Wie die SPD den Reichtum missversteht

Finanzminister Olaf Scholz (SPD) hat sich für die Vermögensteuer ausgesprochen.

Die SPD fordert eine Vermögensteuer. Das zeigt: Sie hat nicht kapiert, wozu ein Vermögen überhaupt da ist.

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Comedian Sarah Cooper Lands Netflix Variety Special
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Phillies analyst calls Orioles game ‘an embarrassment to baseball’
NBC Sports Philadelphia analyst and former MLB reliever Ricky Bottalico definitely did not sugar coat how he felt about the Phillies’ series-opening loss to the Baltimore Orioles Tuesday. Following the Phillies’ 10-9 loss, in which a pop-up gaffe and an inside-the-park homer headlined the defeat, Bottalico did not hold back while discussing the performance he...
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Musician Sam Farrar of the bands Phantom Planet and Maroon 5 recently dropped $1.659 million on a single-story home in Sherman Oaks.
Stevie Nicks fears COVID-19: 'If I get it, I will probably never sing again'
In one of the most dramatic celebrity coronavirus messages so far, singer Stevie Nicks is imploring younger people to wear a mask and stop feeling immortal.
Trump: ‘Suburban housewives’ will vote for me over Joe Biden
WASHINGTON — President Trump on Wednesday said housewives in the suburbs will vote for him over Joe Biden in November because he is trying to roll back low-income housing initiatives. “The ‘suburban housewife’ will be voting for me. They want safety & are thrilled that I ended the long running program where low income housing...
Three associates of R. Kelly busted trying to bribe his victims: feds
Three men were busted in different states for trying to intimidate and bribe alleged victims in R. Kelly's sex-trafficking case, prosecutors said..
Avatar: The Last Airbender Creators Cut Ties With Live-Action Netflix Series
Michael Dante DiMartino said leaving the production was "necessary for my happiness and creative integrity."
Twins vs. Brewers prediction: Kenta Maeda makes Minnesota the pick
The Milwaukee Brewers have gotten off to a tough start to 2020 and have to turn to Eric Lauer on Wednesday to face a Minnesota Twins lineup that ranks in the top seven in MLB in home runs per game. The Twins set a record for most home runs in 2019 and now get to...
Woman Crush Wednesday: Dominique Fishback is a ‘Power’ House
The Project Power star does some serious heavy-lifting in this upcoming Netflix superhero film.
Astros-Athletics brawl leads to 20-game suspension for Alex Cintron, 6 games for Ramon Laureano
Houston Astros hitting coach Alex Cintron and Oakland Athletics outfielder Ramon Laureano received discipline from Major League Baseball over their bench-clearing fiasco over the weekend.
Cuomo slams bigot who left anti-Semitic note at Rebecca Seawright’s office
Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants the bigot who taped an anti-Semitic message to the storefront of Assemblywoman Rebecca Seawright’s Upper East Side office brought to justice, he said. “This cowardly act is antithetical to New York’s values,” Cuomo tweeted Wednesday that linked to a Post story on the hateful message. “New York has zero tolerance for...
The Italian master Raphael gave himself a 'nose job' in self-portraits, 3D rendering reveals
Italian researchers have created a 3D reconstruction of the face of Renaissance master Raphael, which they say proves once and for all that the artist was buried in the Pantheon in Rome.
‘Avatar’ Creators Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko Quit Netflix’s Live-Action ‘Avatar’ Series
"I realized I couldn’t control the creative direction of the series, but I could control how I responded," DiMartino said.
Chinese man's big belly saves him from falling down well
An overweight Chinese man found his big belly to be a lifesaver — after it got wedged in a well and stopped him falling down, according to officials.
‘It Was a Planned Attack.’ Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Says Looting Was Organized
A day after looters smashed-in retailer’s windows, carried away loads of high-end merchandise and overwhelmed police officers in downtown Chicago, Mayor Lori Lightfoot says the violence was an organized raid and not a demonstration of angry protest. “When people showed up on Michigan Avenue in the downtown area with U-Haul trucks and cargo vans, and…
Telepsychiatry Is Leaving Behind the Most Seriously Mentally Ill
Without face-to-face appointments, it is difficult to spot warning signs about my patients.
Beyoncé's Black Parade Route catalog giving African-owned businesses a boost
Beyoncé has created a directory of black and African owned businesses on her website.
Beirut still reeling one week after devastating explosion
CBS News correspondent Imtiaz Tyab reports on how survivors are coping with the destruction and calling for political change.
'We Made Herstory': Fani Willis Poised To Become First Woman DA in Georgia County
Willis defeated six-term Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard, and her former boss, in Tuesday's runoff. Howard has been dogged by scandal, including his handling of the Rayshard Brooks case.
Giuliani blasts Kamala Harris' 'embarrassing' record as a prosecutor: She 'flooded' prisons
Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., is the “worst nightmare” as a prosecutor,” Rudy Giuliani, the attorney for President Trump, said on Wednesday.
Conway on Joe Biden's 'safe' VP pick Kamala Harris: Democrat voters already 'rejected her'
Counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway told "America's Newsroom" Wednesday why Sen. Kamala Harris, who was picked on Tuesday by Joe Biden as his running mate in the Democratic ticket, is President Trump's top choice.
4 questions to answer before you transfer your credit card debt
Here's how to tell if it's the right money move for you.
Florida sheriff forbids staff, visitors from wearing masks
Florida sheriff forbids staff, visitors from wearing masks
France sees spike in coronavirus cases, country going ‘wrong way,' PM warns
A surge of coronavirus cases in France has Prime Minister Jean Castex warning that the country has been going the “wrong way” for two weeks as he urged citizens to step up their efforts to curb the spread.
How can we beat the coronavirus? Join editorial board member Jeneen Interlandi to discuss.
Madewell's having a Secret Stock Sale, featuring up to 70% off clothes, shoes and accessories
Madewell's casual, stylish clothes are perfect for the chilled-out days of peak summer, and right now, the much-loved label is having a secret sale — think up to 70% off a ton of pieces from the brand's collection of menswear and womenswear.
Man installs life-size wax model of dead wife for housewarming
Even death could not do them part.
A back-to-school shopping season like no other has parents, retailers scrambling
Many Wisconsin parents don't know whether their children will be sitting in a classroom or in front of a computer in the dining room.
Mars ‘nightglow’ spotted by NASA spacecraft
NASA’s MAVEN spacecraft has spotted a pulsing ultraviolet light in the Martian night sky. “The MAVEN team was surprised to find that the atmosphere pulsed exactly three times per night and only during Mars’ spring and fall,” explained NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in a statement. “The brightenings occur where vertical winds carry gases down...
The Left Warms Up to Kamala Harris
The far left of the Democratic Party spent much of the primary attacking Kamala Harris, decrying her as an untrustworthy “cop” whose overtures to the left were half-hearted and opportunistic. But with Joe Biden naming the senator from California as his running mate, some progressive leaders and activists, including Harris skeptics, sound reluctantly optimistic about what the pair could achieve.The progressives I interviewed seem to view Harris and Biden as similar figures, occupying an “in-between space” in American politics, as one activist put it to me. Their political identities and agendas are a muddled mix of the old establishment Democratic politics and the progressivism of the surging Millennial left—a combination progressives believe they can work with. They think that, just as Biden has already welcomed progressive input in his campaign, Harris could be malleable, a potential vice president they can push in their ideological direction.“The same guy who was willing to sit down with Strom Thurmond is now talking like he wants to be the 21st-century FDR,” Julian Brave NoiseCat, the vice president of policy and strategy at the progressive polling firm Data for Progress, told me. “A savvy politician like Harris is going to see where the winds are blowing and move in that direction.”Harris, who joined the Senate four years ago, described herself a “progressive prosecutor” in her previous career, but many lefties have never claimed her as one of their own. That’s largely because of her long and complicated record in law enforcement. As California’s attorney general, a position she held from 2011 to 2017, Harris repeatedly declined to investigate officer-involved shootings. Activists in California also criticized her for not supporting reforms that would have increased police accountability; for championing an anti-truancy law that disproportionately affected parents of color; and for aggressively prosecuting misdemeanors and so-called quality-of-life crimes, such as panhandling and graffiti.[Read: When Kamala was a top cop]More recently, during the 2020 primary, lefties argued that she wasn’t sufficiently committed to progressive reforms. After initially backing Medicare for All and the elimination of private health insurance, for example, Harris walked back those commitments and developed her own health-care plan. “A lot of why she floundered in the primary was that it was unclear where she stood on a number of things,” Waleed Shahid, the communications director for the progressive organization Justice Democrats, told me.But Harris does have some clear progressive bona fides. A GovTrack analysis showed that she had one of the most liberal voting records of any sitting senator in 2019. She announced her support for the Green New Deal early that year, and this month teamed up with Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York on a bill that would require the federal government to consider the effect of any new environmental legislation on marginalized communities. Throughout the summer, as protests against racism and police brutality erupted in cities across the country, Harris advocated for banning choke holds and no-knock warrants, and called for “reimagining how we do public safety in America.”The progressives I spoke with don’t really care if those moves were genuine or motivated in part by politics. They just want Harris to make more of them. “Her collaboration with AOC on the Climate Equity Act shows that she can take some fairly left-wing and justice-oriented conversations to the highest office in the land, and that’s a good thing,” NoiseCat said.Others framed her leftward shift more cynically: “While her penchant for taking positions broadly palatable to the corporate donor class raises concerns about her dedication to progressive principles, her habit of aligning her stance with the prevailing political winds gives us some hope,” the leaders of and Progressive Democrats of America said in a statement yesterday.Harris’s potentially pliable ideology, in other words, could prove useful to progressives. It’s also something that she has in common with her running mate. When I asked him to define Harris’s politics, Larry Cohen, the chairman of Our Revolution, the political-action committee spun out of Bernie Sanders’s 2016 campaign, described her the same way one might describe Biden: “a centrist Democrat who has shown willingness in the past to consider progressive ideas.”[Read: Biden goes big without sounding like it]At one point, a Biden nomination was a nightmare scenario for many American progressives. Yet in the past few months, the former vice president and his fiercest critics on the left have reached a tentative détente: Biden has adopted some of the most liberal policies proposed by his former primary rivals, including Elizabeth Warren’s bankruptcy plan, and he invited a group of Sanders-aligned activists to advise his campaign. The $2 trillion climate plan he announced in mid-July was met with glowing praise from influential lefty groups such as the Sunrise Movement, which first came to national prominence after its members held a protest outside House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office on Capitol Hill.“Some of our administrations who have been the boldest haven’t always been the most progressive,” Tory Gavito, the president and co-founder of the progressive Way to Win network, told me. Many liberal Democrats were skeptical of Lyndon B. Johnson’s commitment to progressive reforms when he arrived in office, given his southern background and establishment ties. But Johnson was responsible for “some of the most levelizing, equalizing policies in recent history,” Gavito noted, adding that progressives shouldn’t underestimate the potential for similarly ambitious legislation from a Biden-Harris administration.Many progressives, though, are still highly skeptical of Biden’s VP pick. Some of the activists and organizers behind this summer’s protests believe that Harris is exactly the wrong person to lead the country through this pivotal moment. (Even some statements in support of Harris’s nomination alluded to this concern.) Given Biden’s age, his vice president would likely be viewed as a “potential president-in-waiting” and “a signal for the Democratic Party’s agenda in the years to come,” as my colleague Christian Paz wrote last month. While that’s exciting for progressives eager to see a Black woman occupy the highest office in the land, the idea that Harris represents the party’s future is a worrying prospect for others who are focused primarily on pushing radical change. The next generation of voters “wants a more forceful progressivism that’s grounded in racial justice and economic populism,” Shahid said. “I don’t know if she has proven that she’s able to do that.”There’s no pretending that Harris was their ideal candidate for vice president, the progressives I talked with acknowledged. They still want and expect Biden to demonstrate his commitment to party unity by appointing more liberal Democrats to key roles in his administration, such as tapping Warren to oversee the Treasury Department. And they’re prepared to apply constant pressure to extract the most progressive policy outcomes if the ticket wins in November. “Harris didn’t run on big reforms and neither did Joe Biden, so progressives are going to be pushing them to go as big as they can,” said Charles Chamberlain, the executive director of the lefty political-action committee Democracy for America. But the former vice president has surprised them so far. The next one might too.
Chris Wallace says Kamala Harris 'doesn't do any harm' to Joe Biden’s chances
Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., “doesn't do any harm” to Joe Biden’s chances to be elected president, “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace said on Wednesday.
Tyra Banks sparks engagement rumors with massive ring
Banks, 46, was spotted wearing the new sparkler with boyfriend Louis Bélanger-Martin.
Chests sold by Kmart recalled due to tip-over risk to kids
Some furniture can pose a serious threat to children if left unanchored, federal safety regulators warn.
Light up your home for less with this one-day sale on Philips Hue bulbs and accessories
Woot! is back at it again with another amazing one-day sale; this time, it's on a handful of Philips Hue light strips, bulbs, switches and LED bars.
Devin Booker’s NBA bubble explosion may not be enough for undefeated Suns
Phoenix Suns star Devin Booker is lighting up the NBA bubble. After his second straight 35-point performance in Tuesday’s 130-117 win over the 76ers, Booker and the Suns are one win away from being the only team to finish the NBA’s seeding games undefeated. Tuesday’s victory lifted Phoenix to 7-0 since arriving in the Orlando...
Fisher-Price drops COVID-themed work-from-home toys for kids
Mommy, hold my calls!
Military helicopter shot at over Virginia, injuring a crew member
A US Air Force helicopter was shot at near Manassas, Virginia, on Monday injuring one of two pilots on board, according to an Air Force official.
R. Kelly’s Associates Charged With Threatening His Accusers
Prosecutors say one defendant set fire to a car parked outside the house of a woman who had publicly accused the singer of abuse.
Black Power Scholar Illustrates How MLK And Malcolm X Influenced Each Other
Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X are frequently seen as opposing forces in the struggle for civil rights but Peniel Joseph, author of The Sword and the Shield, says the truth is more nuanced.
Companies test antibody drugs to treat, prevent COVID-19
With a coronavirus vaccine still months off, companies are rushing to test what may be the next best thing: drugs that deliver antibodies to fight the virus right away, without having to train the immune system to make them.
Can the College Football Playoff go forward without Big Ten and Pac-12?
By opting to step back from this season, the Big Ten and Pac-12 have raised doubts over whether this season can end with the College Football Playoff.
Stein Mart to close all stores in bankruptcy amid COVID-19 pandemic. Liquidation sales expected to start soon
Off-price retailer Stein Mart is the latest in a long list of businesses to file for bankruptcy amid the COVID-19 pandemic and will close all stores.
Giannis Antetokounmpo ejected after headbutting Wizards’ Moe Wagner
The Greek Freak lost his cool. Giannis Antetokounmpo was called for a flagrant-2 foul and ejected Tuesday night after the Milwaukee Bucks star headbutted the Washington Wizards’ Moe Wagner during the second quarter. Antetokounmpo had been fouled several times up to that point and his emotions boiled over after he was called for a charge....
NJ town pulls license of gym that repeatedly defied COVID-19 lockdown
A New Jersey town has voted to rescind the license of a local gym that repeatedly refused to adhere to the Garden State’s coronavirus lockdown restrictions. The Bellmawr Borough Council voted 5-1 Tuesday night to pull the plug on Atilis Gym following a months-long standoff that has seen the gym’s owners repeatedly reopening despite being...
Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver John Ross leaves training camp after son tests positive for COVID-19
Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver John Ross has left training camp to take care of his son, who tested positive for COVID-19.
Why Eugenie Bouchard has tried to stop posting bikini pics
Eugenie Bouchard’s Instagram feed is continuously evolving. Discussing the ups-and-downs of social media during a recent podcast with, Bouchard spoke about how sharing bits of her private life on the public platform has opened a door for critics. “I just don’t value the opinions of people who are out there just judging what I put...
In just 15 years, the Arctic Ocean may be ice-free in summer, study says
It's one of the most aggressive timelines and, if correct, is one of the more direct signs that humans are warming the Earth's climate at an even more dramatic pace than expected.
Ohio woman throws fit at Burger King because employees wouldn't serve lunch at 9 a.m., gets arrested
All-day breakfast is one thing, but apparently all-day lunch is going too far.