Letters to the Editor: Outrage over George Floyd's killing: 'Slave nation cannot continue'
Readers express anger and sadness over the persistant targeting of black people, too often with deadly consequences, by police.
4 h
Op-Ed: Trump's latest executive order doesn't protect free speech. It attacks it
Trump is trying to silence his critics with his clearly illegal order that seeks to limit liability protections for social media companies.
4 h
Editorial: Stop focusing on looting in Minneapolis. Be outraged that police keep killing unarmed black men
There is anger on the streets in Minneapolis. It is understandable given the killing of yet another unarmed black man killed by police.
4 h
Column: The burden of ending racism sits squarely on the shoulders of white people
Even Trump voters must rise up against the racist brutality that plagues our country.
5 h
Opinion: In threatening to shoot rioters, Trump takes a page from George Wallace's playbook
You can't separate race from Trump's attacks on 'thugs' in Minneapolis
5 h
Opinion: Trump's tweet on protests of George Floyd death earns him another Twitter flag
Twitter can't possibly win here. The fight energizes and emboldens Trump, a self-styled counterpuncher who likes to leave marks.
8 h
Zoom was fun at first. But it wouldn't be 2020 if we didn't figure out a way to ruin it
Zoom phase one was mostly pretty pleasant. Not anymore.
Letters to the Editor: People who insist on going to church should quarantine themselves
One's right to attend church ends at the tip of another person's nose. People who flout social distancing rules by going to church should quarantine.
Editorial: Coronavirus shows us the danger and inanity of our prison state
What kind of society clusters people together and then charges them money for hygiene?
Letters to the Editor: The Hollywood sign isn't maintained for free. It deserves to be trademarked
The Hollywood sign is a public treasure because of the years of work by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, which rightly owns a trademark.
Letters to the Editor: 100,000 dead Americans, and Trump still isn't wearing a mask. How uncaring
The U.S. quickly reached a grim COVID-19 milestone. Why is President Trump still refusing to lead by example?
Editorial: Resign already, Councilman Jose Huizar
"Councilman A," the bribe-taking official at the heart of the federal investigation into L.A. City Hall, is clearly Jose Huizar. He should resign.
1 d
Editorial: Trump tries to take a big, dumb bite out of the Twitter hand that feeds him
A new executive order by President Trump to crack down on social media bias is wrong in so many ways, we can't even begin to count them.
1 d
Op-Ed: Trump can't executive-order it away: Twitter itself called him a liar
In the showdown between Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and the president, Dorsey is winning.
1 d
Letters to the Editor: How to stop racism and deaths like George Floyd's? White people need to integrate
When will police departments start pshychologically profiling officers to prevent racist monsters from killing black people?
1 d
Op-Ed: Hong Kong is the front line of a new cold war. If it burns, the world gets burned too
Beijing is using the coronavirus crisis to crush Hong Kong's demands for more freedom, thinking the world is too busy to care.
1 d
Letters to the Editor: Does L.A. trust its mayor or the president who refuses to mask up?
Local officials and government physicians have the people's best interests at heart, not Trump and his followers who care only about re-election.
2 d
Letters to the Editor: Canada has plastic money. We should too in the coronavirus era
The cotton-based "paper" money in the U.S. can harbor countless bacteria and viruses. It's long past time to make the switch to plastic-based cash.
2 d
Letters to the Editor: Travel insurers are showing their greed in the COVID-19 pandemic
For older travelers, offering vouchers for future travel isn't good enough in a pandemic. Travel insurers need to honor claims.
2 d
The GOP would rather put you in danger than let you vote freely
The real reason the GOP is challenging Newsom's vote-by-mail order is to cast doubt on election results they don't like. And there will be plenty in California.
2 d
Op-Ed: In a nasty push, Republicans want immunity for companies that negligently spread COVID-19
Mitch McConnell is holding stimulus legislation hostage to keep businesses from paying for potentially culpable conduct during the pandemic.
2 d
Op-Ed: Republicans weaponized 'amnesty' to make undocumented immigrants suffer. Let's take it back
In the right-wing playbook, anything that might make life more secure or less miserable for the undocumented is now considered 'amnesty.'
2 d
Editorial: Freed inmates face brutal lives of poverty and homelessness. Don't blame coronavirus
Coronavirus did not create a world in which newly released inmates have nowhere to go. That was already standard operating procedure.
2 d
Op-Ed: The Obamas' official portraits are ready for White House unveiling. But Trump wants no part of the ceremony
For Reagan and other presidents, portrait unveilings were a time for bipartisan celebrations of U.S. history.
2 d
Letters to the Editor: L.A. is blowing its chance to have open trails and beaches during a pandemic
Eaton Canyon is closed again. Some beaches were packed this weekend. Rules on masks and social distancing were disregarded. Come on, L.A.
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