Uber receives just a two-month London license with new safety conditions

Uber on Tuesday received only a two-month London operating license, failing to secure a maximum five-year term in a battle with the regulator which has previously stripped the app of its right to take rides.
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Doctor at hospital in Wuhan dies after treating patients with coronavirus
A doctor working at a hospital in Wuhan, China — treating patients stricken with the coronavirus — died Saturday morning. Liang Wudong, 62, died after he was infected with Wuhan coronavirus. Wudong retired last year from his position as the head of the ear, nose and throat department at one of Wuhan’s top hospitals, the...
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President Trump's attorney accuses Democrats of trying to interfere with 2020 election
Pat Cipollone, part of President Donald Trump's legal defense team, summarized their defense during their opening arguments on January 25, 2020.
Locust outbreak in Kenya is worst in 70 years
"Even cows are wondering what is happening," said Ndunda Makanga, who spent hours Friday trying to chase the locusts from his farm.
Meet the fearless female drag kings of conservative Africa
At this point, most people know about drag queens — thanks, RuPaul! — but fewer are aware of drag kings: women who dress as men. There are thriving drag-king scenes in London, New York, Paris, Los Angeles — and, most subversively, Brazzaville in the Republic of Congo, where these women are out-dancing, out-posing and out-dressing...
'New David Beckham' forced to clarify comments after PR bomb
The arrival of Javier Hernandez at Los Angeles Galaxy was treated as a seminal moment for Major League Soccer and for the club.
Defense at Senate trial says removing Trump would be 'very dangerous'
Lawyers for U.S. President Donald Trump told his Senate impeachment trial on Saturday that Democrats' efforts to remove the president from office would set a "very, very dangerous" precedent in an election year.
Spacewalkers close to fixing cosmic ray detector
Spacewalking astronauts worked to complete repairs to a cosmic ray detector outside the International Space Station on Saturday and give it new life. (Jan. 25)
Over 2,000 Pounds of Ground Beef Recalled Due to Possible Contamination With Plastic
According to the recall, there have been no reports of adverse reactions from consuming these products.
Man gunned down in Brooklyn apartment lobby
The victim, who was 28, had been arguing with an unidentified man just before 5 a.m. in the building on Rockaway Ave. near Livonia Ave. in Brownsville, officials said.
Over 97,000 Gallons of Red Wine Spilled Out of a California Winery
The amount of the spill would almost be enough to fill 500,000 standard wine bottles
'Absolutely nothing wrong': Quotes from the fifth day of Trump's impeachment trial
The impeachment trial of President Donald Trump in the U.S. Senate entered its fifth day and a new phase on Saturday as Trump's legal team began to lay out its defense.
'RHOC' star Vicki Gunvalson leaving show after 14 seasons: 'I will always be the OG of the OC'
"The Real Housewives of Orange County" star Vicki Gunvalson has announced that she is leaving the show after 14 seasons.
Delta Air Lines fined $50G over claims it discriminated against Muslim passengers
DOT found Delta Air Lines to have violated anti-bias laws after the airline removed three Muslim passengers from flights.
NYPD cop and fiancee allegedly froze 8-year-old autistic son to death, police said
NYPD officer Michael Valva allegedly left his 8-year-old son in the freezing garage overnight.
The 10 craziest Nicolas Cage performances, ranked (including his new movie 'Color Out of Space')
Nicolas Cage is busting out the crazy for his new horror film "Color Out of Space,' so we're ranking all the films where the actor went "full Cage."
Is 'SNL' on Tonight? Watch Adam Driver Host 'Saturday Night Live'
Halsey will perform on the 2020 opener.
Fire Thought to Have Destroyed 85,000 Historic Artifacts in New York Chinatown Museum
Almost all of the priceless collection was likely wiped out.
Even Before Mike Pompeo’s Blowup, State Department Insiders Were Feeling Undermined
Trump's impeachment is causing collateral damage that reaches far beyond the White House, interviews suggest.
Elderly Woman Survives Fall From 7th Story Apartment Window After Landing on Crate of Fruit and Vegetables
Barbara Heller, 76, accidentally fell after leaning out of the window of her apartment in Manhattan's Upper East Side.
Family of Connecticut man fatally shot by state police demands trooper's prosecution
The family of a Connecticut man fatally shot by a state trooper is calling for the officer to be fired and criminally prosecuted.
NBC Orders ‘Ordinary Joe’ Drama Pilot From ‘House’ Creators
20th Century Fox TV will partner with Russel Friend and Garrett Lerner as well as The Batman writer/director Matt Reeves on the series.
Pompeo says NPR host 'lied to me' but does not dispute he shouted, cursed at her after interview
Sec. Pompeo did not dispute Kelly's most explosive allegation: that he shouted and swore at her and suggested Americans don't care about Ukraine.
Elizabeth Hurley sizzles in hot pink bikini
Elizabeth Hurley doesn't just design her own bikinis, she models them.
Astros cheating whistleblower Mike Fiers emerges from scandal
Oakland Athletics pitcher Mike Fiers, the MLB whistleblower whose revelations about the Astros’ sign-stealing rocked the sport, on Friday made his first public appearance since three managers and one general manager lost their jobs amid the cheating scandal. But the former Astros hurler doesn’t appear ready to discuss the fallout of his comments to The...
Chinese coronavirus outbreak sparks evacuation of US citizens, diplomats from Wuhan: report
The U.S. government is sending a charter flight to the Chinese city of Wuhan Sunday in an effort to evacuate its citizens and diplomats as the country continues to battle an outbreak of the coronavirus that has already killed 41 people and infected over 1,300 more, reports say.
They Shared a Bunk Bed Growing Up. Both Were Killed by the Police.
How the shooting of one brother paved the way for the other’s death, seven years later.
Fox News' Sean Hannity to interview President Trump before the Super Bowl
While the interview likely will be pre-taped, Trump is expected to fly in Palm Beach County Friday, then stay at his Mar-a-Lago estate.
Arizona driver caught in HOV lane with skeleton riding shotgun
Arizona state troopers patrolling a highway HOV lane weren’t fooled when they came across a vehicle occupied by a driver and a partially-clothed skeleton.
Trump's legal team go after Schiff over his reading of Ukraine call transcript
Lev Parnas claims he has audio of Trump ordering Ukraine ambassador's firing
"Get rid of her. Get her out tomorrow. I don't care. Get her out tomorrow," President Trump said, in a recording released Friday.
Trump's legal team starts impeachment defense
President Donald Trump's lawyers opened their impeachment trial defense on Saturday by asserting that he did nothing wrong when he asked Ukraine to investigate a political rival, Joe Biden. They accused prosecutors of omitting key evidence. (Jan. 25)
Coronavirus patients arrived in France without symptoms
Two of the three people who have been diagnosed with the Wuhan coronavirus arrived in France without showing symptoms, doctors at a Paris hospital said on Saturday.
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‘This Is Huge’: Worst Locust Swarm in Decades Destroy Crops in East Africa
It's the worst outbreak of desert locusts that Kenya has seen in 70 years
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Chinese leader warns of 'grave' coronavirus crisis as US diplomats prepare to leave Wuhan
As the US closed its Wuhan consulate, Chinese President Xi Jingping warned of a "grave situation" in the rapid spread of the coronavirus       
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Senate Republicans’ disingenuous outrage over Schiff’s “head on a pike” comment, briefly explained
Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC), Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA), Sen. James Lankford (R-OK), and Sen. John Barrasso (R-OK), speak to the media during a dinner break in the Senate impeachment trial of President Trump at U.S. Capitol on January 23, 2020 in Washington, DC. | Mark Wilson/Getty Images Senate Republicans latched onto the comment — skirting substance of the trial. During his closing arguments at the Senate impeachment trial on Friday, impeachment manager Rep. Adam Schiff made a comment that set some Republicans off. “CBS News reported last night that a Trump confidant said that GOP senators were warned, ‘Vote against the president — and your head will be on a pike,’” he said. “Now, I don’t know if that’s true.” He added, “I hope it’s not true,” before arguing that this is the sort of statement a president who believes himself to be a king would make. The outrage was swift — even inside the chamber. Sen. Susan Collins shook her head, according to Politico, and loudly said, “Not true.” Others appeared similarly dismayed. And the tone in the room apparently changed. After lawmakers left the trial, several continued to voice their concerns. “I thought he was doing fine with moral courage until he got to the head on a pike. That’s where he lost me,” said Sen. Lisa Murkowski. “Nothing like going through three days of frustration and then cap it off with an insult,” said Sen. James Lankford. “He has basically offended every Republican senator in there tonight,” added Sen. John Barrasso. While Republicans didn’t indicate how these comments would affect any potential vote on witnesses next week, they did latch onto them as a new way to criticize the Democrats’ otherwise painstakingly thorough case for removal. And in doing so, they obscured much of the context around them. For one, Schiff was citing a news report and not making the assertion himself. Additionally, while the specific quote itself has spurred strong reactions for obvious reasons — the point it’s trying to make is one that’s an apparent political reality: If lawmakers break with Trump on impeachment, there will likely be backlash — whether that’s from the administration or the Republican base. The pushback on Schiff echoed some of the attacks Republicans had levied against Rep. Jerry Nadler earlier in the week for violating Senate decorum: It felt like Republicans were simply looking for a reason to discredit the Democratic arguments that had very little to do with the actual substance at all. Republicans are under significant pressure to stick with the president House Democrats’ reference to the CBS News report were in line with points that the impeachment managers made on Friday about the need for Congress to check the President, so he doesn’t act like a “king” or “dictator.” “I was struck by the irony of the idea, when we’re talking about a president who would make himself a monarch, that whoever that was would use the terminology of a penalty that was imposed by a monarch, a head on a pike,” Schiff said. When lawmakers have opposed him in the past, Trump has, in fact, not exactly taken it too kindly. Most recently, Rep. Matt Gaetz, a staunch Trump ally, voted in favor of checking presidential war powers when it comes to military action in Iran, a position that went against the White House’s. “White House officials would not be returning Gaetz’s phone calls, text messages, ‘smoke signals or his kneelings in the snow,’” an official told The Washington Post after the vote took place. Former South Carolina Rep. Mark Sanford, too, garnered severe blowback for his critiques of the president, who ultimately endorsed his primary challenger in 2018. Trump’s tendency to quash such opposition is well-known in Washington, Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) emphasized to reporters. “Well, that’s one of the worst kept secrets in Washington is what this White House and this president will do to someone who crosses him, and he’s made that clear from day one.” Members of the Republican base, with whom Trump has an 88 percent approval rating, according to Gallup, have often rejected breaks with the president as well. North Carolina Sen. Thom Tillis, a vulnerable Republican who initially refused to support Trump declaring a national emergency to fund the border wall, is among the lawmakers to experience the consequences of going against the president firsthand. While Tillis ultimately reversed his position, he dealt with the threat of a potential primary challenger after announcing his opposition. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has said that any Republican that does not vote in favor of calling Hunter Biden as a witness, if that question emerges, would be in electoral danger. “If you vote against Hunter Biden, you’re voting to lose your election, basically. Seriously. That’s what it is,” he previously told Politico. So while Schiff’s specific reference to the CBS report might be in dispute, even Republicans would seem to agree with the premise of its central metaphor. Which makes the outrage over the lawmaker’s decision to include it in his arguments seem less about whether the report was true, and more about finding something to distract focus from the charges Trump faces.
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Off-duty FDNY firefighter busted for scratching girlfriend’s face during fight
An off-duty firefighter was busted Saturday for clawing at his girlfriend’s face during a fight in Brooklyn, police said. Nelson Merizalde, 45, was arrested after a lover’s quarrel with his sweetheart in their Coney Island apartment turned violent, officials said. The pair were getting ready for bed when Merizalde allegedly grabbed the 39-year-old woman by...
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Cultivating baseball: Creating a new kind of major leaguer through college classes
Colleges like Pomona in California are staging classes for students to study advanced analytics that helps them get jobs in MLB.       
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Police trooper fatally shoots teen. His family wants officer charged.
A Connecticut state police trooper fatally shot 19-year-old Mubarak Soulemane after a high speed chase over a carjacking. No charges have been filed against the state trooper who shot him.
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Joshua Rogers: I saw a woman do THIS on a train -- and it impacts my marriage today
Let old memories stir up old emotions and reckless optimism.
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Trump impeachment trial: A quick guide to the president’s defense
The brief filed this week by President Trump’s legal team outlines how they plan to fight each of the two articles of impeachment passed by the House of Representatives. President Trump’s defense: Article I: Abuse of Power – It’s a “made-up theory,” not an impeachable offense – Trump’s hold on Ukrainian aid was justified by...
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Bernie Sanders Surges to the Top in New Iowa Poll Just Days Before Caucuses Begin
The latest survey found that nearly two in five Iowa Democratic caucus-goers said their minds hadn't been made up yet.
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Two dead, three injured in New Jersey car crash: police
A black Infinity G35 was driving near the intersection of 15th Avenue and Hunterdon Street in Newark just after 3:30 a.m. when it crashed into a nearby street pole, according to NBC.
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Trump's legal team launches first day of impeachment defense: 'The president did absolutely nothing wrong'
President Trump's legal team launches first day of impeachment defense: "The president did absolutely nothing wrong."
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Grammys 2020: Aerosmith honored at the annual MusiCares Person of the Year gala
The stars stepped out for this year's MusiCares Person of the Year gala, honoring Aerosmith. Take a look at who walked the carpet and who performed during the show.       
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How Lizzo transformed into the hottest ‘bitch’ in Hollywood
Lizzo has the world in the palm of her hand. Well, in her tiny purse. When the “Good as Hell” songstress walked the red carpet at the American Music Awards in November, she accessorized a peach babydoll Valentino dress with a bag the size of a matchbox, which she nonchalantly dangled off her long, crystal-studded...
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Spanish winery submerges bottles underwater in twist to the aging process
An average day for an unusual winemaker is jumping into the murky waters of northern Spain to check on his bottles.
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House impeachment managers wrap up their opening arguments on Obstruction of Congress
In their final day of opening arguments, Democrats lay out the Obstruction of Congress charge which is the second Article of Impeachment against President Trump.        
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