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Roger Stone sentencing, Trump rally tour, California's apology: 5 things to know Thursday
Roger Stone will be sentenced amid an outcry over political meddling, Trump continues his four-day western swing and more news to start your Thursday.       
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L Brands expected to sell Victoria's Secret to private-equity company, report says
Sycamore Partners could take L Brands' Victoria's Secret brand private, according to a report that also says CEO Les Wexner is expected to step down.      
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Bloomberg attacked, Warren fights back, Sanders holds steady: How each candidate fared in a rowdy debate
Six candidates took the stage where health care once again dominated the discussion, as well as who is most fit to take on President Donald Trump and win in November.       
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Grading Bloomberg, Sanders and other Democrats at the Las Vegas debate: Mastio & Lawrence
What happened in Vegas was more like fight club than debate club. If you found it riveting, stay tuned. There's another Democratic slug fest next week.       
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Face facts, Bernie Sanders is electable
It's well past time to bury the 'Bernie is unelectable' trope. He has a better shot than moderate Bloomberg.       
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Two Diamond Princess cruise ship passengers die from coronavirus
Two elderly cruise ship passengers who had coronavirus on board Princess Cruises' Diamond Princess have died, according to Japan's health ministry.        
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Everybody came for Mike Bloomberg, and other top moments from the February Democratic debate in Las Vegas
Mike Bloomberg made his first appearance on a Democratic primary debate stage, and the five other candidates targeted him in myriad ways.       
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Louisville Cardinals radio analyst Bob Valvano, brother of Jim Valvano, doesn't have leukemia
Bob Valvano, who works as an analyst for Louisville basketball and ESPN, revealed Wednesday that he does not have leukemia.       
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US judge sides with migrants over holding cell conditions at Arizona border
A U.S. judge ruled that temporary holding conditions for migrants in southeastern Arizona "are presumptively punitive and violate the Constitution."      
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BYU removes 'homosexual behavior' ban from honor code, reflecting Mormon church stance
Brigham Young University removed a ban on "homosexual behavior" from its honor code, the Mormon institution announced, to match the church's policy.       
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Trump's visit to 'occupied territory:' President earns big bucks, some voter support — and protester ire
The president's fifth trip to the Golden State featured stops in Los Angeles, Rancho Mirage and Bakersfield, and a lot of waving signs.       
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NFL to expand to 14 playoff teams under new proposed CBA, per report
The NFL is looking to change its playoff structure, increasing the field from 12 to 14 teams, in the new collective bargaining agreement.      
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Eight killed in hookah lounge attacks in Germany; motive unknown
A manhunt is underway in Germany after at least eight people were fatally shot Wednesday in shootings, possibly drive-bys, at two hookah lounges in the city of Hanau       
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Amid sex abuse claims, bankruptcy case raises possibility Boy Scouts may not survive
The future of the Boy Scouts could be in doubt, according to arguments that kicked off the first day of hearings for the organizations' bankruptcy.       
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Nevada Democrats intensify last-minute training to avoid Iowa-like issues on Caucus Day
Organizers say the beefed-up training regimen will help volunteers use new 'caucus calculators' on Saturday.
Boy Scouts says it's safe, and offers sex abuse victims just 80 days to file claim. Victims balk.
Deep in the paperwork filed Tuesday is a time bomb: a proposal to give sex abuse survivors just 80 days to submit their claims.
Climate solutions include free-market innovation, not taxation: Sen. John Barrasso
Carbon tax is rejected by voters from France to Washington state, writes Senate Environment and Public Works Committee Chairman John Barrasso.
Climate change: Put a price on carbon pollution, then refund the money to consumers
Carbon tax plan has backing from Republican luminaries and is more likely to achieve common ground than the most sweeping 'Green New Deal': Our view
Harvey Weinstein trial jury deliberates his fate with lots of questions along the way
Is the Harvey Weinstein sex-crimes jury confused or being careful? They started deliberations with lots of questions.
As Trump visits CA, Governor Newsom calls homelessness issue 'a disgrace', vows change
California Gov. Gavin Newsom broke from tradition Wednesday and dedicated his entire State of the State speech to one issue: homelessness.
Noah takes a look at Bloomberg getting stumped on stop and frisk
Bloomberg will debate fellow Democrats for the first time tonight. He'll have a lot to explain. Comics take a look in Best of Late Night.
Neil Young says President Trump is 'a disgrace to my country' in scathing open letter
A new American citizen, 74-year-old Neil Young is taking President Donald Trump to task over his environmental policies.
Millie Bobby Brown reflects on growing up in spotlight: 'The last few years haven't been easy'
On her 16th birthday, Millie Bobby Brown is reflecting on growing up in the spotlight: "The last few years haven't been easy, I'll admit that."
George Zimmerman sues Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg for defamation, seeks $265 million
The suit claims Warren and Buttigieg defamed Zimmerman in tweets on Feb. 5 recognizing what would have been Trayvon Martin's 25th birthday.
Defiant Rod Blagojevich calls himself a freed 'political prisoner' after Trump commutes sentence
Rod Blagojevich was convicted of federal charges of using his powers to extract political favors in exchange for filling Barack Obama's Senate seat.
First defense against coronavirus: 20 seconds of proper hand washing
95% of people don't wash their hands correctly
Rapper Pop Smoke dead at 20, music world mourns 'unexpected and tragic loss'
New York rapper Pop Smoke was shot and killed in a home invasion Wednesday morning, according to reports.
TikTok offers feature that gives parents more control over their kids' access
TikTok's new feature called Family Safety Mode allows guardians to link their account to their kid's to control content seen and time spent on the app.
For Mike Bloomberg, tonight's debate is his opening night
Can Bloomberg be cool under fire as incoming salvos of 'stop & frisk' and 'big, bad billionaires' are shot his way?
Toddler's hug to complete stranger means more than what this camera captured
Two-year-old Cohen's unexpected hug to a pizza delivery man turned out to be a major blessing.