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Fauci recommends 'universal wearing of masks' as schools reopen
In an interview on ABC News' "World News Tonight with David Muir," Dr. Anthony Fauci said that he feels that universal wearing of masks in addition to other public health measures are "very important" in preventing the spread of Covid-19 as schools reopen.
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Lamb of God returns with self-titled album
Vocalist Randy Blythe talks about the band's latest album, its first set of original songs since 2015. Rick Damigella reports.
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Infectious disease expert on why he thinks US needs another lockdown
CNN's Don Lemon speaks to Michael Osterholm, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy, who wrote in a New York Times op-ed about how he thinks another lockdown in the US would "crush the spread" of Covid-19 until a vaccine arrives.
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Cop shoots man after accidentally being hit by deputy's Taser
Newly released body camera video shows a Nevada police officer unintentionally shooting a man after that officer was hit with a Taser discharged by a sheriff's deputy, the Reno Police Department said.
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He thought Covid-19 was like the flu. Then this happened
21-year-old Spencer Rollyson had a mild case of Covid-19 but ended up in the intensive care unit with organ failure. He tells CNN's Erin Burnett that he initially thought coronavirus was like the flu.
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Anderson Cooper talks about books he is reading and writing
Anderson Cooper answers viewers questions about important interviews he has done in his career and discusses both books he is reading and currently writing. Watch Full Circle every Monday, Tuesday, and Friday at 6pm E.T.
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This grandfather came out to his daughter at 90 years old
While writing his memoir, 90-year-old Kenneth Felts, came out as gay to his daughter. Felts shares his story of long lost love with Anderson Cooper. Anderson Cooper Full Circle airs Monday, Tuesday and Friday at 6 pm E.T.
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Trump vs Biden on climate change
President Donald Trump has questioned the credibility of climate change while Joe Biden has called it an "existential threat."
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Sports agent: No college football is bad for Trump
Sports agent Drew Rosenhaus says he think that President Trump is saying that there should be a college football season because if the season is canceled it won't reflect well on him.
Postal worker says USPS not providing same service since Trump appointee
American Postal Workers Union Local 89 President Nick Casselli says the USPS is not providing the same level of service since President Donald Trump's appointee Louis DeJoy took charge as postmaster general, raising concerns for mail-in voting during the upcoming 2020 presidential election.
How Trump advisers worked against his foreign policy decisions
In his new book "The Madman Theory: Trump Takes on the World," CNN's Jim Sciutto looks at how President Trump's own advisers attempted to block or water down Trump's foreign policy decisions.
GOP senator calls Trump's executive actions 'slop'
Just days after President Donald Trump signed executive actions aimed at helping millions of Americans facing financial difficulties, CNN's Jeremy Diamond reports the White House is shifting the responsibility of stimulus money on to states and blaming delays on Democrats.
Making geothermal energy accessible
CNN's Kelly Bowman reports on how Dandelion Energy is working to limit your carbon footprint
College football star who got Covid-19 wants season to start
Florida State University senior offensive lineman Andrew Boselli and seven of his family members got infected with coronavirus. Boselli explains to CNN's Brianna Keilar why he thinks the 2020 college football season should start as scheduled.
Fmr. Lebanese Deputy PM: 'I didn't do enough'
Fmr. Lebanese Deputy Prime Minister Ghassan Hasbani tells Amanpour about the need for an international inquiry and says "the line of responsibility is very long."
Hong Kong lawmaker: 'We are being pushed into a dead end'
Hong Kong pro-democracy legislator Claudia Mo discusses the arrest of media tycoon and activist Jimmy Lai under Beijing's new national security law.
100 mph winds possible for Chicago this afternoon
A very strong line of thunderstorms, called a derecho, will plow through the Midwest this afternoon. Winds of 100 mph could be seen from Chicago to Indianapolis.
How coronavirus impacted a billion dollar blooms business
During these unprecedented times, Kenya's flower industry has dealt with a period of logistical nightmares and lost revenue. CNN's Eleni Giokos takes a look at how this blooming industry has worked to get their perishable product to market around the world.
Watch beluga whales return to sea after years of captivity
Two beluga whales, named Little Grey and Little White, have arrived at their new sea sanctuary care area at Klettsvik Bay in Iceland.
How coronavirus impacted this cruise line's Q2 earnings
Royal Caribbean cruise line reported big losses during Q2, after halting trips due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Kodak stock plunges after government loan put on hold
Kodak stock plunged 30% Monday after a $765 million loan from the US government to help make drug ingredients was put on hold, as regulators are reportedly looking into allegations of insider trading.
'America's Got Talent' judge wishes Simon Cowell well
"America's Got Talent" judge Simon Cowell tweeted about his fall from a new electric bike which forced him to undergo surgery after breaking his back.
Mike Tyson gets 'scared' before subduing shark
Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson got outside his comfort zone on a series of shark dives for Discovery Channel's "Shark Week."
Firefighter describes fire at Rachael Ray's home
Celebrity chef and talk show host Rachael Ray is safe after a house fire broke out at her upstate New York home. A volunteer firefighter describes the scene to HLN's Robin Meade.
Hong Kong billionaire media tycoon arrested in newsroom
Hong Kong media tycoon Jimmy Lai, known for his support of the city's pro-democracy movement and criticism of China, has been arrested on suspicion of "colluding" with foreign forces, according to local police.
Several people trapped after Baltimore house explosion
A major explosion in a residential area in Baltimore has trapped several individuals, including children. CNN's Alexandra Field reports.
Looting in downtown Chicago overnight
CNN's Polo Sandoval is on the streets of Chicago that were overrun with looters the previous night, showing the damage that was caused and the clean up effort the morning after.
How one company started Nigeria's noodles craze
Long-term commitments are often a multinational corporation's biggest challenge when it comes to expanding successfully overseas. CNN's Eleni Giokos connects with Tolaram Group-West Africa's CEO, Pawan Sharma, to analyze the Singapore based company's success in West Africa.
Graham Crackers Were Invented to Curb Sexual Appetite
We’re not kidding. Sylvester Graham, a minister, created the Graham cracker in an attempt to rid Americans of their greed and lust. He thought the American diet led to sexual urges, which had to be curtailed. With his bland cracker, Graham created a diet trend and even gained a cult-like following. Ah, if only he knew what graham crackers would become: the foundation for s’mores.