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How Does Greyhound Compare to the World War II Novel by C.S. Forester?
The nautical battles are the same, but the movie and its source material have different ideas about war and heroism.
Netflix’s The Old Guard Makes Lots of Little Changes to the Comics—and One Big One
A change for the better.
3 h
The Trump Administration Looks the Other Way on Russian Bounties
A story that shouldn’t be buried in the current news flurry.
3 h
Fed Ex: Change Washington’s NFL Team Name or We’re Pulling Ours
The company said the franchise had until the end of the 2020 season to make the change.
4 h
Help! My Friend Is Self-Deprecating in a Way That Makes Everyone Uncomfortable.
She’s always said funny stuff about herself, but these comments have become quite negative.
6 h
Michael Cohen Sent Back to Prison Over Home Confinement Rules Dispute
After months serving his sentence at home, Cohen was surprisingly taken back into custody.
7 h
Is “Covid Flight” a Thing?
Many Americans, especially younger Americans, moved out of cities this year. Will they come back?
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Dear Care and Feeding: My Neighbors Keep Sending Their Grandkid Over to Use Our Pool Uninvited
Parenting advice on pool invasions, horse drama, and child socialization.
7 h
The Politics of the Roberts Court Are Clear
Institutionalism sometimes trumps conservatism.
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Are Your Indoor Plants in Need of a Healthy Boost? Try These Food Spikes, Now on Sale.
Miracle-Gro Indoor Plant Food Spikes deliver nutrients gradually into the soil supporting your potted plants.
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Think You’re Smarter Than a Slate Production Assistant? Find Out With This Week’s News Quiz.
Test your knowledge of this week’s big stories.
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The Premeditated, Performative Outrage of Viral Mask Freakout Videos
Bad actors hamming it up in grocery stores across the land.
8 h
Did Hamilton Successfully Translate From Stage to Screen?
A live Spoilers episode discussing the show aging and the ending scene that’s missing from the album.
8 h
Guns Make Everything Worse
The same encounter in the U.S. and abroad can have wildly different results.
More Public Funding, Fewer Legal Obligations
The Supreme Court says Catholic-school teachers aren’t protected by anti-discrimination law.
It’s Up to the Lower Courts to Speed Up Trump Subpoenas Now
The Supreme Court decision could let Trump run out the clock on congressional subpoenas.
How Scary Is Relic, the Well-Reviewed New Haunted House Movie?
It starts streaming Friday.
Voice of America’s International Journalists Won’t Have U.S. Visas Renewed
Trump appointee Michael Pack won’t extend the work permits of roughly 100 VOA staffers.
The Political Genius of John Roberts
The chief justice stood up to Trump, placated Democrats, and scored points for judicial supremacy.
Trump Vincibility Watch: Uh-Oh, Cycling at Random Through All-Caps Twitter Slogans Isn’t Working Anymore
Sometimes—not always, but sometimes—voters want a president to do more than type angry stuff on the internet.
Why the President Didn’t Want the World to Read Mary Trump’s Story
The new memoir takes you inside a dysfunctional American family—and into Donald Trump’s mind.
The United States Is Safest When All Nuclear Tests Are Virtual
Restarting live nuclear testing carries with it a whole host of risks, but it also ignores the reality of the past 50 years of nuclear weapons research.
Pornhub’s “Black Lives Matter” Genre and the Industry’s Brash Racism
Fear of Black sexuality is lucrative—and dangerous.
What Do Prince, Maxwell, and Al B. Sure Have in Common?
Prince, Maxwell, and Al B. Sure are all in Nichole Perkins’ Thirst DNA.
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Help! I Reported My Friend’s Ex to the FBI.
Now she won’t speak to me.
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Ask a Teacher: My Daughter Reads the Same Books Over and Over and Over. Is That Bad?
I feel like she should read a broader array of books.
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Ivy League Is the First to Suspend Its Football Season. Who’s Next?
The Ivy League is suspending its entire fall sports schedule.
1 d
Break Up Budweiser (and Molson Coors Too)
The beer industry needs trustbusting.
1 d
Mary Trump’s Truth
Mary Trump says her uncle lived an “institutionalized” life -- enabled and cultivated, but not loved.
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It’s Easy to Defend Tammy Duckworth—but Don’t Forget Ilhan Omar
Duckworth wasn’t the only one facing “nativist” attacks in a Fox News segment on Tuesday.
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