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Conservative Radio Host Erick Erickson Criticized for Placing 'Burning Cross' in Front Yard
The radio personality was accused of bigotry or having no awareness of U.S. history after posting a picture on social media Saturday night that many critics said looked like a "burning cross."
Gov: Illinois needs thousands of ventilators in 2 weeks
In an interview with Jake Tapper, Illinois Governor JB Pritzker lays out his struggle to get medical equipment from the federal government
Maine, Maryland institutions to study warm waters, lobsters
A group of institutions from Maine and Maryland is using a National Science Foundation grant to study the impact the warming of New England waters is having on baby lobsters
Esper: Pentagon response has been 'ahead of the curve'
Jake Tapper interviews the Secretary of Defense, Mark Esper on how the military is responding to coronavirus and the removal of the captain of the USS Theodore Roosevelt
Confirmed Cases In The U.S. Top 300,000 As New Hot Spots Emerge
In a sobering briefing on Saturday, President Trump warned that this coming week will be the toughest yet. "There's going to be a lot of death, unfortunately," he said.
Pennsylvania fire department vows to help kids unable to celebrate birthdays due to coronavirus
It’s hard to have a party with social distancing.
Texas hotel offers free lodging to hospital workers on coronavirus frontlines
A downtown Dallas hotel is offering free lodging to medical professionals “serving on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic.”
Edwards: Louisiana runs out of ventilators Thursday
Jake Tapper interviews Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards about the escalating crisis in his state and what to expect in the next few weeks
Coronavirus spreading rapidly through California nursing homes, assisted-living centers
Officials are alarmed at the coronavirus spread among residents and staff in California nursing homes and assisted-living centers.
Transcript: James Bullard on "Face the Nation"
The following is a transcript of an interview with James Bullard President & CEO, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis that aired Sunday, April 5, 2020, on "Face the Nation."
Miley Cyrus and boyfriend Cody Simpson deliver tacos to healthcare workers
Simpson posted about the delivery Saturday on Instagram.
Pennsylvania firefighters discover massive underage party amid coronavirus lockdown
While responding to a separate call about a man being assaulted in the woods, volunteer firefighters stumbled upon a group of about 100 young people drinking and partying in rural Pennsylvania early Saturday morning despite social distancing measures meant to curb the spread of the coronavirus.
Surgeon general warns this week 'is going to be our Pearl Harbor moment'
Jerome Adams said: “This is going to be the hardest and the saddest week of most Americans’ lives, quite frankly.”
Surgeon general predicts ‘hardest and saddest’ week due to coronavirus
The US surgeon general on Sunday warned Americans that the coming week will be the “hardest and the saddest” in most people’s lives due to the coronavirus pandemic — comparing it to Pearl Harbor and 9/11. “It’s tragically fitting that we’re talking at the beginning of Holy Week because this is going to be the...
Trump on coronavirus: promises vs. reality
As the Covid-19 pandemic has spread across the US, the Trump administration has made promises to calm the growing panic among Americas. Here's the reality of those statements.
Michigan's Whitmer says lack of national strategy has created 'porous situation' for coronavirus to spread
Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said Sunday that a better national strategy is needed to battle the coronavirus pandemic and that President Trump’s assertion that the federal government should not be the first line of defense against the contagion is “creating a more pourous situation.”
Governor on Pence claim: I pray he's right
Gov. J.B. Pritzker (D-IL) speaks with CNN's Jake Tapper about a claim made by Vice President Mike Pence that the state of Illinois would only need a certain number of ventilators during the coronavirus pandemic.
Four men injured in Brooklyn apartment shooting
Four men were injured in a shooting early Sunday in Brooklyn, authorities said. The attack happened just after 3 a.m. at an apartment on Rockaway Parkway near Winthrop Street in Brownsville, according to police. A 43-year-old man was shot in the left leg, a 37-year-old man was shot in the right leg and a 39-year-old...
Matthew Barnett: Serving needy during coronavirus — this calling exists for communities worldwide
My prayer for the church, here in LA and in every corner of the globe, is that we will wake up and realize we were made for this moment.
Coronavirus lockdown rules in UK must be followed or exercise may be banned, health secretary warns
The top health official in the U.K. warned Sunday that officials may go as far as to ban outdoor exercise if people still "flout the rules."
The circumstances are wildly different. Trump’s response is the same.
We know how this is going to play out politically.
Coronavirus death rate for New Orleans is double that of New York City
New Orleans has emerged as one of the country’s coronavirus hotspots, with a death rate per-capita double that of New York City, according to a troubling new report. Gary Wagner, an economics professor at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, said the parish of Orleans, which encompasses the Big Easy, saw a coronavirus death rate...
Paige VanZant takes her naked Instagram adventures outdoors
Suns out, buns out for Paige VanZant and husband Austin Vanderford.
Wayne Rooney: Players "easy targets" in row over salary cuts
Former England captain Wayne Rooney has hit out at the government and the English Premier League (EPL) for leaving football stars as "easy targets and scapegoats" in a current stand-off over proposed pay cuts.
Wayne Rooney: Players "scapegoats" in pay cuts row
Pope Francis Holds Palm Sunday Mass to No Crowds
The Vatican's annual Palm Sunday service was closed to the public due to social gathering restrictions in place amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
Fareed Zakaria: The US has abandoned this crucial role
CNN's Fareed Zakaria analyzes the multiple crises unfolding during the coronavirus pandemic, and how countries and organizations are responding to it.
Biden says Democrats may have to hold 'virtual convention' due to coronavirus
Former Vice President Joe Biden said that this year’s Democratic National Convention might need to be a virtual one due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Joe Biden says Democrats 'should be thinking about' holding a virtual summer convention
Former Vice President Joe Biden said the Democratic National Convention, which has already been pushed back from July to August, may have to go virtual if the coronavirus continues as a public health threat into the summer.
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Georgia Mayor Blasts Governor for Reopening State's Beaches During Pandemic: Health of Our Residents 'Being Put at Risk'
"Beachgoers are mostly locals and complying with social distancing orders," Governor Brian Kemp argued. "We will continue to monitor conditions."
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Queen Elizabeth to deliver 'rare and historic' coronavirus address
Queen Elizabeth is poised to call on the U.K. to rise to the challenge of the coronavirus pandemic in a Sunday address.       
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Over a thousand doctors, nurses heading to New York City to fight coronavirus: Esper
Defense Secretary Mark Esper confirmed that more than a thousand additional doctors and nurses will be sent to New York to help the city as it struggles to contain the coronavirus outbreak. “What we plan on doing now is to point over 1,100 additional doctors and nurses and other medical professionals to New York. The...
Some ... of many: Remembering victims of coronavirus
They are our friends and neighbors, people of renown or just regular people. "Sunday Morning" takes a moment to remember just a few of the victims of the coronavirus pandemic.
Ex-NFL kicker, Saints hero Tom Dempsey dies at 73
Former NFL kicker Tom Dempsey has died at 73 from what his family described as complications from the new coronavirus
Joe Biden Suggests DNC May Hold 'Virtual Convention,' Trump Says RNC Has 'No Contingency Plan'
The Democratic presidential candidate said his party may have to hold a "virtual convention" in Milwaukee due to coronavirus.
A missionary on faith during a pandemic
CNN's John King speaks with Rachel Wyatt, an American missionary in Tanzania, about living by faith during the coronavirus pandemic
Nature: Snow geese at the Finger Lakes
“Sunday Morning” takes us near Savannah, New York, in the Finger Lakes ... a favorite spot for migrating snow geese. Videographer: Carl Mrozek.
"Little Fires Everywhere" writer Celeste Ng
For her second mega-bestselling novel, "Little Fires Everywhere" (now a Hulu miniseries), author Celeste Ng was inspired by the Cleveland, Ohio suburb where she grew up as the daughter of Hong Kong immigrants. In February she returned to Shaker Heights with correspondent Martha Teichner, to talk about her childhood in a progressive and diverse community, her stories of class and racial divides, and how she dealt with internet trolls.
Defense secretary defends removal of Navy captain
Secretary of Defense Mark Esper defends the removal of Captain Brett Crozier after he wrote a memo warning about a coronavirus outbreak aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier.
Jim Daly: Amid coronavirus, can we talk about the hope and promise of heaven?
By now, some of you may know someone who has succumbed to the virus. If so, I am so very sorry for your loss.
Florida county tells people to maintain social distance of '1 alligator' amid coronavirus
A county in the Sunshine State has found the most Florida way to remind its citizens of how to social distance.
Tapper to Trump: This requires a plan. Do you have one?
CNN's Jake Tapper poses the question to President Donald Trump - what is the plan to handle the coronavirus pandemic?
These comfortable blankets will keep you cozy and warm
Whether you’re snuggling up for a movie or relaxing with your favorite book, a comfy blanket can go a long way to helping to ease the stress of the day. And we’ve rounded up a few standout options to help you find a cozy blanket of your own. We included weighted blankets to help with...
"Little Fires Everywhere" author Celeste Ng
The bestselling writer talks about her childhood in a progressive and diverse Cleveland suburb, which helped inspire her stories of class and racial divides, and about being targeted by racist online trolls
Biden Hints Trump Should Have Stopped Air Travel from China Sooner -- '45 Nations Had Already Moved'
Sunday on ABC's "This Week," former Vice President Joe Biden said President Donald Trump should have stopped air travel from China sooner than he did to fight the coronavirus pandemic by saying 45 nations had already blocked "China personnel from being able to come to the United States."
Coronavirus' crushing impact on small business in America
Our viewers had a message about their small businesses in this era of quarantine: "Don't forget us"
Some Senior Sanders Aides Are Urging Him to Drop Out of Presidential Race
What happens in Wisconsin's primary on Tuesday could be key as polls predict a big victory for Joe Biden.