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Title IX 50 years later: A seed that has sprung into 'amazing forest'

Thousands of women have played key parts in advancing the role of Title IX in sports in America. Here are how several connect with each other.      
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John McEnroe couldn’t believe Alejandro Davidovich Fokina’s excruciating Wimbledon loss
Facing match point in the final set tiebreak at the end of a marathon contest, Davidovich Fokina lost his cool and hit a ball out of the court, then was penalized a point.
Secret Service Ties to Trump Ring Alarm Bells Amid Jan 6. Revelations
Investigative journalist Carol Leonnig has claimed that some Secret Service agents seemed to support the Capitol riot.
Multiple Russian Party Members Arrested, Fined for Denouncing Putin's War
A growing number of Russians are being punished in the wake of new stringent laws that effectively criminalize all criticism of Vladimir Putin's Ukraine war.
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Infectious disease specialist Dr. Celine Gounder joins “CBS Mornings” to discuss the FDA panel's recommendation to update the COVID booster vaccine to target a form of Omicron. Plus, Dr. Gounder talks about the U.S. response to contain Monkeypox.
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Свои подписи под документом поставили ректор СКФУ Дмитрий Беспалов и руководитель Россотрудничества Евгений Примаков.
Watch Live: Ketanji Brown Jackson to be sworn in as Supreme Court justice
Jackson is making history as the first Black woman to serve on the high court.
Apple CEO Tim Cook slammed for gushing interview with Chinese ‘propaganda rag’
A Republican congressman lashed out at Tim Cook for giving an interview earlier this month to a Chinese state-owned media entity in which the Apple chief executive praised China’s software and app developers as “inspiring” and “innovative.” “With more than 5 million Chinese developers and counting, there is no question that China has one of...
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Kyrie Irving, Jalen Brunson and Deandre Ayton question marks headline free agency as it prepares to begin
At 6 p.m. ET on June 30, there will be fireworks.
Макрон: Французское оружие на Украине не должно использоваться для ударов по России
Французское оружие на Украине не должно использоваться для ударов по территории Российской Федерации, заявил президент Франции Эмманюэль Макрон на пресс-конференции по итогам саммита НАТО в Мадриде
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"There is no progress in sight" says North Macedonia's President Stevo Pendarovski on its EU candidate status. North Macedonia submitted its membership application in 2004 and has not yet received candidate status after nearly two decades.
Nearly 16 million in Ukraine need humanitarian aid, says UN
Joe Biden a 'Moron' for Making Deal With Mitch McConnell–Ana Kasparian
The commentator also took aim at Democrats in general, saying they are "no longer an obstacle to the destruction of our liberty that the Republican Party is fighting so aggressively for."
В пыли Челябинского метеорита нашли экзотический элемент
Ученые Германии, России и Южной Кореи обнаружили в пыли Челябинского метеорита микрокристаллы углерода, которые принимают разные необычные формы
Песков объяснил, почему Путин в Ашхабаде передвигался на черном Aurus
Президент России Владимир Путин возит с собой в поездки автомобили Aurus черного цвета, потому что они укомплектованы стратегической связью
COVID restrictions ease in Shanghai as case numbers drop
Shanghai is now allowing in-person dining and will be reopening its Disney Resort as coronavirus restrictions ease with decreasing COVID-19 case numbers.
Who Are The 'America's Got Talent' Golden Buzzer Acts?
The "America's Got Talent" auditions are still underway, but all five Golden buzzers have been already awarded by the judges and by host Terry Crews.
The mothers of Jackson, Mississippi
CBS News visits the southern capital city of Jackson, Mississippi to hear from dozens who've lost loved ones to murder and are frustrated that more hasn't been done to track down the killers.
Palace's 'Obsession With Secrecy' Over Meghan Bullying Review Is a 'Danger'
Buckingham Palace should publish findings from a review around allegations Meghan Markle bullied staff, an ex-Government minister told Newsweek.
R. Kelly sentenced to 30 years in prison on federal sex trafficking charges
Disgraced former R&B singer R. Kelly has been sentenced to 30 years in prison for leading a decades-long sex trafficking operation. He appeared in a New York City court Wednesday, where survivors of his abuse gave emotional accounts of their pain and suffering. National correspondent Jericka Duncan spoke with two of those survivors and reports on both the sentencing and its impact.
СВР: Руководство Польши приступило к проработке сценариев де-факто расчленения Украины
Руководство Польши приступило к проработке сценариев де-факто расчленения Украины, заявил директор Службы внешней разведки Сергей Нарышкин, ссылаясь на поступающую в Службу информацию
Florida Pastor Found Masturbating Outside Starbucks, Sheriff Says
Police have said the pastor had previously received a similar charge for an incident at the same location.
Vermont Sen. Leahy will undergo surgery after he breaks hip during fall
Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy will have surgery Thursday after he fell and broke his hip on Wednesday night. The Democrat is the longest-serving sitting senator.
В детском лагере Оренбуржья спасли дикого сокола
В летнем детском лагере Оренбуржья спасли дикого сокола
Сбер: половина кредитного портфеля в садоводстве сконцентрирована на юге России
Ирина Ткаченко, заместитель председателя Юго-Западного банка Сбербанка:
This key inflation measure held steady in May
Will congressional Democrats' accomplishments be enough to run on in the midterms?
Democrats say their accomplishments in Congress are helping Americans, but Republicans argue they are contributing to inflation and immigration crises.
Machine Gun Kelly explains why he smashed glass against his face
Kelly was seen breaking a champagne glass against his head during an appearance at Catch in New York City after his sold-out concert at Madison Square Garden.
В центре Млечного Пути обнаружен популярный земной спирт
Международная группа исследователей под руководством немецкого астрофизика Арно Беллоша впервые в истории наблюдений зафиксировала присутствие в центре Млечного Пути изопропанола - широко распространенного на Земле вещества, которое используется в качестве дезинфицирующего средства
Eye Opener: NATO agrees to a military buildup
NATO agrees to a military buildup in eastern Europe, after Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Also, The House committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol subpoenas former White House counsel Pat Cipollone. All that and all that matters in today’s Eye Opener.
New revelations from sixth public Jan. 6 committee hearing
The House committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol announced that it has subpoenaed former White House counsel Pat Cipollone. The news comes a day after Cassidy Hutchinson’s bombshell testimony. CBS News congressional correspondent Scott MacFarlane reports.
Shanghai Disney reopens after COVID shutdown
Shanghai reopened its Disney Resort Theme Park as domestically-transmitted cases of COVID-19 in China's largest city remain at zero following a more than two month lockdown. (June 30)
AAA: Nearly 48 million people expected to travel during Fourth of July weekend
AAA predicts nearly 48 million Americans will be hitting the road or the skies and traveling more than 50 miles this July 4th weekend. CBS News transportation correspondent Errol Barnett reports on what to expect and how to prepare for your holiday weekend trip.
Best TV Shows of June 2022
From The Old Man to Obi-Wan Kenobi and everything in between.
В ЛНР начало работу представительство Волгоградской области
Для эффективной координации действий органов власти в ЛНР начало работу представительство региона.
Why this show about queer teens appeals to all ages — even if it stings
Nick Nelson (Kit Connor) and Charlie Spring (Joe Locke) play in the snow. | Netflix The healing powers of Netflix’s Heartstopper. As the leader of an LGBTQ+ youth support group, Gary Kopycinski always tells his students: “Live for the best, prepare for the worst.” Enter Heartstopper, a Netflix show about British teenagers grappling with queer love, identity, friendship, and mental health. “It sends the message that the best is possible,” Gary says. Though Heartstopper centers high schoolers, people of all ages are reveling in the hopeful LGBTQ+ stories. For Gary, 59, the show is a catharsis for moments in his own life growing up gay, like when someone outed him to his family. Watching Heartstopper gives Gary a way to touch and feel that experience again, some 40 years later. “It’s wonderfully therapeutic and healing,” he says. “I kind of cry a little bit for who I was as that young person. But it always brings me back to where I am now, and I just feel better about myself.” Today, Gary has been teaching theology at a Catholic school in Illinois for over 30 years, and has worked to find and create community for queer people like him. Heartstopper’s healing powers are working. Since season one launched on April 22, the show has landed in the top spot on Variety’s trending TV chart, earned a 100 percent score on Rotten Tomatoes, and been renewed by Netflix for two more seasons. Its popularity has given a boost to the four graphic novels the series is based on, which are numbers 2, 3, 5 and 6 on the New York Times bestsellers list for graphic books and manga as of June 22. It’s a hit, and it’s one that has a message. As in Alice Oseman’s Heartstopper books, which started as a webcomic of the same name, the show follows Charlie Spring (Joe Locke) and Nick Nelson (Kit Connor) as their friendship develops into something more. Charlie is dealing with the aftermath of being unintentionally outed to the entire school the previous year, while Nick, the stereotypical popular rugby star, starts to realize that he might be different from what everyone expects him to be. Netflix Sparks fly as Nick Nelson (Kit Connor) thinks about holding Charlie Spring’s (Joe Locke) hand. Oseman explains her goal in this video on the making of the show: “I want Heartstopper to inspire young people — especially LGBTQ+ young people — to be whoever they want to be, and to believe that they can find happiness and find love and find friendship, because it is a joyful story … everyone can get something out of it.” She succeeded; Heartstopper resonates with audiences of all ages. For some older fans, though, it’s bittersweet to only now see their lives accurately and positively represented on screen. They can’t help but be a little envious at how different things are, but this Pride, with so many fights for human rights seemingly ahead, it’s a reminder that there’s always more acceptance and understanding to push for. “I look at the healthy ways young people can look at themselves today,” Gary says, “whereas for us, we were in the shadows or desperately trying to stay out of the light.” Now? “It’s a wonderful world that’s becoming possible. And nobody is going to send us back.” For some viewers, Heartstopper brings mixed emotions For many people in the LGBTQ+ community, watching shows like Heartstopper that tell queer teen love stories comes with a blend of grief and joy for their younger selves. As the Second Adolescence podcast points out, this mix is likely because people didn’t have those experiences or this level of positive representation in the media when they were growing up. Watching Heartstopper was an “emotional rollercoaster” for Erik Van Dam, 41. Erik, who lives in the Netherlands and is a member of multiple Heartstopper Facebook groups, says that even though his parents were supportive when he came out, the lack of representation left him feeling at a loss at the time. Representation matters because “the fewer things you see around you that you can relate to, the less you’re going to understand what you are and what you feel,” he said. Between the anxiety-producing-but-sweet journey of young love, the strong dose of hope infused into tough topics like bullying and mental health, and a sprinkling of animated elements taken from the graphic novels, the show expertly depicts the many struggles of trying to figure yourself out as a teenager. At the same time, it encourages people to embrace who they are instead of hiding — and reminds them not to rush the process. One particularly relatable scene for Erik is when Nick explains to his longtime friend Imogen, who has a crush on him, why he doesn’t want to go on a date. Sitting on a park bench together with Nick’s dog, he shares: “Do you ever feel like you’re only doing things because everyone else is? And you’re scared to change or do something that might confuse or surprise people? Your real personality has been, like, buried inside you for a really long time?” Erik felt exactly the same way. “I’ve never heard anyone describe my feelings so perfectly,” he said. Erik put his feelings about coming out behind him in order to move on, but that doesn’t mean that he’d processed them. Until he saw his story told on screen in this way, he wasn’t aware that he needed to heal. Most of the other main characters are queer, and their equally heartwarming stories are woven throughout the show. Tara and Darcy find out the ups and downs of coming out publicly as a lesbian couple, Elle takes change in stride as she switches from an all-boys school to an all-girls one after coming out as trans, and Tao grows a little too overprotective of his best friend Charlie. And then there’s Isaac, who simply wants to “believe in romance” and read books on the sideline of rugby matches. Netflix From left to right: Tao Xu (William Gao), Elle Argent (Yasmin Finney), and Isaac Henderson (Tobie Donovan) in Heartstopper. Steven Wong, 30, recognizes that Heartstopper is the kind of queer representation that’s needed in the media right now — and also believes the positive tone and relatable characters would’ve had an impact in his life when he was a teenager. “The show would have been such a positive outlet for me and … [it would’ve] shown me the process of discovering who I am, dealing with bullying, and an idea of what coming out might be like. I probably would’ve been more confident, more open … and probably would’ve come out earlier to my family and friends.” If Heartstopper existed during his middle school and high school years — when Steven experienced bullying, name-calling, and getting outed on someone else’s terms — he says he would have rewatched the show over and over again. Yes, these are fictional characters. But for Steven, who didn’t see any LGBTQ+ representation as a teenager, it would’ve felt like he had friends. TJ Hocum, 33, says Heartstopper is one of the first TV shows with queer representation that made him feel seen — and really happy. He was shocked by just how much of an emotional reaction he had to it. But a few days after TJ watched the show, he felt an overwhelming sense of sadness. “You wish that would have been you when you were younger,” he says. “Because when you’re young, you wanted to be that happy. And for a lot of people my age, we didn’t get that.” While TJ wishes he had a show like this to watch while growing up, he’s glad one exists today. “I know it would’ve helped me a ton to see these experiences portrayed in such a happy manner. And I’m grateful that there are teens now who have a story like this that will give them hope and show that it’s okay to be different.” Netflix Tara Jones (Corinna Brown), left, and Darcy Olsson (Kizzy Edgell) in class. The teens are all right That message immediately came across to the younger audience. The day Heartstopper dropped on Netflix, Esme Calder, 18, used a pivotal scene in the show to come out to their parents. On a recent Zoom call, Esme shared their journey falling in love with the Heartstopper world. They first heard about the books on TikTok last year, and then saved up to buy them. Their initial reaction to the show? “So overwhelming, in a good way.” There’s something about seeing the stories of characters they’d grown to love and identify with on the page, they say, and they’ve never seen that on TV or in a film. The scene when Nick Nelson comes out to his mom has always been one of Esme’s favorites in the books, and when they came across a cast interview that mentioned a moment in the show that some people might use to come out to their parents, they were tempted to do the same. They sent it to a friend, saying “Can you imagine? I should do that …” When Esme finally saw the scene, they felt like it would be the perfect moment and decided to go for it. Esme sent a clip of the scene to their parents, watched Heartstopper to relax while waiting for a response — which turned out to be a “very nice” one — and then tweeted about it because, they say, they were proud of themselves and wanted their friends to know about it. just came out as queer to my parents using nicks coming out scene in the show feeling emotional rn …— ez bash’s publicist (@loverneIson) April 22, 2022 In the scene, Nick’s mom’s reaction is sweet, kind, and understanding, as she says, “Thank you for telling me … I’m sorry if I ever made you feel like you couldn’t tell me that.” No negativity. No awkwardness. Only love. This reaction is one of the reasons Esme used the scene to come out. If their parents didn’t know how to react or what to say, they’d have a model of how to behave. “In a lot of media, when there’s a scene of a queer character coming out, a lot of the time it’s shown to go really poorly. And obviously that can happen,” Esme said. “But it’s equally important to show that it can go well and it can be a really beautiful moment.” Netflix Sarah Nelson (Olivia Colman) reacts to her son coming out as bisexual. Heartstopper’s LGBTQ+ consultant, Jeffrey Ingold, agrees. In an interview, he stresses the importance of seeing your younger self reflected on screen, especially if you were robbed of those experiences when you were younger. Before consulting on TV, Ingold worked as the head of media for LGBTQ+ rights organization Stonewall UK. He was hired to help the actors accurately represent what it’s like to be a queer teenager in school, as well as make sure the crew on set understood the importance of their work for the audience. “I didn’t get to see two boys in school having a fun, nice time and showing that that was a possibility. If you can’t see that when you’re growing up, you don’t think you can have it. The damage and trauma that can do is a lot, so the hope this show will give to lots of young LGBTQ+ kids is hugely important, and Netflix is going to make sure that that’s seen so widely,” Ingold said. Older fans are healing their inner child Netflix Mr. Ajayi (Fisayo Akinade) is an openly gay teacher in Heartstopper. Older fans love this show because it maps to universal, timeless feelings and transcends them, soothing their inner child. Everyone wishes they could have had the world Oseman creates: a support system while they explore their sexuality, an understanding art teacher to remind them, “Don’t let anyone let you disappear,” a loyal friend group, and a family that loves them for exactly who they are. Watching Heartstopper is a glimpse into what it would be like to have all of that as a teenager. Just ask Ana Pinto, who felt “very small” in her teenage years. Now 26, she says the stories in Heartstopper relate to her experiences growing up and coming out as bisexual/queer. “The pressures and expectations to be a specific kind of person, the fear that you might be rejected by loved ones, the relief when someone you didn’t expect holds you and helps you be who you want to be,” she wrote in an email to Vox, “... all of that made me feel a sense of nostalgia and relatability.” Ana says she can’t stress enough how much she believes Heartstopper will change LGBTQ+ representation for the better. “Alice created something that is helping older queer kids heal and younger queer kids have a safe place where their identities are seen and understood.” Season one of Heartstopper is streaming on Netflix. You can read the webcomic here and find Oseman’s other work — related to the Heartstopper universe and beyond — here.
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Умер актер турецких сериалов Джюнейт Аркын
28 июня в Стамбуле на 85-м году жизни скончался Джюнейт Аркын, звезда турецких фильмов и телешоу, режиссер, продюсер и сценарист, за карьеру сыгравший более чем в 330 фильмах и сериалах
Justice Stephen Breyer to officially retire, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to be sworn in
Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson will be sworn into the Supreme Court on Thursday at noon, when Justice Stephen Breyer's retirement becomes official. She will be the first Black woman to serve on the high court. Jan Crawford reports.
Russian forces 'hurriedly evacuated' infamous Snake Island, says Ukrainian military
Russian forces 'hurriedly evacuated' from the infamous Snake Island of the Ukrainian coastline near Odessa following an overnight missile operation.
Выпускников Нововоронежского политехнического колледжа пригласили на работу
"От всей души поздравляю вас с окончанием учебы
Никита Михалков обвинил голливудское кино в нехватке смыслов
Советский, российский режиссер, сценарист и актер, лауреат премии "Оскар" Никита Сергеевич Михалков объяснил, в чем принципиальное отличие российского кино от американского и почему попытки российского кино подражать Голливуду обречены на провал по определению
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В Пензенской области подготовили кадры для цементного производства
Современные предприятия нуждаются в специалистах в энергетике, автоматизации производства, сотрудниках лабораторий с компетенциями в области исследований, механиках, наладчиках оборудования
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