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US cases surge as Trump claims the pandemic is 'handled'
The United States, the world leader in Covid-19 infections and deaths, is reeling from an out-of-control resurgence of the virus that is racking up record numbers of 50,000-plus new infections each day now. CNN's Boris Sanchez reports.
It's National Hot Dog month, so grab a "red hot"
From Germany to Coney Island, here's a history lesson on the hot dog, an American icon
Young adults returning home is impacting the rental market
Millions of young adults moved back in with their parents in March and April, as layoffs hit their incomes and lockdowns made shared urban apartments feel crunched. CNN's Clare Sebastian reports on how that shift could have a long term impact on the real estate industry.
Hong Kong official: National security law will be 'clean break'
CNN's Ivan Watson interviews Hong Kong Justice Secretary Teresa Cheng, who says that the controversial national security law enacted July 1 and drafted by China's National People's Congress will be a "clean break" for Hong Kongers as it will not apply retroactively.
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Priest suspended after likening protestors to 'maggots'
A Catholic priest in Indiana has been suspended from public ministry following an incendiary church bulletin that likened protesters to "maggots and parasites."
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Why Europe's trust in Trump's America is tanking
Covid-19 is ravaging the United States, just as much of the developed world is getting it under control. CNN's Nic Robertson reports on how the country's virus response is the latest in a long line of President Trump's policies that has reduced America from respected partner to unreliable ally.
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July 4th weekend impeded by severe storms and heat
July 4th weekend plans may be impeded by severe storms and heat. CNN meteorologist Tyler Mauldin has the forecast and who is impacted.
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Actor has battled virus symptoms for months. Hear his message
CNN's Kate Bolduan interviews actor Adam Perry, who's been battling coronavirus symptoms for more than 100 days and has a message for Americans as the US continues to reopen its economy.
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Brazil, one of the worst hit countries, has yet to hit its peak
Despite having nearly 1.5 million Covid-19 cases, experts say Brazil has yet to see the worst of the pandemic. However, Brazil's second-largest city Rio de Janeiro has started to allow bars, restaurants, and gyms to reopen. CNN's Shasta Darlington reports.
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What the world's biggest Covid-19 hospital looks like
India has opened what it says the biggest field hospital in the world for Covid-19, as the country's public health system is being tested by the surging numbers of coronavirus cases. CNN's Vedika Sud reports.
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Son of couple who died from Covid-19: They were ready to go
Tim Tarpley's parents died from Covid-19 minutes apart from each other while holding hands after being married for 53 years. He talked to CNN's Chris Cuomo about what the loss has been like for him and his family.
Meet the women helping to restore a national park in Mozambique
The revival of Gorongosa National Park is creating new opportunities for women and tackling Mozambique's entrenched gender inequality.
Suspects in Fort Hood soldier's disappearance identified by officials
Officials have identified two suspects in the disappearance of Fort Hood Pfc. Vanessa Guillen. An attorney for Guillen's family says she was bludgeoned to death with a hammer in the armory room where she worked.
Hugh Downs describes best decades of his life (2004)
Hugh Downs, the versatile and Emmy-winning broadcaster whose decades-long TV career ranged from anchoring ABC News' "20/20" to the "Today" show tells Larry King what his most eventful years were.
'On another planet': Tapper reacts to what Trump said today
President Trump continues to falsely suggest that the coronavirus is under control in the United States. Health experts have repeatedly contradicted this false claim.
Big name Republicans signing up for new social media platform
As Twitter begins to crack down on some of President Trump's tweets, some Republicans have started flocking to a new social media app, "Parler." CNN's Tom Foreman reports.
Painted Pantyhose: How A Nylon Shortage Inspired DIY Stockings
Nylon stockings hit the market after the World's Fair in 1935 and people couldn't get enough of them. But during World War II, panty hose disappeared from stores. They became an essential material for the military, which cut down on consumer supply. Because nylon was so widely sought after, women created alternatives, which included painting their legs with gravy juice.
Some GOP officials, conservatives head to Twitter rival 'Parler'
CNN's Tom Foreman reports.
Groom dies from Covid-19 two days after his wedding
A groom died two days after his wedding in eastern India after becoming infected with coronavirus, with 80 people linked to the ceremony testing positive for Covid-19.
A Colombian business owner is redefining "flower power"
Maria Ocampo's Bogota-based flower export business may have taken a hit due to the global pandemic, but she still believes in the power of colorful flowers to brighten the day.
A Norwegian woman concerned about contracting Covid-19 finds comfort in her caretakers
As a counselor for people with disabilities, Kine Lyngås has a personal understanding of what those in her care are going through during the pandemic. Now, she's leaning on her own support system to help navigate this crisis.
Neil Young 'Fireside Sessions' & Ringo's 80th
Neil Young releases his latest 'Fireside Sessions' and Ringo Starr takes his 80th birthday celebration online. Rick Damigella reports.
Hundreds of elephants die from mysterious causes in Botswana
More than 360 elephants have died from mysterious circumstances in Botswana in the past three months, according to local conservationists. CNN correspondent David McKenzie reports.
How the pandemic is shaping this globally-minded teen's future
As a young climate change activist with plans to turn her passion into a profession, Sophia Kianni evaluates how the coronavirus pandemic could alter her career path.
He recovered from Covid-19, then turned his attention to others infected by the virus
17-year-old Irish nursing student Brandon Fay explains what led him to get tested for coronavirus, and why it was so important to support others impacted by the disease.
Andrew Yang: Stimulus money should go to families, not companies
Former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang argues that Congress needs to provide emergency cash to millions of Americans struggling during the pandemic.
Sheriff warns protesters he will deputize gun owners
A Florida sheriff is warning protesters that he will deputize lawful gun owners to quell protests that turn violent in his county.
Health official is threatening patients with subpoenas. Here's why
CNN's Kate Bolduan talks to a New York health commissioner about the great lengths she has taken to get contact tracers to comply with Covid-19 case investigators.