The misguided obsession with Stem subjects is to blame for the decline in English A-levels | Laura McInerney

If the government keeps steering students towards science and technology, where will all the English teachers come from?

In possibly the first known incidence of teenagers listening to politicians, it appears that 16-year-olds are rapidly abandoning the study of English. The three types of English A-level have seen their numbers decline by one-fifth over the past three years, with sciences up by the same amount.

Faced with the constant message from the government that science, technology, engineering and maths are everything, teens are opting for these subjects at A-level and university. It started with Nicky Morgan, who, as education secretary, made a speech in autumn 2014 urging young people to study science. “[In the past] if you didn’t know what you wanted to do … the arts and humanities were what you chose because they were useful … We now know this couldn’t be further from the truth. The subjects to keep young people’s options open are Stem subjects.”

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Aussie ‘E-Crime Squad’ arrests crypto exchange owner, seizing his Bitcoin ATM
Australian detectives have arrested a 38-year-old man as part of an investigation into an unregistered cryptocurrency exchange. The man, a resident in Cairnlea — a Melbourne suburb — was arrested at home, where police seized “a substantial amount of cash and false identification documents.” Authorities also seized a cryptocurrency ATM from a shopping mall in nearby Braybrook, which according to Google Maps is approximately 8 kilometres away from Cairnlea. The investigation began in June after the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC), a government financial intelligence agency tasked with monitoring transactions, provided intelligence regarding reports of scam activity linked… This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: Bitcoin
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Montgomery, Alabama, a cradle of the civil rights movement, will swear in its first black mayor Tuesday
Alabama's capital city, a hub of the civil rights movement decades ago, is about to gain its first African-American mayor in its 200-year history.
Google mining personal health data raises "significant" privacy concerns
Tech behemoth is reportedly sharing information with Ascension, a health system that includes over 2,600 hospitals and health care centers
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Trump says transcript of second Ukraine call will be released this week
President Trump on Tuesday said he will release the text of another phone call with his Ukrainian counterpart by the end of the week. “I will be releasing the transcript of the first, and therefore more important, phone call with the Ukrainian President before week’s end!” the president said in a tweet. In the April...
New York Post
Supreme Court weighs fate of DACA program
The Supreme Court hears arguments Tuesday on the DACA program, which could lead to the deportation of nearly 700,000 young immigrants known as "Dreamers." The program protects undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. as children, but President Trump ordered an end to it two years ago. Lower courts blocked that move. Jan Crawford reports.
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Harrods was accused of ruining the spirit of Christmas after limiting Santa visits to customers who spend over $2,500
Photo by Steve Finn/Harrods via Getty Images Harrods came under scrutiny this week after reports surfaced that it is reserving visits to its famous Christmas grotto to customers who spending more than $2,500 at the high-end shop over the course of the year. The Guardian was first to report the news.  Customers are complaining that it's ruining the spirit of Christmas and Harrods is behaving like "the Grinch." Harrods limited grotto tickets to its biggest spenders for the first time in 2018, which resulted in a backlash. In 2019, it offered 160 free tickets to families who didn't meet the criteria.  Sign up for Business Insider's retail newsletter, The Drive-Thru, to get more stories like this in your inbox. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Harrods is ruining the spirit of Christmas, according to some of its customers. London's most famous luxury department store came under scrutiny this week after reports surfaced that it is reserving visits to its famous Christmas grotto to Green Tier 2 rewards holders or customers who have spent over $2,500 in Harrods over the course of the year.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: We went to a Champagne vineyard in France to find out why it's so expensiveSee Also:Disturbing before-and-after images show what major US cities could look like in the year 2100Google Photos is easily Google's best service — here's why both iPhone and Android users should take advantage of itFrom PewDiePie to Shane Dawson, these are the 26 most popular YouTube stars in the worldSEE ALSO: Private jets, parties with Khloe Kardashian, and $1 million weddings: Inside the lavish lives of a billionaire fast-fashion dynasty
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CBS News poll: Americans still split on impeachment of President Trump
A CBS News poll on impeachment shows Americans are still split ahead of Wednesday's first public hearings. Nancy Cordes reports on the Democrats’ and Republicans’ strategies.
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Frank Dobson, former Labour health secretary, dies
Friends pay tribute to ex-MP, 79, who represented Holborn and St Pancras for 36 yearsFrank Dobson, the Labour former health secretary, has died at the age of 79 after being ill for several months.The politician, who represented Holborn and St Pancras for 36 years, retired from politics four years ago. Continue reading...
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Turkey will free Isis fighters and send them to Europe, says Erdoğan
Turkey begins deporting some of the 1,200 foreign jihadis in its custodyThe Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, has issued a thinly veiled threat that Turkey could release jailed Islamic State fighters and send them to Europe, a day after the country began its controversial policy of deporting foreign jihadis in its custody.“You should revise your stance toward Turkey, which at the moment holds so many Isis members in prison and at the same time controls those in Syria,” Erdoğan told European countries in remarks to reporters in Ankara on Tuesday. Continue reading...
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These are the 12 games you can play when Google's video game streaming platform launches next week (GOOG, GOOGL)
"Red Dead Redemption 2"/Rockstar Games Stadia, Google's new streaming video game platform, will launch with 12 games for purchase on November 19. Stadia will use cloud computing technology to stream video games directly to players, removing the need for an expensive video game console or PC. Players will be able to access Stadia on their computer, with Google's Chromecast, and with Pixel phones. Support for other smartphones and devices will arrive in the coming months. While Google has announced more than 40 games coming to Stadia in its first few months, the list of games available for launch day is much shorter. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Google has confirmed which games players will be able to access with Stadia, its new video game streaming platform launching on November 19. A total of 12 games will be available for purchase on Stadia the day it launches, but Google has already confirmed more than 40 titles coming to Stadia in its first few months. Rather than offering new hardware like the Xbox or PlayStation, Google's Stadia will stream games directly to players from PCs in Google's cloud data centers. That means Stadia will make high-quality video games available on any device with the Google Chrome browser, including computers, smartphones, and Google's Chromecast. However, the service will require a strong, stable internet connection to work properly. Gamers who preordered Stadia Premiere Edition for $129 will get access to the service on November 19— the package includes the Stadia controller, a Chromecast Ultra, a copy of Destiny 2, three months of Stadia Pro, and a buddy pass for a friend. Stadia Basic will be available for free in February 2020. Players will still need to buy their own games on Stadia; the subscription doesn't work like Netflix or Spotify. The $10 per month subscription gives Stadia Pro members one free game added to their collection each month, and they'll be able to stream in 4K resolution. Stadia Basic will be available for free in February 2020 and only goes up to 1080p. Here are the 12 games that players will find on Stadia when it launches on November 19:"Red Dead Redemption 2" Rockstar Games/Take-Two Interactive "Assassin's Creed Odyssey" (Ubisoft) "Assassin's Creed Odyssey"/Ubisoft "Destiny 2: The Collection" (Bungie) Bungie See the rest of the story at Business InsiderSee Also:Switching your phone to dark mode could be a game-changer for your battery life, especially if you have one of 3 iPhonesThe biggest game company in the world is helping Nintendo break into the Chinese market, but it may be making a bold play for Nintendo's beloved characters in exchangeGoogle Photos is easily Google's best service — here's why both iPhone and Android users should take advantage of itSEE ALSO: Google's new streaming video game service is set to take on PlayStation and Xbox, and it's finally got a release date
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Israel says it killed Islamic Jihad leader in Gaza
Israel says it killed a commander in the Palestinian militant group, Islamic Jihad, in a targeted airstrike at his Gaza City home. That strike came as Islamic Jihad said another one of its commanders was targeted by Israel in the Syrian capital of Damascus. Militants in Gaza responded by firing dozens of rockets into Israel. Elizabeth Palmer reports.
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A Pentagon official's newly released testimony further devastated Trump's central impeachment defense that Ukraine aid freeze wasn't linked to search for Biden dirt
Pentagon official Laura Cooper testified to Congress that President Donald Trump ordered that aid to Ukraine be frozen, according to transcripts released Monday.  Trump has denied that he abused his office in seeking for Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden, a domestic political rival, or in freezing aid to Ukraine.  Cooper told lawmakers that in conversations with officials, it emerged that Ukraine knew about the aid freeze, strengthening the argument that it was being deployed as leverage.  She also claimed that in a conversation with Kurt Volker, former US Special Envoy to Ukraine, he said that aid would be reinstated in Ukraine announced the probes Trump sought.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. In transcripts of her testimony to the House impeachment probe released Monday, Laura Cooper, a senior Pentagon official responsible for Ukraine, provided evidence that further damaged President Donald Trump's central impeachment defense.  Trump maintains that his request for Ukraine to announce a criminal investigation into Joe Biden, the former vice president and Democratic presidential contender, and his decision to freeze military aid to Ukraine were not linked, that there was no "quid pro quo" sought with Ukraine, or favor sought in return for aid. See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: Extremists turned a frog meme into a hate symbol, but Hong Kong protesters revived it as an emblem of hopeSee Also:John Bolton's lawyer dropped an intriguing hint that shows why he could be the most dangerous witness against TrumpThe public Trump impeachment hearings begin Wednesday. Here's who's testifying and how to watchA businessman involved in Giuliani's quest for Biden dirt claims he was sent on mission to broker a 'quid pro quo,' and his testimony could be highly damaging for Trump
Business Insider
Maya Rockeymore Cummings, widow of Elijah, to announce run for Congress
Democrat resigns party chair to run for husband’s districtCummings, 48, will have double mastectomy on FridayThe widow of Elijah Cummings has resigned as Maryland’s Democratic party chair to run for her late husband’s congressional seat. Related: Elijah Cummings: congressman remembered at Baltimore funeral – in pictures Continue reading...
Instagram cribs TikTok with new music-heavy Stories features
Facebook may be for boomers, but the company has had more success keeping younger users on Instagram. The evolving requirements of social media demand constant innovation though, and Instagram is working to stay relevant by incorporating features pop...
Engadget | Technology News, Advice and Features
Baltimore Ravens' Lamar Jackson leaves John Harbaugh stunned: 'You changed the game'
Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson put on a highlight-reel performance in a win over the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, and coach John Harbaugh recognized his greatness.
‘The Mandalorian’ Episode 1 Ending Explained
We did not see that coming!
New York Post
Supreme Court set to hear arguments on DACA
The fate of hundreds of thousands of young undocumented immigrants who arrived in the US as children will be on the line Tuesday, when the Supreme Court hears arguments on the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.
Israel kills Islamic Jihad commander, rockets rain from Gaza
Israel killed a top commander from the Iranian-backed Palestinian militant group Islamic Jihad in a rare targeted strike in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, drawing retaliatory rocket salvoes that reached as far as Tel Aviv.
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French police clear Catalan independence protesters from road
Pepper spray used against protesters blocking motorway between France and Spain French police have used batons and pepper spray to clear Catalan independence activists who have been blocking the motorway between France and Spain in the hope of bringing the Spanish government to the negotiating table.Gendarmes moved in on hundreds of protesters gathered around La Jonquera crossing early on Tuesday as officers from the Catalan regional force, the Mossos d’Esquadra, ordered the demonstrators to remove their vehicles and leave the area. Continue reading...
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We can't allow Myanmar’s slavery-tainted shrimp to land on our plates
Europe is in talks with Myanmar to increase seafood imports. It cannot ignore the widespread slavery within the industry While forced labour and slavery in the fishing industry in Thailand and other parts of the world have been brought to light in recent years, the fishing industry in Myanmar has received less attention.This is because fish caught there is mostly sold to local markets, but this may be about to change. Myanmar’s seafood businesses are increasingly seeking export markets, including the EU. And unless the EU responds to the clear evidence of widespread slavery and brutal conditions in Myanmar’s fishing industry, Europe could face another slavery scandal. Continue reading...
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Factbox: Sensor specialist AMS closes in on lighting group Osram
German lighting group Osram has urged its shareholders to back a $5 billion takeover bid from Austria's AMS after a previous offer at the same price failed last month to win enough backing to proceed.
Eye Opener: Dangerous cold impacts millions across U.S.
Millions face record cold in more than a dozen states, as an arctic front pushes east and disrupts travel for many Americans. Also, former President Jimmy Carter is taken to an Atlanta hospital for brain surgery. All that and all that matters in today's Eye Opener. Your world in 90 seconds.
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Deepfake video shows UK prime minister endorsing main opponent
Another day, another deepfake. In recent months we've seen Bill Hader doing an impression of Tom Cruise, Niall Horan morphed into Diplo, and even Arnold Schwarzenegger starring in No Country for Old Men. But today's additions are a little more troubling. On Tuesday morning, a think tank called Future Advocacy released two videos ahead of the UK's general election: a deepfake of UK prime minister Boris Johnson appearing to endorse Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, and vice versa. OK, so the voices aren't quite right, but it's pretty uncanny all the same. What's the point, though? Well according to an online press release, Future Advocacy has shared these videos — made by UK artist Bill Posters — in order to send a warning about disinformation. Read more...More about Jeremy Corbyn, Boris Johnson, Deepfakes, Tech, and Consumer Tech
Child abuse survivors call for archbishop of Westminster to resign
Lawyers lambast treatment of victims and say ‘buck has to stop with Cardinal Nichols’Lawyers acting for child abuse survivors have called for the resignation of Cardinal Vincent Nichols, the highest-ranking Catholic cleric in England and Wales, saying the church has treated survivors with disdain.In a letter to the Catholic weekly, The Tablet, the lawyers say Nichols, who is the archbishop of Westminster and was formerly the archbishop of Birmingham, “cannot credibly lead the Catholic church on these issues in the future”. Continue reading...
US news | The Guardian
Colleges, face up to the financial reality
America's 1,700 private nonprofit colleges play a significant role in American society, enrolling 3.4 million students and employing 750,000 people. Yet few people appreciate just how much pressure they are under, despite increasing press coverage of particular situations including the closing of Mount Ida College and the restructuring of Sweet Briar College and Hampshire College. What is going on? - RSS Channel
Microsoft pledges to honor California’s CCPA privacy law across the US
Microsoft has pledged to honor California‘s landmark digital privacy law across the entire US. “Our approach to privacy starts with the belief that privacy is a fundamental human right and includes our commitment to provide robust protection for every individual,” Microsoft’s chief privacy officer Julie Brill said. Called the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), the law emulates the EU GDPR framework to protect the privacy of California’s citizens. It compels companies to be more transparent in the way they collect and use their customers’ data, and gives users more control over their personal information, particularly when being sold. In addition… This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: Microsoft
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Disney+ experiencing ‘unable to connect’ errors on launch day
The launch day crunch is causing some problems for Disney+. After going live in the wee hours of the morning, Disney’s streaming service is now showing “unable to connect” errors as customers on the east coast begin waking up, signing up for their free trial, and exploring the Disney+ catalog. Not everyone seems to be running into the errors, but reports are spiking across Twitter and other social media. Disney Streaming Services has teams monitoring the Disney+ launch 24/7, so you can bet the company is already working to address any issues and get things running smoothly. Hopefully performance will stabilize as the day goes on, as Disney certainly knows there will only be more customers logging on from this point. The Verge has... Continue reading…
The Verge
In 1822, a desperate band of convicts fleeing a Tasmanian penal colony ended up resorting to cannibalism
In 1822, Irish thief Alexander Pearce joined seven convicts fleeing a penal colony in western Tasmania. As they struggled eastward through some of the most inhospitable terrain on Earth, starvation pressed the party into a series of grim sacrifices. In this week's episode of the Futility Closet podcast we'll follow the prisoners on their nightmarish bid for freedom. We'll also unearth another giant and puzzle over an eagle's itinerary. Show notes Please support us on Patreon!   Read the rest
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Degas-style studies of Tom Holland performing Rihanna’s Umbrella
The official Youtube video of Tom Holland's performance of Umbrella on Lip Sync Battle has over 28 million views: Alice Zhang has created several studies: You know how Degas did studies of ballerinas? Well I do studies of Tom Holland performing Rihanna’s Umbrella ayyyyy
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Wales lose injured centre Jonathan Davies for more than six months
WRU statement reveals Davies requires knee surgeryShoulder operation leaves Rhys Patchell a doubt for Six NationsJonathan Davies and Rhys Patchell both need surgery after sustaining injuries at the Rugby World Cup and face lengthy spells on the sidelines.The Welsh Rugby Union announced the news in a statement, with Davies set to be out for more than six months because of a left knee injury suffered against Fiji. Continue reading...
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Disney+ is here, and it brought 4K 'Star Wars'
Hey, good morning! You look fabulous. This morning, we have a fresh holiday gift guide for you to flip through, plus all the information you might need about Disney+ now it's actually available. In other news, there's a new rumor or two about Apple'...
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Facebook is on the defensive after its head of news was revealed to have cofounded a website critical of Elizabeth Warren
Drew Angerer/Getty Images Facebook's head of news partnerships, Campbell Brown, is cofounder of a media outlet that has published opinion pieces that sharply criticize Democratic 2020 presidential candidate and noted Big Tech antagonist Elizabeth Warren. Brown's outlet, a nonprofit publication called The 74, is focused on issues around the US public education system. Her role was highlighted on Monday by Judd Legum via his Popular Information newsletter. Legum reported that The 74 had published several critical pieces on Warren, a high-profile figure known for advocating the breakup of tech giants Amazon, Google, and Facebook. A Facebook spokesman told Business Insider that Brown had been transparent about her role with The 74 for many years. Brown also downplayed the news on Twitter, and said The 74 discussed other political candidates. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Facebook is on the defensive after news emerged that its head of news partnerships, Campbell Brown, cofounded a news site that has been critical of Democratic 2020 presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren. Warren is known for her hardline stance against big tech, vowing to break up Facebook, Amazon and Google were she elected president.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: Why it's so hard for planes to land on waterSee Also:Civil-rights leaders are lobbying Mark Zuckerberg to change his mind about allowing lies in Facebook's political ads — and he may compromiseTwitter CEO Jack Dorsey just trolled Facebook's rebranded all-caps logoInstagram's founder on whether he'd sell to Facebook again: 'When someone comes and offers you a billion dollars for 11 people, what do you say?'SEE ALSO: Elizabeth Warren is running for president in 2020. Here's everything we know about the candidate and how she stacks up against the competition.
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'Heavenly' Italian beach to start charging entry fee to cut overcrowding
Sardinian beach La Pelosa attracts thousands of visitors, threatening its ecosystemVisitors will soon have to pay to enjoy one of Sardinia’s most beautiful beaches as local authorities try to mitigate the damage done by overcrowding.La Pelosa, a white sandy beach in Stintino, north-west Sardinia, has been described as a slice of heaven, attracting thousands of visitors each summer. However, environmental studies have warned that excessive numbers of beachgoers are threatening the beach’s ecosystem, prompting Antonio Diana, the mayor of Stintino, to introduce entry tickets and set a cap on visitor numbers to 1,500 a day from next summer. Continue reading...
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The potential number one NBA and NFL draft picks were both ruled ineligible by the NCAA
At the end of September, California enacted a new law that will allow college athletes to make money from endorsement deals starting in 2023: the law creates an unrestricted market for others who want to use the athlete's name, image or likeness. Money could come in the form of major brands like Nike or McDonald's using the athletes in commercials. It could also come from small businesses like car dealerships putting an athlete on a local billboard or memorabilia shops paying an athlete to show up for an autograph session for fans. Athletes could also make money themselves by monetizing social media feeds, selling T-shirts online or advertising to give lessons in their sport to younger kids. The new law allows athletes to hire an agent to help manage the process. Among the voices speaking out was Ohio State University's athletic director who cautioned the move would lead to California schools being excluded from the NCAA: if Newsom signs the bill, schools in California are "going to have a model where they can almost pay for play – not quite – but I think they’re going to be challenged to maintain their membership in the association because, as an association, we have the authority as a group to make our own rules and regulations, and they will be outside those rules and regulations. So, I’m not quite sure how they will stay in the association." As reported by USA Today, the athletic director specifically expressed concern California schools would have an unfair advantage: And how those schools will compete against those schools in California who have an unfair advantage because they’ll be able to offer student-athletes benefits that the other schools will not be able to offer. Read the rest
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Nestlé CIO, Filippo Catalano, offers top-level AI strategy advice for business leaders (VB Live)
Learn how a horizontal approach can help you squeeze out the promise of AI and how leaders can build a strategic vision to transform their companies.
VentureBeat | Tech News That Matters
China is leading a 15-nation pact that would create the world's biggest trade deal. The US isn't in it.
Joern Pollex/Getty Images Global trade is marching on with or without the US. Next year, the world's biggest free trade deal could be signed. The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) would be made up of 15 countries. The US and India are not currently part of the deal, but China, Japan and other big Asian economies are.  If India joins, the trade pact would encompass 30% of the global economy. View Business Insider's homepage for more stories. As trade tariffs hammer the world economy, global trade is marching on with or without the US. Next year the world's biggest free trade deal could be signed, between some of the world's largest and fastest-growing economies. But the US won't be part of it. See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: A big-money investor in juggernauts like Facebook and Netflix breaks down the '3rd wave' firms that are leading the next round of tech disruptionSee Also:Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky is preparing to IPO next year. Here are 2 lessons he learned from the WeWork fiasco.Chaos, crazy ideas, and cashing in: Trump and WeWork's Adam Neumann have these 5 things in common'It seems insane now': WeWork employees bought into cofounder Adam Neumann's vision but grew worried as red flags mounted
Business Insider
CHEAP: Start podcasting with Blue Yeti’s $140 monster microphone bundle
Welcome to CHEAP, our series about things that are good, but most of all, cheap. CHEAP! I started listening to the podcast around six years ago as a means to kill time during my daily commute. And like every person who’s barely held a guitar and immediately thinks of forming a band, I wanted to start my own podcast. I did start one, with a friend who lived a thousand miles away. Both of us recorded on our phones, and I mixed the audio files with Audacity, a fantastic audio software. It would be an understatement to say the quality was shit.… This story continues at The Next Web
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How a preacher sent gunmen into Burkina Faso's schools
When an Islamist preacher took up the fight in Burkina Faso's northern borderlands almost a decade ago, his only weapon was a radio station. The words he spoke kindled the anger of a frustrated population, and helped turn their homes into a breeding ground for jihad.
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Australian firefighters left a heartwarming note apologizing for drinking a man's milk after they saved his home from devastating wildfires
Facebook/Paul Sekfy A firefighter in Australia saved a man's house from a raging wildfire and then left a note apologizing for drinking his milk.  "It was a pleasure to save your house ... P.S.—we owe you some milk," the note said.   The owner of the house Paul Sekfy was so touched by it that he posted it on his Facebook page. The post was shared thousands of times, eventually reaching Kale Hardie-Porter, the firefighter who originally left the note.  Hardie-Porter said he was happy the note was recieved "in one piece" and apologized for his "shocking handwriting." Sekfy's house is in the state of New South Wales, southeastern Australia, an area which has been ravaged by fires in the past week, according to The Associated Press. (AP)  A heartwarming handwritten note left behind by Australian firefighters who saved a man's home from a wildfire has gone viral after they apologized for drinking some of the milk in his fridge. The handwritten note, posted to Facebook by Paul Sefky, the house's owner, said: "It was a pleasure to save your house. Sorry that we could not save your sheds. Urunga RFS. P.S — we owe you some milk." See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: A podiatrist explains heel spurs, the medical condition Trump said earned him a medical deferment from VietnamSee Also:2 murder suspects pulled off a 'Shawshank Redemption'-style escape by squeezing through a hole cut in a bathroom ceilingColin Farrell is reportedly in talks to play Penguin in 'The Batman' starring Robert PattinsonA teacher in California was suspended for wearing blackface to dress up as a rapper for Halloween
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Logitech’s MX wireless keyboard and mouse combo works like a dream
Since crafting its first mouse in 1982, Logitech has been a staple in the peripherals industry. My introduction to the brand was in 2002, when I got my very first desktop computer and laptops were still too expensive for casuals, and certainly for game-obsessed children like I used to be. The PC came with a Logitech mouse and keyboard combo, both white, with simple but elegant designs. I don’t recall the exact models, but I still hold fond memories of those times. These gadgets were sturdy, and lasted me for years — until I decided to upgrade my setup at 15… This story continues at The Next Web
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Poll reveals American attitudes on impeachment inquiry
Public favors open hearings over closed, according to new CBS News poll. Views on impeachment about the same as last month
CBS News - Breaking News, U.S., World, Business, Entertainment & Video
Firefighters save man’s house from wildfires - then apologize for drinking his milk
Firefighters who saved a man’s house from the flames left him a heartwarming note in which they apologized for drinking his milk.
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Fantasy football: Top pick-ups and drops after Week 10
The Post’s Drew Loftis evaluates all the relevant fantasy football news from Week 10 of the NFL season. On the up & up Darius Slayton WR, Giants Production spiked this week. His 10 catches and 14 targets dwarfed previous usage. With Sterling Shepard’s ongoing concussion issues and no reason for the Giants to rush him...
New York Post
Esports Observer: Revenues and viewers are growing, as is investor interest
Esports is hot when it comes to revenues, viewers, and investor interest, according to a survey of 200 executives by Esports Observer and Foley & Lardner.
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Wake up, politicians! Disabled people rely on social care too – not just older people | Frances Ryan
Millions of people with disabilities need help to get out of bed, wash and go to the toilet. Their needs must not be ignored in this electionI can’t help but wonder what the social care equivalent of the well-worn NHS general election photo op would be. Instead of health secretaries putting on scrubs and a party leader looking sympathetic next to a patient’s bedside, perhaps Boris Johnson would like to wait with a paraplegic as she soils herself in her front room because she has no assistant to help her get to the toilet.This is not so much a public policy issue as a full-blown humanitarian crisis Continue reading...
US news | The Guardian
Nigel Slater’s cod with anchovy, capers and thyme recipe
A punchy and adaptable midweek fish treatYou will need 2 thick pieces of cod or haddock fillet, each weighing about 250g. Continue reading...
US news | The Guardian