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The Theranos Trial Shows Why We Should Be Suspicious of Nuclear Fusion
These companies are raising millions on promises, not products.
3 h
Is This Really the Democrats’ Plan for the Midterms?
DCCC chair Sean Maloney explains.
I Think I Know Why My Wife Won’t Stop Spending All Of Our Money
I don't blame her for it, but we can never save or get ahead.
Dear Care and Feeding: I Don’t Want to Be Complicit in My SIL’s Holiday Lies
Parenting advice on Christmas, privacy, and race.
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Help! My Future Mother-in-Law Is Furious I’m Wearing White for My Second Wedding.
She’s livid. About a dress color!
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Why We’ll Never Stop Mourning the American Mall
Its shiny, hysterical promises are hard to replace.
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With a Grim Piece of Evidence, Prosecutors Summon Jeffrey Epstein’s Ghost at the Ghislaine Maxwell Trial
An eerie scene feet from where Maxwell sat in court.
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Why the Year’s Most Popular Song Never Went to No. 1
The DaBaby controversy offered an accidental experiment in what so-called cancellation would do to a very popular song.
2 d
I Finally Joined The Wing. It’s Full of Men Now.
Its founder has been canceled and its “mission” has crumpled.
2 d
What if Old Buildings Are Greener Than New Ones?
Leaky windows and gas furnaces don’t necessarily make older structures climate villains.
2 d
Help! My Husband Expects Me to Spend Thousands of Dollars on His Christmas Gifts Every Year.
It's to the point where I wish we could just skip Christmas.
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I’m the TikTok Couch Guy. Here’s What It Was Like Being Investigated on the Internet.
The invasive TikTok sleuthing I experienced was not an isolated instance, but rather the latest manifestation of a large-scale sleuthing culture.
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