Uber Freight launches in Germany, faces local competition

U.S. ride-hailing company Uber is launching a freight platform in Germany, taking on local technology startups in a race to grab a share of Europe's $500 billion trucking market.
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Renewed Apple iPhones are on sale on Amazon
TL;DR: Renewed Apple iPhones are on sale on Amazon, saving you up to 15% on list price.  There are many different accepted tactics when it comes to getting a good deal on Apple iPhones, with savvy shoppers capitalising on pre-orders, generous contracts, and free gift promotions. All of these are strong strategies, but nothing compares to going renewed. You can get some of the latest models at really low prices if you opt for a renewed device, and despite what you may think, you won't end up with a damaged or faulty product. SEE ALSO: Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019: When is it and what are the best deals in the UK? Read more...More about Apple, Iphone, Mashable Shopping, Shopping Uk, and Uk Deals
Women entrepreneurs: The best & worst business advice I’ve received
We asked four successful women entrepreneurs to share the best advice and worst advice they’ve ever received and how it has impacted their journey.
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Russia rejects ex-U.S. Marine's appeal for freedom in espionage case
Paul Whelan has been held for almost a year since his arrest at a Moscow hotel, allegedly in possession of classified information
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U.N. troubled by Trump pardons of officers accused of war crimes
A decision by U.S. President Donald Trump to pardon two army officers accused of war crimes and restore the rank of a third sends a disturbing signal to militaries, a U.N. rights spokesman said on Tuesday, adding he was "very concerned" at the move.
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Four key impeachment witnesses testify
Four impeachment inquiry witnesses — Jennifer Williams, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, Kurt Volker, and Tim Morrison — will testify publicly. Follow here for the latest.
Return of short-selling bans: market protection or 'war against truth'?
New moves to curb short-selling in some countries have set the stage for a renewed battle between free market advocates and authorities aiming to check investors they see as profiteers who destabilize major companies.
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You can now book a flight on United's new 'Star Wars'-themed Boeing 737 plane — here's what it's like inside
United United has launched a special new "Star Wars"-themed Boeing 737-800 plane. The plane was launched to celebrate the upcoming release of "The Rise of Skywalker." Decked out in dueling Resistance and First Order livery, the plane is currently flying across the US, Canada, Central America, and the Caribbean. Passengers can book a flight by looking up the aircraft's tail number, N36272. United also has a whole webpage dedicated to the plane and its "Star Wars" promotions. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. Luke Skywalker may have claimed the Millennium Falcon was a "piece of junk" when he first saw it (despite the fact it could, you know, make point-five past lightspeed) — but he probably wouldn't be saying that about United Airlines' shiny new Boeing 737-800. To celebrate the December release of "The Rise of Skywalker" in cinemas (billed as the last film in the nine-film Skywalker saga, of course), the airline has launched a special "Star Wars"-themed plane — and though it can't travel at lightspeed, it does look pretty spiffy, or at least nothing at all like the heavily-modified ship of a certain scruffy-looking nerf herder (sorry, Han Solo). The plane made its first flight earlier this month, from Houston to Orlando. Although there were plenty of evil First Order stormtroopers on hand, thankfully no-one was taken away for questioning by Kylo Ren. Here's what the plane is like inside.The Force — er, flight — is strong with the Boeing 737-800's galactic-themed livery, which revels in the power of the Dark Side on one side... United ... And the virtuous Light Side on the other. United The exterior of the plane is full of cool details ... United See the rest of the story at Business InsiderSee Also:Here's what it was like on board Qantas' first nonstop, 19-hour flight from London to SydneyI took trains all the way from Istanbul to London, and eastern and western Europe felt like different worldsRoyal Caribbean has its very own private island in the Bahamas, which just underwent a $250 million revamp. Here's what it's like to go.
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Go read this interview with the Big Tech’s greatest European foe
Photo by Henrique Casinhas/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images The New York Times has just published a lengthy interview with Margrethe Vestager, the head of the EU’s antitrust division. Over the past five years, Vestager’s team has been behind some of the biggest fines doled out to US tech companies, thanks to the EU being one of the few authorities with the political clout to stand up to the likes of Apple (fined $14.5 billion for dodging taxes) and Google ($9 billion over a series of antitrust violations). Now, Vestager is embarking on a second five year term, where she’ll have even more power over the trading bloc’s digital policy. Unsurprisingly, Vestager’s relentless pursuit of Silicon Valley’s tech giants has ruffled some feathers, not least the President of the United States. “She hates the... Continue reading…
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'The Expanse' season 4 trailer shows the world beyond the Ring Gate
Sci-fi fans were delighted earlier this year when Amazon rescued beloved series The Expanse from cancellation by the Syfy channel. Season 4 of the show is coming on December 13th, but if you can't wait until then, there's a new trailer out giving a p...
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How to watch the November Democratic debate: Schedule, rules and more
The debate will feature Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren in center stage, but will be missing some familiar faces.
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U.S., Australian hostages freed by Afghan Taliban in swap
The Afghan Taliban released American and Australian university professors held hostage for more than three years on Tuesday, Afghan government officials said, completing a delayed prisoner swap and raising hopes for a revival of peace talks.
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Ranking Heisman Contenders' Performances After Week 12 of College Football
Joe Burrow will be the 2019 Heisman Trophy winner, and the rest of the college football season is merely a formality...
Why Madison Bumgarner Is a Terrible Fit for the Yankees and Better Off in the NL
After Gerrit Cole and Stephen Strasburg, Madison Bumgarner is arguably the best starting pitcher on Major League Baseball's free-agent market. Teams should line up accordingly. Save for the New York Yankees , that is...
NFL Power Rankings Week 12: Review and Reaction to 2019 League Standings
It came down to the wire, but the Kansas City Chiefs ended their recent struggles on Monday night. Playing the AFC West-rival Los Angeles Chargers in Mexico City, the Chiefs held on for a 24-17 win...
Who Should Jon Jones Face in His UFC Return?
There’s never been a UFC fighter as dominant as Jon Jones, but therein lies at least part of the problem. The 32-year-old American is basically undefeated and has gone virtually untested during his dominant 11-year run with the company...
Each MLB Team's Biggest Obstacle to Having a Successful Offseason
We are still in the early stages of the MLB offseason, and things won't kick into gear until all 30 teams convene at next month's winter meetings...
1 Player Every NBA Team Should Already Be Targeting for a Trade
Good luck predicting player movement in the NBA . This summer showed us that'd be a fool's errand. Not only is it impossible to know what will happen in the trade market, but you also can't know when things will happen...
Gene-Edited 'Supercells' Make Progress In Fight Against Sickle Cell Disease
Researchers edited the DNA in bone marrow cells taken from a Mississippi woman with sickle cell disease to produce a treatment that could alleviate the excruciating effects of her inherited illness.
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Posh Alexander adds to history of homegrown St. John’s talent
Monday night, highly regarded point guard Posh Alexander from Brooklyn signed a National Letter of Intent with St. John’s, becoming the latest big-name prospect from the city to stay home. The Johnnies haven’t attracted a ton of blue-chip talent from the area in recent years, but they have secured some. Below is how they have...
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Impeachment, Israel, California: Your Tuesday Briefing
Here's what you need to know.
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Eric Cantona: ‘Big democracies are, in a way, dictatorships’
Former Manchester United striker on ‘economic terrorism’, a suitcase that shed light on his family and trying to understand himselfFor a man who spoke of seagulls and trawlers after he karate-kicked a fan in April 1995 and quoted King Lear when he collected Uefa’s president’s award almost 25 years later, reciting “as flies to wanton boys, we are for the gods”, there is something in the simplicity of what Eric Cantona says now. He pictures himself standing with his mother and aunt, looking into his grandfather’s eyes, and recalls the moment in the deep, slow voice that’s unmistakably his, accent gently French. “It was something...” he begins to say, pausing to seek the right words. Eventually he settles on “emotional” and then he stops, no flourish needed. “It is the story of my family, mine,” he says.It is some story. In 2007 a suitcase was discovered in Mexico City, where it had been hidden for almost 70 years. Inside they found 126 old rolls of film containing 4,500 negatives; they also found a part of him. Most of the pictures, smuggled out of France when the Nazis arrived, were taken by Robert Capa during the final months of the Spanish civil war. Capa had also been in Argelès-sur-Mer, where 100,000 people fleeing Spain were held in a refugee camp, among them Pedro Raurich, 28, and his 18-year-old girlfriend, Paquita Farnòs. Continue reading...
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Politicians could help young people into creative jobs. Here’s how | Martin Bright
If we can link up jobcentres with the creative industries – and boost diversity, then why can’t politicians?Beyond the eye-watering spending pledges, it has been difficult to identify a single genuinely practical policy idea emerging from the major political parties in the election campaign. To be fair, snap elections do not provide the best platform for this kind of detailed work. But it would have been good to see some real thought being put into the future of welfare and work creation. The Institute for Public Policy Research reported this week that Britain now has the lowest level of support for poor people since the creation of the welfare state. The new model of welfare represented by universal credit was intended to further incentivise jobseekers. So where are the big ideas to address the future of work in the mid-21st century, particularly in the former industrial heartlands? Related: Increasing diversity in the creative industries | Letters Continue reading...
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Nigel Slater’s sausage and celeriac recipe
A hearty, porky, herby feast for a cold winter’s eveningBrown 6 fat Tuscan sausages on all sides in a little oil in a shallow pan. Roughly dice 2 medium carrots and 2 red onions. Remove the sausages then sauté the carrots and onions in the sausage fat until they start to colour. Continue reading...
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Christmas cheer: seven cocktails from Mr Lyan
Port and pony for a party, apple seed punch for the abstainers and a bloody Claus for a pre-lunch sharpenerThese drinks are reflective of the season; flavours reminiscent of the aromas, nostalgia and comforting dishes that pervade the holiday time. They’re also drinks designed to suit the various gatherings that crop up. Some work for impromptu drop-ins. Others are for when you need the right cocktail to accompany the multitude of indulgences that adorn the Christmas table.There’s also a consideration for the fact that the holidays also seem to spur a little extra waste in all our lives, so I’ve tried to balance this by using some ingredients that curb the impact on the planet, or are getting used across the table anyway. As with cooking, a little prep ahead of time makes a world of difference – and, as with your cooking, please use these as a guide and adapt as necessary. Happy gathering! Continue reading...
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Celebrities Are America’s Newest Drug Dealers
Over the past two decades, Americans have proved willing to do lots of things at Martha Stewart’s behest. They will decoupage. They will make their own holiday wreaths. They will boil pasta and tomatoes in the same pot, at the same time. Perhaps most important for Stewart, they will buy things with her name on them—bedding, cookware, magazines. Soon they might even buy Martha Stewart–branded weed.Stewart is poised to conquer cannabis as the next frontier of domestic comfort. In February, she announced that she had become an adviser to the Canadian cannabis giant Canopy Growth, and now she is developing her own range of products, starting with a line of dog treats made with cannabidiol, or CBD. (Don’t worry, CBD doesn’t get Fido—or people—high; neither Stewart nor Canopy will say yet whether anything in her line will.)Stewart’s announcement landed her among a small but growing group of celebrities who have seen dollar signs in the nascent market for legal weed in North America. Long a product sold primarily by historically disenfranchised young men risking prison sentences, weed is now the province of A-list actors and Super Bowl champions. Drake wants to sell you weed grown locally in his native Toronto. Football stars like Rob Gronkowski and Ricky Williams offer cannabinoid products to ease your aches and pains. As the legal-weed market floods with corporations vying to be the Coca-Cola of cannabis, companies are betting that celebrities might be a shortcut to mainstream success.Perhaps unsurprisingly, Snoop Dogg is responsible for all of this. The legendary rapper began cultivating his association with cannabis long before efforts to decriminalize it gained traction in America, and he’s seen his public persona evolve on a similar arc with weed itself: once a menace to public order and polite society, now considered by many to be harmless and fun at parties. In 2015, Snoop launched his first line of cannabis with the American company LivWell, in Colorado. He called it Leafs by Snoop. HuffPost pretty much summed it up: “This makes sense.”[Read: The art of packaging pot]Snoop also brought Stewart, his good friend and cooking-show co-star, into the game. While Snoop’s American line was in development, he connected with Canopy Growth to see whether he could expand into the Canadian market. Canada federally legalized medical marijuana in 2001, so its market for corporate cannabis is a little more mature than in the U.S., where some state laws ban marijuana while others allow various levels of medicinal or recreational use. Snoop’s team “reached out through just the general ‘Contact us’ form on our website,” Jordan Sinclair, Canopy Growth’s vice president, told me. “We thought it was a hoax at first.” Snoop and Canopy launched the Leafs brand in Canada in 2016 (LivWell and Canopy have since become corporate partners), and then Snoop introduced Canopy’s executives to Stewart.Before Stewart’s announcement in February, the major celebrities who had signed up to start weed brands were mostly the ones you’d expect: Willie Nelson, Tommy Chong, Damian Marley, and several rappers following in Snoop’s footsteps, including Wiz Khalifa and Ghostface Killah. Those celebrities come from subcultures where the penchant for smoke was never controversial. The real money, though, is likely to be made in selling to broader audiences, whose attention is trickier for weed brands to capture. “The industry is fairly strict when it comes to advertising regulations,” Sinclair said. “Promotion is very difficult, and credibility building and brand building are also very difficult.”To make an end run around paid advertising, the weed industry has to find ways to get anxious retailers to carry their products. They need enough novelty to drum up excitement in the press—in other words, they need someone like Martha Stewart. “We didn’t expect the amount of traction that that announcement generated,” Sinclair recalled. “It was as much press and as much reach and as many stories as we generated on the day that cannabis got legalized in Canada, and we were the business that made the first legal sale ever.”The power of celebrities like Stewart isn’t just in their counterintuitive willingness to be associated with weed, but in their position within commerce in general. Stewart “can make one phone call and get a meeting with any major American retailer,” Sinclair said. Without a beloved mainstream name attached, a company might go years before landing in the same store. “We’re essentially borrowing credibility,” Sinclair told me.[Read: Martha Stewart, Queen of All Internet]While most major North American cannabis companies have now implemented similar strategies, Canopy has had the most success with A-list celebrities. In recent months, it has announced Drake’s aforementioned cannabis brand, More Life, as well as a similar collaboration with Seth Rogen. These arrangements aren’t just endorsements, but partnerships, which are generally more lucrative in the long term for celebrities, because they involve control over branding and include profit-sharing instead of just a lump-sum payday.This celebrity strategy is one of the oldest marketing tricks in the book. But it might not make a big difference in companies’ long-term success, says Dina Mayzlin, a marketing professor at the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business. “There’s a big debate about the extent to which any advertising is effective, but at the end of the day, it’s usually more about the product, or the logistics of how you sell,” she says. “I don’t think celebrity endorsements are that powerful.”Mayzlin points to the beginning of internet commerce as a lesson on how a new market goes from a Wild West with many competitors and little name recognition to an intensely consolidated industry. Amazon didn’t come to dominate American retail with slick ads alone. It performed its function with the most ruthless efficiency, which is what shoppers wanted.Still, Mayzlin sees one distinct upside to cannabis’s celebrity strategy: access to massive social-media followings. “In the past, you had to pay the celebrity, but then you also paid for media, like a TV ad,” she says. “Here, you already have the media.” That’s doubly important for cannabis brands, which can’t advertise themselves like a new type of soda can.Even Canopy readily admits that working with celebrities is quite different from developing, advertising, and selling products on its own. Drake is the Toronto Raptors’ official global hype man, and when the team recently made a run at the NBA title, the excitement threw Canopy’s development meetings with him into havoc. “We knew the priority was making sure the basketball thing is taken care of,” Sinclair told me. “If there was a big game and we had a meeting scheduled with Drake and his team the next morning, we were like, ‘Okay, let’s move this to the afternoon.’” Still, the hassle is worth it to let the millions of people who have listened to Drake rap about weed know exactly where to buy their own.
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Can Fake Horns Save the Rhino? That's … Extremely Thorny
Scientists can now flood the black market for rhino horns with horsehair fakes. Conservationists, however, have serious concerns.
This 'Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order' bundle is absolutely stacked
TL;DR: The Xbox One S Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order bundle is available for £249.99 on Amazon. Bundle deals are great because you get a console and game in one convenient package. At least, that's how it normally works. There's one bundle deal in the Amazon "Countdown to Black Friday Sale" that is bucking the trend by offering a whole lot more in the same package. Seriously, the Xbox One S Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order bundle is absolutely stacked. SEE ALSO: Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019: When is it and what are the best deals in the UK? This impressive bundle includes the Xbox One S (1TB) console, an Xbox wireless controller, a deluxe edition full-game download of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, one-month of Xbox Live Gold, a one-month trial of Xbox Game Pass, and one-month of EA Access. That is a lot. Read more...More about Xbox, Star Wars, Mashable Shopping, Shopping Uk, and Uk Deals
Mandy Moore: ‘There’s much more scrutiny now. You’re seen from all angles’
The actor on sequins, red-carpet disco fun, denim dresses and fast-forwarding her age in This Is UsI don’t tend to overthink what to wear to awards shows, but this felt like a momentous occasion. It was the first time I’d been nominated for an Emmy and I wanted to feel like the very best version of myself. I met with the designer Brandon Maxwell two weeks before the awards. He had just had his spring show and we talked about several ideas. He said: “Let me just make all of them, and you can mix and match.” So on the day I wore one version of this outfit to the ceremony, and then a slightly different version to the afterparty.When I first started out [in my career], social media wasn’t a thing. There’s so much more scrutiny now – you’re going to be seen from all angles at all times. It also means that [clothes] have to stand the test of time because the pictures are going to be out there for ever. Looking back 20 years ago, not all my outfit, hair and makeup choices have held up very well – but I never regret them because I always felt great in the moment. Nowadays, I like to have fun and stretch the creative limits of a red carpet – so one day I might wear a suit, one day a bodycon dress, one day 60s blue eyeshadow and sequins, and look like a disco ball! Continue reading...
US news | The Guardian
British PM Johnson will probably win this uninspiring election, Farage says
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will probably win the Dec. 12 election with a small majority but the campaign has so far been uninspiring with a host of unrealistic promises on both sides, Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage said on Tuesday.
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Northern Ireland's DUP will not support a Corbyn-led government
Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party will not consider supporting a government led by Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, as it would be "hugely detrimental" to the United Kingdom, DUP leader Arlene Foster said on Tuesday.
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Brooklyn man sentenced to 18 months in prison after running fraudulent ICOs
A man in the US has been sentenced to 18 months in prison after running two illegal cryptocurrency Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). Accused of committing securities fraud, Brooklyn-based Maksim Zaslavskiy was sentenced by United States District Judge Raymond J. Dearie yesterday. “Zaslavskiy committed old-fashioned fraud camouflaged as cutting-edge technology,” stated United States Attorney Donoghue. “This Office will continue to investigate and prosecute those who defraud investors, whether involving traditional securities or virtual currency,” Donoghue added. Back in July 2017, Zaslavskiy marketed RECoin as “the first-ever cryptocurrency backed by real estate,” and Diamond as an “exclusive and tokenized membership pool” backed… This story continues at The Next Web
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A surfer takes on a 100-foot wave and more death-defying moments
In a race against time, a hero cop saves a lost toddler wandering past speeding cars on a highway, a surfer hangs ten on a 100-foot wave and a train steamrolls its way right through a massive tractor-trailer. One thing’s for sure — the heart-pounding clips in this episode of “We Can’t Believe They Survived”...
New York Post
Rex Tillerson Says Trump’s Quid Pro Quo With Ukraine Was “Wrong”
“That’s wrong,” Tillerson said. “And I think everyone understands that.”
Slate Articles
See the wreckage left at Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Protesters at Hong Kong's Polytechnic University have left behind significant damage and remnants of their make-shift bomb making operations after surrendering to police. Police say roughly 600 people left the campus on Monday.
Sweden's Saab says UAE plans to buy two new surveillance aircraft
The United Arab Emirates intends to buy two additional GlobalEye aircraft for surveillance from Saab, the Swedish defense firm said on Tuesday, lifting its shares by 3%.
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Possible white supremacist manifesto at Syracuse University
School says document was posted in forum and "air dropped" into cell phones of people in campus library
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Swing state Dem: Voters are divided on impeachment
Democratic congresswoman Elissa Slotkin speaks with Christiane Amanpour about how the impeachment inquiry is perceived in her swing district.
UPDATE 1-PSA trade unions give the nod to merger with Fiat
The majority of unions representing workers at Peugeot maker PSA are in favour of a planned $50 billion merger with Fiat Chrysler , PSA executives and union representatives said.
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Peace out, panda! Why Bei Bei leaving the National Zoo hits so hard for so many
On Tuesday, Bei Bei is flying to a new home to China, but on his final days in the park, zoo goers and staff have gotten a last chance to see him off.      
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NFL Power Rankings for Week 11: Ravens rise in drastic shakeup
The time has come for the first true drastic shakeup atop The Post’s weekly NFL Power Rankings. Lamar Jackson and the Ravens already had ripped apart two other top-5 teams (New England and Seattle) in their previous three games, but Sunday’s shredding of Houston vaults Baltimore to the top spot in the league, ahead of...
New York Post
Luis Enrique Reappointed Spain Manager, Takes over from Robert Moreno
Luis Enrique has been reappointed Spain manager five months after he stepped down from the role, taking over from former assistant Robert Moreno...
Rory McIlroy happy to let rivals contest Race to Dubai battle
Northern Irishman at World Tour ChampionshipsShane Lowry among five who can top order of meritRory McIlroy cannot end his week as the Race to Dubai winner for a fourth time but the man himself is perfectly at ease with the scenario even if it is one that may disappoint the European Tour.McIlroy begins this week’s season-ending DP World Tour Championship sixth in the order of merit but too far adrift of Bernd Wiesberger to overhaul the Austrian. Wiesberger, Tommy Fleetwood, Jon Rahm, Shane Lowry and Matt Fitzpatrick will contest the overall prize. Continue reading...
US news | The Guardian
TSB lacked common sense in run-up to IT meltdown, says report
Computer systems failure resulted in nearly 1.9 million people being locked out of accountsThe board of TSB lacked “common sense” and shifted customers to a new IT platform before it had been fully tested, an independent report into the bank’s 2018 meltdown has found.The report, commissioned by the bank and carried out by law firm Slaughter and May, said the board failed to ask its contractor key questions ahead of the launch, which resulted in nearly 1.9 million customers being locked out of their accounts. Continue reading...
US news | The Guardian
U.S. breaks off defense cost talks, as South Korea balks at $5 billion demand
The United States broke off talks with South Korea on increasing Seoul's contribution to the costs of hosting U.S. troops, after the two sides failed to narrow their differences on Tuesday in a row that has raised questions about the American deployment.
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UPDATE 1-Home Depot says online investments take longer to pay off, cuts sales goal
Home Depot Inc said on Tuesday its efforts to integrate online and in-store shopping were taking longer than expected to pay off, prompting the retailer to cut its 2019 sales forecast and sending its shares down 7% in premarket trade.
One witness may hold the key to the impeachment story
Gordon Sondland's testimony will be higher-stakes than anything we heard last week primarily because, unlike last week's witnesses, he had direct contact with President Trump about Ukraine, writes Elie Honig.
A female MMA fighter has died after collapsing in the ring, but fight organizers say all competitors are 'prepared that they may be injured'
Joanna Beames/Impact MMA The organizers of an amateur MMA organization said that all competitors are "prepared that they may be injured" after a female athlete died following a collapse in the ring. Saeideh Aletaha, 26, died in hospital on Sunday morning after suffering a fatal brain injury during a K-1 bout Southampton, England, according to Sky. "All competitors get in prepared that they may be injured," read a statement from the fight's organizers. "This is something not expected to happen 99.9% of the time. But it can." Isobel Carnwath, a representative for the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation, told Business Insider "there is no legal requirement in the UK for combat sports competitions to be regulated or licensed." Hampshire Police told Sky that enquiries are ongoing.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. The organizers of an amateur MMA organization said that all competitors are "prepared that they may be injured" after a female athlete died following a collapse in the ring. Saeideh Aletaha, 26, died in hospital on Sunday morning after suffering a brain injury during her K-1 contest at Central Hall in Southampton, England the night before, according to Sky.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: 5 things about the NFL that football fans may not knowSee Also:A 30-year-old MMA fighter knocked out his opponent with a high-flying move so audacious it made him look like a ninjaAn 18-year-old Israeli who broke the record for fastest submission in Bellator MMA history scored another highlight-reel finish in Tel-AvivJorge Masvidal will be in for a rude awakening if he manages to coax Canelo Alvarez into a lucrative crossover boxing match
Business Insider
SoftBank is reportedly close to taking over a fancy London members' club that WeWork also wanted to rent
Youtube / Bloomberg TV Markets and Finance SoftBank is reportedly close to securing the keys to a private members' club in London that WeWork also wanted to rent.  That suggests the pair's recent troubles haven't tempered their desire for prime real estate. The Japanese conglomerate is in advanced talks with KPMG for its Number Twenty club in Mayfair, according to the Financial Times. WeWork showed "strong interest" in the property, which KPMG rents for £4.1 million ($5.3 million) a year, the newspaper reported. View Business Insider's homepage for more stories. SoftBank is reportedly close to securing the keys to a private members' club in London that WeWork also wanted to rent, suggesting the two companies' recent troubles haven't tempered their desire for prime real estate. The Japanese conglomerate — which struck a $9.5 billion rescue deal to take over WeWork last month after the coworking startup's IPO fell through — is in advanced talks with KPMG for its Number Twenty club in Mayfair, according to the Financial Times. SoftBank's Vision Fund has been hunting for space in London as part of its plan to double its global headcount to 800 in the next two years, the newspaper reported.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: A big-money investor in juggernauts like Facebook and Netflix breaks down the '3rd wave' firms that are leading the next round of tech disruptionSee Also:Trump reportedly shelved a ban on flavored e-cigarettes to avoid angering votersState-owned oil giant Saudi Aramco is worth up to $1.7 trillion in a new IPO range, setting the stage for the world's largest public listingWeWork is just the 'tip of the iceberg.' Here's why one market expert thinks Silicon Valley's business model 'is at the beginning of a massive unraveling.'
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