There’s no more doubt: Democrats have to expand the Supreme Court
Mitch McConnell has shown them the way: They can do it, and they must do it.
Raging Trump wants the Supreme Court to save him. Here’s why it probably won’t.
A Wisconsin decision is cause for worry. But Trump's corruption will likely get thwarted yet again.
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My mother has never taken her right to vote for granted, and I can’t either
She has not come this far to risk being turned back now.
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All the small things you can look forward to in a Biden administration
It is hard to remember what normal looks like.
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A smart plan for growth in Montgomery County would turn parking lots into places
We can address the unmet housing demand, get our local economy moving and do our part in reducing the impact of climate change.
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Here’s what critics of the Purdue Pharma settlement get wrong
Justice means getting maximum resources as quickly as possible to communities affected by the opioid crisis.
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U.S. workers have taken a powerful hit. Any true recovery must include them.
The pandemic has exacerbated the cruel inequities of the U.S. economy.
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This final sprint explains why Trump is heading for defeat
The president's failures are in plain view.
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How to fix our covid-19 testing debacle? Create a Biomedical National Guard.
We need a governmental body that can mobilize university research institutions to address health crises.
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We have to guard against foreign election meddling — real and imagined
We must not allow the specter of interference to sow distrust in democracy.
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Caroline Rose Giuliani, daughter of Rudy, says Trump 'has this echo chamber of lies around him'
Giuliani, an LA filmmaker, discusses her recent article encouraging people to vote for the Biden-Harris ticket. She says her relationship with her father "goes through ups and downs," but "I do think he's proud of me for speaking my mind."
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Trudeau’s plan to ban single-use plastics is an unworkable, feel-good fantasy
A showy decree against soda rings and takeout containers represents a return to gimmicky form.
I believe in the president, now more than ever
Still keeping the faith.
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Who’s to blame for so many covid-19 deaths? Look closely at the evidence.
Sometimes it's the little clues.
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How the U.S. should respond to China’s saber-rattling on Taiwan
The United States might want to use every other arrow in its quiver to counter China's bluster — ambiguity included.
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We’re better than this. Aren’t we?
America has transcended many ills. It can rise above President Trump.
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The media never held Trump responsible for a mass atrocity
This administration has shown reckless indifference to human life on a massive scale.
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Too many D.C. families count on food stamps to allow the president to cut the program
Amid a pandemic-induced economic crisis, people are struggling to put food on the table.
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Amy Coney Barrett joins a Supreme Court that’s largely out of step with the national consensus
In adding a sixth decidedly conservative justice, the court is slipping further out of sync with the national consensus.
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What kind of conservative will Amy Coney Barrett be? The election could depend on it.
Let ballots be cast and counted, at least this year, according to the status quo, without five or more justices attempting to impose a new national standard at the last minute.
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The swearing in of Amy Coney Barrett
President Trump swears in his ace in the hole.
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If elected, Biden must go big
Others might worry about the bill, but if Biden doesn’t meet the challenge, the country will pay the price.
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Iowa Republicans are only pivoting toward the center to save their hold on the state
Their change of tone is indicative of how desperately Republicans are trying to pivot in case Democrats win the presidency and/or the Senate.
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Trump’s mythical economic success and the end of supply-side tax cuts
Trump's defeat would be the death knell of Republican economics.
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It’s up to John Roberts to save his court
If he doesn't, he and his conservative allies on the court can count on being joined next year by a whole batch of new colleagues.
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Facebook serves as an echo chamber, especially for conservatives. Blame its algorithm.
Lawmakers should ask Facebook about its conservative bias.
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Americans are hungry and desperate. California shouldn’t respond by cracking down on food theft.
Failure to address food shortages provoked the French and Russian revolutions and a host of other revolts.
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The troubling implications of Larry Hogan’s 2020 vote for Ronald Reagan
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China went up against a K-pop giant — and lost
Chinese nationalists were met with opposition not only from fans but also from regular Chinese netizens.
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