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Kevin Curry found an escape from depression when he got moving and started to cook
Food blogger Kevin Curry once made a plan to take his life. Then everything changed when he found the right combination of medicine, movement and food.
The making of transgender racer Charlie Martin
Transgender racing driver Charlie Martin knows how important sport has been to her success - and her survival - and talks to Christina Macfarlane about her life and career to date.
The CDC says masks are no longer needed inside or out if you're fully vaccinated
The CDC now says that fully vaccinated people do not need to wear masks or socially distance inside or outside. The news comes as some states and businesses have begun reconsidering their own mask policies. CNN's Miguel Marquez is in NYC with the latest.
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Strategist: Hot inflation consistent with reopening challenges
Alicia Levine, chief strategist at BNY Mellon, says the market is buying the Fed's transitory inflation message but will depend on how long it lasts.
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Why officials are struggling to get Republicans vaccinated
CNN's Elizabeth Cohen discusses the latest findings from a Kaiser Family Foundation survey in April, showing that Republicans are much less likely to get the coronavirus vaccine.
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See the since-deleted video of Greene harassing AOC's office
CNN's KFile has preserved a since-deleted Facebook Live post from 2019 showing Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene -- then a conservative activist -- standing outside Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's locked office taunting her to come out and "get rid of your diaper" and "be a big girl."
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Cat makes daring five-story jump from burning building
Firefighters captured stunning video of a cat escaping a fire by leaping from an upper floor of a building and then walking away.
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Delta CEO: All future employees must be vaccinated
Ed Bastian, CEO of Delta, tells CNN's Richard Quest that, "any person joining Delta in the future we will mandate to get vaccinated before they can sign up with the company."
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Dr. Corbett: Now all we need to do is get people vaccinated
NIH's lead scientist for coronavirus vaccine research, Kizzmekia Corbett, joins CNN's New Day to discuss the work that went into the CDC's updated mask guidance, and what work still needs to be done.
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Capitol officer to lawmakers downplaying insurrection: I don't get it
Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn says he is hurt and frustrated that lawmakers continue to downplay the January 6 insurrection at the US Capitol.
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New York Yankees say 8 vaccinated members tested positive for Covid-19
Eight members of the New York Yankees have tested positive for Covid-19 this week despite being inoculated with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, the baseball team said Thursday.
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Japan's Rakuten chief calls Tokyo Olympics a "suicide mission"
Hiroshi Mikitani, the CEO of Rakuten, tells CNN exclusively that it's a "suicide mission" to be hosting the Tokyo Olympics this year - the Opening Ceremony for which is set for July 23.
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Hilary Mantel: I have more ideas than years left
Booker Prize-winning novelist Hilary Mantel discusses her latest book "The Mirror & the Light", the future of the royals, and her experience living with endometriosis.
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This glass elevator will take people 1,210 feet above NYC
An all-glass elevator will soon take offer people views of New York from 1,210 feet above the city. The observation deck at One Vanderbilt is set to open in October 2021.
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Cold start to the day in the East and hot, dry conditions in the West
Another cold start to the day in the Eastern US is contrasted by hot, dry conditions in the West. We are also monitoring storms forming in the Central US. CNN meteorologist Derek Van Dam has the weekend forecast.
Prince Harry compares Royal life to Truman show
The Duke of Sussex has further disclosed his private life -- his pain growing up in the British Royal Family, how he and Meghan managed to keep their relationship under wraps, as well as his new life -- in an interview with actor Dax Shepard, host of the "Armchair Expert" podcast, in an episode released on May 13.
'It's disgraceful': Officer on people who spread lies about Capitol riot
DC Metropolitan Police Officer Michael Fanone tells CNN's Don Lemon what it was like to relive the Capitol riot through his body camera footage and what he wants lawmakers to know.
Oxygen crisis unfolds as climbers chase Everest dreams
India's brutal second wave of coronavirus has spilled into neighboring Nepal, including Mount Everest. Despite the government's denial, a tour company told CNN more than 30 of their Everest clients have tested positive in Nepal. CNN's Anna Coren speaks with a veteran climber who aborted his trip for fear of catching Covid-19 on the mountain.
The conflict in Ethiopia's Tigray region explained
CNN's Zain Asher explains the history behind the conflict in Ethiopia's war-torn northern Tigray region.
CNN10 - 5/14/21
This Friday, we're covering the history of unrest in the Holy Land, the restart of a U.S. fuel supply line, and the concept seaplane that would fly low and fast.
CNN gets look inside Arizona recount
CNN's Kyung Lah and crew gain access into the Republican election audit of the 2020 ballots from Arizona's largest county.
Liz Cheney calls out Fox News on Fox News
Republican Rep. Liz Cheney calls out Fox News during a combative interview with Bret Baier in which she argued that "Fox News has a particular obligation to make sure people know the election wasn't stolen."
Israeli Defense Forces announce ground troops currently attacking in Gaza
CNN's Ben Wedeman reports.
Civil unrest, rage spills into previously peaceful neighborhoods in Israel
CNN's Hadas Gold reports.
Reporter recounts 'shocking' Marjorie Taylor Greene confrontation
Washington Post reporter Marianna Sotomayor discusses witnessing Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) confront Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) in the halls of Congress.
Reporter recounts 'shocking' Marjorie Taylor Greene confrontation
Washington Post reporter Marianna Sotomayor discusses witnessing Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) confront Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) in the halls of Congress.
Fauci gives first interview after CDC mask guidance update
CNN's Jake Tapper speaks to Dr. Anthony Fauci about the CDC's guidance that vaccinated individuals can go maskless for most indoor and outdoor situations.
The CDC says fully vaccinated people can go without masks indoors and outdoors
The CDC has updated its Covid-19 pandemic guidelines, now saying that people who are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 do not need to wear masks or socially distance indoors or outdoors. CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta answers your questions on what the new CDC recommendations mean for Americans, and also discusses his new feature documentary, "Race for The Vaccine."
High Ground' looks at Australia's violent past
Simon Baker talks with David Daniel about the drama, in which an Australian government massacre of Aboriginal people leads to a cycle of violence.
Delta CEO: The goal is for a good summer in the US
Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian tells CNN's Richard Quest that he is optimistic for a surge in US travel this summer, but doesn't expect a similar trend for international travel until 2022.