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Sorry, LeBron—You Still Have to Prove Your Greatness to Me, Some Guy on the Internet
He must invent or procure a time machine and travel back to face the defenses of the mid-1990s.
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Tana French’s New Book Is Missing a Key Ingredient
The Searcher is part detective fiction, part Western, but it leaves out what usually makes her work so special.
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Ted Lasso Makes America Good Again
The clueless, self-assured American no longer seems like a benign figure, but no such clouds darken Ted Lasso’s sunny skies.
What Is the Point of Literary Criticism?
“With every book I review, of every genre, I try to go to the writer's 5-yard line.”
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Fact-Checking Fargo: How Bad Was Anti-Italian Racism in the 1950s?
Prejudice against Italians had largely died out by the mid–20th century, but some were still discriminated against because of their Catholic faith.
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The Miami Heat Invented the Superteam. Now, They’re a Super Team.
The Heat built smartly and have been rewarded handsomely for their efforts.
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