Why These Prison Reform Attorneys Are ‘Immensely Grateful’ For Kim Kardashian’s Support

Brittany K. Barnett and MiAngel Cody are warrior attorneys with a mission
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Stars who have come out in 2019 (so far)
This June a few new people are celebrating Pride month.
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Future Tense Newsletter: Fully Automated Luxury Surveillance
Automated surveillance, insurance companies paying to free customers from ransomware, solar sails, and more.
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Yesterday Is a Rom-Com That’s Perfectly Charming If You Don’t Look Too Closely
The new movie from the writer of 'Love Actually' imagines a world without the Beatles. But its love story is suspect
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Cuomo: Low turnout aided AOC favorite Cabán in Queens DA primary
Gov. Andrew Cuomo insisted Democratic socialist Tiffany Cabán’s apparent win in Tuesday’s hotly contested primary for Queens District Attorney is thanks to low turnout and nothing more. Of the 766,107 enrolled Democratic voters in the borough, only 85,447 voted in Tuesday’s primary for DA — 11 percent. “I think what was troubling to me is...
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How to turn off Google Maps’ many notifications
Judging by the flood of notifications I get on a daily basis from Google Maps, it really likes me — maybe a little too much. If you use Google Maps on Android, you might be in the same boat. Google Maps has a lot of notification options (between 40 and 54 nestled into 10 categories in the three phones that we tried out), and they’re all turned on by default. When I look down the list, I find a few crucial notifications in the mix, like the one that lets me know my train schedule before I leave for work. But I find most of the others to be trivial and annoying to deal with, constantly stacking up in my notification tray and distracting me from other important notifications. (Note: This isn’t an issue for people who use iPhones. It’s just a little treat from Google to those who use the navigation app on the company’s own OS.) No matter which Android phone you use, the Maps app lets you turn notifications off one by one. But there’s a faster, easier way to filter all of those notifications if you use a phone that runs on Android 9 Pie software. You’ll find all of the steps below. Before you get started, note that the location of some menu items may vary slightly depending on the brand of phone you use. On any Android phone with Google Maps installed Open Google Maps, then tap the menu button in the top left corner of your screen Scroll down, then select “Settings” Once you’re here, find and tap on “Notifications” Here, you’ll see each of the notifications categories. You can open each one to deactivate any notification that doesn’t seem useful. On phones running Android 9 Pie software Long-press on the Google Maps app icon, then tap the “i” (information) button. This will take you directly to the “App info” page. Tap “Notifications” Here, all of those notifications are divided into separate categories, so you can scroll through the categories and deactivate whole sections of unessential notifications. You can also deactivate individual notifications within each category. Vox Media has affiliate partnerships. These do not influence editorial content, though Vox Media may earn commissions for products purchased via affiliate links. For more information, see our ethics policy.
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Trump's attorney: No plans to block Mueller's testimony
President Trump's attorney Jay Sekulow told CNN's Jake Tapper that the White House and Justice Department are not planning to block any of former Special Counsel Robert Mueller's testimony to Congress next month.
These countries are launching a paperless travel program
A pilot project that seeks to enable passengers to fly between the Netherlands and Canada using their mobile phones, instead of passports, was launched at the Montreal airport on Wednesday. The Known Traveller Digital Identity platform will be tested internally throughout 2019, with the first end-to-end paperless journey expected to take place in early 2020,...
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New street to be named after Mets great Tom Seaver
It’s an Amazin’ street name fitting for “Tom Terrific.” The City Council on Wednesday approved renaming a seven-block stretch outside Citi Field in Queens “Seaver Way,” in honor of Mets legend Tom Seaver. The move – which affects 126th Street, from Northern Boulevard to Roosevelt Avenue – officially gives the Mets a green light to...
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Even Marc Jacobs takes beauty tips from ‘Queer Eye’
The fashion designer picked up some pointers from the Fab Five.
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Attorney: Girl hit during Astros game had skull fracture
An attorney for the family of a 2-year-old struck by a foul ball during a game last month between the Chicago Cubs and Houston Astros says the girl suffered a skull fracture       
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Campy ‘Annabelle Comes Home’ barely conjures a movie
In the pantheon of diminishing returns known as “The Conjuring Universe” (seven-and-counting movies originating with 2013’s genuinely chilling “The Conjuring”), this latest chapter sees possessed doll Annabelle wreaking havoc in the home of mediums Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga). In “Annabelle Comes Home” they’ve locked the doll in a priest-blessed glass...
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A 42-year-old woman became the first mother to conquer 'American Ninja Warrior' course
No other mom had ever made it past every obstacle, including the 18-foot Warped Wall.
Nashville considers banning electric scooters after death of 26-year-old man
The mayor of Nashville has recommended that the city ban electric scooters from the streets of Tennessee's capital, a month after a 26-year-old man was struck and killed by a car while riding one of the two-wheeled vehicles.
NBA free agency 2019: Khris Middleton is too important to Bucks
Khris Middleton is the Bucks’ free agent before the free agent. Milwaukee is fully expected to re-sign the star forward, likely to a five-year deal for max money, as part of the bigger plan to keep Giannis Antetokounmpo as his time to become a free agent slowly inches closer (2021). Middleton is an essential member of...
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Dutch railway to compensate Holocaust survivors
AMSTERDAM – The Dutch national railway NS said in a statement on Wednesday it would offer financial compensation to survivors and families of Holocaust victims who were transported via Dutch rail to Nazi concentration camps during World War II. The railway, which is owned by the government, announced the decision at a ceremony in Utrecht....
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Every bunny was kung-fu fighting...
Their paws were fast as lightning. Pew, pew, pew! This is EPIC ! Still better than a Mayweather fight Really need to know the story behind this video capture, apparently shot from a small plane. Read the rest
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Bic Round Stic - a basic pen at a bargain price
Carla doesn't care much for fancy pens. She wants ones that are foolproof and cheap. That's why she likes the Bic Round Stic. I was in a generous mood, so I bought her a box of 60 Stics for on Amazon. Read the rest
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After Supreme Court decision fight for equality continues
When the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage in 2015 it was the result of a decades long fight for equality. Don Lemon walks us through this intricate timeline in Modern History: Civil rights after Stonewall.
Crackdown targets scammers behind 1 billion robocalls
Federal authorities announced a major crackdown on dozens of robocallers responsible for about 1 billion robocalls. The effort, dubbed “Operation Call it Quits,” included actions by the Federal Trade Commission and 25 additional federal, state and local agencies, to target spam call operations nationwide that pitch a range of products and services, including credit card...
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‘Yesterday’ proves The Beatles’ music is as timeless as ever
Paul is dead! In director Danny Boyle’s clever new comedy, “Yesterday,” that famous hoax is actually sorta true. A man wakes up after a bike accident during a blackout to discover a world where all submarines are gray, blackbirds sing in the afternoon and all you need is cash — the Beatles never happened. If...
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Philip H. Geier Jr., Who Built an Advertising Giant, Dies at 84
Over 20 years as Interpublic’s chief executive, Mr. Geier acquired 200 companies to provide clients with an enormous breadth of services.
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Ivana Trump splits from ex-husband Rossano Rubicondi — again
“I am once again a single woman,” Trump told Page Six exclusively. “I have the freedom to do what I want, with whomever I want to, and I can afford my lifestyle.”
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Knicks’ first Kevin Durant recruiter is losing faith now
Ex-Knick Enes Kanter has made his prediction in the Kevin Durant saga, and it’s not one his former employers will want to hear. “If I were him, don’t get me wrong I love New York, I love the Knicks, I love the fans, MSG and everything it’s cool,” Kanter said Wednesday on the Colin Cowherd...
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Netflix Could Never Make Its Own 'Office'
Long-running shows with 20-episode-plus seasons are not a specialty of streaming services.
Rise of mental illness worldwide tied to austerity, inequality
Austerity, income inequality and job insecurity are leading to a global rise in mental illness, according to a new United Nations report. Dr. Dainius Pūras, the U.N.’s special rapporteur on health, told The Guardian that world governments should look into addressing inequality and discrimination as a far more effective strategy to combat mental illness than...
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Jasper Cillessen: Valencia to sign Barcelona keeper for 35m euros
Valencia agree to sign Netherlands goalkeeper Jasper Cillessen from Spanish rivals Barcelona for 35m euros (£31.35m).
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Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus and Lana Del Rey team for ‘Charlie’s Angels’
Pop princess power, unite. Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande and Lana Del Rey appear to have teamed up to record a new song for director Elizabeth Banks’ much anticipated “Charlie’s Angels,” reboot. Ariana and Miley have taken to social media to tease the track, with Ariana tagging Lana — as well as the official Angels account,...
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Hong Kong activists urge G20 leaders to help ‘liberate’ city
HONG KONG – Thousands of people in Hong Kong joined an evening protest and marched to major foreign consulates on Wednesday, urging leaders gathering for this week’s summit of G20 nations to back their demand to scrap a controversial extradition bill. Holding placards with messages such as “Please liberate Hong Kong,” the demonstrators, some wearing...
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FAA just found a new safety risk on 737 MAX
Boeing must address the issue before grounded jets fly again.
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Trump's attorney: White House and DOJ are not planning to block any of Mueller's testimony
The White House and Justice Department are not planning to block any of former special counsel Robert Mueller's testimony next month, President Donald Trump's attorney Jay Sekulow said Wednesday. - RSS Channel
Cardi B: Why top designers won’t lend to some A-listers
Cardi B owes her fashion star status to this man: Kollin Carter. She paid homage to her celebrity stylist, who has been by her side since “Bodak Yellow,” at an event at Room Service in Beverly Hills. “A lot of these fashion houses, they’re still not going to lend to you because you don’t got...
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Is Amazon Prime Worth It?
Dear Lifehacker,
Mars may have hosted life before Earth: study
A new study suggests that life may have existed on Mars hundreds of millions of years prior to its emergence on Earth. The Red Planet may have been ripe for life as early as 4.48 billion years ago, after “life-inhibiting meteorites stopped striking the planet,” according to the study. And it’s possible that life could’ve...
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‘Maternal instinct’ is a big lie used to keep women in their place: psychologist
Maternal instinct. The idea sounds so damn sweet: Women naturally know how to take care of babies and children. Just one problem: it doesn’t exist in humans. Parenting skills aren’t instinctual or genetic — they are learned. “It’s the love part that is innate, and fathers love their children as deeply as mothers,” says Darcy...
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Trump rails against World Cup star, says she should 'never disrespect' the White House
President Donald Trump railed against American women's soccer co-captain Megan Rapinoe Wednesday after the soccer star said she wouldn't go to the White House if the national team wins the World Cup before saying that he would invite them to visit "win or lose." - RSS Channel
13-year-old baker matches every sale with donation to homeless
He’s baking the world a sweeter place. Michael Platt of Bowie, Maryland, has been whipping up sugary treats since he was 9 years old. Now, at 13, his baking business no longer requires his parents’ financial backing, the Washington Post reports. Michaels Desserts operates on a one-for-one model: For every treat he sells, Michael donates...
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The huge concerns surrounding the Giants’ linebacker corps
Leading into the start of training camp (rookies report July 22, veterans July 24) The Post will provide Giants fans with a position-by-position look at the roster. Next up: The linebackers. Where have all the linebackers gone? Long time passing. It feels like years and years since this area on defense was fortified enough to...
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6 burning questions we have for Dark season 3
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Nerf just made an Overwatch blaster for Soldier 76 that actually looks good
Just in time for Pride week, Nerf is bringing us what looks like its best Overwatch-inspired blaster yet: a fully automatic, Nerf Rival ball-blasting, 30-round version of Soldier 76’s pulse rifle from the game, complete with lighting, “recoil action,” and a full mask with visor so you can look the part, too. It’s a GameStop exclusive that’ll cost $130 when it ships this November, so it’s not exactly cheap, and you’ll need six D-cell batteries to power it. But it’s notable for being the first Overwatch blaster that looks even remotely battle-ready. When we heard Hasbro was working with Blizzard Entertainment to bring our favorite Overwatch characters’ guns into the real world as foam-slinging blasters, we were tentatively excited — only to find they were glorified props. Clearly, Hasbro took D.Va’s cries of “Nerf this!” literally, seeing how her amazing in-game pistol turned into a basic pull-back Nerf gun that can only fire three times before you have to reload. (Don’t get me started on McCree’s one-shot “revolver.”) But Soldier 76’s blaster has an internal 30-round hopper you can easily fill as you’re running around, scavenging balls off the ground, and it fires those rounds fully automatically at 90 feet per second, after you rev up the motors. Sadly, Hasbro tells The Verge it’s not compatible with the Rival Rechargeable Battery Pack, so you’ll need those heavy D-cells if you don’t want to wire a LiPo in there yourself. Still, that price hurts. Even a licensed toy like Nerf’s Fortnite-themed AR-L Elite, a semi-automatic 20-round dart blaster, only costs $50. And if you don’t need to roleplay, Nerf has a similar hopper-fed, full-auto blaster, the $100 Nerf Nemesis, that holds 100 rounds at a time.
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Kansas abortion ruling prompts new attack on death penalty
TOPEKA, Kan. — A recent Kansas Supreme Court ruling declaring that the state constitution protects access to abortion opened the door to a new legal attack on the death penalty. Attorneys for five of the 10 men on death row in Kansas argue that the abortion decision means the state’s courts can enforce the broad...
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Charges dropped against woman in probe of family massacre
Fredericka Wagner's son, daughter-in-law and two grandsons are accused of killing eight members of the Rhoden family in Pike County in 2016. All four have pleaded not guilty.
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The Global Economy Runs on Parties You’re Not Invited To
The robots may take over, but high-end schmoozing will never die.
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Democrats are mainstreaming anti-Semitism and other commentary
Conservative: Dems Are Mainstreaming Anti-Semitism In saying he’s willing to meet with Nation of Islam leader and notorious anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan, Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) reminded the country “that Democrats are wholly unserious about tackling anti-Semitism as a form of ethnic hatred,” warns Erielle Davidson at The Federalist. Farrakhan is infamous for his “list of...
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How the Rockets and Sixers can both win in a Jimmy Butler trade
Butler’s sign-and-trade is complicated. But if he wants to go home, the Rockets can make it worth Philly’s time. Daryl Morey got out in front of it. Almost immediately after a Yahoo! Sports report deemed the relationship between Chris Paul and James Harden as “unsalvageable,” the Rockets general manager shot down the notion as sternly as he could. “No, Chris Paul does not want to be traded,” he said on a June 17 appearance on Sports Talk 790. When asked if he would field calls on a Paul trade, Morey responded: “No. We want to add one more star to this team.” Nearly a week after Morey’s radio appearance, Houston’s ideal third star has been identified. It’s Jimmy Butler, the same player the Rockets had a chance to acquire from the Timberwolves in November, but couldn’t complete the deal. Minnesota, as you know, went on to deal Butler to Philadelphia for a package headlined by Robert Covington and Dario Saric. Morey is now attempting to atone for that misstep by forcing a sign-and-trade for Butler just as he enters free agency in a landscape that could feature 10 teams with max cap space. It’s ballsy and will take some serious cap gymnastics, but it sounds like Morey and Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta are on the same page, for better or worse. How would this work? Houston cannot sign Butler as a free agent. The Rockets have $77 million committed to Paul and Harden alone. Clint Capela is on the hook for the remaining four years of his five-year, $90 million deal. Eric Gordon and P.J. Tucker combine for an additional $22.3 million. The salary cap is only $109 million. Their best hope is what they’re attempting to do: trade everyone not named Chris Paul or James Harden, and siphon the assets off to Philadelphia for Butler. Reporting w/ @ZachLowe: Houston’s offering Clint Capela, Eric Gordon and PJ Tucker individually to teams w/ space to absorb salary. Rockets trying for best available first-rounder for any of those three, hoping to redirect pick to Philly in pursuit of Jimmy Butler sign-and-trade.— Adrian Wojnarowski (@wojespn) June 26, 2019 If BUTLER truly desires to leave for his home region and a chance to compete alongside Chris Paul and James Harden, he would have to sacrifice some money to do so. The Rockets have no cap space, so they would only be able to pull this trade off so long as it falls in accordance with the league’s complicated base year compensation rules. Butler can only agree to a sign-and-trade at max Houston could offer him: four years, $146 million. Philadelphia can, and reportedly will, offer him the full five-year, $189 million max extension. If Butler chooses to leave the fifth years worth $43 million on the table and wishes to play in his home region, the Rockets can create the pathway for this to happen. For this to work, the Sixers would have to execute a sign-and-trade with the Rockets at Butler’s four-year max. This has to be a multi-team deal — it’s the only way it would be allowed by base year compensation rules. (This ESPN video offers a good explanation of base-year compensation). Math 101: Breaking down a Jimmy Butler sign-n-trade and why Base Year Compensation matters.— Bobby Marks (@BobbyMarks42) June 25, 2019 Houston would then find deals for two or all three of Tucker, Gordon and Capela, then redirect those assets to Philadelphia as a hat-tip for facilitating the trade. The Sixers would not need to take back any salary; they could create a traded player exception worth Butler’s Year 1 salary of $32.7 million. They could then renounce that trade exception, creating cap space to add a new max free agent or multiple key players to their rotation, or use it if they stay over the cap. It remains to be seen, though, if Houston will fetch assets for their players. If the Knicks strike out on their top free agents, fashion icon P.J. Tucker would make a great fit in New York City. Gordon is a bona fide hooper, and any team angling for a championship would love to have him on their bench, but he’s getting up there in years. Moving Capela might be tricky because of the length of his contract. Case-in-point: The Celtics are interested in acquiring him, but The Boston Globe’s Adam Himmelsbach reports a deal is “unlikely” because Boston “would not have interest in surrendering the players needed to complete the trade.” But Capela did post career-highs in scoring and rebounding last season. He can help a team, that much is certain. The Rockets’ odds at landing Butler will rest on their ability to move these players. This will be easier said than done, and it wasn’t easily said at all. But Morey found a way to finesse Chris Paul from the Clippers, then re-sign him to a long-term deal. If anyone can pull this monstrosity of a deal off, it’s him. This, of course, is assuming Butler wants to leave the Sixers If Butler doesn’t want to leave, Philadelphia would have no incentive to trade their prized free agent to a championship contender. The Sixers had been confident they’d not only be able to re-sign Butler, but Tobias Harris, as well. And for good reason: the lineup of Butler, Harris, Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons and J.J. Redick only played 11 regular season games together before their playoff push. It was the second-best starting lineup behind the Warriors during that stretch. But Philly’s playoff run ended with a Kawhi Leonard buzzer beater that tapped the rim four times before ending Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals. It could have very well been the Sixers in the Raptors’ place, had Leonard’s shot tapped the wrong way that fateful night. The Sixers owe it to themselves to run it back, and the bond Butler formed with Embiid was undeniable. That team still has room to grow. Remember: the Sixers gave up Saric and Covington for Butler, then most of their other young players and assets for Harris. Pressing the big red button so soon would mean sacrificing so much for a second-round exit. The ball, however, is not in Philadelphia’s court. It’s in Butler’s, unless they take an adamant no-trade-to-Houston-on-our-watch stand. One more wrinkle: Which team has an easier path to championship contention? The East could be even more competitive this season depending where Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard and Kemba Walker land in free agency, but it won’t be nearly as ridiculous as what's out West. The Lakers have Anthony Davis, LeBron James and at least $23 million in cap space to sign one or multiple free agents The Nuggets grew up last season, drafted Bol Bol, and could have Michael Porter Jr. back from injury The Jazz just traded for Mike Conley and could still have $17 million in cap space to add to Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert Paul George just placed third in both MVP and Defensive Player of the Year voting, and the capped-out Thunder are reportedly looking to improve via trade just like Houston The Clippers have cap space to sign two max free agents Portland just went to the Western Conference Finals You can never count Gregg Popovich and the San Antonio Spurs out The Warriors without Kevin Durant were still enough to beat the Rockets in Games 5 and 6 of the Western Conference Semifinals That’s eight teams already, and who knows what happens with other teams like Dallas, Minnesota and Sacramento. The Rockets will also need to fill the other ten spots on the roster with limited funds. It will be a challenge: players willing to take pay cuts for championships will have multiple options this summer. It all boils down to Jimmy Butler, and what he wants to do with his future. Philadelphia can facilitate his route to Houston, so long as the Rockets pay the toll. Or they can convince him to stay and run it back with a team that came just a tap short last season. Either way, Daryl Morey creating this option for Butler and the Sixers is genius in and of itself. Scared money don’t make no money, and the Rockets are going all-in on themselves.
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How China ingests and adapts western culture
Back in January, Amy Hawkins and Jeffrey Wasserstrom published a fascinating, nuanced look why Chinese state censors had banned the mention of Orwell's "Nineteen Eighty-Four" on social media, but not the book itself. Now, the pair are back with a wider look at the way that Chinese authorities and the Chinese people adapt western culture for both a local audience and local politics. Some of this is just funny twists of syncretism, like Santa Claus invariably being depicted with a saxophone (!), but there's a much more interesting and meaty political story. Hawkins and Wasserstrom begin their story with the adoption of Marx's ideas by the Chinese Communist Party, producing "socialism with Chinese characteristics" and banishing Confucionism to the scrapheap of history -- and how that turned into today's "capitalism with Chinese characteristics," overseen by Xi Jinping, who describes himself as being a fan of both Marx and Confucious. Another deeply contested western idea is International Women's Day, which has taken on many meanings at different times in Chinese history -- being celebrated as a tribute to women who stayed home to care for family, then as a holiday celebrating the revolutionary cause of women's equality, finally turning into a shopping holiday where companies offer discounts on spa treatments (one Beijing pizza chain offered 50% off to women -- but only for salads). This fluxuating nature of political meaning for western symbols is neatly described in the rise, fall, and rise again of Peppa Pig, who entered China as a counterculture icon for millennials, with a fad for Peppa tattoos leading the state to denounce Peppa as "an unexpected cultural icon of gangster subculture in China." But Peppa was rehabilitated by the state, who drafted Alibaba Pictures to produce a Peppa movie embodying Confucian values, wiht a story about "a rural grandfather who makes a Peppa Pig toy to bring to his grandson in the city at Chinese New Year." Likewise with rap music: first it was banned as "tasteless, vulgar and obscene," then it was rehabilitated with a state-sanctioned TV reality show called The SHow of Rap, and now China exports made-in-China hiphop around the world. Read the rest
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Over Alito’s Fuming Dissent, Gorsuch and the Liberals Protect the Right to Trial by Jury
This may be the first tremor in a coming Sixth Amendment earthquake.
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Why CBP won't accept supplies for separated children in migrant detention camps
The U.S. Customs and Border Patrol basically just admitted openly that it has all the supplies needed to take care of the children separated from their families at the border—-toothpaste, soap, beds to sleep on-- CBP just won't give any of the stuff to the detained kids. “We're using operational funding to provide those things. But those things are available now and they have been continuously... But those items, it's important to note, are available now.” Weird quote, right? That's a Border Patrol official talking to reporters on Tuesday. CBP doesn't want your soap. The United States Border Patrol has responded, telling my office they do no accept donations. How ridiculous is this? #DontGetMeStarted — Terry Canales (@TerryCanales40) June 22, 2019 As the Texas Tribune first reported, A Border Patrol official told one Texas lawmaker the agency doesn't accept donations for these facilities, where children are reportedly being held in dangerously unsafe and neglectful conditions. From CNN: Why wouldn't the agency accept donations? CBP officials said Tuesday that they aren't running low on supplies, but are looking into whether they can accept donations in the future. And a former CBP official told CNN it would be illegal for the agency to accept donations from the public. On a call with reporters Tuesday, a CBP official said that the agency is working with its lawyers to see whether it can accept donations in the future. Asked about reports that donations of hygiene products were not being accepted by CBP, the official said the agency isn't running low on such supplies. Read the rest
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