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Lana Del Rey's New Album Reviews: What Critics Are Saying About 'Blue Banisters'
Lana Del Rey is back with a new album only months since her last LP, "Chemtrails over the Country Club," was released. Here's what critics have to say about it.
The Backstory: Long before the Champlain Towers collapse, there was money laundering. Here's how we uncovered it.
No one wanted to talk about what happened at the Champlain Towers in Surfside, Florida. Our reporters kept digging.
They refused to pay rent and stole the fridge. Landlords deal with pandemic squatters
Some landlords got hurt by squatters who took advantage of eviction bans during the pandemic. Now they can't get any help from a massive $47 billion federal rental assistance program.
AP Top Stories October 22 A
Here's the latest for Friday October 22nd: Prop gun discharged, killing woman on New Mexico movie set; House votes to hold Steve Bannon in contempt of Congress; CDC endorses COVID-19 booster shots; Storm damage in Pittsburgh.
Many Poorer Nations Are Still Waiting for First Vaccine Doses
The U.S. plan to offer booster shots underlines the disparity in vaccine access between rich and poor countries. Here’s the latest on the pandemic.
Justice Thomas celebrates 30 years on a Supreme Court that is moving in his direction
With abortion and guns on the docket, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has an opportunity to wield the influence that comes with his seniority.
Daniel Arsham injects art into unexpected places
This New York-based artist pushes the boundaries of art and design with works spanning everything from sculpture and painting to architecture, furniture design and commercial collaboration.
Section 8 housing program reinforces a Jim Crow pattern in the South, data shows
Can government-subsidized housing programs overcome Jim Crow-era patterns? Unless something changes, data suggests the answer is no.
The Democratic coalition will be tested in the Virginia governor's race
Virginia has trended Democratic as it's gotten more diverse. But this year's race for governor seems set to be close. That's in large part because Democrats are fighting apathy among their base.
Biden says running LA ports 24/7 will help save Christmas shopping. It's not that simple, experts warn.
Biden's plan to speed holiday gift deliveries by prodding California ports to operate round-the-clock leaves other supply-chain snarls unresolved.
While COVID still rages, anti-vaccine activists will gather for a big conference
Among the attendees are people who also spread misinformation about 2020 presidential election and other conspiracy theories.
Here's what we know is in the scaled back Biden budget bill and what got cut
Arizona Sen. Sinema's opposition to increasing taxes on corporations forced Democrats to rework how they pay for their spending bill. But negotiators have come up with an alternative they agree on.
D.C.-area forecast: Cooler air takes over as fall weather returns to the region
We’ve got a generally nice weekend ahead, with clouds and breezes mostly behaving. Rain chances increase early next week.
CDC gives go-ahead to J&J, Moderna and mix-and-match boosters: COVID-19 updates
The CDC signed off on mix-and-match COVID-19 booster shots, meaning clinics, doctors and pharmacies can begin giving them out Friday. COVID updates.
Climate change threatens global security
The National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on climate change has identified a link between climate change and migration. CNN meteorologist Derek Van Dam explains which disasters lead to more migration.
Landon Collins isn’t happy with move to linebacker but says he’s a team player
The former all-pro safety was displeased about his move to linebacker but said he accepted it as a team player.
Do Africans want democracy — and do they think they’re getting it?
The first in Afrobarometer's special African democracy summit series.
'I could feel she looked beautiful': Bride wears tactile wedding dress for blind husband
Kelly Ann and Anthony Ferraro just got married. Kelly Ann wore a custom made, tactile dress so Anthony, who is blind, could "feel how she looked."
What It Takes to Become One of America's Most Loved Workplaces
Sure, health benefits, a 401(k) and paid time off are nice. But it takes a lot more than a few perks to land on Newsweek's list of the Most Loved Workplaces.
Spotify Is America's Most Loved Workplace
The music-streaming behemoth is the No. 1 company on Newsweek's first annual list of the Most Loved Workplaces in America. This is how they did it.
Landon Collins isn’t happy with move to linebacker but says he’s a team player
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Alec Baldwin shoots 2 in New Mexico movie set mishap; 1 dead, 1 'critical,' authorities say
The hotel dog that saved its owner's life
Ten years ago, the Italian area of Cinque Terre was hit by a deadly flood.
The hotel dog that saved its owner's life
Italy's Cinque Terre region was hit by a devastating flood in October 2011. But one hotelier's life was saved by his dog, Leo -- and they now run a popular hotel together.
Joel Souza, 'Rust' Director Shot by Alec Baldwin, Released From Hospital
Filmmaker Joel Souza was injured after Alec Baldwin discharged a prop gun on the New Mexico set of their Western "Rust."
What Brandon Lee's Family Said Following Alec Baldwin Prop Gun Incident
The late actor and son of the late martial artist Bruce Lee was killed in 1993 by a prop gun on the set of "The Crow" film.
Roof Ripped Off Home as Tornadoes Tear Through Ohio, Pennsylvania
The extreme weather left hundreds of people without electricity as winds downed trees and power lines in both states.
Where Is Bonanza Creek Ranch? New Mexico Filming Location for Alec Baldwin Film 'Rust'
A prop gun fired by Alec Baldwin on the set of "Rust" accidentally killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. The film's director was also injured and is in a critical condition.
The MMA Road Show with John Morgan, No. 343: Corey Anderson, Ike Villanueva
Episode No. 343 of “The MMA Road Show with John Morgan” podcast is now available for streaming and download.       Related StoriesJoselyne Edwards predicts Jessica-Rose Clark matchup has all the 'elements of a good fight'Joselyne Edwards predicts Jessica-Rose Clark matchup has all the 'elements of a good fight' - EnclosureSeungwoo Choi has championship aspirations ahead of UFC Fight Night 196
Alec Baldwin Prop Gun Shooting Prompts Brandon Lee Comparisons
Brandon Lee died in 1993 after an incident on the set of the movie "The Crow."
Illinois mom fatally struck by bullet while reading Bible to youngest daughter
An Illinois mother was fatally injured by a stray bullet Sunday night while she was preparing her 7-month-old daughter for bed and reading the baby the Bible.
Wild weekend full of heavy rain and snow for the West
An atmospheric river is generating a wild weekend full of heavy rain and snow for much of the West. CNN meteorologist Derek Van Dam has the forecast.
Volcanic-Like Eruptions in Black Holes Blow Cosmic Bubbles Spanning Light-Years
The material that billows out from feeding supermassive black holes stretches for thousands of light-years "impacting anything that stands in their way."
Bellator 269 weigh-in results: Fedor Emelianenko gives up 33 pounds to Tim Johnson
Check out the results from the official Bellator 269 weigh-ins in Moscow.       Related StoriesBellator 269 weigh-in results: Fedor Emelianenko gives up 33 pounds to Tim Johnson - EnclosureUFC Fight Night 196 breakdown: Will the weight change matter in Marvin Vettori vs. Paulo Costa?Tony Ferguson takes aim at Conor McGregor: 'Where you at McNuggets?'
Joe Biden Misspeaks on Taiwan Again as White House Issues Clarification on China Remarks
The U.S. has long pursued a policy of so-called "strategic ambiguity" on the issue of defending Taiwan.
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Oscar Isaac Is the Sexiest Man Alive
Maria Moratti/GettyDenis Villeneuve and Dune’s marketing team gave us time to prepare for Oscar Isaac going full bearded space daddy. The trailer that made Isaac’s face go viral (again) dropped months ago, and the film itself has been delayed several times. But much like staring at a candle flame cannot prepare our eyes for the burning intensity of the sun, promotional materials for the sci-fi epic captured only a hint of the gravitas, the swaggering commitment, the brutal hotness that Isaac commands as Duke Leto Atreides. It’s not just the Dune beard—although the immaculately trimmed face shrub certainly doesn’t hurt. The power in Isaac’s performance comes not from the angle of his jaw or the gentle wrinkles that have begun to brush against his eyes but from the irrepressible smolder behind them. The Death of the Movie Star has inspired countless odes in recent years, and yet here we are looking at one.At the start of Dune, Isaac’s Duke takes over the hostile desert planet Arrakis as his family’s fief. Leto is determined to set himself and House Atreides apart from the planet’s previous overlords, the ruthless House Harkonnen. He extends his hand to the Fremen—natives to the land now colonized for its hallucinogenic Spice, which produces a trip so intense it enables intergalactic travel.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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It's Denis Villeneuve's 'Dune' now
A sci-fi classic with a legacy of cinematic failure is finally getting its dues on the big screen. Thank Denis Villeneuve -- and his 13-year-old self.
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It's Denis Villeneuve's 'Dune' now
"I know you," murmurs Paul, the young protagonist of Denis Villeneuve's "Dune." He's referring to a beautiful woman who has wandered in his unconscious, all windswept hair and piercing gaze, halfway between dream and perfume advert. Now she stands before him, flesh and blood; a vision no more. Yet she's flintier than anticipated, brusquer than the fantasy. Expectation, meet reality.
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Denis Villeneuve: Making 'Dune' for the boy within
A sci-fi classic with a legacy of cinematic failure is finally getting its dues on the big screen. Thank Denis Villeneuve -- and his 13-year-old self.
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See what Japan's largest military drill in 30 years looks like
Officials of Japan's Ground Self-Defense Force say the security environment in Japan is the worst since end of World War II -- more than 70 years ago. For the first time in nearly 30 years, Japanese troops are holding a massive nationwide military drill to make sure they are prepared for potential armed conflict. CNN's Blake Essig gets a rare glimpse at the exercises.
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Covid-19 live updates: More Americans are getting their boosters than first vaccine doses
The number of Americans getting coronavirus vaccine boosters is outpacing the number of those getting their first vaccine shots, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
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Five Russian Jets Buzz Alaska Airspace as NATO and Moscow Tensions Spike
The incident comes two days after Russia escorted U.S. military aircraft over the Black Sea, and amid a standoff between Moscow and the alliance.
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Alec Baldwin ‘Rust’ shooting victims: Who are Halnya Hutchins and Joel Souza?
'Rust' movie set shooting victims Halnya Hutchins and Joel Souza are not nearly as widely known as star Alec Baldwin. Here is some information about them.
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Meghan McCain Is Still Playing the Victim
Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast / Photos GettyMeghan McCain has always been destined for greatness. Being born to one of the most powerful politicians in the country will have that effect on your career trajectory.Less than three months removed from her four-year stint as co-host of ABC’s The View, McCain is making the media rounds to support the release of her new audiobook, Bad Republican. The newly minted Daily Mail columnist and world’s foremost expert on being John McCain’s daughter has a lot to say about how hard it is to be a conservative woman in media—though evidence of this is severely lacking.Variety posted an excerpt from her new book and ran a softball interview conducted by Ramin Setoodeh, who notes that McCain is a personal friend of his; Sean Hannity gave her similarly kid-glove treatment on Fox News; Meet the Press host Chuck Todd gushed over how nice it was “to have a McCain back on Meet the Press”; and S.E. Cupp, another friend of McCain’s, interviewed her for Rolling Stone, where she asked hard-hitting questions such as, “Did you ever worry about getting canceled while you were on The View?” and “Why do people have this princess impression of you?” Her book tour’s media strategy has been so gentle that the most pushback she’s gotten along the way was a question from Andy Cohen (another good pal) on Watch What Happens Live about whether or not it was hypocritical of her to write a tell-all “after prefacing every tell-all interview on The View with ‘I hate tell-alls?’”Read more at The Daily Beast.
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‘Delinquent’ Matt Gaetz Currently Blocked from Practicing Law
JOCE/Bauer-Griffin/GettyThis is one bar tab Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) may regret not paying.Faced with an onslaught of accusations that he engaged in underage sex trafficking—and bracing for criminal charges—Gaetz has allowed his license to practice law in his home state of Florida to lapse.As of Wednesday, Gaetz had not paid the fees he owes to The Florida Bar, which regulates lawyers there, prompting the organization to deem him “delinquent” and “not eligible to practice law in Florida.”Read more at The Daily Beast.
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Prince William and Kate Middleton Want Their American Fan Base Back
Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast/GettyIf you love The Daily Beast’s royal coverage, then we hope you’ll enjoy The Royalist, a members-only series for Beast Inside. Become a member to get it in your inbox on Sunday.How to parcel up the world, House of Windsor style.After Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s explosive Oprah Winfrey interview—and many words, upset, allegations, and denials since—it seemed to be that the two had their American constituency of fans. The rest of the royals—Prince William and Kate Middleton included—could keep Britain, thanks very much. The popularity of Harry and Meghan in the U.S. is far greater than in the U.K. Meghan is American, and they live in California. Read more at The Daily Beast.
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Virginia Guv Hopeful Glenn Youngkin Plays Footsie With the Far Right
AP Photo/Patrick SemanskyAn event listing for the Virginia Tea Party’s “Backlash to Socialism” summit makes no mention of Glenn Youngkin. The aspiring governor is absent from a photo gallery of the event, and there’s not a peep about it on his Facebook page, where he posted pictures from a different event that same day.But Youngkin recorded an address that played at the event, which was sponsored by the far-right John Birch Society and featured a keynote speaker who went on a conspiratorial diatribe about supposed communist infiltration, according to videos reviewed by The Daily Beast.Youngkin, Virginia’s Republican gubernatorial nominee, is running a tight race against Democrat Terry McAuliffe. In a bid to flip the democratically held office, Youngkin has pitched himself to the state’s moderates and independents, and maintained a careful distance from the GOP’s more extreme voices. But Youngkin’s path to victory also requires support from Donald Trump’s base—and video from the June 26 Tea Party event suggests that Youngkin is privately comfortable courting more fringe votes.Read more at The Daily Beast.Got a tip? Send it to The Daily Beast here
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