Change country:
Trump’s tired justification
Former president Donald Trump dined at Mar-a-Lago with hip-hop artist Ye (Kanye West) and white nationalist Nick Fuentes.
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The army is back at the center of Pakistan’s politics
And it’s all thanks to opposition leader Imran Khan
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In Belarus, a champion of democracy suffers solitary confinement
Maria Kolesnikova, who fought for democracy in her country, is languishing in a Belarusian prison camp.
Congress gets to see Trump’s tax returns. It shouldn’t have taken so long.
Restoring the norm under which presidential contenders voluntarily disclose their tax returns is important.
Youngkin is right to focus on building more housing in Virginia
As the governor said, "If you want a workforce, you need to have someplace for them to live."
Forget about Kari Lake’s loss. Here’s the biggest sign of Arizona’s moderation.
Passage of a proposition restoring the rights of undocumented students to pay in-state tuition was the product of years of quiet behind-the-scenes work.
Stopping D.C. gun crime starts with helping our children
The root of the problem is not guns. It is the dismaying number of violent people picking up guns and using them.
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Here’s a short-term fix for I-270 and the Beltway in Maryland
The state could create lanes without adding pavement.
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Call them what they are: Cowards
Since time began, it has been a shared human value that attacking unarmed people is a particularly egregious form of cowardice.
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These space photos should humble us
An inspiring article on images from the Webb telescope raises existential questions.
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A rare breed: Men who change their names in marriage
Marriage is a long love affair, and it is a team in which you work together to solve problems.
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Here’s one way to look at ethics and the Supreme Court
A tie decision at the Supreme Court is better than a biased one.
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Maj. Gen. Wins is dedicated to the mission
Attacks on his character are unfounded.
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Bike lanes are necessary and make everyone safer
Look to Alexandria for an example.
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We need more members of Congress like Steny Hoyer
He never let ideological differences get in the way of the dignity of public office.
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Yale should work harder on mental health
A letter from administrators was woefully close to shaming students who have mental health issues.
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The complex commitments to funding climate liabilities
Commercial investments made without public funds aren't counted toward the $100 billion fund.
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The Earth can’t sustain continued growth
We must learn to live in harmony with nature.
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Artemis says, to the moon! But it might simply prove our human limits.
Fans of NASA’s Artemis mission imagine a human presence on the moon, on Mars and beyond. Basic physics might have other ideas.
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Experience the joy of believing that ‘football is life’
Soccer's intrinsic beauty might be an acquired taste, but once you have it, you never look back.
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Cartoons by Tjeerd Royaards, Michael Ramirez, Patrick Chappatte and Mike Smith
Guest editorial cartoons by Tjeerd Royaards, Michael Ramirez, Patrick Chappatte and Mike Smith.
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Readers critique The Post: What have we become?
Here are this week's Free for All letters.
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‘Wakanda Forever’ and the importance of #BlackGirlGenius
With the superhero T'Challa dead, the film leans even more into its heroines.
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Come to think of it, maybe I don’t understand cryptocurrency
You mean the stuff going on at FTX wasn't normal?
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3 reasons Yale Law was right to quit the U.S. News rankings
The system harms law schools, applicants and graduates.
2 d
Nature abhors a columnist. Consider my battle against the brush.
Noxious Weeds: 1; Me: 0.
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A new type of reporter emerges: The ‘mass shooting correspondent’
Journalists are becoming veterans at covering the carnage of mass shootings.
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Why toxic politics thrives in an age of plenty
Toxic politics might derive from the fact that humanity has solved what had been its perennial, dominating problem.
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If Sharpton is a ‘Loudmouth,’ Trump is so much worse
A documentary about the civil rights activist presents insight into the former president.
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Too many German voters are gravitating to the political extremes
Germany's most popular female politician is a socialist who's also a hit with the far right.
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