon Musk finally unveiled the electric "Cybertruck" he's been working on since at least 2013. The event was action-packed, and I don't say that lightly. It had lasers, fire, creepy animated figures, and even a Tesla ATV. But not everything went according to plan. The truck's "armor glass" windows got smashed. Twice. On purpose. Everything you ever wanted to know about Cybertruck — and more —is here. Ford goes electric Ford Ford's not scared of Tesla. The company released a somewhat sarcastic statement about Tesla's Cybertruck, which came out the same week Ford unveiled its all-electric Mustang Mach-E SUV. It's the first new Mustang-branded vehicle since 1964, and the SUV could be a real Tesla challenger. Here are the full specs. The announcement came amid the Los Angeles auto show. You can see all of the cool cars, SUVs and concepts on display here. Airbus flies past Boeing Henny Ray Abrams/AP The Boeing 737, a plane near synonymous with air travel, is no longer the king od the skies. Airbus' A320 has officially become the most popular plane in the world, fueled in part by Boeing's ongoing 737 Max crisis. Did I say 737 Max? You bet. There's still no end in sight for the embattled jet. This week, Boeing shareholders sued the company's board, alleging "careless" handling of the plane's development and the crisis that followed. Not all was lost for Boeing though, which successfully inked a deal for 60 of the 737 Max jets at the Dubai Air Show. See the rest of the story at Business InsiderSee Also:Elon Musk's Cybertruck is getting roasted on Twitter, and people think it looks like everything from badly rendered video games to rubber doorstopsElon Musk took shots at Ford's F-150 and other automakers during Tesla's Cybertruck revealElon Musk said Tesla's pickup truck will be able to tow over 20 times more than a Ford F-150. Here are 8 other bold claims he's made about the truck.SEE ALSO: I'm a driver for Uber and Lyft — here are 8 ways I can tell someone is going to be a bad passenger within 5 seconds
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Padma Lakshmi posts nude Instagram photo of herself relaxing in bathtub
“When you’ve been on the road for six months straight and you finally get a minute to yourself."
New York Post
Leighton Vander Esch’s neck injury becoming greater Cowboys concern
The NFC-East leading Cowboys will have to take on the Patriots without a key part of their defense. It was announced Friday that Pro Bowl linebacker Leighton Vander Esch will be sidelined for Sunday’s contest in New England due to a neck injury, and his absence could be longer than one game. The decision was...
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Epic Games Store slashes prices on Red Dead Redemption 2, Borderlands 3, and more for Black Friday
Most of the Black Friday gaming deals that we’ve seen so far have been on console games for the Xbox One, PS4, or Nintendo Switch. Today, Epic Games Store is bringing some much-needed sales for PC gamers with a slew of Black Friday deals, offering up to 75 percent off on both new releases and older titles currently available on the platform. The sale is happening now, and you don’t need to enter any offer codes to get the deal prices. This Black Friday event will run until 11AM ET on Cyber Monday, December 2nd. Here are some of the best deals: Red Dead Redemption 2for $49.99 (originally $59.99) Outer Worlds for $44.99 (originally $59.99) Borderlands 3 for $40.19 (originally $59.99) Metro Exodus for $19.99 (originally $39.99) Tom... Continue reading…
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A Harvard student snuck a brutal hidden message about Jeffrey Epstein into his smack-talk piece published in Yale's student newspaper
AP Photo/Winslow Townson/Reuters A Harvard student is leaning on the conspiracy theory surrounding Jeffrey Epstein's death to troll Yale ahead of Saturday's rivalry game. Prior to Harvard's and Yale's gridiron grudge match each year, the student newspapers at the esteemed Ivy League institutions have a tradition of publishing a "dueling column" from their rival publication. This year, a staff writer for The Crimson and a senior at Harvard College wrote a piece titled "Yale Needs Harvard" that was published in the Yale Daily News. The first letter of each sentence in Palmer's 723-word column spell out "EPSTEIN DIDNT KILL HIMSELF, A YALE GRAD DID IT." Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. This year, the suspicious death of wealthy sex offender Jeffrey Epstein spawned a popular conspiracy theory that he was murdered despite the official determination that he died by suicide while awaiting trial. The conspiracy is so pervasive, in fact, that it has popped up everywhere from memes and Christmas sweaters to cable news interviews and Trump tweets. And now, more than three months after Epstein's death, a Harvard student is leaning on the conspiracy theory to troll Yale ahead of Saturday's rivalry game.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: 5 things about the NFL that football fans may not knowSee Also:Only 10 schools still have a legit shot to make the College Football PlayoffJay-Z is reportedly 'disappointed' in how Colin Kaepernick handled his NFL workout this weekend11 teams have committed to attending Colin Kaepernick's NFL workout this weekend. Here are his top landing spots, ranked.
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The Dubai Airshow proved just how important the Middle East is for aviation
Shayanne Gal/Business Insider Both Airbus and Boeing see the Middle East as increasingly important when it comes to commercial aviation. This week's Dubai Airshow demonstrated that clearly. Both plane-makers received orders worth billions, and a show of confidence in their products despite a recent slowdown in the region. Airlines made purchases on a scale more commonly associated with larger shows. Dubai, already a huge aviation hub, wants to grow even larger. The wider region is in a good position to connect more of the world. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. This week's Dubai Airshow was a chance for the aviation industry to seal deals and show off their new technology. It was always as clear a statement as you could ask for of how important the Middle East is to the world's biggest plane makers.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderSee Also:The biggest deals signed at the Dubai Airshow, where almost $50 billion of planes were bought and soldThe world's first electric racing aircraft was unveiled in Dubai, ahead of a clean energy air race to promote greener flightWhat it's like to attend one of the world's most exclusive air shows, where billionaires tour private jets and hundreds of planes are sold
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A Chilling True Story of Corporate Indifference
The pensive legal movie was once a Hollywood standby, reliably delivering courtroom tension, grandstanding performances, and a satisfying assurance of justice that was only enhanced when the story behind the script turned out to be true. Todd Haynes’s new film Dark Waters fits that bill: It chronicles the Cincinnati attorney Robert Bilott’s ongoing efforts, beginning in the 1990s, to expose how the company DuPont continued to use toxic chemicals for decades after learning that they caused fatal diseases. As a piece of pure exposition, Dark Waters is interesting enough. But around the hard work and do-goodery, Haynes also provides a sense of crushing dread—the kind of unsolvable paranoia these procedure-bound movies usually work to counter.Haynes, one of American independent cinema’s most vibrant and challenging directors, isn’t an obvious choice for this project. His most memorable works, including Velvet Goldmine, Far From Heaven, and Carol, are period pieces about life on the margins of American society, resplendent with lush costuming and precise camera aesthetics. Dark Waters, by contrast, has a gray, washed-out color palette and is mostly set in boardrooms and offices, where its rumpled hero, Bilott (played by Mark Ruffalo), tries to get to the bottom of DuPont’s business practices. Still, Dark Waters has plenty in common with one of Haynes’s best films: 1995’s Safe, an uncomfortable psychological drama that stars Julianne Moore as a woman who is suddenly besieged by symptoms that make her day-to-day life complete torture. In Dark Waters, the illnesses are more commonplace (mostly cancers and birth defects), but the mundanity becomes similarly frightening. The dull details of American existence—bathing, cooking, drinking water—are weaponized in unseen ways that even doctors can barely understand.The cases Bilott investigated and eventually bundled into giant class-action lawsuits involved PFOAs. These industrial materials are best known for their use in Teflon and other non-stick pans but are also present in upholstery, carpeting, sealing agents, and textiles. Produced by DuPont since the 1950s, PFOAs have only recently been acknowledged as potentially toxic, particularly for factory workers who might have worked directly with them. Bilott is tipped off to the danger when a West Virginian farmer (Bill Camp) calls asking for help, saying his cows are dying at rapid rates and DuPont, a local employer, is to blame.As a corporate lawyer, Bilott is used to defending chemical companies, not suing them—but he takes the case on nevertheless. When Bilott starts digging deeper, Haynes leans into the bleakness of the investigations. Bilott pokes around in towns that are either beholden to DuPont or have been forgotten by the company; back in the halls of power, he buttonholes DuPont executives like Phil Donnelly (Victor Garber), trying to get answers using his legal clout. With the case dragging on for years, Haynes starts to pile on the fear and mistrust, showing how DuPont tries to flood Bilott with data to keep him far from the truth.Ruffalo, whose personal passion for this story helped put it on screen, is the perfect unassuming hero, bringing a sort of shambling intensity to Bilott and asking questions in a probing mumble. He’s like a middle-management Columbo, shuffling up to craven businessmen and quietly asking them how they sleep at night. As in any good legal drama, there’s a talented ensemble of characters whose patience Bilott tests with his persistence: Tim Robbins plays an understanding but frustrated boss, Anne Hathaway a supportive but frustrated wife. Bill Pullman is the Bilott team’s showboating West Virginia trial lawyer, who celebrates success in the courtroom by snapping his suspenders with satisfaction.Dark Waters nails all those details, gratifyingly depicting how a legal case gets built piece by piece, month by month, until it’s an unstoppable force. But the movie’s biggest triumph is Haynes’s skillful portrayal of how a monolith of American capitalism can plow through human lives with near impunity. The people working at DuPont are corporate cogs, almost insufficiently evil compared with the damage they’re indirectly wreaking. Dark Waters is about how companies can function in a manner that’s both criminal and incidental, causing people to suffer through the water they drink and the air they breathe. Such dangers are chillingly ordinary, and as this movie makes clear, they’re not going away anytime soon.
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Flu season is picking up, particularly in the South and the West
Though flu activity is picking up, it's not too late to get a flu shot.
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WSJ: USA Gymnastics hid the Larry Nassar investigation from Simone Biles
Simone Biles reacted Thursday to a Wall Street Journal report accusing USA Gymnastics of ignoring the possibility she had been sexually abused by Larry Nassar and excluding her from the investigations of the national team's now-disgraced doctor.
Bears' Mitchell Trubisky to Start vs. Giants over Chase Daniel amid Hip Injury
Chicago Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky will start against the New York Giants on Sunday after being pulled late in a Week 11 loss to the Los Angeles Rams because of a right hip pointer, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter ...
Prince Andrew kicked out of Buckingham Palace over Jeffrey Epstein scandal
Disgraced Prince Andrew has been kicked out of his offices at Buckingham Palace, according to a new report. The British royal reportedly got his marching orders and was told to clear out on Friday — just days after announcing he was formally stepping away from official duties after a “car crash” interview defending his friendship...
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Teen employee at Utah’s Zion National Park falls to her death
A Maine teen who worked at Utah’s Zion National Park was found dead at the base of a 1,488-foot tall rock tower in the park, according to authorities and a new report. The body of Savannah McTague, 19, who worked as a Xanterra concession employee in the Zion Lodge, was discovered Thursday morning beneath the...
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Help Your Kid Learn Sight Words With This Trick
Kindergarteners have a lot on their plate. They’re getting adept at recognizing letters and numbers, they’re counting in sequence, they’re learning how to sound out words and then they’re learning that many words in English can’t actually be “sounded out.” Words like “their,” “know,” “who” and “does” are among…Read more...
11 photos that show why Ashley Graham is the queen of maternity fashion
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Since announcing her pregnancy in August, Ashley Graham has worn numerous maternity ensembles. In September, for example, the model stepped out in a form-fitting dress made from red latex. She also turned heads when she wore a strapless leotard underneath a sheer dress at the Savage X Fenty fashion show. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories.   Ashley Graham is known for showcasing fashion on the runway, but she's also proven to have a keen eye for maternity ensembles. Since announcing her pregnancy in August, the model has stepped out wearing one show-stopping maternity outfit after another. Not only did she wear a latex dress in September, but she's also worn knit minidresses and velvet frocks. Here's a look at some of the best looks she's worn so far throughout her pregnancy.One of Ashley Graham's first maternity looks was a form-fitting dress made from red latex. Jennifer Graylock/Stringer/Getty Images According to an Instagram post from the model, her dress was designed by Vex Clothing. To complete her look, Graham also wore silver sandals and styled her hair in a high ponytail.      She quickly followed up with a more casual look at a Target event. Gary Gershoff/Getty Images She wore the office-appropriate ensemble the same day she wore her latex dress. Her outfit included an animal-print long-sleeved top tied over a form-fitting black dress. Graham also wore neon green heels with straps that criss-crossed over her ankles.   On September 6, the model opted for a glamorous gown and jeweled headband. Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Her black gown was custom-made by UK designer 16ARLINGTON. It featured a high-neck leotard underneath a sheer overlay with feathered fringe. Graham wore the look to the Harper's BAZAAR "ICONS By Carine Roitfeld" event. See the rest of the story at Business InsiderSee Also:Kendall Jenner stepped out in $1,450 combat boots that come with pouches for when you don't want to carry a purse29 of the best royal family Christmas cards through the years14 celebrities who say they've been pressured to lose weight in order to succeed in Hollywood
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T-Mobile just told some customers that there was a data breach of their personal information. Here's how to check if you're affected. (TMUS)
Antonio Villas-Boas/Business Insider T-Mobile recently suffered a data breach where hackers gained access to some users' personal information, the company confirmed Friday. Stolen data included users' names, addresses, phone numbers, and plan details. No financial information or social security numbers were compromised. The company did not clarify the extent of the breach or when it happened. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. T-Mobile recently suffered a data breach in which hackers accessed people's personal information, the company confirmed Friday. A malicious third party gained access to users' account information, including names, addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, and the type of cell phone plan they're on, according to T-Mobile's announcement.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: Watch Google reveal the new Nest Mini, which is an updated Home MiniSee Also:Google is offering a $1.5 million reward to anyone who can pull off a complex Android hackApple told Congress it has spent 'billions of dollars' on Apple MapsSlack just taunted Microsoft with 'OK boomer' for running an ad campaign that looks almost exactly like one of Slack'sSEE ALSO: The life and career of John Legere, the unconventional T-Mobile CEO who just announced he's stepping down next year
Business Insider is leaving the fresh grocery delivery game
In 2016, Walmart bought the e-commerce retailer for $3 billion. Many saw the move as an attempt to compete with Amazon, and around this time last year, Walmart began offering grocery deliveries through to customers in NYC. It planned...
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Ex-national security adviser John Bolton: ‘White House stole my Twitter account’
Former national security adviser John Bolton made a dramatic return to Twitter on Friday following a more than two-month break — and accused the White House of withholding access to his account. Bolton has repeatedly cropped up in impeachment proceedings testimony as a key witness in President Trump’s dealings with Ukraine. House investigators invited him...
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The Cybertruck Is Good, Fight Me
On Thursday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveiled the company’s latest electric vehicle, the aptly named Cybertruck, in the process snapping every neuron in my brain that has braved the long march of the past few years.Read more...
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Former CIA officer Jerry Lee sentenced to 19 years for handing U.S. info to China
Today, a federal judge sentenced former CIA officer Jerry Lee to 19 years in prison. He was convicted of gathering United States defense information and other sensitive information, and handing it over to agents for the government of China. BREAKING: A federal judge has sentenced former CIA agent Jerry Lee to 19 years in prison for gathering defense information and sensitive information and handing it over to China. @PeteWilliamsNBC reports. — Tom Winter (@Tom_Winter) November 22, 2019 Ex-CIA officer Jerry Lee about to be sentenced. Government says it's "all but certain" he gave classified info to Chinese for $800K; he maintains he never did — Rachel Weiner (@rachelweinerwp) November 22, 2019 And from the backstory by Washington Post reporter Rachel Weiner: Jerry Chun Shing Lee, 55, was trying to return to the CIA even as he was gathering information requested by Chinese spies and being paid more than $840,000 from unexplained sources. According to prosecutors, he eventually admitted getting at least 21 tasks from Chinese operatives, including requests to provide CIA names, methods and locations. What he told the Chinese in response is still unclear. Lee insists that he never handed over the secrets he collected for his Chinese handlers, and prosecutors were unable to prove otherwise. But they say in a sentencing memorandum it is “all but certain” that some classified information was disclosed, although “we can never be sure of exactly how much.” Read the rest
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Vans just released double-sided sequined sneakers that are like 2 pairs of shoes in one
Vans/Free People Vans released a line of double-sided sequined sneakers on Free People that reveal a hidden color when you swipe your hand over the sequins. The Sequin Classic Slip-On Sneakers are available in two color schemes: black, which hides white checkerboards, and white, which hides pink checkerboards. The shoes will only be available for a limited time, like Vans' "Nightmare Before Christmas" collection. Each pair of sequined sneakers costs $70. You can learn more about them here. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. What's better than sequin sneakers? Double-sided sequin sneakers. And they can be yours, thanks to Vans, who have released their Sequin Classic Slip-On Sneakers on Free People. What better for the holiday season, when you want to add a little festive sparkle but also need to max out the comfort factor?See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: This man has collected 5000 vintage Vans items including sneakers and clothingSee Also:Adidas is releasing a new 'Star Wars' sneaker collection that fans will loveKendall Jenner stepped out in $1,450 combat boots that come with pouches for when you don't want to carry a purseSelena Gomez embraced fall fashion in a velvet dress with platform sandals
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New Rating System for Charities Aims to Measure Impact of Gifts
Donors don’t want their money misused or used less effectively than it could be. Impact Matters joins several well-established rating sites.
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This travel daypack zips up into a tennis ball sized bundle
On my last trip to Tokyo, I brought along the Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Day Pack ( on Amazon). It weighs 2.4 oz (my iPhone 6 Plus weighs 6.2 ounces) and zips up into a bundle smaller than my fist. But it holds 20 liters of stuff, and I used it every day to carry water, snacks, sweaters, an iPhone charger, a portable wifi, groceries, and things Carla and I bought while walking around. The material feels indestructible. Read the rest
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Chris Jericho on WWE NXT's Ratings Win, Stone Cold Praises Brock Lesnar, More
Bleacher Report catches you up on the latest news from the WWE Universe. Jericho Addresses NXT Beating AEW in Ratings For the first time in the eight weeks that ...
Former CIA officer sentenced to 19 years for conspiring with Chinese spies
Jerry Chun Shing Lee is the third former U.S. intelligence officer to be convicted in less than a year of conspiring with the Chinese to give them national defense information.
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The Verge reacts to Half-Life: Alyx
After 12 long years, there’s finally going to be a new Half-Life game, and it’s exclusive to VR. Half-Life: Alyx is due to arrive in March 2020 for a wide array of PC VR headsets, but none with traditional flat screens, mice, and keyboards. Is it the killer app VR has been waiting for and the fulfillment of Half-Life fans’ dreams? Or is it merely a bump in the road? Here’s what a savvy selection of The Verge’s staff thinks about that. Michael Moore, reviews coordinator: The question that keeps coming to mind after seeing Half-Life: Alyx is: can Valve save VR? Not that VR is somehow dying, but the hype from a few years ago seems to have completely dissipated. We’re to the point where it seems as though VR is no longer the next big thing... Continue reading…
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Trump says his administration will determine an age for e-cigarette buys
U.S. President Donald Trump said on Friday his administration would come up with an age for e-cigarette purchases.
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Obama says he's open to higher taxes on the wealthy, saying 'I've got a lot of room to pay more taxes'
Scott Olson/Getty Images Former President Barack Obama told Democrats at a California fundraiser on Thursday evening that he was open to higher taxes on rich people, including himself, according to a report in The New York Times. "I've got a lot of room to pay more taxes — and I already pay really high taxes," he said. Obama's remarks come as the current slate of Democratic candidates propose a variety of higher taxes on the rich, including imposing new ones on capital gains and other Wall Street transactions. Business Insider previously reported that Barack Obama's current net worth is $40 million.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Former President Barack Obama told Democrats at a California fundraiser on Thursday evening that he was open to higher taxes on rich people, including himself, according to a report in The New York Times. "I've got a lot of room to pay more taxes — and I already pay really high taxes," he said. "That's one area where, I guarantee you, where you will get Joe six-pack and the single inner-city mom agreeing. They would like to see a little bigger share of the pie and you know, the rent is too damn high."See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: Extremists turned a frog meme into a hate symbol, but Hong Kong protesters revived it as an emblem of hopeSee Also:Obama tells anxious Democrats to 'chill out about the candidates' and avoid putting them through 'purity tests'Tulsi Gabbard is running for president in 2020. Here's everything we know about the candidate and how she stacks up against the competition.Putin says 'thank God' as Republicans push his bogus conspiracy theory that Ukraine interfered in 2016SEE ALSO: The Obamas are worth 30 times more than when they entered the White House in 2008 — here's how they spend their millions
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Facebook trains AI to generate worlds in a fantasy text adventure
Procedurally generating an interesting video game environment isn’t just challenging — it’s incredibly time-consuming. Tools like Promethean AI, which tap machine learning to generate scenes, promise to ease the design burden somewhat. But barriers remain. That’s why researchers at Facebook, the University of Lorraine, and the University College London in a preprint research paper investigated […]
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How Queen and Slim‘s Filmmakers Captured the Past, Present and Future of Black Music
Director Melina Matsoukas talks about Solange's influence on the soundtrack and how she enlisted Lauryn Hill and Devonté Hynes
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