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Police and volunteers search for LSU student who has been missing for days
Police and volunteers are searching for a Louisiana State University freshman who has been missing since Tuesday, the school said.
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Is New York ready for a pro-Trump governor?
To Democrats in New York, former President Donald Trump is the gift that keeps on giving. Trump's enormous unpopularity in his home state -- which he lost twice -- has been an electoral millstone around the necks of New York Republican candidates, helping to turn an already-blue state even bluer.
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Maryland inmates can now earn a bachelor's degree from Georgetown University
Georgetown University has announced a new program that will allow some Maryland prison inmates to earn bachelor's degrees.
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Ingenuity helicopter's first flight on Mars delayed
NASA's Ingenuity helicopter, originally scheduled to fly on Mars Sunday, is now set for no earlier than April 14, according to the agency.
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What's really behind the GOP's attacks on transgender athletes
Joe Kennedy writes, "State legislators across the country have introduced dozens of bills that would bar transgender girls from competing in girls' sports, based on the misguided concern that their participation would somehow hurt their cisgender teammates and competitors."
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A Texas man ran from Disneyland to Disney World. Here's why
A Texas man, wanting to raise awareness of diabetes, just finished running from Disneyland in Southern California to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.
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Saks Fifth Avenue to stop selling animal fur products
Saks Fifth Avenue says it will stop selling animal fur products by the end of the 2022 fiscal year both online and in stores.
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'Extremely heavy ash fall' as authorities report third explosion at volcano in St. Vincent
The La Soufrière volcano on the Caribbean island of St. Vincent erupted a third time on Friday, according to officials.
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One dead and two deputies shot in a shooting outside of a Utah jail
Two sheriff's deputies were shot and an individual involved in an altercation with the deputies is dead after a shooting outside the Salt Lake County Metro Jail in Utah on Saturday morning.
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In Chauvin trial, defense has slender reed to cling to
The prosecution thus far has cut through the noise and the medical jargon to make a compelling -- though not quite ironclad -- case arguing that Chauvin is, indeed, legally responsible for Floyd's death, writes Elie Honig.
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A website is offering $1,000 for someone to binge-watch home improvement shows
If you feel like watching home improvement shows causes you to spend more money on your remodeling, here's your chance to earn some cash while binge-watching "Fixer Upper."
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Four suspected Boogaloo associates are indicted for allegedly destroying evidence
Four suspected members of a group associated with the extremist anti-government Boogaloo movement have been indicted by a federal grand jury in San Francisco, the Justice Department announced Friday.
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Billy Horschel has unfortunate slip on bank of Masters hole after removing shoes and socks for shot in water
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Unlike Biden, Americans don't see new infrastructure as a priority
President Joe Biden is pushing his infrastructure bill, the American Jobs Plan. This bill strays from what has helped him maintain an approval rating above 50% so far during his presidency because, even though the plan polls fairly well, it's not clear that Americans actually think it's all that important.
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Rachael Blackmore becomes first female jockey to win the Grand National
Rachael Blackmore made history on Saturday by becoming the first female jockey to win the Grand National with victory on Minella Times.
Video shows lightning shatter a tree outside of a high school
The National Weather Service says, "When thunder roars, go indoors" for a reason.
Roger Waters and Tom Morello to perform in an online benefit concert for Palestinian musicians in Gaza
Roger Waters, Tom Morello and Brian Eno will join a host of Palestinian musicians on Saturday for an online benefit concert dubbed, "Live for Gaza."
Pandemic may give rise to a progressive new era if White House economic team has its way
As they chart the country's tentative economic recovery, White House officials see possibility in the wake of the pandemic -- an opportunity to dive full bore into pursuing the most transformative progressive policies in decades.
Crenshaw says he'll be 'effectively blind' and 'off the grid' for weeks after emergency eye surgery
Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw announced Saturday that he will be "effectively blind" and "off the grid" for the next few weeks after undergoing emergency surgery Friday on his left eye.
'We've been here before': Ohio bridge serves as a reminder of political hurdle Biden faces as infrastructure negotiations begin
The Brent Spence Bridge spanning the Ohio River has long been a political football and symbol of government dysfunction. On one of the busiest US trucking routes, the gridlock serves as a reminder of unfulfilled promises in the infrastructure debate.
Severe weather forecast for parts of Gulf Coast. Strong winds knock tree into mobile home, killing Louisiana man
A Louisiana man died Friday night after strong winds knocked a tree into his mobile home, authorities say, as severe weather along the northern Gulf Coast puts nearly 65 million people are at risk.
A final flyby for asteroid Bennu and 5 other top space and science stories this week
Welcome to Wonder Theory, your weekly space and science digest. A spacecraft bids farewell to its asteroid companion, NASA's newest Mars rover and helicopter gear up for a history-making moment, researchers gain insight about ancient cave painters, and more.
Biden's infrastructure plan would reduce our reliance on cars
The infrastructure of the United States is built for cars. The impulse to build around cars is hard-wired into almost all our funding formulas, institutional norms and culture.
'The lessons of this moment.' The testimony by police brass at Derek Chauvin's trial is unprecedented
The piercing of the so-called blue wall of silence in Derek Chauvin's trial for the death of George Floyd has been widely praised. The question is whether any momentum built by this potentially devastating testimony portends real change in US policing.
Inside the case that bankrupt the Klan
Beulah Mae Donald fought for years to see justice served after her son was lynched in Mobile, Alabama in 1981. Her efforts, alongside those within her community, resulted in a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the United Klans of America. Here's a guide to the key events that led to that case.
Pennsylvania's Democratic Senate race raises simmering divisions inside the party
In the beginning stages of Pennsylvania's high stakes Democratic Senate primary, even the most progressive of candidates are downplaying the label.
Here's the best argument in favor of the filibuster
We have written a lot about how the Senate filibuster rule is holding up progress in the federal government.
Red states are vaccinating at a lower rate than blue states
One of the biggest obstacles in America's race to vaccinate against the coronavirus has been that substantial proportions of certain groups choose not to vaccinate.
How to speak to someone who's hesitant to get vaccinated
As a pediatrician, Dr. Edith Bracho-Sanchez spends many of her days with nervous moms and dads listening to reasons why they're worried about their kids receiving vaccinations.