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Van life looks idyllic on social media. But for couples, it can be challenging

It looks like a dreamy life of freedom on the open road: golden sunsets, cozy bunks and endless photo ops amidst stunning views of nature.
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Alec Baldwin's Daughter Slams Candace Owens for Calling Shooting 'Poetic Justice'
Alec Baldwin's daughter has spoken out after Candace Owens said the shooting he was involved in was "poetic justice" for his criticism of Donald Trump.
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The latest technology in art restoration? Bacteria
Single-cell organisms billions of years old are being used to clean grime from famous works of art and strengthen marble in monuments.
Who Gets to Ask to “Move On” From Jan. 6
Only a certain type of politician can ask for this.
Catholic School Teacher Fired for Breaking 'Morality' Clause by Marrying a Man
Matthew LaBanca was fired for failing to "support and exemplify by his/her public conduct Catholic doctrine and morality."
See how Rome's ancient buildings are being brought back to life
In Rome, a team of conservators are trying to salvage the city's treasures by using a new technology that employs one of the oldest forms of life: bacteria. CNN's Ben Wedeman reports.
TikTok Mermaid Shares Life Working With a Playful Octopus in Viral Video
The video by Madison Cashio, from Louisiana's Blue Zoo Baton Rouge, has been viewed over 1 million times.
All Time Low Allegations: The Band's Statement in Full
An anonymous female Twitter user accused All Time Low band member Jack Barakat of sexual assault, which allegedly began when she was 15 years old.
Jill Biden's prayer partner opens up about supportive friendship with first lady: 'True sisters'
A campaign stop led two first ladies - one of a church, the other of a nation - to become prayer partners, and helped Jill Biden find her faith again.
Gain-of-Function Scandal Doesn't Dent Partisan Defense of Fauci | Opinion
At a moment when heightened scrutiny of the NIAID's actions is necessary, blue America seems unlikely to budge from its "Fauci, right or wrong" stand.
Moderna to Sell Up to 110 Million Doses to African Countries
The company has been under pressure for not distributing its vaccine to poorer nations. Here’s the latest on the pandemic.
Hennessy shots, expletives and trolling: Marshawn Lynch stars on 'Manningcast' coverage of NFL game
Marshawn Lynch is a treasure and needs to be preserved at all costs.
'Celebrity' golf coach Federico Alba reveals hidden life of Sicily
Federico Alba leads the good life.
AP Top Stories October 26 A
Here's the latest for Tuesday October 26th: Possible 'billionaire tax' runs into opposition; Boise shooting suspect critically wounded; California cleans up from storms; Tornado damage in Missouri.
Man Arrested After Allegedly Killing Alligator, Posing With It on Snapchat
Hunting of the animals is regulated and limited in Georgia and only allowed within a specified season.
Hennessy shots, expletives and trolling: Marshawn Lynch stars on 'Manningcast' coverage of NFL game
Marshawn Lynch is a treasure and needs to be preserved at all costs.
Dave Chappelle Statement in Full: The Comedian's Response to Netflix Special Backlash
Dave Chappelle has been at the center of a huge debate involving Netflix and the trans community—and he has now given his thoughts on the controversy.
Family of 5 hiding from Taliban pleads for help getting out of Afghanistan
A family of five is in hiding from the Taliban in Afghanistan. Fearing their education makes them a Taliban target, they are pleading for help from American volunteers.
Sign at Chick-Fil-A Branch: 'We Don't Discriminate Against Unvaccinated'
The sign at a Chick-Fil-A branch said: "We do not discriminate against unvaccinated, religion, race, sex, vaccinated, maskless, mask all neighbors welcome."
Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey joins states pushing back against Biden administration’s vaccine mandates
In her executive order, the Republican governor said state officials should not penalize any business or individual for ignoring federal vaccine mandates, calling those mandates "outrageous."
Britney Spears: My family hurt me "deeper than you'll ever know"
Pop star takes to Instagram to address their "humiliating" behavior and says she's "tired of being this understanding Mother Teresa."
Supreme Court justices may have met a vaccine mandate some of them don't like
A group of unvaccinated Maine health care workers are asking the Supreme Court to block a state rule that mandates certain health care facilities require their employees to be fully vaccinated, arguing that the requirement violates their religious liberty rights.
Sinema confronted in airport for second time this month, ‘Don’t touch me’
A new video emerged Monday that showed Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz., being confronted by a woman who identified herself as a constituent who walked closely next to the senator, prompting Sinema to say, “Don’t touch me,” according to reports.
College enrollment has plummeted during the pandemic. This fall, it's even worse
The pandemic has seen far fewer students go to college — that trend continued this fall, according to preliminary data from the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center.
FDA panel meets to discuss vaccines for kids
An advisory panel at the Food and Drug Administration will vote on Tuesday whether to move forward with authorizing vaccines for children ages 5-11.
'Celebrity' golf coach Federico Alba reveals hidden life of Sicily
Federico Alba is a golf professional and tour guide. With a growing reputation as a must-see golfing destination, Alba takes Living Golf on a trip to his native Sicily and Verdura Golf Club.
Will Halyna Hutchins' death on the set of 'Rust' be a 'breakthrough' moment for Hollywood safety?
Long hours, inexperience, and a crew walk off before a death on the set of "Rust" may lead to big changes in how Hollywood handles guns.
'Squid Game' proves why endless Hollywood remakes are bad for TV fans – and for business
From "Squid Game" to "Only Murders in the Building," original content is thriving on TV. When will networks stop with the remakes?
Build Back Better Has Some Fans in Manchin’s Backyard
Why the Build Back Better plan has backers in coal country.
As the Astros return to the World Series, is it time for baseball to forgive and forget? Nah.
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If NASA green lights this interstellar mission, it could last 100 years
Scientists who want to understand what's beyond our solar system have designed an interstellar spacecraft that could go out farther and faster than the famous Voyager probes.
Disney World 4 Parks in 1 Day Challenge: '193,338 steps later, my husband and I agreed we'd do it again'
The Disney World '4 Parks in 1 Day' challenge: You can do it, but planning is everything. Here's how columnist Britt Kennerly did it.
D.C.-area forecast: A windy, unsettled Tuesday, nicer midweek, then stormy Friday
Clearing on Sunday should come in time for trick-or-treating.
ERs are now swamped with seriously ill patients — but most don't even have COVID
Patients who couldn't see a doctor earlier in the pandemic, or were too afraid to go to a hospital, have finally become too sick to stay away. Many ERs now struggle to cope with an onslaught of need.
Cori Bush and AOC Are Right About Jan. 6 and 1866
The Fourteenth Amendment shouldn't just be about the Civil War.
Divestment Is Pushing Money Away From Fossil Fuels
The divestment campaign has taken much of the shine off what was once the planet’s dominant industry.
Long Covid and the Blind Spots of American Medicine
The journalist Meghan O’Rourke discusses America’s chronic illness epidemic and what it reveals about our health care, culture and society.
The Student Body Is Deaf and Diverse. The School’s Leadership Is Neither.
More than 30 years after a groundbreaking protest at Gallaudet University in Washington, questions about leadership at a school for the deaf in Atlanta have been further compounded by race.
Why ‘Evangelical’ Is Becoming Another Word for ‘Republican’
It's not necessarily a theological affinity for Jesus Christ. Many Americans are being drawn to the evangelical label because of its association with the G.O.P.
Young Kids Should Get the Covid Vaccine. Here’s why. 
Young children should get the Covid-19 vaccine. Here’s why.
'We Live in a 6,000 Square Foot Underground Nuclear Bunker'
There is only about 4ft of earth above us, but the whole structure is built with two feet of reinforced concrete. We have a 3,000lb blast door at the front, a 2,000lb blast door at the back and an escape hatch that leads to a full stairwell that you can go up and leave through.
NFL Power Rankings for Week 8: Something strange is going on
The NFC is the NFL’s dominant conference yet again.
Kim Kardashian West unveils latest collaboration
Kim Kardashian West's shapewear and lingerie brand, Skims, has unveiled a capsule collection in collaboration with Italian fashion house Fendi.
Kim Kardashian West unveils latest collaboration
Kim Kardashian West's shapewear and lingerie brand, Skims, has unveiled a capsule collection in collaboration with Italian fashion house Fendi.
Prince Andrew's Epstein Trial Will Not Wreck Queen's Jubilee in Let-Off for Royals
Prince Andrew's Jeffrey Epstein-related civil trial will likely take place after July 2022—after a major date in Queen Elizabeth II's reign.
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China Military Aircraft Buzz Taiwan Air Defenses 10 Days in a Row
Regular military operations returned to the skies southwest of Taiwan following a brief period of quiet in which China sent just four flights in 11 days.
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Kyrsten Sinema Officiated at Wedding Where Guests Dressed up in Native American Outfits
A spokesperson for Sinema said the senator "did not interact" with the guests dressed in face paint and headdresses.
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'The Voice' 2021: Everyone Eliminated in the First Knockouts
"The Voice" Season 21 is through to its Knockouts. Here's who made it through to the live playoffs in Team Blake Shelton, Ariana Grande, Kelly Clarkson and John Legend.
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Lizzo and Sarah Paulson Recreate Famous 'American Horror Story' Scene On TikTok
The singer and actor took part in a TikTok challenge that saw them recreate a scene from "American Horror Story" Season 2, titled "Asylum."
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