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Op-Ed: Want to expand the economy and add jobs? Increase immigration
Immigrants are America's job creators. The Dream Act alone could create 1.4 million jobs and add $329 billion to the economy.
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Column: We're not 'competing' with China. But politicians love to make that claim
Economic competition with other nations is one of the oldest, most bipartisan cliches in politics, used to justify things politicians want to do anyway.
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Op-Ed: How much do kids learn from 'educational' video games? A ratings system could address that
A simple video game description can't tell parents what, if anything, their child might learn from playing it. Establish a board to rate content.
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Letters to the Editor: Anti-Asian hate is a symptom of old-fashioned American hate
Some people note that many recent instances of anti-Asian hate were perpetrated by Black men. That ignores a much larger reality.
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Letters to the Editor: Eric Garcetti as ambassador to India? Talk about failing up
Homelessness has worsened, housing is unaffordable, and we're saddled with the 2028 Olympics. Eric Garcetti's record in L.A. isn't good.
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Letters to the Editor: Liz Cheney is serving democracy. Kevin McCarthy is serving a would-be dictator
Liz Cheney refuses to accept Trump's Big Lie, and Kevin McCarthy is punishing her for it. This is how democracies weaken.
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Editorial: Of course California should share its wealth with residents who need it
This is not a done deal, just an opening salvo before the governor begins the annual budget negotiations with the Legislature. The Legislature is likely to have its own ideas about how to spend the windfall.
Opinion: At least 123 people were shot dead over 72 hours. Did America notice?
Six people were killed in another Colorado mass shooting over the weekend. Such gun violence is, sadly, normal here in the land of the free.
Opinion: New U.S.-Russia sanctions punish the wrong people
The last round of U.S. restrictions will make it almost impossible for ordinary Russians to travel to the United States.
Editorial: Service providers get homeless people off the streets and into housing. Pay them what they need
Service providers who contract with the city and county often don't get paid what they need to do the work. Don't scrimp on paying the people who are the ones getting homeless people off the streets and helping them stay housed.
Editorial: Declining U.S. birth rate adds urgency to the need for smart immigration reform
COVID-19 added more significance to declining birth rates. Fewer babies means fewer future workers. Which is why we need a smarter, more robust immigration system.
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Op-Ed: When reading to learn, what works best for students — printed books or digital texts?
The pandemic hastened the rise of digital reading for school assignments. But for most students, print is the most effective way to learn.
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Letters to the Editor: Once again, the GOP is using the recall to make a mockery of California
John Cox's bear. Caitlyn Jenner's know-nothing soundbites. Are Republicans trying to make Californians more supportive of Gavin Newsom?
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Op-Ed: President Biden, take the next step at Grand Staircase-Escalante
The Biden administration's 30x30 conservation plan demands restoration of the two Utah national monuments that President Trump eviscerated.
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Letters to the Editor: Fine, build mega-warehouses. But make them use EVs and solar electricity
People who live near large logistics warehouses are choking on truck exhaust. This is what should be done to mitigate that.
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Letters to the Editor: He was bitten by a shark — 'I was part of the food chain'
A reader who was bitten by a shark years ago reacts to a story on the close proximity of many oblivious beach swimmers to sharks.
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Op-Ed: A writer (literally) loses her voice
The progression of ALS involves the slow erosion of the voluntary muscles, already well underway in my vocal cords and mouth.
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