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Lady Gaga: Should I call you Larry or 'King Larry'? (2010)
In a June 2010 interview with Larry King, Lady Gaga spoke about growing up in New York and explained why she looked up to Princess Diana.
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'I have no idea': Paris Hilton on why paparazzi follows her (2007)
In a June 2007 interview - her first after being released from jail for a parole violation - Paris Hilton spoke with Larry King about the media's fascination with her and what it was like being incarcerated.
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Marlon Brando shares a song and kiss with Larry King (1994)
Legendary actor Marlon Brando sat down for a rare interview with Larry King at his California home in October 1994.
Rioter charged with threatening to 'assassinate' Ocasio-Cortez, officer
The Justice Department revealed new charges against a Texas man who allegedly participated in the Capitol attack and posted online death threats against Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and a US Capitol Police officer. CNN's Jessica Schneider has the details.
Holiday weekend heat wave for southern Australia
The first big heat wave of summer arrives for southern Australia during the holiday weekend. Meteorologist Allison Chinchar has the forecast.
Sen. Patrick Leahy doubles as a Batman actor
Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy (D) is a big fan of Batman. Since 1995, he's acted in five of the franchise's movies and the animated TV show.
Sen. Joe Biden talks presidential aspirations with Larry King (1987)
In a 1987 interview, Larry King talks with then-Senator Joe Biden about his intention to run for president in 1988.
'Unlike anybody else': Anderson Cooper on Larry King
CNN's Anderson Cooper talks about veteran broadcaster Larry King.
Larry King signs off CNN: Instead of goodbye, so long
Larry King signed off his show "Larry King Live" on CNN after over 25 years of interviewing presidential candidates, celebrities, athletes, movie stars and everyday people.
Legend interviews legend: Larry King talks with Hank Aaron (1991)
Baseball legend Hank Aaron speaks with longtime CNN anchor Larry King during a 1991 interview on "Larry King Live."
Immigrant leaves church sanctuary after over 3 years
José Chicas, a Salvadoran immigrant who spent more than three years in sanctuary on the grounds of a North Carolina church, says the Biden administration's new policies are giving him a chance to go home.
Smerconish remembers Larry King
Smerconish recalls the illustrious career of the late host of CNN's 'Larry King Live': 'there will never be another one like him...we will miss Larry, and his civility.'
King's longtime executive producer shares how he prepared for interviews
Former executive producer of "Larry King Live," Wendy Walker, shares with CNN's Wolf Blitzer how the broadcast legend would prepare for his interviews.
Inside Biden's Oval Office makeover
You can learn a lot about a President by seeing what's in their Oval Office. So what can we learn about President Joe Biden by his choices for the makeover?
If offered a COVID-19 vaccine, are you obliged to take it?
Due to the bumpy distribution so far, and inequitable access in various parts of the country - deciding to get inoculated is presenting many Americans with a moral quandary.
Key questions in Trump's second impeachment trial
Daniel Goldman, lead counsel for the Democrat House Inquiry during President Trump's first impeachment, says the key question is what did the President know about plans to storm the Capitol.
Trump lawyer John Eastman: rally, insurrection separate
Lawyer John Eastman, who spoke at President Trump's January 6 rally says he sees no causal connection between the rally and the attack on the Capitol.
He called CNN after the election to share his biggest fear
Gillette, Wyoming, is the energy capital of the United States. And residents like Steve Gray fear it will become a ghost town under President Joe Biden. CNN contributor John Sutter asks: In the fight against the climate crisis, what do we owe the workers who have helped power America for decades?
Teacher suspended for attending Capitol 'Stop the Steal' rally
A Pennsylvania middle-school social studies teacher suspended for attending the electoral college protest says
Smerconish: Trump's gone, but repercussions remain
President Biden said that restoring the soul of America requires unity. But that might have to wait while residual issues surrounding his predecessor are sorted out.
Larry King dies at age 87
Former CNN talk show host and broadcasting legend Larry King has died. CNN's Wolf Blitzer looks back on King's long career.
Winter storm spans from coast to coast
Winter weather alerts are in effect for over a dozen states. Heavy snow is expected from California to Illinois through Monday, Meteorologist Allison Chinchar has the forecast.
Son tips off FBI about father attending Capitol riot
CNN's Chris Cuomo talks to 18-year-old Jackson Reffitt about Jackson's father participating in the Capitol riot.
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The extremist Oath Keepers who planned attack on Capitol
CNN's Sara Sidner reports on three Americans faced with some of the most severe charges in the attack on the Capitol who are part of the violent extremist Oath Keepers group that planned and coordinated the riot.
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Birx says she 'always' considered quitting Trump's Covid-19 task force
In an interview, Dr. Deborah Birx says she "always" considered quitting then-President Donald Trump's White House coronavirus task force and was troubled by colleagues' perceptions that she had become political.
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Texas Trump voter: Biden needs to unify; not sure he can
Donald Trump got over 96% of the vote in Roberts County, Texas, during the 2020 presidential election. CNN's Gary Tuchman spoke with some of the residents there to find out what they want to see from President Joe Biden.
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Sales drop at Trump businesses hit hard by pandemic, toxic image
CNN's Randi Kaye reports on dropping revenues among various companies listed on former President Donald Trump's final financial disclosure form amid the Covid-19 pandemic and fallout from the attack on the US Capitol.
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See expert's plan to end pandemic in four weeks
Harvard Medical School's Dr. Abraar Karan says the US can end the Covid-19 pandemic in four weeks if everyone wears N95 masks.
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Some GOP lawmakers are defying Capitol security measures
US Capitol Police are investigating an incident in which Rep. Andy Harris (R-MD) was stopped from bringing a concealed gun onto the House floor, sources told CNN, the first time a member of Congress has been discovered with a firearm by the metal detectors now set up outside the legislative chamber. CNN's Sunlen Serfaty reports the decision to require members of Congress to walk through metal detectors has further inflamed tensions on Capitol Hill.
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'We're left high and dry': Vulnerable seniors struggle to get vaccine
CNN's Rosa Flores talks to vulnerable seniors in Florida who have been struggling to get a Covid-19 vaccine despite meeting the requirements.
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