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End Minority Rule
Either we become a truly multiracial democracy or we cease to be a democracy at all.
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The Trump Administration Shut a Vaccine Safety Office Last Year. What’s the Plan Now?
The office was dedicated to the long-term safety of vaccines. Experts say plans to track coronavirus vaccines are fragmented and “behind the eight ball.”
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In Colorado, It Feels Like a Fire Season Without End
After a horrific summer of fires in the West, Colorado is fighting out-of-control fires as ski season approaches.
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Join Frank Bruni to discuss last night’s debate and the election home stretch
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Biden vs. Trump, Round 2: ‘Humanity Reigned Supreme’
Readers share their thoughts on the final presidential debate.
The ‘Borat’ Sequel’s 3 Wildest Scenes: Here’s What Happens
Sacha Baron Cohen’s pranks involve political figures like Mike Pence and Rudy Giuliani, as well as one unexpected A-list celebrity.
How an Aversion to Masks Stems From ‘Toxic Masculinity’
A narrow idea of invincibility and invulnerability “traps most men in images of ourselves that have failed most of us,” argues the author Anand Giridharadas.
Combating Pandemic Fatigue
Friday: The next few months are critical. Here’s how to cope and stay vigilant. Also: an update on the latest case numbers.
What if Only White Men Voted?
We’d have elected a white supremacist and an accused child abuser to the Senate, and we’d have four more years of Donald Trump. The gender gap, explained.
Earnings Reports Show Americans Spending Again: Live Updates
The Final Debate
And what else you need to know today.
U.S. Nears Record, With More Than 75,000 Virus Cases
The tally is the second-highest daily total since the pandemic began, as eight states set single-day case records. Here’s the latest.
N.Y.C. Early Voting: When it Starts, and What to Expect
From Saturday to Nov. 1, city voters can cast their ballots at their assigned sites. Absentee ballots can also be dropped off at those sites.
After Final Debate, Campaigns Enter Homestretch
President Trump will campaign in Florida on Friday, and Joe Biden will give a speech in Delaware about the pandemic. Here’s the latest.
In Final Debate, Trump Tries to Be Less Like Trump
If voters reject him next month, this will be the chief reason: The 2020 campaign is different, and Donald Trump is not.
In Calmer Debate, Biden and Trump Offer Sharply Divergent Visions for Nation
In a more restrained appearance, President Trump told Joseph R. Biden Jr., “You didn’t get it done” in Washington. Mr. Biden accused the president of heartlessness for separating migrant families and inflaming racial tensions.
Moderator Kristen Welker Manages to Keep Order at Final Debate
“I’m jealous,” said Chris Wallace, the moderator of the unruly matchup last month, just after the debate, which featured a more civil President Trump.
Who Won the Presidential Debate?
Tell us which candidate came out on top.
At Final Debate, Candidates Clash on Health Care and Race Relations
A team of New York Times journalists are fact-checking the debate, providing context and analysis.
Appeals Court Says Uber and Lyft Must Treat California Drivers as Employees
The ruling adds new urgency to a ballot measure in the state that would exempt the companies from a new labor law intended to give gig workers more employment rights.
Pope’s Remarks on Same-Sex Unions Were Cut From a 2019 Vatican Interview
A Mexican broadcast company says Francis made the comments to its correspondent more than a year ago, and sources close to the company say the Vatican then edited them out.
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F.T.C. Decision on Pursuing Facebook Antitrust Case Is Said to Be Near
Any action would follow the Justice Department’s landmark suit this week against Google, as a bipartisan tech backlash ramps up.
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Waukegan Police Killing of Black Man Sets Off Protests in Illinois
The police in Waukegan, Ill., said Marcellis Stinnette, 19, was fatally shot while riding in a car that went into reverse toward a police officer who had been approaching during an investigation.
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Trump and Biden to Face Off in Final 2020 Presidential Debate
With less than two weeks until Election Day, President Trump and Joseph R. Biden Jr. will meet for the last debate of the campaign. Will new rules, and a mute button, prevent the frequent interruptions by the president that marred their first debate?
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Presidential Debate, Russia, Fall Cocktails: Your Thursday Evening Briefing
Here’s what you need to know at the end of the day.
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Late-Season Wildfires Rampage Through Colorado
After a season of hellish wildfires throughout the West, there is new evidence that climate change and rampant growth are creating perfect breeding grounds for fire.
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What We Know and Don’t About Hunter Biden and a Laptop
President Trump’s allies have promoted claims of corruption aimed at the former vice president’s son in an effort to damage the Biden campaign.
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In a State of Violence
The people of Nigeria are standing up to a government that seems to hate us.
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How Many Americans Will Ayn Rand Kill?
Liberty doesn’t mean freedom to infect other people.
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6 Are Shot in Brooklyn as N.Y.C.’s Summer of Violence Spills Into Fall
Shootings that plagued the city for most of the summer have not abated, and some city leaders question whether the police have backed off enforcement.
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