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Two police officers could face criminal charges over crime scene photos 

In June, this programme revealed that two police officers had been arrested over allegations they’d shared “inappropriate” photographs of a crime scene. Now the police watchdog, the Independent Office for Police Conduct, has handed a file of evidence to the Crown Prosecution Service. Sisters Nicole Smallman and Bibaa Henry were stabbed to death at Fryent…
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Watch: Joe Biden sworn in as 46th president of the United States
Chief Justice John Roberts administered the oath of office to Joseph R. Biden at his inauguration as the 46th president of the United States on January 20, 2021. Watch how the historic moment unfolded.
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Kamala Harris, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama wear purple at Biden inauguration
Vice President Kamala Harris, Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama all stepped out in shades of violet for the inauguration of President Joe Biden on Wednesday in Washington, D.C.
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COVID Vaccines in Colorado Can Now Be Given by Vets, Opticians, Dentists
Health care providers will be responsible for training and supervising volunteers from these professions to administer vaccines.
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#NotMyPresident trends on Twitter ahead of Joe Biden’s inauguration
The hashtag #NotMyPresident began trending on Twitter just moments before President-elect Joe Biden took to the stage for his inauguration ceremony Wednesday. The term “not my president” became a rallying cry for liberals in the wake of President Trump’s surprise 2016 victory, used regularly in protest chants and hashtags on social media. Biden took to...
Ken Jennings trolled by 'Jeopardy!' contestant, fans react
Jennings' winnings total ended up being over $3.3 million when he was a contestant.
Joe Biden Invokes Lincoln in Plea for Unity, an End to 'Uncivil War'
Biden asked those who didn't support him as president to give him a chance and urged people to open their souls and show tolerance.
Poet Amanda Gorman Reads 'The Hill We Climb'
The 22-year-old composed a poem that acknowledges the recent insurrection attempt, but turns toward hope. "While we have our eyes on the future, history has its eyes on us," she writes.
Trump supporters in Japan take to the streets on Inauguration Day
About 120 people took to the streets of the Japanese capital on Trump's last day as president, waving US and Japanese flags along with banners declaring him the "true winner" of the Nov. 3 presidential election.
Joe Biden Directly Appeals to Trump Supporters, Pledges to Be President for All Americans
In his inaugural address, President Joe Biden made an appeal to Donald Trump's supporters, urging the country to come together after a bitter election battle
Trump pardons Chris Young after Kim Kardashian’s advocacy
Kardashian had been advocating for him since 2018.
Priyanka Chopra: I experienced racist bullying growing up
She recalled the experience in her new memoir.
Lady Gaga dons couture gown and gold dove for inauguration performance
The pop star made a statement of peace.
Student charged with girlfriend’s murder after waking up from coma
A student from China suspected of killing his girlfriend in Australia was charged with her murder this week when he awoke from a seven months-long coma he sustained after her death. Weijie He, 21, was questioned by detectives at his bedside Wednesday at St. George Hospital in Sydney about the death of his girlfriend, Liqun...
Sen. Hawley has been condemned. His bad legal arguments should be stamped out, too.
As a former Supreme Court clerk, Hawley must have known the views he was putting forward were indefensible.
Firefighter Leads The Pledge Of Allegiance, Spoken And In Sign Language
Andrea Hall, a firefighter and union leader from Georgia, recited the Pledge of Allegiance during President Biden's inauguration.
Watch: Kamala Harris sworn in as vice president
Supreme Court Justice Sonya Sotomayor administered the oath of office to Kamala Harris as she was sworn in as vice president on January 20, 2021. Watch how the historic moment unfolded.
Joe Biden has officially been sworn in as the 46th President of the United States
Joe Biden has officially been sworn in as the 46th President of the United States on January 20, 2021.
Jeanine Pirro’s husband, Albert, gets one of Trump’s final pardons
President Trump on Wednesday pardoned the husband of TV personality “Judge Jeanine” in one of his final acts as president, the White House announced after Air Force One landed in Florida. Jeanine Pirro’s husband, Albert Pirro, was not included in a 143-person list of clemency recipients released by the White House just before 1 am...
Biden announced his first presidential run 33 years ago -- and a lot has happened since
President Joe Biden's inauguration Wednesday fulfilled a goal he has had for decades since he announced his first presidential campaign on June 9, 1987.
The Blue Jays gamble on George Springer, hoping to go from a good team to a great one
That Springer, rated by some as the top free agent on the entire market, would wind up in Toronto in many ways makes perfect sense.
Biden enters White House with slight rise in poll numbers
Newly inaugurated President Joe Biden is enjoying a modest honeymoon as he begins his tenure in the White House.
Joe Biden Officially Sworn in as 46th President of the United States
"This is America's Day, this is democracy's day. A day of history and hope, of renewal and resolve," Biden said in his first remarks as president.
Jennifer Lopez — and her ring — dazzle during Biden Inauguration Day
Jennifer Lopez performed "This Land Is Your Land" at the Inauguration.
WATCH: Joseph R. Biden sworn in as 46th president
The former vice president was sworn in by Chief Justice John Roberts.
Cuomo says NY job market won’t recover from COVID-19 until 2025
Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s $192.9 billion budget plan paints a sober picture of New York’s current and post-pandemic economy, as it forecasts a bleak job market for much of this decade. “New York State employment is not expected to reach its pre-pandemic peak until 2025,” the analysis from the governor’s budget division said. Cuomo’s 206-page “Economic...
Mitch McConnell Is Already Trying to Train Wreck the Biden Admin
Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast / GettyIt is said that before Barack Obama’s inauguration in 2008, a group of Republicans got together and vowed to oppose everything that he would do, or rather, try to do. Did the Trump loyalists on the hill and Mitch McConnell’s Republicans huddle together last night and make a similar vow, this time for President-Elect Joe Biden? It’s a possibility, says Michael Tomasky, special guest on today’s members-only episode of The New Abnormal, which happened LIVE on Zoom.Even if they didn’t, Tomasky, and co-hosts Rick Wilson and Molly Jong-Fast, know that Mitch’s sneakiness isn’t ending with the Trump administration. Take the impeachment, for example, says Rick.Read more at The Daily Beast.
Kamala Harris was escorted to the ceremony by the Capitol Police officer who led rioters away from senate
US Capitol Police Officer Eugene Goodman has been hailed as a hero ever since he lured rioters away from the Senate chambers during the January 6 insurrection on Capitol Hill. His courageous actions were recognized again on Wednesday..
What impact could deplatforming Donald Trump have?
Donald Trump has been kicked off of most major social media platforms. What effect does deplatforming tend to have on the spread of misinformation?
Galaxy Buds Pro vs AirPods Pro: Which earbuds should you buy?
Trying to decide between the Galaxy Buds Pro and AirPods Pro? We've tested these two top earbuds side by side to help you find the right ones for you.
Capitol Police Officer Eugene Goodman, hero during riots, escorts Kamala Harris during inauguration
Capitol Police officer Eugene Goodman escorted Vice President Kamala Harris into the Capitol building Wednesday ahead of the inauguration ceremony.
Parler Hopes for U.S. Host as Russian Firm Provides Temporary Website
The social network—popular among conservatives and Trump supporters—was pulled offline last week in the wake of the U.S. Captiol riots. A week later, it's still searching for a new home.
Who will be Indianapolis Colts' quarterback in 2021? Eight names to consider
With 2020 starter Philip Rivers retiring, the Indianapolis Colts could weigh several options as their quarterback for next season.
Biden, 78, becomes oldest president in American history
Joe Biden, 78, officially became the oldest president of the United States in the nation's history when he was sworn in as commander in chief Wednesday.
Potatoes aren’t the only vegetables you should be mashing
A how-to guide for mashing different types of vegetables beyond just the humble potato.
Where To Buy Anne Hathaway’s Silk Pajamas In ‘Locked Down’
Silk Pajamas are the new (improved) sweatpants.
What does Joe Biden need to get done in his first 100 days?
Right after President Joe Biden delivers inaugural address, do the impossible: Fix the economy, stop COVID-19, oh, and end racism.
Dutch government proposes first curfew since World War II
AMSTERDAM – The Dutch government on Wednesday proposed the first nationwide curfew since World War II and a ban on flights from South Africa and Britain in its toughest moves yet to limit the spread of new coronavirus mutations in the Netherlands. Prime Minister Mark Rutte said the curfew must be approved by parliament, which...
Joe Biden sworn in as 46th president, says 'democracy has prevailed' in inaugural address
Joe Biden was sworn in as 46th president of the United States on Wednesday.
Inauguration fashion was bold, American, and even a little bit fun
Doug Emhoff, Kamala Harris, Jill Biden, and Joe Biden wave as they arrive on the east front of the US Capitol on Inauguration Day. | Joe Raedle/Getty Image Joe Biden wore Ralph Lauren, while Kamala Harris featured work from two young Black designers. The nation’s attention is on Washington, DC, as Joe Biden is sworn in as the 46th president of the United States. The occasion has been rife with symbolism so far, as the incoming First and Second families seek to usher in a period of healing. “To heal, we must remember,” Biden said Tuesday night during the Covid-19 memorial. “It’s hard. But that’s how we heal.” The inauguration is not just an ideological dawn for America; the Biden administration intends to signal a stylistic shift with this official appearance. Upon first glance, this transference of image and power is best showcased through Biden’s and Harris’s sartorial decisions. While fashion choice won’t divine the new administration’s policy goals, it is a subtle avenue into the First and Second families’ mindset and how they hope to be perceived by the American public as the latest cast of Washington characters. As of January 20, the Trump brand, its brash Gilded Age aesthetics, and tendency toward fascistic imagery are outdated, politics aside. Alex Wong/Getty Images Joe Biden and Jill Biden at the inauguration ceremony. Biden, with his 36 years as a senator and eight as vice president, is wearing a navy blue suit from Ralph Lauren, a classically iconic, all-American design label. The brand’s namesake and former designer held humble roots from the Bronx, but the label and logo (of the ultra-elite horseback sport of polo) carries a preppy, patriotic vibe. Biden seems to have a penchant for the brand, having twice worn a black Ralph Lauren polo to receive his Covid-19 vaccine doses. Meanwhile, the first lady is wearing an ocean blue coat and dress set from Markarian, the design label of upcoming New York luxury designer Alexandra O’Neill. According to a designer press release, blue was Jill Biden’s chosen color “to signify trust, confidence, and stability.” The wool and tweed ensemble is a sleek, fitted look, complete with blue leather gloves and a mask of the same material. Drew Angerer/Getty Images Kamala Harris and Doug Emhoff at the inauguration ceremony. The image of the first female vice president will go down in the history books, and Kamala Harris, no doubt, is aware of the impression she and her inauguration outfit will have. She is accompanied by her husband, Doug Emhoff, who is also wearing Ralph Lauren as the first second gentleman of the country. Harris is wearing her signature pearls and a royal purple set with pieces from two young Black designers: Christopher John Rogers and Sergio Hudson. She appears committed to elevating young American artists during her tenure, much like former first lady Michelle Obama. Last night at the Lincoln Memorial, Harris donned a camel coat by the label Pyer Moss. The brand was founded by designer Kerby Jean-Raymond, the son of Haitian immigrants, who turned his studio into a PPE donation center during the pandemic. Harris’s inauguration day outfit is full of symbolic references: The string of pearls is a reference to her Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority, and her outfit’s shade of purple — which was present in the logo for Harris’s 2020 bid — appears to be a nod to Shirley Chisholm, the first Black woman in Congress who ran for president in 1972.
Scottie Scheffler, Cameron Champ ones to watch in American Express
Kevin Na shot 61-65 on the weekend to win the Sony Open in Hawaii at as high as 80/1 odds. Na (40/1) will attempt to win in back-to-back weeks this week at the American Express. The field took a bit of a hit Monday as 2018 tournament champion and odds-on favorite Jon Rahm withdrew. Therefore,...
Women and girls are wearing pearls and Converse to honor Vice President Harris
Women across the country and world wearing Harris' signature pearls-and-Converse combo to honor the Vice President as she begins her term.
Women and girls are wearing pearls and Converse to honor Vice President Harris
Wednesday's inauguration is chock-full of sobering firsts. It's beset by the Covid-19 pandemic, threats of violence and the precedent-shattering absence of the outgoing President.
Georgetown postpones fourth consecutive game due to covid-related issue in program
The program was paused last week after the Big East announced there was a positive test within Tier 1 personnel.
Rural clinics take on tough task of distributing Covid-19 vaccine
Go There heads to rural Montana and Texas, where small clinics overwhelmed by the pandemic prepare to face another challenge: receiving and distributing vaccines. For hard-to-access clinics, the virus has brought on unique challenges -- from health care workers being forced to drive long distances to administer them, to a severe impact in distribution capabilities if there is even one positive Covid-19 test amongst medical staff.
Kamala Harris Sworn In Using Thurgood Marshall Bible to Honor Personal Hero
Vice President Kamala Harris has said that Marshall, the great-grandson of a slave who won a landmark civil-rights case and became the first Black Supreme Court Justice, is a hero of hers.
Who is Vinay Reddy, Joe Biden’s speechwriter?
Joe Biden’s speechwriter is a first-generation Indian-American who lives in New York and previously worked for the new commander-in-chief, reports said Wednesday.
Dr. Robert Jeffress: On Biden's inauguration day, remember these truths about God, politics and our presidents
We faced many challenges that seemed insurmountable in 2017.
Mossimo Giannulli released from isolation, placed in minimum security
He was in solitary confinement because of his exposure to COVID-19.