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America Has a Sacred Site With Huge Implications for Human History. People Are Golfing on It.
“It’s a real common summertime excursion, but on par with the pyramids?” It is now.
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An Old Classmate Confessed an Unrequited Crush on Me. I Don’t Know If I Can Tell Her the Truth.
Divorce. Cancer. Deaths in her family. I can't add my rejection of her to the pile.
The App You Should Download if You’re Looking to Quit Twitter
Among social media options, it's the least bad.
Please Let Me Bring Gifts to Your Kid’s Birthday Party
I know you want a clutter-free, eco-friendly celebration. Well, I want children’s joy!
The Critically Lauded Show That Captures the Ethos of the Black British Experience
Dreaming Whilst Black co-director Koby Adom on authenticity, gatekeeping a culture, and the reality of being a Black filmmaker.
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I Can’t Build My Dinner Parties Around My Friend’s Oscillating Fad Diets—and Other Advice From the Week
Some advice from the past week.
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Why It Can Feel Impossible to Stop Scratching an Itch
There’s a reason it feels so maddeningly good.
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Why Your Boss Is About to Inflict A.I. on You
Users are losing interest in tools like ChatGPT. Companies are just getting started.
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Clarence Thomas’ Latest Pay-to-Play Scandal Finally Connects All the Dots
There has never been a straighter line between Thomas' unethical conduct and his jurisprudence.
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I Sail Around the World Alone in a Dinky Sailboat. Only One Thing Gets to Me.
Sam Holmes loves being thousands of miles from land, with little to do other than survive. But a lot can go wrong when you're out there alone.
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Is “Algospeak” D@ngerous?
What experts call linguistic self-censorship has not only taken over TikTok, but spread onto other platforms.
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What Instacart’s IPO Means for Tech
They don’t sell groceries. They sell deliveries—and ads.
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What is Your Face Worth?
Actually don’t. The good, the bad, and the slippery slope of facial recognition technology with journalist Kashmir Hilll.
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Gabfest Reads: Zadie Smith Wrote the Trump Portrait That Isn’t
Zadie Smith’s new historical novel, The Fraud, delves into class warfare through the trial of a scamster.
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Post-Bruen and Post-Roe, Fear is the Opposite of Freedom
Text and history—and life-and-death—post Dobbs and Bruen
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