Letters to the Editor: Trump refused to denounce white supremacists. Is George Wallace president?
Trump was all his usual worst qualities at the debate: racist, bullying, dishonest and impatient. It was just stunning to see it all at once.
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Opinion: The next presidential debate needs a Trump timeout room
Tuesday's debate between Trump and Biden could have used a mom -- someone who knows how to exert some discipline over a heedless child.
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Op-Ed: We're gonna need a mute button to survive the presidential debates
In the history of American presidential debates, there never has been a spectacle of imprecations and interruptions like Tuesday night's prize fight.
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Opinion: Among the debate casualties: Serious discussion of climate change
Moderators must move climate change to the forefront in presidential debates. It is a global threat of historic magnitude.
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Opinion: At debate with Biden, Trump still has no healthcare plan to offer
Declaring that you have a plan to provide great, affordable healthcare does not cause such a plan magically to exist.
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Op-Ed: Trump may be immoral, but most Americans don't care
Those who want to defeat President Trump should focus on his concrete actions or lack of action in office rather than his character.
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Opinion: If Trump can't disavow white supremacists, why should anyone want him as president?
Trump should have disavowed white supremacists in the debate
Endorsement: Yes on Proposition 25 to end bail and the poverty penalty
Prop. 25 would end the bail industry in California and the use of wealth or poverty to determine whether a person accused of a crime stays in jail or goes home before trial.
Letters to the Editor: A Holocaust survivor's story shows just how ridiculous mask refusers are
The story of Holocaust survivor Dr. William Good stands in stark contrast to Americans who don't want to make any sacrifices to beat COVID-19.
Op-Ed: Trump profoundly damaged our civil rights. Here's how Biden can begin restoring them
The Trump administration has deeply damaged our civil rights laws. Here are urgent actions a Biden-Harris administration should take to reinvigorate civil rights enforcement.
Letters to the Editor: How will California power all those electric vehicles? With the sun
A reader who drives electric vehicles says her home solar system provides more than enough energy to power her cars and her home.
Letters to the Editor: Of course voters are angry and afraid. Their president is undermining the election
President Trump has threatened to stay in power even if he loses the vote. Why shouldn't voters fear the worst after the election?
Letters to the Editor: Amy Coney Barrett is a particular kind of Catholic. Others are much more liberal
Amy Coney Barrett is a Catholic who prioritizes abortion and social conservatism; other Catholics follow Jesus' example of helping poor and outcasts.
Op-Ed: Facebook drove QAnon's mad growth and enhanced its power to poison elections
For the sake of democracy, the social platform needs to unplug the recommendation engine and algorithms that push users into extremist groups.
Abcarian: Memo to Biden: Never get in the mud with a pig. You'll get filthy, and the pig will like it
Poor Chris Wallace, the moderator from Fox News. He was not only asking questions but trying to manage the president's logorrhea.
Editorial: Trump's bullying was an insult to the American people
Any voter who watched Tuesday's sad excuse for a debate had to conclude that Trump is a disaster and Joe Biden is the steady and sober leader we need.
Opinion: Trump's reality distortion machine is in overdrive for his debate with Biden
The Trump team, like the president himself, is working aggressively to make voters disbelieve what they see and hear from Joe Biden at the first debate.
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Op-Ed: Trump's disastrous nominee for the Fed Board could make a ruined economy worse
Judy Shelton embraces far-right economic ideas that have been debunked by painful experience.
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Op-Ed: Don't believe self-serving messengers. Logging will not prevent destructive wildfires
Logging bills, like the one introduced by Sen. Feinstein, are being promoted as solutions. But removing trees could actually make wildfires worse.
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Op-Ed: Trump's 'historic bloc,' like fascist movements, unifies groups with opposing interests
Right-wing historic blocs tend to emerge when the left is strong and when the right decides to stop playing by the rules of liberal democracy.
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Editorial: Here's why Trump gets to exploit those tax loopholes — and you can't
President Trump takes advantage of not just the lower tax rate on capital gains, but also a series of tax breaks unique to real estate investors that cry out for reform.
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Letters to the Editor: Homes burn because of embers, not trees. Fire policy ignores that
State and federal policies that emphasize brush clearance in areas prone to wildfires fail to protect homes because they do not focus on embers.
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Op-Ed: LACMA's redesign doesn't deserve this much carping
The Wilshire Boulevard redo has its risks, but the track record of its architect and museum director gives it every chance of succeeding.
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Letters to the Editor: Kids need to be back in school. Our only option is to end the pandemic
Sending kids to school would expose them to COVID-19, and distance learning brings its own challenges. The solution: Follow the coronavirus guidelines and end the pandemic.
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Letters to the Editor: Conservatives won the Supreme Court, but lost their excuse for voting for Trump
Many on the right who voted for Trump did so despite their deep dislike of him. Now, with the court firmly in conservative hands, they have an out.
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Letters to the Editor: A billionaire pays $750 in taxes? 'They're Trumps, and we're chumps'
According to Trump's tax documents, he badly needed the money he earned from "The Apprentice." So, let's fire this president on Nov. 3.
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Endorsement: George Gascón for L.A. County district attorney
George Gascón is the right candidate at the right time to lead the largest local criminal justice jurisdiction in the United States.
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