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Loathing in Las Vegas: Amy and Pete’s resentment boils over
Klobuchar and Buttigieg have clashed in several debates running, but things got truly personal in Nevada Wednesday night.
‘A Bland, Clueless Billionaire With Feet of Clay’
According to our experts, Michael Bloomberg didn’t live up to the promise of his TV ads in his first debate. But who did his unsteady performance help?
1 h
Elizabeth Warren, unbound
The long-restrained Democratic hopeful came to Vegas itching for a fight — and did not disappoint.
1 h
The Nevada debate was raucous, rude and relevant
Bloomberg’s performance may have stunk, but he inspired rivals to some of their best performances so far.
1 h
Bloomberg bombs in debate debut
The vulnerabilities of a candidacy built on TV ads are exposed on live TV.
2 h
Who won, who lost, and more takeaways from Wednesday's Democratic debate
Warren gave herself a big jolt, Sanders deflected attacks on his frontrunning campaign and Bloomberg took heat from everyone.
2 h
Michael Bloomberg’s Monumental Failure to Prepare
The mogul had a story to tell, and a few apologies to make. He managed neither.
3 h
Split-screen Trump plays pundit at rally during Democratic debate
"I hear he's getting pounded at the debate!" Trump said about Michael Bloomberg, the ex-New York City mayor who was making his first Democratic debate appearance.
5 h
Sanders, Buttigieg request targeted recount in Iowa
The winner of the first-in-the-nation caucuses remains uncertain.
5 h
Democratic debate begins with a flurry of Bloomberg attacks
Democrats started Wednesday’s debate with sharp attacks on Mike Bloomberg, challenging the former mayor on his record with stop and frisk and his comments about women.
5 h
Democrats criticize Sanders for online behavior of his supporters
After Nevada’s powerful Culinary Union criticized Sanders’ “Medicare for All” proposal, leaders reportedly received threatening e-mails and voicemails.
5 h
Key moments from the Democratic debate in Las Vegas
Democrats face off ahead of the Nevada caucuses, with former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg on stage for the first time.
6 h
Who Said It: Mike Bloomberg or Donald Trump?
See how well you can tell the two septuagenarian New York billionaires apart.
7 h
Coming Tonight: Live Updates & Analysis from the Nevada Democratic Debate
Follow along as we break down the key moments, best exchanges and witty zingers as the candidates vie for the nomination.
7 h
What would make Bill Barr quit?
Some have dismissed the public dance between Barr and Trump as kabuki theater — but the attorney general's allies insist Barr's patience is not infinite.
7 h
Opinion | Mike Bloomberg’s Technocratic Threat
If November were to come down to a Trump-Bloomberg race, Americans would get the choice of swapping one president with an a-constitutional view of the office, for another.
8 h
Trump bashes California leaders during Bakersfield visit to celebrate new water rules
8 h
Trump seeks deal on foreign workers that could anger base
The business-friendly proposal is being pushed amid a stalled effort to more broadly overhaul immigration laws.
8 h
Trump to tap fierce ally Ric Grenell as top intelligence official
Grenell would take over from Joseph Maguire, who entered the role after the departure of Dan Coats.
9 h
Europe's big tech vision fizzles to life
The EU's ambitions are grand, but matching the power of Silicon Valley, Washington and Beijing won't be easy.
9 h
Lawyer: Assange was offered U.S. pardon if he cleared Russia
The attorney says the offer came from a Republican congressman.
9 h
USDA to unveil plan to cut ag's environmental impact in half by 2050
The plan won't mention climate change but will focus on areas like research and conservation, sources told POLITICO.
POLITICO journalist wins prestigious Polk Award
Helena Bottemiller Evich is recognized for series examining USDA's failure to address climate issues.
Top Democratic candidates follow Trump in blurring medical histories
The oldest field of presidential candidates in modern history is keeping a tight lid on their health.
Can Bloomberg Learn To Say 'I Was Wrong'?
Tonight, for the first time, a candidate who’s built a career on being right faces the public blowback of an entire party.
Defiant Blagojevich heaps praise on Trump after commutation
“I'm returning home today from a long exile, a freed political prisoner,” Rod Blagojevich said during a press conference.
Warren leaves door open for super PAC spending
A new pro-Warren super PAC has launched in Nevada, despite the senator's condemnations of big money in politics.
Sheldon Adelson to host major Trump fundraiser
The GOP megadonor is seen as a key piece of the president's reelection plans.
Bernie's first big test of 2020 arrives
After struggling to draw minority support in 2016, the unlikely 2020 frontrunner has made an enormous effort to win over Latinos in Nevada.
Bloomberg, Sanders teams squabble over medical records
The spat broke out hours before the two 78-year-olds are set to face off on a debate stage in Las Vegas.