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COVID-19 Cases Are Rising Nearly Everywhere in the World, WHO Says
The number of new coronavirus cases rose by 18% in the last week globally, according to the World Health Organization.
Why Liberal Justices Need to Start Thinking Like Conservatives
America has experienced nothing less than a constitutional earthquake, a jolt caused by deep shifts in the tectonic plates of jurisprudence
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Sale Puts Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Back in West Bank, Kind Of
The company said it does not agree with the decision by its parent Unilever
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The 5 Best New TV Shows Our Critic Watched in June 2022
From 'Ms. Marvel' to 'Irma Vep' to 'This Is Going to Hurt'
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Both Republicans and Democrats Are Wrong on Gas Prices
On June 13, the price of gasoline reached a historic high of $5 per gallon. There followed an avalanche of accusations across the political spectrum. Democrats, including President Joe Biden, blamed oil companies for gouging consumers in order to boost their own profits. Republicans countered that the high prices were due to Biden’s mismanagement and…
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The Education of Glenn Youngkin
Glenn Youngkin is the kind of person who, if you ask him if he knows how to nae nae, he’s going to take it as a challenge. On a Thursday afternoon in late April, the Republican governor of Virginia is touring CodeRVA, a diverse magnet high school for students interested in tech careers—the sort of…
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How One CEO Improved Results By Investing in His Workers
For the past 40 years or so, frontline workers in America have been getting a smaller and smaller slice of the economic pie. As corporate profits and executive compensation packages have soared, employees at many of the country’s biggest companies wound up taking an effective pay cut, year after year. Income growth for the bottom…
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‘A Little Pinch, but It Was OK.’ Elmo Gets Vaccinated Against COVID-19
V is for vaccine. Elmo got a COVID-19 vaccine Tuesday, according to Sesame Workshop
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New Zealand Designates Proud Boys and The Base As Terrorist Organizations
The Proud Boys and The Base join 18 others including Islamic State that have been given an official terrorist designation.
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Israel’s Parliament Dissolves, Sets 5th Election in 4 Years
Israel’s Foreign Minister Yair Lapid will become the country’s caretaker prime minister, with elections due on Nov. 1
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This Is What a Radical Plastic Ban Looks Like
India is set to implement from July 1 a ban on single-use plastics
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John Lee Will Be Hong Kong’s New Leader. Here’s What to Know
He is the first chief executive since anti-government protests roiled the city in 2019
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As Hong Kong Marks 25 Years of British Handover, Its ‘Cage Homes’ Remain a Stark Reminder of Its Inequities
Over 220,000 people live in so-called ‘subdivided flats’, a dainty euphemism for their 4 by 4 by 6 ft shoeboxes
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Bongbong Marcos Takes Over as Philippine President. To Change His Family’s Brutal Legacy, He Has to Save the Economy
New leader Inherits a poorly performing economy in a climate of global financial uncertainties
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A More Powerful NATO Is Emerging. That Might Not Be a Good Thing
The fate of Europe hinges on NATO now more than it has in years—but expanding the alliance comes with risks
What to Know About Young Thug’s Indictment and the Controversial Use of Rap Lyrics in Criminal Cases
When the Grammy Award-winning rapper Young Thug, real name Jeffery Lamar Williams, was arrested May 9 on conspiracy and street gang activity charges, the indictment heavily cited his lyrics, music videos, and social media posts—and reignited a controversial debate on the use of rap lyrics as evidence in criminal cases. Williams, a veritable hip-hop superstar…
New Corporate Policies on Abortion Travel Spark Worries About Employees’ Privacy
More than 25 companies, including Disney, Meta and Dick's Sporting Goods, announced that they would cover employees who need to travel to receive abortion care
Why I Stay in Texas, Even Though It’s Breaking My Heart
My home office in San Antonio is honeyed with summer light. Outside, a fledgling roadrunner races through the hot dirt and buffelgrass of the empty lot next door. The sun is already high, another scorcher, as my parents always called these days in Laredo, where I grew up, and where they did, too, and their…
R. Kelly Sentenced To 30 Years In Sex Trafficking Case
R. Kelly was sentenced to 30 years in prison for using his superstardom to subject young fans — some children — to systematic sexual abuse.
Young Voters are Down on Biden. That Doesn’t Mean They’ll Bail on Democrats in the Midterms
President Joe Biden and young voters have always had a marriage of convenience. While they turned out in record numbers to vote against Donald Trump in 2020, the youngest generations have soured on Biden and lost faith in his agenda. Biden’s approval rating with voters under 30 has dropped 23 points since the first months…
Trump Would Love the Reality-Show Flair of the Jan. 6 Hearings if He Weren’t the Target
Tuesday's hearing demonstrated how the committee is using Trump's Apprentice-honed tactics to keep viewers hooked.
The Night That Changed Richard Pryor
His daughter, Rain Pryor, writes about how one moment transformed his comedy—and comedy itself—forever
We’re Dangerously Close to Giving Big Tech Control Of Our Thoughts
Elon Musk has proclaimed himself to be a “free speech absolutist” though reports of the way employees of his companies have been treated when exercising their free speech rights to criticise him might indicate that his commitment to free speech has its limits. But as Musk’s bid to takeover Twitter progresses in fits and starts,…
How Changing Your Diet Could Have a Major Impact on Managing Lupus Symptoms
What you eat and drink may affect your symptoms
Here Are the 9 New Books You Should Read in July
Exactly what constitutes a beach read has inspired much debate—but perhaps the answer is no more complicated than whether a book is easy to get lost in. Under that definition, the best new books coming in July are ideal for the beach (or the couch, the airplane, or the hammock). Isabel Kaplan’s novel NSFW, for…
U.S. Economy Shrank 1.6% at the Start of 2022—Though Recession Is Not Imminent, Economists Say
It was the first drop in gross domestic product since the depths of the COVID-19 recession
Meet the Siblings Making Hydropower That Actually Protects Rivers and Fish
“Every hydro project is also a water project, not just an energy project”
E.U. Proposes Ban on Flavored Heated Tobacco Products
The proposal comes in response to a significant increase in the volume of such products sold across the bloc
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Airbnb Permanently Bans Parties At Its Rental Locations
Airbnb is making permanent its ban on parties at homes listed on the site for short-term rentals.
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We Need to Talk About Animal Cruelty and Mass Shooters
Amid arguments over whether the recent massacres in Uvalde, Texas and Buffalo, New York should lead policymakers to focus more on gun control or mental illness, there is an elephant in the room. One trait the alleged perpetrators in both cases share in common is a propensity for animal cruelty. Both disturbed 18-year-olds bragged about…
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