My 2-year-old hits me. How can I respond better?
The key to helping a violent toddler is prevention — not response.
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Top toys include Baby Yoda, unicorns, activity sets and puzzles
Expert Stephanie Oppenheim shares her picks for the best toys of 2020.
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Doug Emhoff paused his career for his wife Kamala Harris’s aspirations — and became the campaign’s ‘secret weapon’
The high-powered Los Angeles attorney could end up as America’s first second man.
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Can gigantic skeletons save Halloween?
The pandemic has sucked the joy out of a lot of things. Meet October’s 12-foot, $300 antidote.
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Ask Amy: First cancer hits, then heartbreak follows
Reader recovers after long treatment, and then girlfriend leaves.
Miss Manners: Video conference calls lead to awkward camera issues
Should meeting attendees by required to turn on their cameras?
Hints From Heloise: Figuring out a cookie count for family gathering
It depends on the size of the cookie and the availability of other desserts.
Carolyn Hax: Newfound sobriety causes social anxiety
So, you’re off the bottle. Time to let yourself off the hook from shame, too.
Colorectal cancer screening should begin at age 45, not 50, federal task force says
The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force’s proposed guideline change would remove barriers to insurance coverage for patients between 45 and 49, with broad implications on access to care.
Holiday gift guide
Washington Post editors and reporters have curated a list of the best gifts to get you through this holiday season, keeping price and shipping constraints in mind. Remember it’s extra important this year to order early, as more people than average will be mailing their presents.
Meet the political ad-maker who has a knack for making Democrats look tough
This election cycle, Mark Putnam may be in a position to sway some consequential races.
The secret to superior fried oysters: Listen closely
How to fry oysters to crisp perfection — no matter where the bivalves come from.
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Menya Hosaki serves bowls of ramen and moments of peace
At this Petworth ramen shop, chef-owner Eric Yoo ladles out escapes from a turbulent world.
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In-person or virtual school? We had to make the agonizing choice twice.
At this point in the coronavirus pandemic, I still don't know if we made the right decision.
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‘Stop doing that, or this interview will end’: How the smackdown took over cable news in 2020
Even typically neutral anchors have adopted a stern, sharp-edged approach with slippery Team Trump interview subjects. It’s made for some compelling TV news.
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Pandemic depression is about to collide with seasonal depression. Make a plan, experts say.
Helpful tips include setting up your medication and healthy routines in advance, knowing your triggers and figuring out ways to stay connected.
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‘We may have a wild roller-coaster ride’ after the election, says Ohio State law professor Edward Foley
“A flawed election is not a failed election,” the scholar said.
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How do you know if candidates tell the truth? Read the fact-checkers.
Washington Post reporter Salvador Rizzo explains how and why he gives ‘Pinocchios’ to politicians’ statements.
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Why these women just walked Harriet Tubman’s 116-mile journey from the Underground Railroad
After George Floyd's killing, Linda Harris was inspired to retrace Tubman’s journey from Cambridge, Md., to Kennett Square, Pa. She found some kindred spirits.
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Miss Manners: How to reply to lengthy, impersonal emails
Friend sends travel reports from long-ago trips, and reader would like to ignore them.
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Hints From Heloise: How to celebrate a safe Halloween
This year try a virtual costume contest or a drive-by parade.
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Ask Amy: Social media dust-up affects the whole family
Reader wants husband to drop his friend over nasty message she got from friend’s wife.
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Carolyn Hax: Voice mail is made for when you’re cooking dinner and can’t talk
And while the oven’s heated up, consider fixing yourself some humble pie.
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Fox News anchors are quarantining after coronavirus exposure on debate flight
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