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Capital Weather Gang
Capital Weather Gang
P.M. Update: Becoming breezy and much chillier through Tuesday
Today's springlike weather is about to get out of here. It's feeling more like winter tomorrow.
4 h
2020 has now seen the most super rainy days on record in Washington
Monday's rainstorm dropped at least two inches for a record 7th time in a calendar year.
5 h
The record-shattering 2020 Atlantic hurricane season is over, but the scars it left remain
Forecasters anticipated a busy season, but nothing close to what actually happened.
5 h
Australia heat wave breaks records in Sydney, escalates fire danger across wide area
Sydney saw its hottest November night ever observed, among many other heat records set in Australia over the weekend.
9 h
Outlook: December could be chilliest in three years with near average temperatures expected
Computer model forecasts have trended a little colder.
9 h
D.C.-area forecast: Stormy, warm and windy today, before chillier weather settles in
Cooler high temperatures in the 40s and 50s after today’s storm system clears.
Climate change is often hidden in the way we are shown temperature data
Shifting climate baselines conceal warming that occurred in the past; our new ‘normals’ differ strongly from normals decades ago.
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