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10-foot anaconda gives birth to two ‘clones’ without male in Boston aquarium
A female anaconda gave birth without the help of a male, according to the Massachusetts aquarium where it happened.
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Apollo 11 brooch worn by Neil Armstrong's wife surfaces, up for sale
A commemorative gold brooch that belonged to the wife of Apollo 11 astronaut Neil Armstrong is up for sale.
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Da Vinci may have had ADHD, startling study claims
Perhaps the most famous painter, inventor and sculptor ever, Leonardo da Vinci's name resonates in the annals of history. But a new study suggests that the quintessential Renaissance Man may have had trouble finishing some of his projects more than 500 years ago because of a disability that has become quite common today – ADHD.
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Jellyfish carrying paralysis toxins found along Jersey Shore
Memorial Day revelers who flock to the Jersey Shore are being advised to be wary of a real sting operation.
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