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Technology - Slate Magazine
The First Major Antitrust Move Against Meta Is Over GIFs?
Meta has four weeks to appeal.
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How Morale at Facebook Tumbled After Trump’s “Looting and Shooting” Post
“Trump’s ‘Looting and Shooting’ post … was incitement of violence in the clearest sense of the term,” one employee wrote.
The U.S. Government Is Wasting Billions on Ineffective Wildfire Policy
Critics say the current practice of trying to suppress every big wildfire is foolhardy.
How I Finally Got Over the Embarrassing Thing My Face Does When I’m Nervous
Sometimes my reaction was about shame. But not always.
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You Don’t Have to Worry About Omicron Yet
You might not have to worry about it at all!
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Against “Off-Ramps” for COVID Restrictions
There’s a better metaphor to use when we talk about taking off masks.
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