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This cruise ship had an infamous coronavirus outbreak. Now, it's set to sail again

As the cruise ship industry tries to turn a corner on the pandemic, the Grand Princess will depart from the Port of L.A. on Saturday.

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Lake Tahoe water level plummets, stranding fish and drying docks
Lake Tahoe is in "terminal" condition as the water level in the sixth largest lake in the US fell below its natural rim, according to the Tahoe Daily Tribune.
Bill Clinton Arrives Home in New York to Continue Recovery from Infection
As he walked out of hospital alongside his wife, Clinton gave a thumbs up to reporters as he greeted medical workers.
Washington trooper signs out for last time, tells Inslee he can ‘kiss my a—‘
A Washington State Patrol officer who refused to comply with the state’s vaccine mandate signed out for the last time on Friday and issued a strongly worded message to Gov. Jay Inslee, according to a report.
Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak injured in car accident
Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak was hurt in a two-car accident Sunday, his office announced.
Shooting at Halloween party came days after deputy killed man on same block
An L.A. County sheriff's deputy had fatally shot a man on the same Whittier block where three people were critically wounded in a shooting at a Halloween house party five days later, authorities said.
Nets need Patty Mills, Jevon Carter to step up in Kyrie Irving’s absence
The Nets have made a point of not putting extra pressure on any specific players.
10/17/2021: Robert Gates, The Green River Drift, Whither Ye Olde English Pub
Robert Gates on Afghanistan, his disagreements with President Biden and polarization in the U.S.; Riding along on the Green River Drift, the longest-running cattle drive left in America; Inside the English pub's comeback from COVID.
'Life keeps throwing punches': Cowboys QB Dak Prescott explains postgame walking boot
Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott strained his right calf in Sunday's OT win against the New England Patriots, and will be reevaluated Monday.
Today in History for October 18th
Highlights of this day in history: Inventor Thomas Edison dies; Three scientists share Nobel prize for DNA work; Anthrax scare hits CBS in New York; Two U.S. athletes suspended for Mexico City Olympics protest; Rock star Chuck Berry born. (Oct. 18)
Commentary: Cameron Norrie becomes first Brit to win men's singles at Indian Wells
Cameron Norrie became the first Brit to win a men's singles at Indian Wells with a 3-6, 6-4, 6-1 victory over Nikoloz Basilashvili.
Joe Judge got lucky after inexplicable Daniel Jones decision
Asked what his thought process was keeping Daniel Jones in the game, Joe Judge said: “Because we’re gonna compete for 60 minutes.”
NBC puts ‘AGT: Extreme’ on hold after daredevil stunt goes horribly wrong
“AGT: Extreme” has been suspended by NBC after one of the show’s stuntmen was critically injured when he was crushed between two cars in a stunt gone wrong.
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Paula Badosa triumphs in battle royal with Victoria Azarenka for Indian Wells title
In a match that took more than three hours to complete, Paula Badosa defeated Victoria Azarenka for the women's singles title at the BNP Paribas Open.
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Megan Rice, nun who was imprisoned over nuclear weapons protest, dead at 91
Rice spent two years in federal prison​ while in her 80s after breaking into a government security complex to protest nuclear weapons.
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South Carolina woman found safe after handing ominous note to cashier before fleeing
A potential domestic violence victim was found unharmed after she handed a note to a South Carolina grocer warning that her male companion “was going to hurt her.” The York County Sheriff’s Office posted an alert to Facebook Thursday after the woman, who “appeared to be in distress,” handed a cashier at Food Lion the...
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Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker engaged
Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian are taking their love to the next level.
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Kidnapping of American missionaries in Haiti highlights the perils of religious workers abroad
From the Philippines to El Salvador, there is a long history of American missionaries facing violence while trying to spread their religions abroad.
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China's GDP Growth Slows as Property and Energy Take a Toll
Growth of 4.9 percent shows the country’s huge industrial sector has run into trouble. But exports and services are looking strong.
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Gates: Biden Made a Mistake with Handling of Afghanistan Withdrawal
Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates says he believed President Joe Biden made a mistake with how he handled the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan.
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Marxists try to take Federal Reserve as Biden weighs whether to reappoint Powell: Devine
President Biden is coming unstuck so badly that even CNN has noticed he’s not great at his job. 
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2021 Heisman Trophy Favorites Halfway Through the Season, According to the Odds
The quarterbacks at Ole Miss and Alabama are tied for the lead right now. Here are the 20 favorites to win this year's top prize in college football.
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China's economy grew 4.9% in the third quarter
China's economy grew just 4.9% in the third quarter of 2021, the weakest rate of expansion in a year as the country contended with a major energy crunch, supply chain disruptions, and deepening debt woes in its outsized property sector.
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Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker engaged
The lovebirds -- who started dating in early 2021 -- are officially engaged after the Blink-182 drummer proposed over the weekend, Page Six can confirm.
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‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Showrunners Explain The New, Very Familiar Big Bad
Fear the Walking Dead is prepping for a massive conflict in Season 7.
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CBS Weekend News, October 17, 2021
"Striketober" continues as thousands of workers hit the picket line nationwide; Scientists in Greenland advocate for "climate-saving" rocks
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CNN 10 - October 18, 2021
October 18, 2021
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CNN10 - 10/18/21
The U.S. government sets a date for its travel rule changes, a CNN Hero addresses two problems in Bali, and a golden retriever fetches a new world record.
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After beating Broncos, Raiders QB Derek Carr says drama over Jon Gruden's resignation 'brought us closer'
Only six days after Jon Gruden resigned as their head coach, the Las Vegas Raiders looked focused and formidable in a victory over the Denver Broncos.       
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Corporate Lawyers Discuss The Accuracy of Succession and The Roy Family’s Brewing Legal Battle
'Succession' is headed towards legal drama territory. Three corporate lawyers analyze the ongoing action and offer legal advice to the characters
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'Succession' Season 3 Episode 1 Recap: Logan Scrambles for Control As Kendall Goes to War
Following the shocking events of season 2, Kendall prepares to go to war against his father Logan as season 3 kicks off with a dramatic first episode.
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Introducing the Worst Person in Waystar–Royco
If you think figuring out who’s going to run Succession's company is tough, try picking the most poisonous viper in this nest.
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‘RHOSLC’ recap: Mary Cosby ‘would change’ husband to fit her needs
“I would just, like, change him, the whole person," the preacher said of her husband, adding that her decades-long marriage to Robert Sr. has been “exhausting.” 
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The Comfortable Crises of HBO’s Succession
As Season 3 of Succession begins, the mighty Logan Roy (played by Brian Cox) is in the crosshairs. His son Kendall (Jeremy Strong) has exposed the family patriarch’s involvement in covering up a litany of scandals at their company, Waystar Royco, calling him “a malignant presence, a bully, and a liar.” The impulsive decision could be fatal for the media conglomerate, potentially attracting the attention of the government and affecting every employee. Thousands of jobs are on the line, and the future of news in Succession’s America is at stake.Yet to the inner circle around Logan, such a predicament can be compared, of all things, to ice cream. “This is the full Baskin-Robbins—31 flavors of fuck,” one subordinate hisses to another while speculating about their boss’s chances. What’s happening to Logan may be worrisome to his closest lackeys, but not terrifying enough to prevent them from delivering the satire’s signature serious-silly dialogue. After all, they’re chatting while seated on one of Logan’s private jets, soaring above and away from the fallout.[Read: The best show on TV is stuck]During tonight’s premiere of the hit HBO series, the Roys and their attendants experience their crisis in comfort. Kendall, after betraying his father, gathers himself in a marbled hotel bathroom fit for a spa day, not Judgment Day. Logan, spooked but not helpless, asks for a list of locations without extradition treaties with the U.S. and settles on Sarajevo—a pointed choice for the start of a corporate war, to be sure, but also one that offers accommodations at a five-star hotel. The other Roys pinball around the world, jetting off to Waystar Royco’s various headquarters in private planes, diligently chartered by Hugo (Fisher Stevens).From Dynasty to Big Little Lies, TV has long ogled how the wealthy suffer misfortune in luxury, aboard yachts and inside elegant residences, in scenes that “come off as a little too self-satisfied,” my colleague Hannah Giorgis pointed out while writing about HBO’s The Undoing. “No matter how unpleasant their circumstances, the show reminds us at every turn, these characters still lead enviable lives.”[Read: On TV, having wealth means you get to suffer beautifully]Succession is subtly different. The wealth on display—glass-walled corner offices, grayscale hotel suites—is insulation that appears expensive, but not cozy. Their rich surroundings look cold, bleak, and sterile. Money, for the Roys, manifests as a pristine double-edged weapon, lulling them into seeing their crisis as an opportunity and preventing them from grasping the larger implications of Waystar Royco’s scandal. It’s darkly funny to see Logan’s allies, during a meeting aboard the jet to discuss their next steps, perk up at the mention of him needing someone to play interim CEO, even though he makes it clear he’ll still be calling the shots. Never mind the sexual-assault allegations against a high-level executive, the company’s toxic workplace, or the plight of its employees. Getting a chance to be the puppet in charge is far more important, rendering everything else invisible.Even Kendall, the Roy calling himself “righteous” and insisting that he intends to “change the cultural climate,” is shielded by his wealth, which allows him access to a high-powered lawyer, a team of crisis-PR managers, and his ex-wife’s gorgeous apartment as a harbor in which to set up shop. Such affluence means he doesn’t have to engage with the public—and therefore doesn’t register the dire consequences of his actions or how phony he sounds. He doesn’t clock his ex-wife’s disdain and thinks he’s on the same page as his new hires, whom he pummels them with grandiose ideas, not about how to transform Waystar Royco’s practices, but about promoting his image. Early in the episode, he escapes the post-press-conference frenzy in a company car, safe from the outside world.At least, he is until Logan calls. On Succession, the family’s money protects them from the rest of society, but it does nothing to protect them from their own everlasting dysfunction and toxicity. Indeed, such seclusion knits them closer together, tightening their twisted codependent relationships and securing their ignorance. And the tragicomedy of Succession comes from the way these characters seem to relish that dynamic: The comfort they find in this crisis isn’t just about the five-star hotels and private planes. They’re also energized by the chaos that could help them accumulate more power. Kendall could have ignored his father’s call, but he picked up. Tom (Matthew Macfadyen) eschews the other tasks Logan assigns him, calling Shiv (Sarah Snook) from the bathroom of Logan’s jet to gossip with her about the CEO shake-up. Roman (Kieran Culkin), similarly unbothered by the bigger picture, pounces on the opportunity to taunt Shiv about losing the position, sinking into a king-size bed in his hotel suite as he does. Experiencing a crisis such as this, it seems, is a treat. One that’s available in 31 flavors.
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‘Succession’ Season 3 Premiere Recap: Kendall Channels O.J. and Logan Wants Blood
David M. Russell/HBOSuccession is back, and the insult of the day is “disingenuous little fuck doll.” Any guesses on which of Logan Roy’s children this refers to—and which of them yelled it at the top of their lungs when a meeting didn’t go their way?This season opens right where we left off. Kendall—Logan’s second son and, now, Waystar Royco Public Enemy No. 1—shocked everyone last season by refusing to play the sacrificial lamb for his father, instead throwing Logan to the wolves at a press conference. This season’s premiere finds Ken locked in a bathroom as a nervous Greg asks him to make even just a sound to confirm he’s alive. It doesn’t take long , however, for Kendall to emerge—and as soon as he does, we observe father and son scheming in parallel, a prelude to the Machiavellian dance that threatens to knock the droopiest Roy child off his moralistic pedestal.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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‘Succession’ Season 3 Episode 1 Recap: “Secession”
"We'll f***ing beast 'em. We'll go full! F***ing!! Beast!!!"
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Great Brit: Norrie outlasts Basilashvili for breakthrough BNP Paribas Open title
Steady tennis won out, as Norrie outlasted Basilashvili to take home the BNP Paribas Open men's singles title 3-6, 6-4, 6-1.       
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Seahawks' Jamal Adams declares himself 'best in the nation,' NFL fans shake their heads
Seattle Seahawks safety Jamal Adams had quite the introduction Sunday night.
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Raiders QB Derek Carr says drama over Jon Gruden's emails, resignation 'brought us closer'
Only six days after Jon Gruden resigned as their head coach, the Las Vegas Raiders looked focused and formidable in a victory over the Denver Broncos.      
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Texas Rep. Michael McCaul: Biden rescinded Remain in Mexico policy 'because it had Trump's name on it'
Texas Representative Michael McCaul appeared on "Sunday Night in America with Trey Gowdy" to discuss the border crisis.
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House of Representatives staffer faces child porn charges
A man who works for the sergeant-at-arms of the U.S. House of Representatives has been charged with possession of child pornography, according to police.
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Celebrities Join Prince William for the Earthshot Prize Awards
The prize is billed as the most prestigious of its kind, granting each winner a million pounds ($1.4 million)
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Chlamydia is so widespread among koalas they're getting vaccinated
About 400 Australian koalas will be vaccinated against chlamydia as part of a trial that researchers say they hope could play a significant role in the longer-term survival of the animals.
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Illinois mom allegedly shoots man dead after he refused to kiss her
Claudia Resendiz-Florez, 28, had just moved in with James P. Jones, 29, and his girlfriend at the Preserve Woodfield apartment complex in Rolling Meadows when a love triangle fatally exploded.
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Facebook Is Creating 10,000 Jobs in the E.U. to Help Develop Its Metaverse
CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been aggressively pushing the metaverse as a vision for the future of Facebook
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Betty Lynn, redheaded Thelma Lou on 'The Andy Griffith Show,' dies at 95
Betty Lynn, most famously known for her portrayal of Thelma Lou on the classic "The Andy Griffith Show," has died at age 95.       
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Brooklyn woman arrested in connection with suspected arson at a Jewish school
Police say the woman poured gasoline in front of the Yeshiva and lit it on fire.
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What we learned from Rams' 38-11 win over Giants: Taylor Rapp can catch
What we learned from Rams' 38-11 win at the Giants: Safety Taylor Rapp intercepts two passes, saying when opportunity knocks you need to hold on to the ball.
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Kiké Hernandez’s red-hot playoffs may bring Red Sox a Yankees-like dilemma
You know who Kiké Hernandez is for these Red Sox? He’s the 2019 Yankees’ DJ LeMahieu.
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