Video: Das ist der Gipfel! G7-Treffen macht Biarritz zu schaffen

Einwohner und Einzelhändler sind genervt vom Sicherheitsaufwand, den Frankreich als Gastgeber des G7-Gipfels betreibt. Und in Berlin fordern Demonstranten die Mächtigen zum Handeln auf.
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Video shows arrest of suspect in kidnap attempt of Joe Montana’s granddaughter
The Los Angeles woman accused of trying to kidnap NFL Hall of Famer Joe Montana’s granddaughter from his home calmly surrendered to authorities after the terrifying episode, video shows. Sodsai Predpring Dalzell, 38, was seen wearing a long, dressy white skirt and sleek, dark top while being cuffed in front of a squad car in...
After brain-eating amoeba killed 6-year-old boy, it could take months to clean Texas city's water
Authorities in Lake Jackson said the city's boil advisory will be in effect for a few more weeks, then chlorine will be pumped through the system.
Chicago Mayor Lightfoot slams Trump after he blasts Windy City violence
Democratic Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot fired back at President Trump on Tuesday night after he skewered her city during a presidential campaign debate against Joe Biden as a hotbed of crime and violence.
Homicides rise in L.A., reflecting a national trend of deadly violence
But L.A. isn't alone. Many big cities see rise in killings, likely exacerbated in part by the coronavirus crisis and economic hardship, study finds.
Entire Mississippi Middle School Forced to Quarantine After 30 Percent of Student Body Exposed to COVID-19
"Currently, 15 students have tested positive and 165 are quarantined. These numbers represent 35% of the total enrollment at the middle school," Long Beach School District Superintendent Jay Smith wrote in the letter. "These numbers represent 35% of the total enrollment at the middle school."
What’s Fact and What’s Fiction in the Gloria Steinem Biopic
With The Glorias, Julie Taymor takes a fanciful approach to the feminist leader. Here’s what’s real and what’s fantasy.
Apple Rewards CEO Tim Cook with Up to a Million Shares of Stock
Tech giant Apple has reportedly rewarded company CEO Tim Cook with new equity awards that could provide him with as many as 1 million shares of company stock by 2025. The value of Cook's latest reward, based on today's stock price, is almost $117 million.
Video shows men wanted in connection to Queens mom killed by stray bullet
The footage released by cops shows two men – one on a scooter – attempting to saw the lock off the bicycle before they leave empty-handed.
What time is Lakers-Heat Game 1 of the NBA Finals?
The Los Angeles Lakers play the Miami Heat on Wednesday in Game 1 of the NBA Finals. Here are times and TV information for the best-of-seven series.
NFL postpones Sunday's Steelers-Titans game after multiple players test positive for Covid-19
The NFL has experienced its first outbreak of the season, forcing the league to postpone Sunday's Pittsburgh Steelers-Tennessee Titans game.
My grandma taught me how to cook, play mahjong and say goodbye
Ai-jen Poo writes that though her grandmother didn't die from Covid-19, she passed away during a period of unprecedented loss in the US, which made Poo reflect on how the US lags in how it cares for people at all stages of life compared to other developed countries.
Join Kara Swisher to discuss Elon Musk, the debates and more
Montana mailed ballots must be received by Nov. 3 to count
In the back-and-forth court battle over Montana's mail ballot election deadlines, the Montana Supreme Court has said the current state law will be in force for the general election
Plus-size models walk Versace runway at Milan Fashion Week, a first for the design house
Versace casted plus-size models for the first time in Italian fashion house's history.
Palantir, the controversial data company, makes its Wall Street debut
Palantir Technologies, the secretive data company best known for taking on controversial work for the US government, made its Wall Street debut Wednesday.
Add These Podcasts to Your Queue for International Podcast Day
The "Newsweek" Culture Team team shares some of their favorite podcasts, and why they love them endlessly.
9 discarded ballots weren't fraud, state election chief says
Pennsylvania’s top state elections official says it appears that an election worker's decision to throw out nine military ballots in Wilkes-Barre amounted to a mistake and not “intentional fraud.”
California Gov. Newsom receives flu shot during live news conference
California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Monday received the flu shot during a live news conference, heeding advice health experts have stressed for months as flu season this year coincides with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. “I’ve done this every single year, as long as I can remember,” Newsom said, according to a local news station. “It...
'Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War' Zombies Revealed with Trailer & More
"Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War" zombies has been revealed. Get the latest on its story, perks, characters and more.
Las Vegas Raiders in hot seat again after several players attend indoor charity event without masks: report
The Las Vegas Raiders have found themselves in trouble yet again after several players violated the NFL’S coronavirus safety protocols when they attended an indoor charity event on Monday without masks, according to a report.
Biden: Trump's conduct was a national embarrassment
At a campaign stop in Alliance, Ohio, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden answered a question about undecided voters by talking about President Trump's conduct during the first 2020 presidential debate the night before.
Former Montana GOP governor Marc Racicot voting for Biden
A former Montana governor and Republican National Committee chair said he will vote for Democrat Joe Biden in the November election, citing character flaws in President Donald Trump
Timothy Ray Brown, first person cured of HIV, dead at 54
He had been terminally ill from a recurrence of leukemia last year.
Barrett says Trump offered her Supreme Court nomination 3 days after Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death
Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett said in a Senate Judiciary Committee questionnaire that President Trump offered her the nomination to the seat vacated by the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Monday, Sept. 21, which is just three days after Ginsburg died and nearly a full week before Trump officially announced the nomination.
Pharrell Williams sells striking Beverly Hills mansion for $14 million
Grammy-winning artist Pharrell Williams just sold his ultramodern mansion on four acres in the Beverly Hills Post Office area for $14 million.
Florida beach sees oil wash ashore in wake of Hurricane Sally
A stretch of beach in Florida that was battered by Hurricane Sally when the storm made landfall earlier this month ended up covered in oil over the weekend, according to officials.
Therapists Break Down the Debate’s Toxic Communication Patterns
Last night’s presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden started off placidly enough, with each candidate delivering a measured, coherent answer to a question about the current Supreme Court vacancy. That sense of coherence lasted about five minutes.What followed was shambolic—a disorienting, exasperating medley of half-thoughts, interjections, raised voices, and simultaneous monologues broken up occasionally by brief periods of uninterrupted speech. Instead of a dignified discussion of matters of national import and an opportunity to get some reassurance about the future during a deeply destabilizing year, the country was subjected to what felt like a toxic, drawn-out family dispute gone off the rails.The debate’s format allowed for lengthy periods of “open discussion,” which turned out to be a euphemism for aimless bickering. Trump frequently took that openness as an invitation to create conversational logjams while Biden, and sometimes Chris Wallace, the moderator and Fox News anchor, tried to speak through the president’s constant interruptions. The whole affair seemed like a microcosm of America’s disjointed national discourse, as the vectors of communication broke down entirely: On multiple occasions, all three men were talking at once, and at one point Wallace was addressing Trump, Trump was addressing Biden, and Biden was addressing the viewers at home.[Read: Trump’s interruptions had a double message]To help make sense of this dysfunctional triangle of communication, I consulted with some therapists who have experience helping families and couples through conflict. “There was certainly nothing worth modeling from that debate except how not to have a constructive conversation,” said Joshua Coleman, a psychologist in the Bay Area and the author of the forthcoming Rules of Estrangement: Why Adult Children Cut Ties and How to Heal the Conflict. One unconstructive habit he observed, of which he thought Trump was the “main offender,” was interrupting others. Coleman said that this “demonstrates a disinterest in responding to what is being said” and is “more an act of domination than healthy dialogue.”Similarly, Ian Kerner, a marriage and sex therapist in New York, told me that the debate felt to him like “the kind of bad couple-therapy session that I have nightmares about.” As he watched, he saw an abundance of “criticism, contempt, denial, and stonewalling”—a set of corrosive behaviors that the psychologists John and Julie Gottman refer to as “the four horsemen,” heralding doom for a relationship. When people practice these habits, Kerner said, “defensive postures calcify; emotional safety is destroyed; qualities like empathy, trust, and hope are extinguished; and a relationship becomes a battlefield.”“Most of these strategies were on full display from both candidates, but much more so from Trump,” he said. “I think that Biden could have gotten to a place to have a real conversation, but you can’t do that when you’re under attack … Biden turning away from Trump to speak to the American people reminded me of when patients turn to me because they can no longer converse with their partner.”Jacqueline Hudak, a couple and family therapist in Philadelphia who trains psychiatry residents at the University of Pennsylvania, told me that as she watched the debate, she identified with Wallace as he struggled to manage the argument unfolding before him. “When families engage in the type of communication displayed in the debate, it serves to maintain emotional distance [and a] lack of connection and understanding, and does not lead to resolution or healing,” she said.Perhaps resolution or healing is too much to ask of a presidential debate, which lends itself to declarations of winners and losers. But the purpose of a debate is ostensibly to inform voters about the candidates’ stances on consequential issues, and in that sense, last night’s televised conflict was a complete disservice. Trump and Biden were disrespectful to each other, but they were even more disrespectful to everyone who had the misfortune of watching along at home.
Phoenix protests have cost police more than $11.5M in overtime
The small number of Black Lives Matter protests in Phoenix has already cost police more than $11.5 million in “demonstration overtime” alone, according to a report. Following large rallies at the end of May following George Floyd’s caught-on-camera death in Minnesota, the Copper State has mostly seen small splinter demonstrations with little violence, according to...
Dodgers carry fewer pitchers on the roster for the best-of-three wild card round
The Dodgers pared back to 13 pitchers on the 28-man roster for the wild card round against the Milwaukee Brewers. Alex Wood and Dylan Floro were left off.
Airlines prepare for tens of thousands of job cuts unless 11th hour bailout is reached
Tens of thousands of good-paying airline jobs could be lost as soon as Thursday, as a federal prohibition on jobs cuts in the industry is set to expire. But hopes still remain for an 11th hour deal to avoid the cuts.
Senate to vote on a spending bill to avoid a government shutdown with just hours to spare
The Senate is set to approve a short-term spending bill to keep the government from shutting down.
We asked our viewers what they thought about the first debate. Here's what they said.
President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden faced off in a chaotic presidential debate last night filled with interruptions and insults. They were grilled on the Supreme Court, economy, coronavirus and other topics. From Alaska to Arizona, here's what our viewers thought.
Amy Coney Barrett: Gun Rights Too Important to Be Taken Lightly
Amy Coney Barrett, President Donald Trump's nominee for the Supreme Court of the United States, holds the Constitution and it's Second Amendment predominate above the whims and inclinations of modernity.
Paris Hilton calls for closure of Provo Canyon School amid abuse allegations
Paris Hilton has become an unlikely social justice warrior. The pop culture princess and hotel heiress is campaigning to have Provo Canyon School — the so-called emotional growth school she attended in 1999 — shut down in a new video posted to her YouTube channel on Monday. “I was abused at Provo Canyon School,” says...
Where Is Nichol Kessinger, Chris Watts's Girlfriend Now? She Was Crucial in His Wife's Murder Investigation
Kessinger opened up about their relationship in 2018.
Trump's anti-truth campaign keeps running up against his own officials
President Donald Trump repeatedly contradicted key members of his own administration during Tuesday night's presidential debate as he tried to hammer home his own baseless narratives concerning domestic threats, coronavirus and election integrity.
Oscar Isaac cast as director Coppola in ‘Francis and the Godfather’
It was an offer they couldn't refuse.
Trump-Biden debate was marred by interruptions. Should mics have been cut?
During Tuesday night's presidential debate, Donald Trump repeatedly interrupted Biden forcing people to wonder if cutting the mic is an option.
Trump's debate performance shook American democracy to its core
The president continues to employ divide-and-conquer tactics instead of exhibiting leadership and a desire to unite.
Biden says at debate he doesn't support Green New Deal, but his campaign website calls it 'crucial framework'
Joe Biden said Tuesday night at the first presidential debate that he does not support the Green New Deal, but his campaign website calls it a “crucial framework” for meeting climate change challenges.
Recent coronavirus cases doubled among young adults, CDC says
From early August into the following month, weekly coronavirus cases among adults aged 18 to 22 jumped by 55% nationwide, with the Northeast seeing the largest increase, per a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
Frank Mir's daughter, Bella, set for pro MMA debut at age 17
Will the Mir family be the first father/daughter combo to win major MMA titles? Frank Mir's daughter Bella is set to start her combat sports journey.        Related StoriesDana White: UFC has offered Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier a fightDana White: UFC has offered Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier a fight - EnclosureGermaine de Randamie: Amanda Nunes was 'exposed' in our 'boring' title fight
Biden’s debate dodge on Supreme Court question would create ‘screaming headlines’ if Trump did it, critic says
Democratic nominee Joe Biden declined to say if he would "pack" the Supreme Court during Tuesday’s debate and critics are irked that his refusal to answer isn’t a bigger story for the mainstream media.
Trevor Noah recaps presidential debate: ‘This is not good for the nation’
The debate was marred by juvenile cheap shots and countless interruptions on the part of both candidates that left moderator Chris Wallace struggling to maintain control.
How Nets’ Joe Tsai thinks NBA can navigate ‘tricky’ future amid COVID-19
Nets owner Joe Tsai isn’t deluding himself. He knows coronavirus will make next season a tough one for his team and the rest of the NBA, and that the league is a long way from playing to full arenas, or even crowded ones. But the e-commerce billionaire is predicting a strong eventual rebound thanks to...
Trump's spy chief declassified unverified Russian intelligence despite concerns raised by CIA and NSA
Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe declassified unverified Russian intelligence despite concerns being raised by the CIA and National Security Agency, according to people briefed on the matter.
Wall Street is 'doomsday prepping' for the election. It might not be necessary
The first presidential debate of 2020 didn't exactly scream "peaceful transfer of power."
Biden campaign shares sleepy Twitch live stream of view from back of his Amtrak
Guess Joe Biden supporters really love to see him go. The Democratic presidential nominee’s campaign lived up to its reputation as the most tranquilizing White House bid in recent memory, launching a perhaps the dullest Twitch live stream ever of Biden’s whistle-stop tour — showing nothing more than the view out the caboose of his...