Ukraine president's party leads in parliament election: exit poll

President Volodymyr Zelenskiy's party led Ukraine's snap parliamentary election on Sunday with 43.9% of votes, an exit poll showed.
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Migos member Takeoff sued for alleged rape at LA house party
The alleged incident occurred June 22 at an Encino house party.
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Woman arrested for defacing Black Lives Matter mural outside Trump Tower
The Black Lives Matter mural outside of Trump Tower has been defaced yet again — just days after it was cleaned from a previous act of vandalism. Guilet Dita Germanotta, 39, was arrested Wednesday afternoon after allegedly throwing blue paint across the giant yellow lettering that the city has painted across the block of Fifth...
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USC's Chase Williams says he's willing to boycott season if safety measures aren't met
USC defensive back Chase Williams says he's willing to boycott the season if safety measures aren't strengthened. But he's hoping it doesn't come to that.
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Las Vegas home comes with a 15,000-square-foot underground bomb shelter
Around 166 miles away from where the atomic bomb was tested in Nevada is an unassuming multimillion-dollar home that is equipped with a 15,000-square-foot underground bunker, and it’s up for sale now.
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Texas cancer researcher murdered on her daily jog, suspect in custody
A cancer researcher and mother-of-two who emigrated to Texas from India was reportedly murdered on her daily jog Saturday morning. Sarmistha Sen, 43, was found dead by a passerby at about 7 a.m. near a creek along the Chisholm Trail in the city of Plano, Fox 4 reported, citing police. Police did not reveal the...
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Trump tops Biden as both tout large July fundraising hauls
President Trump’s re-election campaign says that it and the Republican National Committee (RNC) and their joint fundraising committees combined brought in an eye-popping $165 million in contributions last month.
Texas Tech AD meets with players after report on abuse in women's basketball program
AD Kirby Hocutt said Wednesday night he met with Texas Tech women's basketball players after a USA TODAY Sports investigation into the program.
Twitter temporarily restricted Trump campaign's ability to tweet over false Covid-19 claims
Twitter said on Wednesday it had restricted President Donald Trump's campaign from tweeting after its account shared a video containing false claims about the coronavirus.
This week's 'smooth' primaries almost felt normal. Here's why.
Primary elections across the country this week almost felt normal, for a change.
Great-grandmother sues Disney World over 'humiliating' CBD oil arrest
A great-grandmother is reportedly suing Disney World after she was arrested for having CBD oil in her bag.
Ben Shapiro praises NJ gym owners who 'destroyed' 'ignorant' Chris Cuomo in heated CNN interview
CNN primetime host Chris Cuomo was rhetorically "destroyed" by a pair of New Jersey gym owners during a wild interview, Ben Shapiro said Wednesday.
Jake Paul raid in connection with Scottsdale investigation, feds say, as firearms reportedly seized from home
Details regarding the Wednesday morning FBI raid of YouTube star Jake Paul's Calabasas home have surfaced.
Facebook, Twitter take action against Trump over coronavirus post
Facebook deleted a post by President Trump for the first time on Wednesday, saying it violated a policy against spreading misinformation about the coronavirus, and Twitter restricted his campaign’s access to their platform The post included a video of the president saying that children are “almost immune from Covid-19” during an interview on Fox News...
AP Top Stories August 5 P
Here's the latest for Tuesday August 5th: Trump and Biden will give virtual acceptance speeches; US officials dispute Trump's claim that Beirut was attacked; Virginia first to roll out pandemic app; New Guinea a biodiversity hotspot for plants.
Giants will need more of this Markus Golden creativity
For Joe Judge to achieve even a measure of success this season for the Giants, there will have to be more — much more — of what went down to bring Markus Golden back into the fold. There are ways to secure players. Throw money at them. Slap them with the franchise tag. Keep their...
The Asian American voters who could help Trump win a second term
Baoky Vu writes that with election day quickly approaching, there's one voting bloc that President Trump can rely on: Vietnamese Americans. While younger generations have been abandoning the GOP, a recent survey finds that older generations are among the President's most loyal voters.
The Asian American voters who could help Trump win a second term
With Elections Day less than 100 days away, and President Donald Trump underwater in national polling averages, he is once again relying on his mastery of sowing discord to divide the nation and to distract the American public from his irresponsible leadership throughout this pandemic.
Facebook Removes Trump Post Over False Claim About Children And COVID-19
The social network said the president's false claims that children are "almost immune" from COVID-19 violated its policy on coronavirus misinformation.
NBA owners commit $300 million to new foundation dedicated to economic empowerment in Black community
NBA's Board of Governors announced $300M commitment to new foundation "dedicated to creating greater economic empowerment in the Black community."
Democrats refuse to condemn Antifa in domestic terrorism hearing, Andy Ngo says
Tensions ran high at a Senate hearing on Antifa on Tuesday as Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, blasted Democrats for not condemning the leftist extremist group more directly for the violence that has erupted in certain U.S. cities in the wake of George Floyd's death in Minneapolis.
School district faces more child victims act lawsuits
Couple indicted for stealing 100K from local HOA
Woman's remains found in plastic container
Facebook removes video of Trump over false COVID-19 claims
A recent study from South Korea showed children ages 10-19 can spread the coronavirus at least as well as adults can.
Collin Morikawa takes aim at next prize: PGA Championship
It's been a straight path for Collin Morikawa, from college standout at California and the game's No. 1-ranked amateur to the rarefied air of golf's elite.
Facebook took down a Trump post for the first time 
Facebook has taken down a Trump post for containing harmful misinformation about Covid-19 and children. | Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images Trump’s false claims about Covid-19 and children are harmful misinformation, according to Facebook’s policies. Facebook has taken down a post by President Trump containing false statements about children’s susceptibility to Covid-19. It’s the first time the company has enforced its rules that ban harmful speech on one of Trump’s posts. The post that Facebook removed is a Fox video clip in which Trump makes an incorrect statement, saying that children are “almost immune” to Covid-19. That isn’t true; children are not immune to the virus. Trump posted the clip on his personal Facebook account. Facebook said it’s taking down the video because it violates its policy against spreading harmful misinformation about Covid-19. It’s the latest development in the ongoing debate about whether Facebook should more strictly police false statements made by politicians like Trump on its platform. Until now, the company has largely held off on moderating political speech because Facebook says it aims to be an open platform for communication rather than an “arbiter of truth.” But Facebook has taken a hard line on Covid-19 misinformation since the beginning of the pandemic — and Trump’s post crossed that line. “This video includes false claims that a group of people is immune from COVID-19 which is a violation of our policies around harmful COVID misinformation,” a spokesperson for Facebook said in a statement to Recode. While researchers think the harmful effects of Covid-19 are less severe for children than for adults, kids can still get the disease (hundreds of children at a summer camp in Georgia recently became infected with Covid-19), and some children have died from it. Scientists are also still trying to understand the long-term effects of the disease, even in patients who have milder cases. In President Trump’s statements on Fox, he falsely claimed, “If you look at children, children are almost — and I would almost say definitely — but almost immune from this disease.” He added, “I don’t know how you feel about it, but they [children] have much stronger immune systems than we do somehow for this. They do it. They don’t have a problem.” On Twitter, Trump posted the same Fox News clip, which was originally posted by the @TeamTrump campaign account. But by Wednesday evening, a spokesperson for Twitter told Recode that the video violated its rules on Covid-19 misinformation, and that the account owner (in this case, @TeamTrump) will be required to remove the tweet before they can post again. The spokesperson said this was not a suspension. Twitter has blocked the post from view in the meantime. For years, Trump has made false claims on Facebook — in recent months he has made incorrect statements about topics such as mail-in voting and Joe Biden’s platform on policing. Independent fact-checkers which are part of Facebook’s fact-checking network have flagged these posts as incorrect on their own sites, but Facebook has not labeled them as such on its platform because its rules exempt politicians from being fact-checked. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has repeatedly said that he does not want his company to be an “arbiter of truth” — and that the company does not fact-check political speech. By contrast, in May, Twitter started fact-checking some of Trump’s posts, such as when it labelled posts in which he made false claims about mail-in voting in California, as “misleading,” and directed users to accurate information about vote-by-mail. Facebook has faced increasing criticism from leading Democratic politicians, disinformation experts, civil rights organizations, and even some its own employees for not enforcing its own policies when Trump uses its platform to spread misinformation, or when it didn’t moderate a “when the looting starts, the shooting starts” post he shared in response to Black Lives Matter protests in late May. The Trump campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment. When it comes to political ads on its platform, which are distinct from ads, Facebook has moderated Trump before on a few occasions. In June, Facebook took down a Trump campaign ad that displayed Nazi insignia. And in March, Facebook took down another Trump ad which contained a link to a Trump campaign survey that was marketed as a link to the US census. And the company has labeled (but not fact-checked) some of Trump’s posts on his personal page containing false statements about voting by adding links to these posts that share voter information. The company, as a policy, adds these labels to all posts about voting in the 2020 US presidential election, regardless of their veracity or who posts them. But this is the first time time the company has actually taken down one of Trump’s posts — which is sure to anger Republicans, some of whom have long complained of alleged (and unproven) anti-conservative bias on social media platforms, despite the success of many leading conservatives like Trump on the platform to date.
Best friends, married for 35 years, die from coronavirus just 11 days apart
Keith and Gwendolyn Robinson, of California, were just like Noah and Allie from the famous Nicholas Sparks romance novel-turned-movie "The Notebook," according to their son.
Heartstopping video shows Lebanese bride posing for shoot moments before massive explosion rocked capital
A stunning video recorded Tuesday captures a Lebanese bride in Beirut moments before a massive explosion that killed 135 people and injured thousands of others.
Lebanese bride happy to be alive after blast cuts short wedding video
BEIRUT – Radiant in a long white gown and veil, 29-year-old Lebanese bride Israa Seblani stands smiling and posing for her wedding video. The scene is shattered by a deafening roar, and a powerful shockwave nearly blows her off her feet. The dramatic footage captured the moment when a massive explosion rocked the Lebanese capital...
FBI says thieves stole safe full of prescription narcotics from Cleveland CVS during George Floyd riots
Investigators in Cleveland are on the hunt for a group of men seen in surveillance images allegedly swiping a safe full of prescription drugs from a CVS Pharmacy during rioting in the city on May 30.
Illinois Republican congressman tests positive for coronavirus
Illinois Republican Rep. Rodney Davis tested positive for coronavirus on Wednesday, his office said in a statement, making him the third congressman over the last week to report having the virus.
Sen. Rand Paul blasts GOP colleagues, says they should 'apologize' to Obama for past spending complaints
"The only way to fix this government mandated depression is get rid of the government mandates and let the economy function as it did normally," Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., said Wednesday, adding that he would "absolutely not" vote for a trillion dollar or more package.
Plantation where Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively married responds after actor expressed regret
The plantation where Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively got married has issued a statement now that the famous couple has voiced regret about tying the knot in a venue where slavery took place.
Column: 'Mulan' deserves more. Why a Disney+ release does the warrior heroine another disservice
Debuting in 1998 after two major Disney animated bombs, the original "Mulan" had a low-key premiere and bare-bones marketing. Now the live-action version is going straight to Disney+. Is this any way to treat one of the best Disney characters ever?
Facebook Deletes a Trump Post for the First Time, Citing Coronavirus Misinformation
The post featured a link to a Fox News video in which Trump says children are “virtually immune” to the virus
Raiders coaching staff sends warning to players by pretending Jon Gruden was hospitalized due to coronavirus
The Las Vegas Raiders took a different approach to show their players the severity of the coronavirus pandemic.
Trump bests Biden in July fundraising but money gap between the campaigns has essentially closed
President Donald Trump's campaign and the Republican National Committee bested presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden and his party's national committee's fundraising haul in July, but the money gap between the two camps has essentially closed.
81% of Black Americans want police to maintain or increase local presence, poll reveals
More than 80% of Black Americans favor a police presence in their area equal to current levels or more, according to the findings of a Gallup poll released Wednesday.
Rory McIlroy hoping to regain lost form at PGA Championship
SAN FRANCISCO — Rory McIlroy was cruising. Not a care in the world. He owned the world No. 1 ranking. He was in great form, with six consecutive top-5 finishes, including one victory. And he was defending his 2019 Players Championship at TPC Sawgrass in March. Then the PGA Tour, along with the rest of...
Johnny Manziel fires back at Darren Rovell: ‘Big of a b—h as ever’
Johnny Manziel and reporter Darren Rovell apparently still have beef. Rovell, who works for the Action Network, pointed out the irony of two Sports Illustrated covers from seven years ago. One cover shows former Yankees star Alex Rodriguez at the end of his steroid-and-lying-scarred playing days, titled “The end is pain, and pain is ugly.”...
Los Angeles Times mocked for claiming Trader Joe's can 'break your heart' over its 'stances'
The Los Angeles Times raised eyebrows on Wednesday over its report warning fans of Trader Joe's that the chain store can "break your heart" over its decision to maintain its line of products that were deemed offensive by critics.
MS-13 gang members charged with sex trafficking, other charges in abuse of 13-year-old runaway
Federal prosecutors allege that gang members beat the girl, raped her and prostituted her in Virginia and Maryland.
Uighur model sends rare video from Chinese detention
A 31-year-old Uighur man appears in a newly published video that offers a rare view inside the Communist Party’s secretive “reeducation” camps.
Professor Allan Lichtman, who has accurately predicted elections since 1984, says Biden will win
Lichtman was one of the few forecasters who projected in 2016 Trump win while also correctly predicting he would be impeached as president.
Migos rapper Takeoff accused of rape in lawsuit
Takeoff, a member of the hip-hop trio Migos, has been sued for sexual assault in the state of Calif., according to court docs obtained by multiple outlets.
Residents report mysterious packages from China beyond just seeds
Perhaps the seed scammers branched out. After reports across the country of mysterious packages of seeds arriving from China, residents from New York to Georgia now say they’re getting other bizarre shipments from the country that they never ordered. The USDA has begun identifying the unsolicited seeds sent across the US this summer — including...