Trial date set for man accused of killing PC Andrew Harper

Jed Foster, 20, appears via video link at court in Reading charged with murder and theft

A man accused of murdering a police officer who was investigating a burglary faces trial in January in front of a high court judge.

PC Andrew Harper, 28, a Thames Valley police officer, was killed last Thursday evening near Sulhamstead in Berkshire.

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Biden, Trump spar over COVID death counts: 'You would have lost far more'
Former Vice President Joe Biden and President Trump each indicated on Tuesday that the other proposed coronavirus responses that were fatal.
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Cuomo trying to stop NYC Board of Elections from resending botched ballots
Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s top staff has launched a last-minute effort trying to stop New York City’s embattled Board of Elections from resending ballots to nearly 100,000 Brooklynites who received the wrong return envelope, The Post has learned. The developments come just hours after BOE commissioners ordered the agency vendor that botched the initial absentee ballot...
Biden to Trump: “Will you shut up, man?”
Joe Biden during the first presidential debate. | Scott Olson/Getty Images An absurd moment from an absurd night. There was one moment in Tuesday’s chaotic presidential debate that really crystallized the entire awful experience: an exasperated former Vice President Joe Biden saying, “Will you shut up, man?” to President Donald Trump. The context was, as with most of the debate, strange. The moderator, Fox News’s Chris Wallace, asked Biden whether he would abolish the filibuster and add new justices to the Supreme Court if elected. Such measures would depend heavily on who wins the Senate, but the president would set the tone and the Democratic nominee has been cagey on where he stands. At the debate, he launched into a seemingly canned response designed to dodge commitment one way or another. During Biden’s answer, Trump interrupted and heckled him — as he had throughout the entire debate. Eventually, when Trump interrupted to accuse Biden of preparing to add “radical left” justices to the high court, Biden seemed to have had enough — and told the president of the United States to “shut up.” "Will you shut up, man?" -- Biden to Trump— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) September 30, 2020 Nobody looks good here. Biden’s answer was evasive and boring, politician-like in the worst way. Wallace proved himself incapable in preventing this from descending into chaos. But let’s not lose track of what really caused Biden’s retort. Trump seems to have used interruption as his central strategy, attempting to fluster Biden and prevent him from making actual substantive arguments. Instead of engaging on the merits, Trump deliberately turned the first presidential debate into a carnival. In that sense, it felt good to have Biden tell Trump off. He really deserved it! But in another, deeper sense it felt awful. Remember, Trump is the incumbent. The character of the man currently leading our country was on display tonight, and it wasn’t pretty.
Homeless shelter prepares to send kids to school
Police shoot driver after 'armed confrontation'
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Watch a special preview of CNN's 'First Ladies'
New CNN Original Series "First Ladies," narrated by Golden Globe-winning actress Robin Wright, profiles Michelle Obama, Jackie Kennedy, Nancy Reagan, Eleanor Roosevelt, Lady Bird Johnson and Hillary Rodham Clinton. Watch Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT.
The best Twitter reactions to first Trump-Biden presidential debate
The first debate between President Trump and Joe Biden drew gripes on social media about everything from the format and moderator to crosstalk between the candidates and the schoolyard jibes they exchanged. “I’d love to know how many people turned off this debate after the first 15 minutes,” asked Cook Political Report editor Amy Walter....
Biden accuses Trump of coronavirus lies as president pushes speedy vaccine timeline
Trump disagreed with timelines put forth by members of his administration.
Chris Wallace to Trump: Where is your health care plan?
President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden debate health care during the first presidential debate of the 2020 election. Check out CNN Facts First here.
Trump says murders are up in Democrat-run cities. They’re up in Republican-run cities, too.
President Donald Trump at the first presidential debate. | Scott Olson/Getty Images Trump’s comments at the presidential debate paint a misleading picture about crime and violence in the US. President Donald Trump at Tuesday’s presidential debate claimed that crime is up in Democrat-run cities. “I think it’s a party issue,” Trump said, repeating a claim he’s made in the past, and citing recent increases in the murder rates in Chicago and New York City. The argument, in short, is that if you can’t trust Democrats to run cities, you shouldn’t trust Democratic candidate Joe Biden with the presidency. But Trump’s underlying claim — that Democrat-run cities are unique in their crime spikes — is wrong. For one, crime isn’t actually up this year. Based on the latest reports, violent crime overall is flat, and property and drug offenses are actually down. What is up is the homicide rate. A report by the Council on Criminal Justice found that the homicide rate increased sharply this summer across 27 US cities: “Homicide rates between June and August of 2020 increased by 53% over the same period in 2019, and aggravated assaults went up by 14%.” Other data, from crime analyst Jeff Asher, found that murder is up 28 percent throughout the year so far, compared to the same period in 2019, in a sample of 59 US cities. A preliminary FBI report also found murders up 15 percent nationwide in the first half of 2020. But this is true in both Democrat-run and Republican-run cities. According to Asher, the murder rate in cities with Democratic mayors is up 29 percent so far in 2020. In those with Republican mayors, the murder rate is up 26 percent, a statistically negligible difference. Consider Miami, a city overseen by a Republican mayor and Republican governor: The murder rate there is up by more than 28 percent, with 77 murders in 2020, up from 60 last year. Asher reported that increases in the murder rate were recorded in several Republican cities across the country, from Jacksonville, Florida, to Tulsa, Oklahoma, to Fort Worth, Texas. Not to mention all these increases are happening under Trump’s watch. All of that is to say that whatever is causing murders to spike this year, political party isn’t it. So what’s going on? Criminologists and other experts caution that they don’t really know yet. But they’ve offered several potential explanations: The Covid-19 pandemic, and all the chaos that it’s wrought, could have led to more homicides — by hurting social support programs that can prevent escalating violence, damaging the economy, and overwhelming hospitals that treat violent crime victims, among other possibilities. The protests around police brutality and systemic racism may have led cops to back off proactive policing, or caused the general public to trust the police less and subsequently work with the cops less often, both of which could have led to more unchecked violence. A surge in gun purchases this year could have fueled more gun violence. Or maybe none of this is right. With limited data in very strange times, it’s entirely possible we have no idea what’s going on. “We can bet on it being unpredictable,” Jennifer Doleac, director of the Justice Tech Lab, previously told me. Such uncertainty isn’t strange in criminology. Over the past three decades, America has seen a massive drop in violent crime and murder — a decrease that the current surge hasn’t erased. Though there are many theories about what’s caused the decades-long crime drop, there’s still no consensus among experts. But, at least for 2020, we can say one thing: The year’s spike in murders transcends political parties. Help keep Vox free for all Millions turn to Vox each month to understand what’s happening in the news, from the coronavirus crisis to a racial reckoning to what is, quite possibly, the most consequential presidential election of our lifetimes. Our mission has never been more vital than it is in this moment: to empower you through understanding. But our distinctive brand of explanatory journalism takes resources. Even when the economy and the news advertising market recovers, your support will be a critical part of sustaining our resource-intensive work. If you have already contributed, thank you. If you haven’t, please consider helping everyone make sense of an increasingly chaotic world: Contribute today from as little as $3.
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Far-left actor and "Saturday Night Live" star Alec Baldwin melted down during President Donald Trump's debate with former Vice president Joe Biden on Tuesday, declaring that Trump "needs a beating."
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New research from the group Fellow Americans finds politicals ads that attack Trump's personality and character, instead of being policy-focused or hopeful, are ineffective any may even be counterproductive by driving away undecided voters, Vanity Fair reported Tuesday.
NYC’s economy may never recover from COVID-19, Trump says during debate
New York City may never recover from the crippling economic blow dealt by the coronavirus, President Trump said during Tuesday night’s first presidential debate. “It’s so sad what’s happening in New York,” said the Queens-born Trump during an exchange with Democratic challenger Joe Biden over the pandemic’s impact beyond the death toll. “It’s almost like...
Trump says Biden will ‘destroy country’ with lockdowns at first presidential debate
President Trump defended his push to reopen the country amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic at the first presidential debate on Tuesday.
Amazon unveils checkout palm reader payment device
Amazon is getting into palm-reading — but it wants to sell you groceries rather than tell your fortune. The e-commerce colossus on Thursday officially announced a new checkout-counter device that will allow shoppers to pay for groceries at retail stores using the palms of their hands — a year after The Post revealed that the...
2020 Debate: Trump to Biden on swine flu: ‘You were a disaster’
President Trump defended his handling of the coronavirus pandemic during Tuesday night’s first presidential debate in Ohio — and slammed Joe Biden for how he handled the swine flu outbreak as Vice President in the Obama administration. Trump ripped his Democrat opponent’s record after Biden claimed that “The president has no plan” when it comes...
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The vast majority of 2020 voters already have their mind made up about who they're casting their ballot for, so why are they tuning in to the first debate between President Trump and Joe Biden. CBS News director of elections and surveys Anthony Salvanto joins CBSN's "Red and Blue" host Elaine Quijano to discuss why people are watching.
Just 6% say they're watching the debate because they're undecided, but that's larger than it sounds
Just 6% of likely viewers of the first 2020 presidential debate say they're tuning in because they're still undecided about who to vote for. That may sound small, but 13 states saw margins smaller than 6% in 2016. CBSN political reporter Caitlin Huey-Burns and CBS News correspondent Nikole Killion join CBSN's "Red & Blue" host Elaine Quijano to discuss the stakes for the first debate between President Trump and Joe Biden.
Joe Biden Snaps: 'Would You Shut Up, Man?'
Joe Biden had enough of debating President Donald Trump on Tuesday night and told him to "shut up."
Presidential debate gets personal as Biden calls Trump a ‘clown,’ Trump tells Biden he’s not ‘smart’
The first presidential debate got personal right out the gate Tuesday night as Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden called President Trump "the worst president America has ever had" and Trump said there is "nothing smart" about the former vice president.
Trump Battles Debate Moderator Chris Wallace: 'I Guess I'm Debating You'
President Donald Trump and Fox News debate Chris Wallace sparred within the first 10 minutes of the first presidential debate.
Sam Darnold ‘pissed’ with Jets in downward spiral: Adam Gase
Against the Bills, it came in a span of less than 14 minutes in the first half. Against the 49ers, it happened on the first play of the game. Against the Colts, it unfolded with the ball in their hands — until it wasn’t. It hasn’t always looked the same, but through three games this...
Biden pushes back against ties to Bernie Sanders during first debate: 'I am the Democratic party'
Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden pushed back against President Trump's efforts to link him to Bernie Sanders during the first debate on Tuesday night.
Trump to Biden: ‘There’s nothing smart about you, Joe’
President Trump took a shot at Democratic challenger Joe Biden’s intelligence during a tense exchange at Tuesday night’s first presidential debate. The broadside came as Biden was criticizing Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. “A lot more [Americans] are gonna die unless he [Trump] gets a lot smarter,” said Biden, drawing a stunned look on...
NBA Finals 2020: LeBron James looking for 4th ring, Heat hoping for upset
The Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat will meet in the 2020 NBA Finals.
Intermittent fasting may cause muscle loss more than weight loss, study says
Intermittent fasting might not be as healthy as some may have thought.
Biden and Trump clash early in the debate
President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden debate about packing the Supreme Court during the first presidential debate of the 2020 election. Check out more CNN debate coverage here.
Trump Invokes Ginsburg on SCOTUS Appointments: 'I'm Not Elected for Three Years'
President Donald Trump invoked the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Tuesday at the first presidential debate when arguing that a president's constitutional power is for “four years, not three years,” when considering Supreme Court appointments.
Trump on Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade: 'There's nothing happening there'
President Trump said Tuesday night there’s “nothing happening” in the Supreme Court with Roe v. Wade, and it isn’t on the ballot with the latest Supreme Court vacancy.
Joe Biden Attacks Trump: 'You're Not Going to Be Able to Shut Him Up'
Tensions soared quickly during the first presidential debate on Tuesday evening after Joe Biden (D) told moderator Chris Wallace that he is not going to be able to "shut" President Donald Trump up.
Presidential debate: Trump, Biden clash over Barrett Supreme Court nomination, ObamaCare as insults fly
President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden kicked off their first presidential debate sparring over the Supreme Court nomination and ObamaCare, but it quickly devolved into insults with Biden calling the president a "clown" and a "liar."
Marine jet crashes after mid-air collision
A Marine F-35 fighter jet crashed in California following a mid-air collision with a Marine refueling plane that later landed safely.
‘Shut up, man!’ Biden refuses to answer court-packing question during presidential debate
Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Tuesday told President Trump to “shut up, man!” while refusing to say if he wants to add justices to the Supreme Court during the first presidential debate. Trump declined to tell debate moderator Chris Wallace of Fox News whether he would support adding justices to the court if Trump’s...
Fact Check: Joe Biden Falsely Claims Trump Did Not Ask China to Allow U.S. to Investigate Coronavirus
Joe Biden's false claim about Trump, China, and the coronavirus was even debunked by the Washington Post, which gave it 3 Pinocchios.
Biden: "I am the Democratic Party right now"
At the first presidential debate, President Trump tried to say Joe Biden would be "dominated" by "socialists" in the Democratic party on health care. Biden replied "I am the Democratic party right now."
We’re fact-checking the debate in real time.
A team of New York Times reporters is fact-checking President Trump and former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., providing context and explanation.
Azerbaijan and Armenia Brush Off the Suggestion of Peace Talks
The international community is calling for talks to end the decades-old conflict between the two former Soviet republics
Joe Biden Not Opposed to Amy Coney Barrett, Says She 'Seems Like a Very Fine Person'
I'm not opposed to the justice," Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said. "She seems like a very fine person."
Trump, moderator Chris Wallace spar in early moments of presidential debate
It didn’t take long for the 2020 presidential debate to devolve into a three-way slugfest — that included moderator Chris Wallace. President Trump got into a heated exchange with Wallace over the Fox News anchor’s line of questioning on Trump’s efforts to replace Obamacare. “You’re debating him, not me,” Wallace said, gesturing towards Democratic challenger...
Barrett offered SCOTUS nomination 3 days after Ginsburg died
The president at that time continued to publicly assert he was weighing up to five candidates and had yet to make his decision.
Fact Check: Joe Biden Falsely Claims Trump Has Not Lowered Drug Prices
The fact is that drug prices have fallen under President Donald Trump for the first time in nearly half a century.
Joe Biden: 'I Am the Democratic Party Right Now'
"Your party wants to go socialist medicine, and socialist health care, and they're going to dominate you, Joe. You know that," Trump said.