What the 'Sonic the Hedgehog' post-credits scene means

Yes, "Sonic the Hedgehog" doesn't end when the credits begin. Here's what you might have missed.

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French cinema faces moral reckoning as Roman Polanski's new film up for 12 gongs at prestigious awards
French cinema is gearing up for a watershed moment on Friday when "An Officer and a Spy," the latest movie from Roman Polanski, competes for 12 César awards. The results will be seen as a verdict on how far the industry -- and the country -- has come in the #MeToo era.
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Smartphone sales are collapsing in China. They could plunge 40% in Q1
China's smartphone market, the biggest in the world, is set for a massive plunge due to the novel coronavirus outbreak.
Turkey opens frontier for Syrian refugees to enter Europe after strike kills troops
Turkey will no longer stop Syrian refugees from reaching Europe, a senior Turkish official said, as Ankara responded on Friday to the killing of 33 Turkish soldiers in a strike by Syrian government forces in Syria's northwestern Idlib region.
Shanghai Fashion Week to go ahead online as virus disrupts events
Shanghai Fashion Week, initially postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak, will go ahead as scheduled online in a tie-up with Alibaba Group's Tmall marketplace, its organizers said.
Photographs reveal the unintended beauty of machines
There is something curiously and unexpectedly satisfying about Alastair Philip Wiper's images of factories, laboratories and industrial facilities.
Woman accused of zipping boyfriend in suitcase
A Florida woman is charged with second-degree murder after she called 911 and said her boyfriend got trapped in a suitcase and died during a game of hide-and-seek. CNN affiliate WESH's Alex Villareal reports.
South Korea coronavirus cases surge to 2,337; BTS cancels gigs
South Korea reported 571 new coronavirus cases on Friday, its biggest daily increase in infections that takes its total to 2,337, the largest outbreak outside China where the epidemic began late last year.
Iran coronavirus death toll rises to 34: health ministry
Thirty-four people have died so far in Iran because of coronavirus infections, a health ministry spokesman said on Friday.
U.S. Coronavirus Response and Testing Kit Problems Present a 'Colossal Failure,' Warns Doctor
Concerns have been raised about capabilities in the U.S. to test suspected cases of COVID-19.
Blizzard conditions will make traveling through upstate New York 'difficult to impossible' on Friday, forecasters say
There's more snow on the way for parts of upstate New York.
What to Know About the Plastic Bag Ban
On Sunday, most businesses will stop handing out thin, single-use bags, and paper bags might cost you 5 cents.
Clemson linebacker Isaiah Simmons could be answer for Giants
INDIANAPOLIS — Of all the many skills Isaiah Simmons possesses and brings to the field — and there are many, indeed — it is more than likely Giants fans would sign up to get him with the No. 4 pick in the draft if he could solve one specific and timeworn problem: Prevent tight ends...
The evolution of doping in sport (2018)
CNN's Christina Macfarlane explores the cat and mouse struggle between cheats and authorities.
FDA reports 1st drug shortage due to coronavirus outbreak
The FDA announced it's been alerted to the first manufacturing shortage of an unnamed drug, due to a viral outbreak that began in China and has now reached American soil.
A brief history of doping in sport
Christina Macfarlane takes a brief look at the history of doping in sport, including what forms of doping have been performed and which sports have suffered from it.
Helicopter Sharpshooters Kill Dozens of Mountain Goats in Wyoming National Park
As part of a highly controversial program, the sharpshooters were called to remove the park's invasive population.
First US coronavirus case of unknown origin
Public health officials are retracing the steps of a Northern California woman believed to be the first person in the U.S. to contract the coronavirus without traveling internationally or being in close contact with anyone who had it. (Feb. 28)
The global travel industry may not recover for years
Countries around the world have been eager to cash in on the rising spending power of Chinese travelers. Shops advertise Mandarin speaking salespeople, the United States and Japan offer 10-year visas, and hotels and duty-free retailers accept China's Alipay and WeChat Pay apps.
Texas teacher wins $100K in settlement with school system
Texas art teacher Stacy Bailey, who was on paid leave after talking about "her future wife" in class, reached a $100,000 settlement with the Mansfield Independent School District last week, her attorney said.
David Beckham reflects on Inter Miami's 'long, tough journey'
Inter Miami owner David Beckham reflects on the newly formed club's "long, tough journey" from being announced to its fruition in Major League Soccer.
An autistic boy was denied First Communion because he can’t tell right from wrong, his family says
Jimmy and Nicole LaCugna say that church leaders told them that their son, Anthony, was ineligible because he couldn't tell right from wrong.
French film industry under fire for Polanski accolades
CNN's Saskya Vandoorne examines the controversy surrounding the French cinema's recognition of director Roman Polanski's latest film and what it says about the industry's stance on the #MeToo movement. Polanski pleaded guilty to having sex with a minor in 1977 but fled the United States before he was sentenced.
Case made for Jarrett Stidham to replace Tom Brady if he leaves Patriots
If Tom Brady’s magical run with the Patriots is really over as multiple reports suggest is likely, one interested party said Jarrett Stidham, his backup this past season, is more than ready to take over the reigns in New England. “The interesting thing about Jarrett — and how the Patriots might look at it a...
An Election Curveball: Coronavirus
Who Counts? The key takeaways from our voting rights series.
Naked Cowboy calls Bloomberg’s name-drop ‘awesome’ — but he’s still voting Trump
Mike Bloomberg doesn’t want a Naked Cowboy in every city —  just as the Naked Cowboy doesn’t want Bloomberg in the White House.
Just For Kids: A Comic Exploring The New Coronavirus
You may have heard the word "coronavirus" online or on TV. You probably have a lot of questions. Check out our comic to get some answers.
What does 5G offer that 4G doesn't?
There's a lot of 5G hype out there, but not much about how it's different from the 4G our iPhones and Androids use today. Here's a look.
Bernie TV: How The Sanders Campaign's Live Videos Help It Build Community
The Sanders campaign has made its video livestreaming a central part of its overall messaging, fundraising and organizing strategy. Here's a look behind the scenes.
Joe Biden's Campaign Is On The Line In South Carolina
The former vice president got some promising results in polling leading into the primary this week. But even with a win, he still has lots of catching up to do to hope to win the nomination.
China’s Greatest Ever Swimmer Sun Yang Banned for 8 Years in Doping Case
China's greatest ever swimmer, and one of its biggest sports stars, was banned for eight years
Miranda Lambert is 'much happier, lighter' in marriage to Brendan McLoughlin, source says
Miranda Lambert is a changed woman since tying the knot to Brendan McLoughlin a little over one year ago, a source close to the country singer tells Fox News.
Luke Bryan says his fans keep him grounded amid fame: 'I've always listened to what they had to say'
Luke Bryan is one of the most humble stars in the music industry.
Leap Day proposals: The story behind the Irish tradition
Anyone looking to stay single should watch out for Leap Day.
South Carolina Primary Voters Will Use Brand New Machines
State officials are eager to emphasize the reliability of their equipment following the Iowa caucus debacle, where a flawed app delayed the reporting of accurate results for weeks.
D.C.-area forecast: Chilly and breezy, with possible sprinkles or flurries through tonight
It’s chillier again tomorrow but Sunday looks sunnier and calmer!
'The Chosen' star Jonathan Roumie on playing Jesus: It 'made me a better version of myself'
There are few tasks more daunting in Hollywood than playing iconic characters.
Japanese company debuts sliced mayonnaise
This is... a different look for mayo.
Aides, lawmakers work behind the scenes to try to sway Trump on Jeff Sessions before Alabama Senate primary
Jeff Sessions wants to win back his old Alabama Senate seat on Super Tuesday, while aides and lawmakers are trying to shape Trump's views on him.
25-year-old teacher dies after waiting hours at Wisconsin ER. She's not the only one.
A federal inspection found care was delayed for Tashonna Ward and six other patients at Froedtert Hospital in December and January.
'The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez': What Happened to the Gabriel Fernandez Social Workers?
'The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez' include not just the murder trial of Pearl Fernandez and Isauro Aguirre, but the trials of four social workers who failed to prevent the child's death.
‘50s sex symbol Mamie Van Doren on leaving Hollywood after Marilyn Monroe's death: 'There were a lot of drugs'
At age 89, Mamie Van Doren is eager to tell all.
If South Carolina Is Joe Biden's Firewall, Tom Steyer Wants To Breach It
Steyer, the billionaire hedge fund invester and climate change activist, is betting everything on South Carolina. He'll learn Saturday if it paid off.
How A Coronavirus Blood Test Could Solve Some Medical Mysteries
Researchers in Asia are using a blood test that identifies people who've previously been exposed to the new coronavirus. In the U.S., that kind of test isn't yet available.
New nationwide study shows where Americans agree – and where Democrats differ headed into November
National research project shows Republican and Democratic voters agree on gun background checks and disagree on immigration.
Mysterious, centuries-old rock inscription finally deciphered
A mysterious, 230-year-old rock inscription in a French harbor stumped translators for decades. But now, nearly a year after the launch of a contest to decipher the writing, experts have finally decoded its secret message.
Israel's endless election gets a third try
For the third time in less than a year, Israelis will vote in a national election.
Thinking About Getting a Mask to Protect Against Coronavirus? What You Need to Know
Certain masks have sold out on Amazon and demand sparked a surge in prices, but experts warned wearing a mask could actually increase your chances of getting the virus.
Who Won the South Carolina Primary in Past Elections And What It Means for 2020
"If you look at recent history, the winner of South Carolina has been able to use that as momentum to go on and win the nomination," a political scientist told Newsweek.