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USATODAY - Washington Top Stories
Biden blasts Facebook over Trump posts, voting misinformation before presidential debate
Joe Biden is pressuring Facebook to remove Trump posts containing voting misinformation as the two prepare to face each other in their first debate.       
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New York City voters get absentee ballots with wrong names, addresses
Voters said they were worried about how it would affect their vote in an election already plagued with doubts.        
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Save the Children? Extremist conspiracy movement QAnon fabricates pedophile claims against Joe Biden as election looms
QAnon has hijacked the Save the Children movement to push baseless pedophilia claims against Joe Biden and other Democrats before the election.        
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Trump Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett meets with McConnell, top Republican senators
Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett meets with a number of prominent Republicans on Capitol Hill, but no Democrats yet.       
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Facebook says its campaign helped recruit 100,000 poll workers for Trump-Biden presidential election
A recruitment drive by Facebook to address the coronavirus-caused shortage of poll workers on Election Day has spurred 100,000 people to volunteer.        
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2020 election live updates: Anticipation builds for first Trump, Biden debate in Cleveland; Amy Coney Barrett visits Capitol Hill
The first presidential debate between President Trump and Joe Biden is tonight in Cleveland. Meanwhile, Amy Coney Barrett visits Capitol Hill.        
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The week in polls: Biden gains on Trump nationally, leads in most swing states
Each week between now and the election, USA TODAY will sum up what the latest polls tell us about the state of the race for president and the Senate.
President Donald Trump and Joe Biden brace for vicious match-up in first presidential debate in Cleveland
Analysts expect a bruising first presidential debate hinged on personal attacks as the Biden and Trump face off for the first time in Cleveland.        
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From the archives: Nixon's income tax bill was $1,670 for two years
President and Mrs. Nixon paid a total of $1,670.84 in federal income tax in 1970 and 1971 and received $131,503.84 in tax refunds for those years.      
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Judge Amy Coney Barrett nominated to US Supreme Court by President Trump
President Trump nominated federal appeals court Judge Amy Coney Barrett of Indiana to replace the late Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.        
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Former Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale hospitalized after threatening to hurt himself
Former Trump campaign manager and and current campaign senior advisor Brad Parscale was hospitalized onSept. 27, 2020 after threatening to hurt himself.        
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Details of President Trump's tax returns have been revealed by reports from New York Times
President Trump paid little to no federal income taxes in recent years, according to the first series of New York Times stories on his tax returns.        
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NYT report says Trump paid $750 in taxes as Senate looks to confirmation fight over Amy Coney Barrett - election updates
A New York Times report showing Trump paid little and sometimes no federal income taxes has put the president's finances in the spotlight again.        
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Michigan cherry farmers could lose jobs, livelihoods amid tough competition from overseas
Turkish cherries are being sold at 20% of the cost of those grown in Michigan. It's like buying a loaded, full-sized import pickup for $10,000.       
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Biden calls out Trump's Supreme Court pick as a direct attack on the Affordable Care Act
Biden calls President Trump's Supreme Court nominee a threat to the ACA, says the Senate should wait until after the election before holding hearings.        
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