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Eight states are on track to have their rainiest year on record
For many in the eastern half of the United States, rain boots, rain jackets and umbrellas have been in regular wardrobe rotation this year. - RSS Channel
Penny Marshall left behind a 'Big' legacy
Penny Marshall crammed a lot of creativity into a relatively concentrated period, from her iconic sitcom work to her transition into directing, producing an iconic TV show and a memorable string of movies.
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Analysis: Trump's Flynn-sized blind spot was just exposed again
In the run-up to Tuesday's sentencing of Michael Flynn, President Donald Trump and his allies seemed to be convinced that the former national security adviser would stand up in court and renounce the plea deal he had agreed to more than a year ago in which he admitted to lying to the FBI about his contacts with Russian officials during the presidential transition in late 2016.
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Celebrities react to Marshall's death
Penny Marshall's legacy will live on forever in Hollywood.
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All I want for Christmas is boundaries
Romantic Christmas movies have a lot to answer for. They inhabit a world in which a character played by actress and singer Martine McCutcheon is incessantly described derogatorily -- and inaccurately -- as fat ("Love Actually"), schoolboys are advised to hunt girls they fancy through airports, breaking the law in the process ("Love Actually") and bosses instruct subordinates to proposition each other ("Love Actually").
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Penny Marshall's in a league of her own
Penny Marshall reveals in her new memoir that her life off-camera has been just as crazy as anything that viewers saw on the screen.
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Dana Bash: How can that come out of Sanders' mouth?
White House press secretary Sarah Sanders claimed that Michael Flynn's admitted lying to the FBI and acting as an agent of a foreign government have "don't have anything to do with the president."
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Penny Marshall, co-star of 'Laverne & Shirley' and director of 'A League of Their Own,' dead at 75
Actress Penny Marshall, who found fame in TV's "Laverne & Shirley" before going on to direct such beloved films as "Big" and "A League of Their Own," has died. She was 75.
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Saturn losing rings quicker than expected
Saturn's rings make it one of the most striking planets in the solar system, but scientists believe they could disappear in less than a 100 million years -- which isn't all that long when you consider that the gas giant itself is more than 4 billion years old.
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Loneliness peaks at 3 key ages, study finds
Rising rates of loneliness may not be news, but the three periods when it peaks may come as a surprise: More people reported feeling moderate to severe loneliness during their late 20s, their mid-50s and their late 80s than in other life periods, according to research published Tuesday in the journal International Psychogeriatrics.
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Lil Jon did a Christmas song with Kool-Aid Man and the holidays will never be the same
This may be all you ever wanted for Christmas.
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Netanyahu's son temporarily banned from Facebook over hate speech allegations
Facebook has restored the account of Yair Netanyahu, the eldest son of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, after it was temporarily suspended for "hate speech" over a series of posts targeting Muslims and Palestinians.
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READ: Agreement dissolve Trump's charitable foundation
The Donald J. Trump Foundation has agreed to dissolve amid an ongoing lawsuit according to a document filed Tuesday in Manhattan Supreme Court by the New York state Attorney General's office.
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Trump blinks on government shutdown vow
White House press secretary Sarah Sanders suggested Tuesday that the White House has found an alternative way to get its requested $5 billion in funding for a US-Mexico border wall, marking a reversal from President Donald Trump's previous position.
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Yemeni mother wins visa fight to see her dying child in US
The US State Department granted a Yemeni mother, whose 2-year-old son is on life support in an Oakland hospital, a waiver Tuesday to travel to the United States, according to officials with the Council on American-Islamic Relations.
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3,500 British troops on standby for a possible no-deal Brexit
Britain's defense secretary announced that 3,500 troops will be on standby for a possible no-deal Brexit, as lawmakers said Tuesday that they have ramped up preparations for leaving the European Union without an agreement.
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Morning sickness pill study finds small link to increased risk of clefts
When a pregnant woman feels persistent nausea and even has to throw up, she might see whether ginger can help settle her stomach, or perhaps plenty of water.
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Study: Opioids offer little chronic pain benefit
For adults with chronic pain, opioids offer narrow improvements over a placebo for pain and physical functioning, on average, according to a new analysis published Tuesday. And the majority of patients will experience no meaningful benefit.
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Judge orders poacher to watch 'Bambi'
A Missouri man convicted of deer poaching has received a unique sentence.
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The ex-Fed chairman who famously warned about 'irrational exuberance' in stocks doesn't see prices going any higher than they are now
Alan Greenspan says the party's over on Wall Street.
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Steve Carell on 'Welcome to Marwen'
In "Welcome to Marwen," Steve Carell plays a photographer who funnels the pain of a personal tragedy into art using dolls.
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Cardi B performs 'I Like It' at senior center, gets asked out
Cardi B's appearance on "Carpool Karaoke" might be one of James Corden's best segments yet.
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Top high-yield savings accounts for December
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Putin's war on rap unites Russia's hip hop artists
In Russia, a rap war is raging, but it's not between battling MCs.
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Opinion: The worst kept secret in Washington
Eight years after congressional leaders banned earmarks in an effort to cut spending and improve trust in government, the incoming House majority leader is suggesting that the new Congress is likely to bring the old practice back.
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'Fresh Prince' star sues Fortnite over use of the 'Carlton dance'
Carlton wants his dance back. - RSS Channel
Manchester United fires manager Jose Mourinho
Manchester United has announced that Jose Mourinho has left the club with immediate effect. - RSS Channel
5 things to know about markets now
Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day. - RSS Channel
Dow futures are higher after a 500-point slide
1. China jitters: Chinese President Xi Jinping struck a defiant note during a speech Tuesday marking four decades since the country embarked on its economic transformation. - RSS Channel
Retired officer rescues toddler from busy road
Retired officer Darryl Pang rescued an unsupervised toddler chasing a ball from a busy street. - RSS Channel
Guatemalan girl's family demands answers over death in US custody
The father of a 7-year-old Guatemalan girl is demanding answers about how she came to die in US custody less than 48 hours after Border Patrol agents detained her in the New Mexico desert. - RSS Channel
Why migrants have a number written on them
To some, the thought of asylum-seekers on the US-Mexico border with numbers written in black ink on their arms carries disturbing echoes of the Holocaust. - RSS Channel
Honduran mom and kids in viral tear gas photo allowed entry to US
Maria Lila Meza Castro -- the mother photographed running with her children away from tear gas at the US-Mexico Border in November -- was permitted into the US late Monday night, Sandra Cordero with Families Belong Together told CNN. - RSS Channel
Man at the center of a multibillion-dollar scandal adorns novelty Christmas items
Forget Santa. In Malaysia, there's another portly figure of fun decorating homes this Christmas. - RSS Channel
Huge merger of Sprint and T-Mobile is moving closer
The multibillion-dollar merger of Sprint and T-Mobile is moving closer. - RSS Channel
Watch sweet moment between father and daughter
Rocking out at a concert, Kari Carberry didn't miss a beat as she signed the lyrics of the song for her deaf dad in Canada. - RSS Channel
Republicans in wait-and-see mode after judge strikes a blow to Obamacare
Top congressional Republicans were quick to argue that a federal court ruling that the Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional won't affect the immediate future for health care consumers and the legal battle will take a long time to play out. - RSS Channel
Opinion: President Trump is testing the patience of the GOP
President Donald Trump is testing the patience of the GOP. Increasingly, what he thinks is best for himself and his base -- like shutting down the federal government over his demands for a border wall -- is not necessarily what is in the long- or short-term interest of his party. - RSS Channel
Geoffrey Rush denies allegations
Oscar-winner Geoffrey Rush has denied claims he acted inappropriately toward an actress more than seven years ago. - RSS Channel
Richard Quest explains the 1MDB scadal
CNN's Richard Quest breaks down the 1MDB scandal that has seen Malaysia's former Prime Minister arrested and Goldman Sachs facing criminal charges. - RSS Channel
First female assistant GM in NBA history to be hired - RSS Channel
Mudd: Russians were trying to change America
CNN's Phil Mudd reacts to a report released by the Senate Intelligence Committee detailing the breadth of the Russian social media campaign to sow discord in the United States.
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Professor in sex for grades scandal gets prison term
Nigerian professor Richard Akindele, accused of demanding sex from a female student, was sentenced to prison on Monday.
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Analysis: Why Trump can't count on the Supreme Court to kill Obamacare
The Affordable Care Act that Congress passed in 2010 was decades in the making, an effort to control rising health care costs and provide insurance to millions of Americans. The US Supreme Court twice upheld it, emphasizing that history, and the law survived countless attempts by Republicans to repeal it.
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Couple inspires Mattel to consider a same-sex Barbie wedding set
They just wanted to give their niece a toy that matched their reality, but their makeshift doll set may be on its way to bringing more diversity to toy aisles everywhere.
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