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I’m a Muslim Man, and I’m Tired of Going to Gender-Segregated Mosques With My Wife
And I can’t ignore it anymore.
How Much Can Jeff Bezos’ $10 Billion Do to Fight Climate Change?
The donation highlights the fact that an individual can have a disproportionate say in how we address the climate change crisis.
Huh, what’s a pangolin?
This highly endangered and frequently trafficked creature might be the source of Covid-19.
2 h
The Bear Is a Mesmerizing Fable About the End of Humanity
Andrew Krivak’s new book makes peace with extinction.
2 h
How Kaitlin Bennett Became a Bonafide Conservative Media Star
Unlike other Trumpy young activists, she seems happy to play the fool herself when it suits her aims.
3 h
Susan Fowler’s Memoir Shows Uber Was an Even Worse Place to Work Than We Thought
The former Uber engineer paints a damning portrait of the culture Travis Kalanick built.
3 h
Florida Can’t Bar Ex-Felons From Voting Just Because They’re Poor, Appeals Court Rules
The opinion is a vehement rebuke of Florida Republicans’ voter suppression scheme.
3 h
Faux News Articles and Social Media Posts Will Haunt This Election
Easy-to-use tools make it possible to create fabricated images of just about any website.
3 h
Hey Bloomberg, Stop Ignoring My Emails About the Financial Crisis
Mayor Mike used to say that Congress caused it. He needs to explain why he finally wants to regulate banks.
3 h
William Barr and the Fall of the DOJ
Yet another institution has proved itself loyal not to the country but to Donald Trump.
4 h
Here Are the Bloomberg Campaign’s Latest Damage Control Talking Points
The up-to-the-date guide to what the candidate meant to have said.
4 h
I Am Very Sad Justin Bieber’s Disgusting Mustache Is Gone
Some trolls are worth it.
5 h
How Likely Is It That I’m Seeing Actual Kids When I Watch “Barely Legal” Videos Online?
The big amateur sites weigh in.
5 h
Babies Has Too Many Scientists, Not Enough Babies
The Netflix series focuses on babies, their sleep-deprived parents, and some exceedingly cheery scientists.
5 h
The NYT Spelling Bee Gives Me L-I-F-E
In the real world, I am me. In Bee world I’m an Amazing! Genius!
6 h
Why the Reboot of High Fidelity Rejects Pop Music
Also, The Assistant and Jenny Odell.
8 h
For The First Time, The UN Creates A Path Forward For Climate Refugees
Climate refugees cannot be deported to their home countries, the UN panel ruled.
9 h
Help! I Caught My Boss Looking at Porn During a Work Trip.
I think they assumed no one could see them.
New National Poll Gives Bernie Sanders a Double-Digit Lead
Counter to the horse race narrative, Elizabeth Warren held at 12 percent and Pete Buttigieg stalled at 8 percent.
Dear Care and Feeding: Is My 10-Year-Old Too Young to Be Kissing Her “Boyfriend”?
Parenting advice on young love, shower thank-you notes, and strict exes.
Help! Should I Tell My Friend That Her Engagement Diamond Is Fake?
“It's not like he's cheating—it's just jewelry.”
How ICE Is Weaponizing Therapy
What young migrants say in government mandated therapy could get them deported.
Meet the Conan Staffer Who Has to Raise Andy Richter From Infancy to Adulthood Every Single Day
“Every morning at 9:00 a.m. sharp, a baby Andy Richter is left at the Conan studio door …”
Trump Pardons the Crimes He Would’ve Committed
Just wait until you hear about the sex cult and dirt transferring station.
Bloomberg Is the Crisis, Not the Cure
Trump has severely damaged American democracy. Bloomberg would finish it off.
What Makes Cheer So Compulsively Watchable
The transfixing, disturbing Netflix docuseries, reviewed.
The Giants Didn’t Invite Aubrey Huff to Their World Series Reunion for a Simple Reason
It’s not because of his pro-Trump politics.
The Senseless Danger of the Military’s New “Low-Yield” Nuclear Warhead
The weapon’s smaller destructive power does not mean a smaller risk of catastrophe.
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Trump Is Trampling Dozens of Laws to Build His Border Wall. Here’s How.
A 15-year-old law allows Trump to ignore any rule that stands in the way of his border wall.
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Trump Issues Pardons for Another Round of Well-Connected White-Collar Criminals
They're guilty—of being the president's favorite kind of people.
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