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Ted Cruz Says Violence Is 'Only' Solution to Violence, Defends AR-15s
Cruz was repeatedly booed and heckled by audience members as he denounced efforts to enact gun control.
5 h
Where Did $13B Maria Fund Go? Puerto Rico Still Without Power After Fiona
Puerto Rico's power grid remained vulnerable for years after Hurricane Maria.
6 h
Russian-State Media Editor Rips Military for Drafting Wrong Men
"They're infuriating people, as if on purpose, as if out of spite," RT's Margarita Simonyan wrote.
7 h
Russian 'Butcher' General Promoted, Will Build 'Slaughterhouse': Ukraine
The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense denounced the promotion of Mikhail Mizintsev, and mentioned his infamous roles in Russian operations in Syria and Mariupol.
7 h
Li Qiaoming: General at Center of China Coup Rumors on Social Media
Among the unproven rumors circulating is that Li Qiaoming, a general for the People's Liberation Army (PLA), has replaced China's President Xi Jinping.
8 h
Biden Approval Surges by Double-Digits Among Women After Roe Ruling: Poll
The president has pledged to codify the protections of Roe v. Wade into federal law if Democrats are successful in the midterms.
9 h
Trump Faces 'Criminal Liability' in NY Case That Will 'Wipe Him Out': Cohen
New York Attorney General Letitia James' lawsuit leaves Trump in "the worst situation that he's ever been in," his ex-lawyer Michael Cohen said.
9 h
Putin Will Imprison Russians Refusing to Fight in Ukraine for 10 Years
The Russian president signed the new law just days after announcing a partial mobilization of reservists amid losses in the Ukraine war.
Most Americans Felt Safer During Last Year of Trump's Presidency: Poll
The survey found that nearly 68 percent of Americans don't feel as safe in the U.S. as they did two years ago, while 27 percent said they do feel as safe.
Fiona: Videos Show Destruction of 'Most Intense' Storm Hitting Nova Scotia
Numerous videos emerged showing downed trees, wrecked power lines, and fierce winds in Nova Scotia on Saturday morning.
Democrats' Chances of Beating Arizona GOP as Judge Reinstates Abortion Ban
A 158-year-old ban on abortion took effect in Arizona on Friday, potentially shaking up the battleground state's already-competitive midterm elections.
Tropical Storm Ian Path, Tracker as Florida Warned of Hurricane
Florida could face it's biggest hurricane since 2018 as Tropical Storm Ian rapidly gains strength, with flood warnings in place.
Mike Pence Aide Blasts Trump Claim He Can Declassify by Thinking: 'Absurd'
The comments come after Trump said presidents can "declassify just by saying it's declassified" amid an investigation into whether he mishandled documents.
Russia's Mobilized Troops Being Given Old, Rusty Guns: Ukrainian Official
Anton Gerashchenko, adviser to Ukraine's minister of internal affairs, shared footage online appearing to show soldiers handing out old weapons.
Russian General Removed From Post as 'Mariupol Butcher' Takes Over
Colonel-General Mikhail Mizintsev has been appointed as the country's new deputy defense minister.
Republican Dan Crenshaw Blasts GOP Colleagues: 'Dishonesty and Conspiracy'
The Texas congressman took aim at "alt-right" Republicans who "just scream," saying he's "sick" of the lying.
Trump 'Damaging' His Case by Pursuing Special Master Legal Path: Kirschner
The former federal prosecutor said Trump's legal team is "losing and losing and losing."
Meghan Markle Shouted at Staff, Complained About Not Being Paid: New Book
The Duchess of Sussex reportedly complained that she wasn't being paid during a royal tour of Australia in 2018.
Xi Jinping Trends Online Amid Coup Rumors, Canceled Flights
Unsubstantiated claims spread on social media that the Chinese president is under house arrest, although the reports have been dismissed as "wild rumors."
Trump White House 'Connections' to 1/6 Riot Need to Be Explored: Riggleman
The former Republican congressman's remarks came as he revealed that the White House switchboard placed a call to a Capitol rioter on January 6.
Videos Show Drunk Russian Conscripts Asleep, Troops Refusing to Form Ranks
One video shared to Twitter shows an angry Russian officers shouting at conscripts that "the games are over."
Georgia Meloni Set to Give Steve Bannon a Huge Victory for His 'Revolution'
The former Donald Trump advisor has been a supporter of the Meloni and her far-right Brothers of Italy party for several years.
People Amazed at What a Siberian Husky and Golden Retriever Mix Looks Like
"Thought it was gonna be a golden husky but it's a Siberian retriever," one person commented.
Russian Commanders Striking Dams as They Become Increasingly Concerned—U.K.
Moscow forces have attacked two dams in Ukraine in an apparent bid to trigger flooding and delay the Ukrainian advance.
'Sassy' Nebelung Cat From California Wins Pet of the Week
This week's winner is super fluffy Rory the cat from California.
Videos Show Violent Clashes in Iran as Protests Spread, At Least 35 Killed
One video shows a statue of the country's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, on fire in his home town of Mashhad.
My Husband Has Stolen My Personality—What Should I Do?
"He told me he will make me suffer once I stop working. I don't know what I have done to make him hate me so much."
Historians Trash DeSantis' Understanding of U.S. History—'Beyond Ignorance'
Ron DeSantis's claim that the American revolution "caused people to question slavery" has been rejected by historians.
Russia's Mobilization Will Fail to Produce Even 'Low Quality' Fighters: ISW
The think thank said that Putin's attempts to bring in reservists to assist the Ukraine invasion is already struggling to be implemented.
Louise Fletcher Dies Aged 88: Tributes Pour In for Oscar-Winning Actress
The One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest actress, whose parents were deaf, was the first person to use sign language during her Oscars acceptance speech in 1976.