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Date Lab: Who wants to talk shop for half an hour?
They both started new jobs during the pandemic. But she wasn’t a fan of talking about it during a date.
Peter Doocy and Jen Psaki’s daily clashes have become a White House briefing room ritual
The Fox News reporter poses some questionable questions to the White House press secretary, who is usually ready for him.
Second Glance: Junk drawer, August 8, 2021
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Carolyn Hax: Sharing is scaring? A cheater’s confidant no longer trusts her friend.
You told a friend about a secret betrayal. Now, she’s not sure she can trust you.
7 h
Ask Amy: Ex does not want to make up after breakup
Former partner wants a get-together and the grown kids agree. But reader sees it as a no-win.
7 h
Miss Manners: Don’t stick your nose in acquaintance’s divorce
Reader heard by the grapevine old friend’s divorce and wants to offer support.
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Hints From Heloise: What is intermittent fasting?
The jury is still out on the benefits of this trendy weight-loss strategy.
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Tucson’s new tourist attractions range from Aztec art to space rocks
The outdoors is the main draw in this Arizona city, but striking new museum offerings may tempt visitors indoors.
Should you cancel travel plans because of the coronavirus’s delta variant? Ask these questions.
Rising hospitalizations, mostly among the unvaccinated, due to the hyper-transmissible delta variant have forced some would-be travelers to reconsider whether it’s safe to take their trips.
Celebrate summer tomatoes, corn, squash and eggplant with recipes from the Arab kitchen
When summer produce is fresh, you don’t need much to get great flavor, but these tomato, corn, eggplant and squash recipes are for when you crave something a bit more exciting.
Why are African American residents of this small town determined to block a Wegmans warehouse?
In Brown Grove, Va., a battle is unfolding over development, community and history.
Fried eggplant and pita croutons highlight this crunchy, creamy, spicy bread salad
If you've only had tomato-and-bread salad, it's time to swap in fried eggplant and crispy pita.
Fry tomatoes with chiles and garlic for a fragrant summer dish
Slices of tomatoes fried in a skillet with garlic and chiles make for an impressive-looking platter.
Eggplant steaks shine like jewels with cool yogurt and a shower of pomegranate seeds
While thick slices of broiled eggplant are the star of the show, you can customize the toppings with your choice of nuts and herbs.
Ripe summer tomatoes top this tart inspired by traditional Levantine flatbreads
This visually stunning tart takes its inspiration from a traditional flatbread known as manaqeesh, but uses puff pastry as a shortcut.
Pile a summery bulgar pilaf with colorful summer squash for a picnic-friendly dish
This dish stars a summer squash called cousa, which gets cooked separately to hold onto its flavor and firm texture.
This summer corn salad gets dressed up with halloumi, peppers and olives
Sweet summer corn, salty halloumi and a tart cumin-lemon dressing help this simple salad stand out.
Sweet summer corn and creamy labneh team up in this sumac-spiced spread
Fresh corn kernels make an unlikely but lovely counter to labneh in this simple spread.
Crisp roasted squash shines on a feta-yogurt spread in this summery dish
Prepare to enjoy a mix of crispy and creamy textures and sweet and tangy flavors when roasted squash sits on a bed of feta and yogurt.
Can I help my child with autism spectrum disorder make friends?
Meghan Leahy offers tips for how to parent a young child who gets rebuffed.
It’s natural to feel happy and sad at the same time. Here’s when it can become a problem.
Feeling ambivalence, which includes nostalgia and bittersweetness, is part of the complexity of being human. But it can be unhealthy if you lean too much toward the negative.
The cicadas are gone, but they left their mark on trees. Here’s what you can do.
The price for the 17-year phenomenon is pruning back the dead or damaged branches.
A father nearly killed his son in a gruesome crime. One of the detectives on the scene later adopted the child.
It started when detective Mike Blair visited Ronnie in the hospital and the child gingerly asked: “Hey, can you stay and watch a movie with me?”
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It’s been one pivot after another for the 19th — the start-up news site about gender and politics
It’s an object lesson in how change demands change, and how to respond.
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Carolyn Hax: Wife hires house cleaner to ease stress, which stresses out her spouse
One spouse got tired of the mess and the fighting and hired a housekeeper. The other spouse is now tired of the housekeeper.
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Ask Amy: Flight or fight? These passengers choose both.
Reader’s text disparages chatty airplane seatmate, who sees the snarky comment.
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Hints From Heloise: Kitchen clutter is overwhelming
Reader wants to know how to tackle the mess and keep the kitchen neat and clean.
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Miss Manners: It’s my driveway. Do I have to share it?
Reader’s neighbors routinely pull in to help them turn around.
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CNN’s Chris Cuomo named in Andrew Cuomo harassment report, doesn’t address it on his show
The damning report led to calls for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to resign, including from President Biden.
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KidsPost Summer Book Club: ‘One Small Hop’ by Madelyn Rosenberg
As climate change worsens, 4 kids are determined to save what may be the United States’ last bullfrog.
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