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Technology - Slate Magazine
All the Reasons the Government’s Google Antitrust Suit Looks Like a Rush Job
The historic case raises important concerns over the tech giant’s practices, but the motivations are suspicious.
The Most Surprising Thing About the New Indictment of Six Russian Intelligence Hackers
The charges are much more expansive and detailed than any of the previous hacking indictments filed against foreign government officials.
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Uber’s Self-Driving Car Killed Someone. Why Isn’t Uber Being Charged?
A corporation can’t go to jail, but that doesn’t mean it holds no responsibility.
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How Much Did COVID Drugs Contribute to Trump’s Recovery?
Was it the steroids or the remdesivr or the Regeneron?
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Why D.C. and Oregon Should Vote Yes on Psychedelics
A ballot initiative in Washington would decriminalize some psychedelics, while one in Oregon would create a system for psilocybin-assisted therapy.
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Future Archaeologists Will Dig Up Disposable Masks
We're using an awful lot of plastic during the pandemic.
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