U.S. business group says retaliation rising in China amid trade war

A top U.S. business lobby in China said on Wednesday that nearly half of its members are seeing non-tariff barrier retaliation in China as a result of the increasingly bitter trade war between Beijing and Washington.
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Coronavirus outbreak in Michigan linked to Fourth of July lake party
Michigan health officials have warned the public of possible coronavirus exposure after a Fourth of July party at a northwest sandbar resulted in several positive cases. The Health Department of Northwest Michigan was notified of several individuals testing positive for COVID-19 after attending Torch Lake sandbar in Rapid City over the holiday. Those testing positive...
For Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s Birthday, Watch ‘Crashing’ on Netflix
If you're craving more Fleabag, watch Crashing. Then you'll be craving more Crashing.
The world runs on remittances. Covid-19 could end that for many
For the past ten years, Mirian López Aceves, 30, received money from her mother, who lives in the United States. But as the pandemic crept its way into the Western Hemisphere earlier this year, the monthly financial provisions that she depends on all but vanished.
Girl, 4, heartbroken over coronavirus shutdowns in viral video
We’re not having any fun, either.
China and Iran reportedly working on partnership worth billions for Tehran
Beijing would provide massive investments into banking, telecommunication, ports, railways - a huge boost for the Islamic Republic's teetering economy - in exchange for Iran supplying oil to China over the next 25 years.
Phytoplankton enhance Arctic Ocean's ability to soak up carbon dioxide, study finds
A new study from researchers at Stanford University reports massive blooms of phytoplankton have dramatically enhanced the Arctic Ocean's ability to soak up carbon dioxide.
Benjamin Keough’s ex-girlfriend posts emotional tribute after his death
Keough — the son of Lisa Marie Presley and her first husband Danny Keough — died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound in California on Sunday.
Miami is now the coronavirus epicenter as cases surge, expert says
With more than 2,000 patients hospitalized and hundreds in Intensive Care Units, "Miami is now the epicenter of the pandemic," one infectious disease expert said, comparing the South Florida metropolitan area to the city where the pandemic originated.
Here's why Donald Trump didn't end the mask debate
President Donald Trump wore a mask while visiting wounded service members at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and people were very surprised since this is the first time he has been seen in a mask in public during the coronavirus pandemic. Chris Cillizza explains why this is so significant.
Amazon tells warehouse workers they can take extra time to wash hands
Amazon’s New York warehouse workers can take extra time to wash their hands during the coronavirus pandemic without being punished, the company said. Employees at the e-commerce juggernaut’s Staten Island facility recently received an email telling them that they won’t be disciplined for not hitting their productivity goals, following months of protests and a lawsuit...
Biden proposes plan to reach 100% clean electricity by 2035
Former vice president Joe Biden released a plan on Tuesday that calls for a carbon-free power system by 2035 and proposed $2 trillion in green energy spending.
The Atlantic Festival Goes Virtual September 21–24, Featuring Dozens of Events, Conversations, and Performances
The Atlantic Festival has become the preeminent live exploration of the ideas that shape a changing nation, featuring conversations with the people at the center of the biggest stories. This fall, The Atlantic will bring all of America to the festival as it makes the marquee event virtual and free to attend—offering four days of news-making interviews, performances, film screenings, and conversations about the seismic challenges the country is facing, and what comes next.The festival, taking place September 21 to 24, will be anchored by highly produced 90-minute evening headliner programs that will be streamed live. Just as The Atlantic’s journalism has been essential during the pandemic and mass protests over America’s long history of racist policies and practices, the Atlantic Festival will feature conversations about the political, cultural, and economic forces shaping our world. The festival will explore the theme of where we go from here and will also include specific topical forums on race and justice, education, small business, the future of work, and health care.The Atlantic’s live-events team will partner with industry giant Don Mischer Productions in producing the festival. Don Mischer Productions has been involved in many of the most-watched events, including the Academy Awards, Emmys, and Super Bowl halftime shows. In 2017, they produced the ABC special “Taking the Stage” for the opening of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture.“The Atlantic Festival has consistently been an illuminating and news-driving event of national importance,” said Jeffrey Goldberg, The Atlantic’s editor in chief. “I’m very pleased that we’re able to bring our programming to a global audience this year, especially given the leading role our journalists have played in coverage of the pandemic, and of the national reckoning around race.”For the first time, The Atlantic is making all festival events free to access, and expects to draw audiences across the country and the world. Events will be streamed live on The Atlantic’s site and other platforms and will be hosted on Tame, an interactive platform that will let attendees seamlessly enjoy all festival events.Additional announcements about interviewees, events, and evening mainstage broadcasts will be made in the coming weeks. Registration will open at in mid-August. Members of the media should inquire directly with the contacts below for press registration information.Created in 2009 as the Washington Ideas Forum, the event rebranded in 2018 as the Atlantic Festival, increasing the breadth and depth of its programming to reflect The Atlantic’s illumination of the American idea, and its celebration of culture and democracy. All eyes were on the opening of last year’s festival, as Speaker Nancy Pelosi took the stage for an interview with Jeffrey Goldberg hours before announcing the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump. The 2019 event also included headline-making conversations with Senator Mitt Romney, General James Mattis, former U.S. National Security Advisor Susan Rice, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, and Disney CEO Bob Iger.The Atlantic Festival is supported by Facebook as the Founding Level Underwriter; Genentech as the Presenting Level Underwriter; Allstate, Eli Lilly, and U.S. Bank as Supporting Level Underwriters; and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, ExxonMobil, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, and PayPal as Contributing Level Underwriters.
Dash Cart: Amazon's smart shopping cart knows what you're getting, displays your subtotal
Amazon has created a smart shopping cart that knows what you're selecting and can charge you for it without a cashier.
Joe Biden sets out aggressive plan to tackle climate change
Joe Biden's plan for rebuilding the economy hinges heavily on clean-energy investment and would rapidly reverse the Trump era's retreat on climate.
An indicator that presaged the housing crisis is flashing red again
A jump in mortgage delinquencies was among the very first signs of the housing crisis and the Great Recession that followed. And new data shows this leading indicator is higher than it's been in decades.
New York Lawmaker pressuring schools to remove ‘race-based’ team mascots
A state lawmaker has introduced a bill that would pressure New York schools to remove team names, mascots or logos deemed racially offensive — such as those with Native-American symbols and lineage. The measure from state Sen. Peter Harckham (D-Westchester) would require schools to remove any “race-based mascots” within three years — or lose state...
Peacock: What you need to know about NBCUniversal's new streaming service
Peacock, NBCUniversal's new streaming service, is ready to flaunt its colorful library of content and its attention-grabbing price point of $0.
Former VA Medical Worker Charged With 7 Murders In West Virginia
Reta Mays is accused of killing seven patients by injecting them with insulin. She worked as a nursing assistant on the night shift at a Veterans Affairs medical center in Clarksburg.
Dave Rubin: Charges against St. Louis couple would be 'indictment of the criminal justice system'
Talk show host Dave Rubin said on Tuesday that the couple who brandished their firearms in front of protestors were “protecting their property,” a move necessary amid the destruction of cities during the protests over police brutality.
UK parliament meeting hilariously interrupted by Rojo the cat: 'Put your tail down'
A virtual U.K. parliament meeting was hilariously interrupted by an unexpected guest.
Boeing got hit with a new wave of canceled plane orders
The flood of canceled Boeing plane orders has returned.
Bettors’ best win-total values for the 2020 MLB season
Betting on season win totals has long been a favorite of both recreational bettors and wiseguys. However, their strategies couldn’t be more different. While public bettors are biased toward big-name favorites and love betting on popular teams, sharp bettors search for value and are never afraid to take an unpopular position. Pros are also more...
Biden proposes $2 trillion for clean energy projects, calls for end to power plant emissions by 2035
Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden on Tuesday proposed spending $2 trillion over four years on clean energy projects and ending carbon emissions from power plants by 2035.
What did our food look like hundreds of years ago? Art history may have the answers
Art works may help us better understand how our modern fruits and vegetables visually evolved, a new report says.
S.A. Cosby's 5 favorite novels about Black lives
Favorite books of S.A. Cosby, author of "Blacktop Wasteland," feature richly developed characters and reflect how Black lives are affected by systemic racism.
Rob Reiner: 'Donald Trump Is Murdering Americans'
Left-wing actor and director Rob Reiner proclaimed on Monday that President Trump is "murdering Americans," linking his brazen statement to the number of U.S. fatalities connected to the coronavirus.
Richaun Holmes roasted by mom on Twitter after breaking NBA bubble rules
Richaun Holmes has some explaining to do. After the Sacramento Kings big man revealed Monday he “accidentally” broke the NBA bubble rules to grab a food delivery, resulting in a 10-day quarantine, the 26-year-old’s mother gave him a very public scolding on social media. “You only cross the line for your MOMA’s COOKING! AND I...
Trump repeatedly calls famed Alabama football coach by the wrong name on the eve of Senate race
President Donald Trump repeatedly referred to the University of Alabama's head football coach Nick Saban by the wrong name during a call on the eve of the state's Republican runoff race.
Can't find Lysol disinfectant spray? Here's what to buy instead
Lysol products were approved by the EPA for protecting against the coronavirus, making them hard to find. Here are cleaning wipes and spray you can buy right now.
Washington has reached 90 degrees or higher 18 straight days, nearing the longest streak on record
The streak is tied for the second longest on record and could tie the all-time record of 21 days on Thursday, and pass it Friday.
India floods, landslides leave at least 77 dead in Assam state
Six more people have died in floods and mudslides in northeastern India's Assam state, officials said Tuesday, taking the death toll to 77.
What does the ‘Is It Cake?’ meme trend mean on Twitter and TikTok?
Over the weekend, an important, groundbreaking scientific discovery was made: Everything is made of cake. Social-media users came to this conclusion after several now-viral videos circulated showing hyper-realistic looking pastries in the shapes of toilet paper, onions and Crocs shoes being sliced open, only to shockingly reveal that their insides are flour, sugar and frosting....
Country singer Morgan Wallen welcomes son: 'I'm a changed man'
Country singer Morgan Wallen announced on Instagram on Monday that he welcomed a son, Indigo Wilder, with his ex KT Smith.
Benjamin Keough's ex-girlfriend remembers her ‘favorite person’ after death
Benjamin Keough’s ex-girlfriend Alexa Rhode wrote a touching tribute to the late son of Lisa Marie Presley following his death on Sunday.
NYPD chief says anti-cop sentiment has emboldened violent criminals
"There is a feeling on the street that the police are handcuffed that they are not out there as aggressively as we were in the past," Monahan said.
What Happens When A Pandemic And An Epidemic Collide
At the international AIDS conference last week — held virtually — concerns were shared about the impact of the novel coronavirus on efforts to fight AIDS.
Lawrence Jones on 1-year-old's death in NYC: Shouldn't be this hard for GOP to defeat 'incompetent' Dems in cities
It should not be hard for the Republican Party to defeat "incompetent" Democratic politicians in cities like New York where crime is up 130 percent, Fox Nation host Lawrence Jones stated Tuesday.
Viola Davis talks protests, diversity in Hollywood: 'I feel like my entire life has been a protest'
In a interview with Vanity Fair, Viola Davis had a powerful answer when asked if she had protested before: "My entire life has been a protest."
Richard Branson secures $1.5 billion rescue for Virgin Atlantic
Part of Beach Drive in D.C. to remain closed to vehicles
The National Park Service said part of Beach Drive will remain closed through Phase 4 of D.C.'s reopening
German Police Hunt for 'Forest Rambo' After He Disarmed Four Officers Single-Handed
German police have entered their third day of a manhunt for 31-year-old Yves Etienne Rausch, who is accused of pulling a firearm on four officers and disarming them during a police check.
Black Lives Matter street mural in front of Trump Tower vandalized with red paint
A man was recorded throwing red paint onto the Black Lives Matter mural that was painted on the street in front Trump Tower in New York City.
George Soros group pledges $220M to help ‘dismantle systemic racism’
A philanthropic group founded by billionaire investor George Soros this week pledged $220 million to help “dismantle systemic racism” — with over a third of the dough earmarked to groups and cities pushing to “reimagine public safety.” The massive investment from Open Society Foundations will be made in “emerging organizations and leaders building power in...
Pat Mahomes opens up to GQ about his potential, race in the NFL, and Post Malone tattoos
Post Malone is certainly not shy about getting tattoos. But Patrick Mahomes' signature? It happened after a few backstage beer pong games.
UK Bans New Huawei 5G Equipment from 2021, Full Ban from 5G by 2027
Digital Secretary Oliver Dowden has confirmed the ban on the addition of new equipment from Huawei to UK 5G networks, and all Huawei components must be removed from Britain's 5G by 2027. The move came after Five Eyes allies warned of the security risks of using the "effectively state-owned" Chinese tech firm.
Stunning video shows Comet Neowise rise above Earth in real time
As Comet Neowise makes it way across the sky, one visual artist created a stunning video showing the comet rise above Earth.
Paris Jackson is 'Unfiltered' in new documentary
Director and executive producer Jeff Jenkins discusses the "genuinely non-materialistic" Paris Jackson, who stars in new documentary "Unfiltered: Paris Jackson and Gabriel Glenn" on Facebook Watch. (July 14)
One of the best-reviewed password managers yet is 50% off right now
One of the easiest ways hackers can get their hands on your personal information is by accessing the login credentials to your online banking accounts, email inboxes, or anywhere else on the web where sensitive information is stored. That’s why it’s recommended that you change your password every thirty days and that you don’t use...