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Worldwide sting of "dark web" nets 150 suspects
Europol says they were buying or selling illegal goods and almost half were in the U.S. The agency calls "Operation DarkHunTOR "one of the biggest operations of its kind.
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Japan's Princess Mako weds, then goes on TV to defend the marriage
Her new husband's family became tabloid fodder almost as soon as she announced her decision to marry him. She calls him "irreplaceable."
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Hurricane Rick weakens but still poses a flooding threat to Mexico
A compact Hurricane Rick roared ashore along Mexico's southern Pacific coast early Monday with 105 mph winds and heavy rain amid warnings of potential flash floods in the coastal mountains.
What to know about COP26 ahead of global climate summit
Experts say the world still has a narrow window of opportunity to act – and crucial global summit is coming up.
"Little Amal's" giant mission to soften European hearts to refugees
Can an 11-foot-tall Syrian refugee girl's 5,000-mile journey make people see refugees as fellow human beings? "It's our duty to try."
Giant puppet of Syrian girl raises awareness for refugees
A giant puppet made to look like a Syrian girl has made its way almost 5,000 miles from Turkey to the U.K., and CBS correspondent Elizabeth Palmer walks with her in London. She's called Little Amal and is a walking theater production designed to draw attention to the plight of the tens of millions of refugees, almost half of whom are children, around the world.
Ed Sheeran tests positive for COVID-19
Sheeran said he is self-isolating and shared how he will fulfill his scheduled appearances.
U.N. reports record greenhouse gas levels despite COVID shutdowns
World Meteorological Organization warns data show mankind "way off track" if it wants to stop "skidding into a car crash" of climate disaster.
Military detains civilian leaders, declares power in Sudan coup
Sudan had been slowly emerging from years of international pariah status under long-time autocrat Omar al-Bashir. The military's declaration of complete control may stall that.
Apparent coup in Sudan puts transition to democracy at risk
Sudan was slowly emerging from years of international pariah status under long-time autocrat Omar al-Bashir, but if the military has taken over, that transition may be stalled.
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Coup in Sudan puts already fragile transition to democracy at risk
Sudan was slowly emerging from years of international pariah status under longtime autocrat Omar al-Bashir, who was toppled by mass protests more than two years ago. It was being run by a transitional civilian-military government.
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Afghanistan's economy is on the brink of collapse
Afghanistan's economy may collapse beyond the point of salvation, though several world leaders have promised $1.2 billion in aid to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe. Imtiyaz Tyab reports.
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New COVID cases surge in Eastern Europe, as region experiences worse outbreak of the pandemic
Several European nations go back into lockdown as new COVID-19 infections surge in the region. Elizabeth Palmer reports.
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Humanitarian crisis surges under Taliban rule of Afghanistan
CBS News' Imtiaz Tyab reports from Kabul on the state of the country following the U.S. withdrawal.
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Zalmay Khalilzad, the U.S.' lead Taliban negotiator, sticks by deal in Afghanistan
In his first interview since resigning as the U.S.'s chief negotiator with the Taliban, Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad strongly defended the deal he negotiated to withdraw U.S. troops from America's longest war.
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Transcript: Zalmay Khalilzad on "Face the Nation"
The following is a transcript of an interview with Zalmay Khalilzad, Former U.S. Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation that aired Sunday, October 24,2021, on "Face the Nation."
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Full Interview Part 1: Margaret Brennan Interviews Zalmay Khalilzad
Khalilzad shares why he left his post after the withdrawal from Afghanistan on "Face the Nation"
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