Change country:
  1. The willful carelessness of Tucker Carlson and his vaccine-skeptic ilk Colin Powell's death is a case study in how they mislead.
  3. Marjorie Taylor Greene fans pushing buttons on their phones is not a reliable polling mechanism Greene's claim that 4 percent of Republicans will sit out 2022 may have a kernel of truth, though.
  4. Rachel Levine, openly transgender health official, to be sworn in as four-star admiral The former Pennsylvania health secretary will be sworn in Tuesday as the sixth four-star admiral in the history of the U.S. Public Health Service.
  5. Emanuel touts black, progressive support ahead of confirmation hearing for ambassador job. But senators have questions. Emanuel claims to have a letter supporting him from the family of Laquan McDonald.
  6. High-profile and fully vaccinated but immunocompromised: Colin Powell’s death wrongly seized upon to undermine utility of coronavirus vaccines Powell, who was 84 and immunocompromised, fit perfectly into a demographic that remains vulnerable to infections despite vaccination.
  7. Supreme Court reaffirms police protection by qualified immunity, a legal doctrine targeted in protests The court’s rulings in favor of police in two cases suggest new political battles to come over the doctrine, advocates said
  8. Trump questioned for four hours in lawsuit from protesters allegedly assaulted by his guards The former president could face other depositions in a raft of civil lawsuits now that he is out of office.
  9. Powell envisioned moving the GOP ‘close to the spirit of Lincoln.’ It embraced Trump’s view instead. Republicans once saw the former Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman as the next Dwight D. Eisenhower, a potential presidential candidate who could unify a nation.
  10. Covid has killed more active-duty police officers than 9/11 did It has also killed more officers than died in felonious attacks in the past four years.
  11. Republicans hail Delta’s vaccination policy — even as it goes farther than Biden’s They've pointed to its 90 percent vaccination rate as being proof you don't need vaccine mandates. Except Delta's policy is basically Biden's plus a $200-per-month penalty.
  12. Two veteran Democratic House members announce that they will retire Departures of Reps. David E. Price (D-N.C.) and Mike Doyle (D-Pa.) raise questions about whether veteran lawmakers are leaving because they fear party will return to the minority.
  13. A small part of the economy of a small state is poised to shape the future of the world The coal industry employs a small fraction of West Virginians, but it is a much larger part of the state's culture.
  14. Jan. 6 committee lays out legal arguments against Bannon’s subpoena defiance in private letter to his attorney Chairman Bennie G. Thompson detailed why the panel rejects the former Trump adviser’s claim that he does not have to comply because the former president is asserting executive privilege.
  15. Justice Department asks Supreme Court to stop Texas abortion law Department says the court must intervene to prevent an end run around its authority and the Constitution.
  16. The Trailer’s guide to the New Jersey governor’s race Gov. Phil Murphy (D) is seeking a second term in Trenton against Jack Ciattarelli, a Republican former state legislator and businessman. Here’s what we’ve found in our reporting, and what you need to know to follow it down the stretch.
  18. The big hole in Christopher Steele’s defense of himself Steele argues that it's largely inconceivable that his report contained Russian disinformation. But his defense is too neat and tidy.
  19. Colin Powell’s death is a reminder that vaccination is about every person, not just one person The former secretary of state's death of covid-19 shows the importance of limiting the spread.
  20. Powell praised by U.S. politicians from both parties as trailblazer, trusted adviser to presidents In a statement, former president George W. Bush called his former secretary of state “highly respected at home and abroad.”