The Daily 202: Voting wars flare up as Justice Barrett joins Supreme Court
Mitch McConnell removed moderating influence.
4 h
The Technology 202: Facebook's ad freeze starts today, forcing campaigns to consider digital alternatives
Campaigns rushed to get their ads in before the deadline.
5 h
The Health 202: President Trump's predecessors have a mixed record of prepping for a pandemic
But some feared something like the coronavirus infection soon could be coming.
6 h
The Finance 202: Executives pocketed big bonuses before declaring bankruptcy, firing thousands
The practice is the latest highlighting an uneven recovery primed to worsen as winter arrives.
6 h
The Cybersecurity 202: Courts rule election money from Facebook founder will stay despite conservative attempts to reverse it
But it's raising big questions about the risks of private funding for the election process.
6 h
Power Up: Mitch McConnell won the battle on Barrett. But will he win the war to keep his Senate majority?
Only one Senate Republican, Susan Collins, opposed the confirmation of Trump's third SCOTUS nominee.
7 h
Angry Democrats try to focus on health care as they watch Barrett confirmation
Republicans were the only senators who used the phrase “court-packing” in recent weeks, as Democrats sought to focus on the real-world impact of a conservative Supreme Court.
The Daily 202: White House efforts to conceal Pence team’s coronavirus outbreak show Trump’s penchant for secrecy
The president did not learn a lesson from his own bout with covid-19.
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Power Up: These anonymous public servants are playing a huge role in making sure your vote counts
Poll workers in 2020 are facing unusual challenges as election season moves into high gear.
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