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GANNETT Syndication Service
GANNETT Syndication Service
Finland's Sanna Marin, one of world's youngest leaders, apologizes for clubbing after COVID exposure
Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin apologized after facing backlash for spending a night out in Helsinki after she was exposed to COVID-19.       
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420 trees in one place: German family breaks record for 'most decorated Christmas trees'
The Jeromin family broke the record for the "most decorated Christmas trees in one place," according to the Record Institute for Germany.
Indonesia volcano Mount Semeru erupts, at least 34 people dead
Mount Semeru erupted Dec. 4, 2021 on Indonesia's Java island killing at least 34 people in surrounding villages. More than 4,200 people evacuated.
Germany's parliament elects Olaf Scholz as the ninth post-World War II chancellor
Germany's parliament has elected Olaf Scholz as the country's ninth post-World War II chancellor, replacing Angela Merkel, who served for 16 years.
Company offers assisted-suicide pod in Switzerland that claims to offer 'painless death'
The nonprofit organization Exit International created an assisted suicide pod where the person's oxygen levels are decreased. The death is painless.       
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170 hospital staff went to a Christmas party. Then 68 tested positive for COVID-19
Hospital staff in Spain attended a Christmas dinner in a restaurant last weekend. Since then, 68 staff have tested positive for COVID-19.       
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China's moon rover spotted a mysterious cube-shaped object and the internet is intrigued
China's Yutu 2 rover spotted the object on its 36th lunar day on the moon, and it will now go investigate what it is.       
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