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Trump Is Surely Suggesting Early Voters “Change” Their Votes Because It Might Slow Down the Count
Few states allow changes, but Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin are among them.
What Kind of First Amendment Do We Want?
Legal scholar Neil Richards on the uses and abuses of free speech in the digital age.
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Do Cats Have Language?
Animals communicate, sure, but that's not the same as language.
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Philadelphia Police’s Fatal Shooting of Armed Black Man Suffering From Mental Illness Sparks Unrest
The mother of 27-year-old Walter Wallace Jr. was trying to diffuse the situation when police arrived.
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The Silver Lining of Virtual School for Some Autistic Students
Moving life online isn’t easy, but it’s opened up some new possibilities.
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U.K. Study Finds Covid-19 Antibodies Fall Significantly, Making Immunity Unlikely
Just 4 percent of the U.K. population showed antibodies in September.
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What Could Have Kept Me Out of Prison
Therapy. Affordable housing. A living wage.
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What 2,392 Incarcerated People Think About #DefundThePolice
Americans are grappling with intensifying calls to remake the criminal justice system. We asked people behind bars to weigh in.
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There Is Nothing Left to Say. It’s Just Time to Vote.
The two candidates are extremely well-known. We just have a week (at least) to wait.
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First-Timers: A New Citizen Votes
Rafa Lombardino wasn’t planning on becoming a citizen, but the last few years of the Trump administration changed her mind.
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Help! I Think My Girlfriend Is Making Up Her Sensitivity to Smell.
I’ve been “cleansing” my life of all scented fragrances for a year, only to realize this is perhaps all in her head.
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My Boyfriend Says I’m Turning Into My ‘Drama Queen’ Mom. Is This My Destiny?
It’s not too late to choose a different path.
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Dear Care and Feeding: My Father Died on My Son’s Birthday. How Can I Make My Son’s Birthday Joyful Again?
Parenting advice on grief, grandparenting, and baby blankets.
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Brett Kavanaugh Signals He’s Open to Stealing the Election for Trump
Justice Kavanaugh cast doubt on the validity of mail ballots and endorsed a theory too extreme for the Bush v. Gore majority.
The Economy Really Is Worse in Blue States Right Now
Biden Country is suffering worse than Trump Country. Here are four theories why.
The Strand Shouldn’t Have to Beg Us Not to Die
Society has given up on cultural institutions during the pandemic. Only the ones that plead loud enough have a shot.
Georgia on Our Mind
Checking in on Georgia’s races with Georgia Public Broadcasting’s Bill Nigut.
Amy Coney Barrett’s First Votes Could Throw the Election to Trump
A sinister argument from Bush v. Gore returns with a vengeance.
Why There Are So Many Unlikely World Series Heroes
The rules of baseball are good for the little guy.
The Senate Confirms Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court
The judge gives conservatives a 6-3 SCOTUS majority.
Amy Coney Barrett Could Bring Down Decades of Anti-Discrimination Law
The court is poised to take away one of the most important tools for combating systemic racism.
Why Are Democrats Backing a House Candidate With Reportedly Shady Foreign Ties?
Some of the most prominent people in Sri Preston Kulkarni’s orbit have explicit connections to a Hindu nationalist group.
The Patriots’ Demise Should’ve Been Funnier
This team is bad AND boring. Boo.
Lessons From American History on How to Survive Minority Rule
We’ve been here before.
Help! I Can’t Finish My Ph.D. Because My Wife Can’t Handle the Kids on Her Own.
I end up working late into the night after dealing with her time vampirism all day.
The Women the Pro-Choice Movement Left Behind
“It wasn’t that they weren’t talking to people like me. It’s that they weren’t listening.”
Why Baseball Fans Stopped Rushing the Field
On Oct. 21, 1980, a beloved tradition was put to a stop.
Now Streaming: Noreen Malone and Valerie Jarrett on the Election
This week, Slate’s election show discusses the candidates’ platforms and the effect the winner will have on America’s future.
Why Does My Boyfriend Constantly Dirty Talk About Something He Finds “Gross”?
Does he want it or not?
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Understanding the World’s Conflicts Through Comics
Joe Sacco turns journalism into art.
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