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Former deputy CIA director for science and technology Dawn Meyerriecks
Michael Morell talks with Meyerriecks about the role of technology in intelligence collection and analysis.
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Domestic violent extremists plotting to disrupt U.S. power grid: DHS
The bulletin, obtained by CBS News, warns that they have been planning such attacks since 2020 and will probably continue to.
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California's next big valley, "Lithium Valley," powering electric car future
Long a hub of geothermal power production, a forgotten backwater of Southern California known as the Salton Sea, is a bountiful reservoir of lithium, is being dubbed "Lithium Valley." The silvery-white metal is now in huge demand as it is used in electric vehicle batteries. Ben Tracy reports.
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Homicides in major American cities increased in 2021, study finds
"In 2021, we saw a record fraction of homicides committed with a firearm," the author of the study said.
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CBS Evening News, January 25, 2022
Classes teach Asian Americans self-defense as hate crimes rise
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David "Big Papi" Ortiz inducted into Baseball Hall of Fame
Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and Curt Schilling were denied entry to Cooperstown in their final year of eligibility.
Fashion Nova blocked negative customer reviews, FTC says
Regulators allege a popular online clothing seller suppressed reviews offering less than four out of five stars.
"Real Housewives" star Jennie Nguyen fired over offensive Facebook posts
Nguyen has since apologized for the posts.
What's going on at FBI-raided testing company?
State prosecutors allege COVID test samples were stuffed in trash bags strewn across an office floor.
Biden social spending package discussions to continue with auto CEOs
The CEOs of top U.S. automakers and other industry heads are expected to meet at the White House on Wednesday to talk about reviving parts of the spending bill.
Jan. 6 committee probes draft order to seize voting machines
One source tells CBS News the idea "died on the vine."
Wilbert Mora, second police officer shot in Harlem, has died
Mora was 27 years old.
39 people believed missing after boat capsized off Florida coast, Coast Guard says
The Coast Guard suspects it was a human smuggling venture.
DHS says U.S. on "heightened alert" for Russian cyberattack
"Russia's threshold for conducting disruptive or destructive cyber attacks in the Homeland probably remains very high," a new Homeland Security bulletin warns.
Many stores expect to offer free N95 masks this week
For most Americans, getting their hands on the higher quality masks will require some patience.
FDA halts use of monoclonal antibodies that don't work against Omicron
Omicron's resistance to the two leading monoclonal antibody medicines has upended the treatment playbook for COVID-19 in recent weeks.
Pentagon puts troops on high alert for possible deployment amid Russia-Ukraine tensions
The Pentagon is preparing U.S.-based troops for a possible deployment ahead of any invasion of Ukraine by Russia. CBS News senior White House correspondent Weijia Jiang reports.
SATs are going digital and will be shorter
The format change is scheduled to roll out internationally next year and in the U.S. in 2024.
Photojournalist-turned-nurse captures COVID patients' intimate moments
Alan Hawes, who became a nurse 11 years ago, takes pictures of what many will never see.
Stocks tumble again as investors await Fed decision
Wall Street analysts expect the central bank this week to signal that it will raise interest rates starting in March.
Travel expert Peter Greenberg on how to plan for big trips in 2022 amid COVID uncertainty
The travel website Expedia finds 68% of Americans are planning to "go big" on their vacations in 2022 despite big challenges of flight cancellations and pandemic uncertainty. CBS News senior travel adviser Peter Greenberg takes us through everything from navigating COVID restrictions to purchasing travel insurance to help travelers plan their perfect trip this year.
Bill of the Month: Hospital charges family over $1,000 even though they were not treated by a doctor
Dhaval Bhatt's toddler went to the emergency room after he burned his hand on the stove. His son was not seen by a doctor, but Bhatt's hospital bill still totaled more than $1,000. Kaiser Health News' Editor-in-Chief Dr. Elisabeth Rosenthal breaks down how this happened and what you should know before visiting an emergency room.
“Mask Nerd” Aaron Collins on which masks offer the best protection against COVID-19
Self-described “Mask Nerd” Aaron Collins is an aerosol scientist who tests masks in his home laboratory and rates their ability to filter out aerosol. He joins “CBS Mornings” to discuss which masks offer the best protection against COVID-19.
Disease known as citrus greening plagues Florida’s oranges, driving up prices
Prices for oranges and orange juice are on the rise as demand grows, but the supply is being squeezed by a disease affecting Florida's crops. CBS News national correspondent Manuel Bojorquez reports.
Lauren Smith-Fields' death ruled an accident, with drugs including fentanyl and alcohol to blame
An autopsy report ruled the death of Connecticut woman Lauren Smith-Fields an accident. But her family's attorney says they still believe there was foul play.
Biden refers to Fox News correspondent as a "stupid son of a bitch"
Fox News' Peter Doocy asked the president whether inflation will be a political liability.
Man arrested after alleged racist tirade over smoothie
Police report that he said he was upset because his son had a severe allergic reaction to the drink. Merrill Lynch fired him. His lawyer denies he's racist.
Black sheriff fired white deputy over alleged racism, lawsuit says
Aaron Appelhans, Wyoming's first Black sheriff, made the move last year. The suit, from a Black deputy who quit, details what it says were years of torment by the white one.
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Jailed treasure hunter faces judge; ingot from shipwreck sells for $2.16M
Tommy Thompson's case dates to his discovery of a ship that sank off South Carolina in 1857 with thousands of pounds of gold aboard.
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Congress is giving billions to carbon-capture technology. Will it work?
About $17B will build technology that can reduce emissions. But some worry it's being hijacked to keep U.S. burning fossil fuels.
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