Zerschlagung von hr2: Ist das Kulturfunk, oder kann das immer noch weg?

Für den Kultursender schlägt es eher zwölf: Online-Logo für die beliebte HR2-Sendung „Der Tag“.

Der Hessische Rundfunk „reformiert“ seine Radiokulturwelle hr2. Aus einem kulturellen Vollprogramm wird eine Abspielstation für klassische Musik. Was halten Kulturschaffende davon? Der Antworten zweiter Teil.

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Phoenix protests have cost police more than $11.5M in overtime
The small number of Black Lives Matter protests in Phoenix has already cost police more than $11.5 million in “demonstration overtime” alone, according to a report. Following large rallies at the end of May following George Floyd’s caught-on-camera death in Minnesota, the Copper State has mostly seen small splinter demonstrations with little violence, according to...
Dodgers carry fewer pitchers on the roster for the best-of-three wild card round
The Dodgers pared back to 13 pitchers on the 28-man roster for the wild card round against the Milwaukee Brewers. Alex Wood and Dylan Floro were left off.
Airlines prepare for tens of thousands of job cuts unless 11th hour bailout is reached
Tens of thousands of good-paying airline jobs could be lost as soon as Thursday, as a federal prohibition on jobs cuts in the industry is set to expire. But hopes still remain for an 11th hour deal to avoid the cuts.
We asked our viewers what they thought about the first debate. Here's what they said.
President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden faced off in a chaotic presidential debate last night filled with interruptions and insults. They were grilled on the Supreme Court, economy, coronavirus and other topics. From Alaska to Arizona, here's what our viewers thought.
Paris Hilton calls for closure of Provo Canyon School amid abuse allegations
Paris Hilton has become an unlikely social justice warrior. The pop culture princess and hotel heiress is campaigning to have Provo Canyon School — the so-called emotional growth school she attended in 1999 — shut down in a new video posted to her YouTube channel on Monday. “I was abused at Provo Canyon School,” says...
Where Is Nichol Kessinger, Chris Watts's Girlfriend Now? She Was Crucial in His Wife's Murder Investigation
Kessinger opened up about their relationship in 2018.
Trump's anti-truth campaign keeps running up against his own officials
President Donald Trump repeatedly contradicted key members of his own administration during Tuesday night's presidential debate as he tried to hammer home his own baseless narratives concerning domestic threats, coronavirus and election integrity.
Oscar Isaac cast as director Coppola in ‘Francis and the Godfather’
It was an offer they couldn't refuse.
Trump-Biden debate was marred by interruptions. Should mics have been cut?
During Tuesday night's presidential debate, Donald Trump repeatedly interrupted Biden forcing people to wonder if cutting the mic is an option.
Biden says at debate he doesn't support Green New Deal, but his campaign website calls it 'crucial framework'
Joe Biden said Tuesday night at the first presidential debate that he does not support the Green New Deal, but his campaign website calls it a “crucial framework” for meeting climate change challenges.
Recent coronavirus cases doubled among young adults, CDC says
From early August into the following month, weekly coronavirus cases among adults aged 18 to 22 jumped by 55% nationwide, with the Northeast seeing the largest increase, per a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
Frank Mir's daughter, Bella, set for pro MMA debut at age 17
Will the Mir family be the first father/daughter combo to win major MMA titles? Frank Mir's daughter Bella is set to start her combat sports journey.        Related StoriesDana White: UFC has offered Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier a fightDana White: UFC has offered Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier a fight - EnclosureGermaine de Randamie: Amanda Nunes was 'exposed' in our 'boring' title fight
Biden’s debate dodge on Supreme Court question would create ‘screaming headlines’ if Trump did it, critic says
Democratic nominee Joe Biden declined to say if he would "pack" the Supreme Court during Tuesday’s debate and critics are irked that his refusal to answer isn’t a bigger story for the mainstream media.
Trevor Noah recaps presidential debate: ‘This is not good for the nation’
The debate was marred by juvenile cheap shots and countless interruptions on the part of both candidates that left moderator Chris Wallace struggling to maintain control.
How Nets’ Joe Tsai thinks NBA can navigate ‘tricky’ future amid COVID-19
Nets owner Joe Tsai isn’t deluding himself. He knows coronavirus will make next season a tough one for his team and the rest of the NBA, and that the league is a long way from playing to full arenas, or even crowded ones. But the e-commerce billionaire is predicting a strong eventual rebound thanks to...
Trump's spy chief declassified unverified Russian intelligence despite concerns raised by CIA and NSA
Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe declassified unverified Russian intelligence despite concerns being raised by the CIA and National Security Agency, according to people briefed on the matter.
Wall Street is 'doomsday prepping' for the election. It might not be necessary
The first presidential debate of 2020 didn't exactly scream "peaceful transfer of power."
Biden campaign shares sleepy Twitch live stream of view from back of his Amtrak
Guess Joe Biden supporters really love to see him go. The Democratic presidential nominee’s campaign lived up to its reputation as the most tranquilizing White House bid in recent memory, launching a perhaps the dullest Twitch live stream ever of Biden’s whistle-stop tour — showing nothing more than the view out the caboose of his...
Michigan voter on debate: 'Something's wrong here'
Three Michigan voters are disappointed by the first debate between Republican President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden (Sept. 30)
Despite Debacle, Biden’s Team Says the V.P. Will Debate Trump Again
This article is part of the The DC Brief, TIME’s politics newsletter. Sign up here to get stories like this sent to your inbox every weekday. Typically, after a presidential debate, the top staffers and high-profile supporters of the nominees engage in one of the more absurd practices in modern politics as they try to…
A Biden presidency could boost Tesla and the auto industry
Joe Biden is far more amenable to the idea of boosting the adoption of electric vehicles and alternative energy than President Trump is -- and Biden reiterated that during Tuesday night's debate. That could be yet another bullish sign for Tesla.
Hollywood slams Trump's refusal to condemn white supremacists: 'Turn off his mic'
Yara Shahidi, Tessa Thompson, Ava DuVernay, Kumail Nanjiani, Kerry Washington, Brie Larson and other celebrities live-tweeted Tuesday's presidential debate.
Biden did not make 'a positive case' for presidency during debate: Mark Levin
The Democratic presidential nominee did not make “a positive case” for a Joe Biden presidency during the first presidential debate, Mark Levin, host of “Life, Liberty & Levin,” said on Wednesday.
Azerbaijan and Armenia brush off suggestion of peace talks
YEREVAN, Armenia — Leaders of Azerbaijan and Armenia brushed off the suggestion of peace talks Tuesday, accusing each other of obstructing negotiations over the separatist territory of Nagorno-Karabakh, with dozens killed and injured in three days of heavy fighting. In the latest incident, Armenia said one of its warplanes was shot down by a fighter...
How voting has changed in the Hispanic community and what Latinos are looking for from the 2020 candidates
CBS News contributor Maria Elena Salinas joined CBSN to give insight on how the Hispanic community in the U.S. has changed over her nearly 40-year career in journalism. She explains why not having representation in the presidential debates impacts Latinos and why candidates should not approach Latino voters as a monolithic group.
AC/DC reuniting with original band members for a new album
After several years apart, beloved rock band AC/DC is getting the group back together for a new album.
'Zoo Story Drama': Anti-Trump Group Mocks President's Debate Prep With Footage of Fighting Monkeys
"They fight! They fight! They fight!" the voiceover in The Lincoln Project ad says as apes fight on screen.
Nikola, GM still negotiating $2B partnership as target date looms
General Motors and Nikola appear unlikely to finalize their $2 billion partnership by Wednesday’s target date in the wake of fraud and sexual assault allegations against Nikola founder Trevor Milton. The automakers said they were continuing discussions about the deal, which Nikola originally expected to close before Wednesday. The agreement would see GM take an...
Biden silent on potential court packing as Trump taunts him
The fight over the seat vacated by the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has thrown the Supreme Court into focus once again.
Former Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal says she’s ‘been forgiven by Jesus’ for alleged Trump affair
During the 2016 election, National Enquirer parent company American Media Inc. paid McDougal $150,000 for the rights to her story, which it never published. The company eventually acknowledged the purchase was a “catch-and-kill” maneuver to boost Trump's presidential prospects.
CNN’s John King: Hunter Biden is 'a swamp creature… trading in his family name to make money’
CNN anchor John King said on Wednesday that Hunter Biden is a “swamp creature” who used his powerful father to make money.
‘Dancing with the Stars’ Judge Derek Hough to Perform for the First Time Since 2017
Hough will perform with girlfriend Hayley Erbert, a fellow DWTS veteran.
Two systems to watch as potentially busy October arrives during historic Atlantic hurricane season
An uptick in activity is likely, with a busy October possible during an already historic hurricane season.
Pollak: Six Hoaxes Trump Failed to Debunk in the First Debate
Joe Biden always uses the same hoaxes. Trump should have prepared to debunk them. He needs to do better at the next debate.
Lily Collins is an expat in Paris in new Netflix series
In "Emily in Paris" Collins plays a woman from Chicago who gets sent to Paris for work. The series is created by Darren Star who is also behind such hit shows as 'Sex and the City' and 'Younger.' 'Emily in Paris' launches Oct. 2 on Netflix. (Sept. 30)
Sen. Scott comments on Trump and white supremacy
Sen. Tim Scott, the chamber's only Black Republican, told reporters he thinks President Donald Trump "should correct" his remarks when he refused to condemn white supremacist groups during Tuesday's presidential debate. (Sept. 30)
Walmart looks to airports in rethinking store layouts amid COVID-19
Walmart is getting inspiration from the airport terminal as it revamps the layout and signage of its stores to speed up shopping and better cater to smartphone-armed customers. The nation’s largest retailer, based in Bentonville, Arkansas, said that the look, which includes signs with bold dimensional typeface spotlighting sections, is currently in one store. It...
ISS crew locates air leak in middle-of-the-night search
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — A small air leak at the International Space Station finally has been traced to the Russian side, following a middle-of-the-night search by astronauts. NASA said Tuesday that the two Russians and one American on board were awakened late Monday to hurriedly seal hatches between compartments and search for the ongoing leak,...
Fifth seed Kiki Bertens leaves court in wheelchair following win at French Open
Fifth seed Kiki Bertens left the court in a wheelchair Wednesday after her grueling, fiery three-set victory over Sara Errani in the second round of the French Open.
Missing woman found at sea suffers from mental health issues: daughter
The Colombia woman who was rescued at sea by fishermen has a history of mental health issues that may have contributed to the bizarre saga in which she was off the grid for two years, her family said. Paula Castiblanco said she believes that her mother, Angelica Gaitan, suffers from psychological trauma that played a...
The police officer who fatally shot Breonna Taylor is crowdfunding money to retire
The Louisville police officer who fatally shot Breonna Taylor is currently raising money to fund his retirement.
Donald Trump Was “Way Into” ‘SNL’ Porn Star Sketch, According to Colin Jost
The 2015 episode aired long before Trump's Stormy Daniels controversy.
Wisconsin Republicans: Racing Sausages, Bernie Brewer and Bango cannot appear at early voting locations
Wisconsin Republican leader says it's illegal for Racing Sausages, Bernie Brewer, mascots or players to be at sports arenas used as voting spots.
GOP senators criticize Trump failing to condemn white supremacy
Republican Sen. Tim Scott said Wednesday that he believes President Donald Trump "needs to correct" comments on white supremacy made at Tuesday's debate.
Senator Tim Scott's 2016 Comments on Need for KKK Condemnation Resurface After Saying Trump 'Misspoke' at Debate
This isn't the first time Trump's been pushed to condemn hate groups and in 2016, Scott said any candidate that doesn't immediately condemn a hate group like the KKK doesn't represent the Republican Party.
Who won the presidential debate? Not voters with arguments, attacks, and little substance.
Who won the presidential debate is in the eye of the beholder as Trump and Biden argue, giving little of substance to voters and both claiming victory.
Harris slams Trump after debate: "A dog whistle through a bullhorn"
"Donald Trump is not pretending to be anything other than what he is," said vice presidential candidate Senator Kamala Harris.
American Airlines rolling out coronavirus testing for passengers
American Airlines is launching COVID-19 testing for international flights.