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California's homelessness crisis 'a disgrace,' Gov. Gavin Newsom says in State of the State speech
Delivering his annual State of the State speech to a joint session of the Legislature on Wednesday, Newsom acknowledged that Californians have "lost patience" with state political leaders who largely ignored a human tragedy that has existed in plain sight for years, if not decades.
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Bernie Sanders campaign compares call for medical records to birtherism
The 78-year-old Vermont senator says at a CNN town hall that he would not release additional medical records despite having said he would.
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Legal marijuana use still costs people jobs. A new California bill takes on the issue
More job applicants are being disqualified for marijuana use, spawning a debate over whether drug-testing rules should be eased.
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Does California need 'another cook in the kitchen' to fix homelessness? Newsom says yes
Money to fight homelessness in California is distributed by multiple government agencies. Gov. Gavin Newsom wants to add another layer of bureaucracy.
Column: Look for the target on Bloomberg's back tonight
Mike Bloomberg has yet face off against another presidential candidate. That will change on the debate stage tonight — and other Democrats are itching to take him down.
As his first debate nears, Bloomberg is having to answer about his past
Bloomberg's debate debut on Wednesday comes as he faces intensifying questions about past statements and acts that critics say demeaned women and minorities and contradict Democratic values.
Bernie Sanders takes wide lead in California primary, new poll finds
Four rivals nearly tied for a distant second in biggest Super Tuesday primary
What to know about the Feb. 19 presidential primary debate in Las Vegas
Wednesday's Democratic presidential debate will feature billionaire Michael Bloomberg for the first time. He can expect attacks from his primary rivals.
California loosens its individual mandate for health insurance
Uninsured Californians still have time to avoid a penalty for not having healthcare if they sign up through Covered California by April 30.
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Trump commutes sentence of former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich
President Trump commuted the sentence of former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich on Tuesday, continuing a run of brazen actions to intercede in Justice Department matters following his acquittal on articles of impeachment.
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California Housing Crisis Podcast: Presidential candidates want to make housing affordable
Ahead of the March primary, Democratic presidential candidates are calling for a broad expansion of federal investment and involvement in housing.
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Trump to meet with 2028 Olympics organizers during L.A. visit
President Trump is expected to confirm the federal government's role in helping provide security and other services for the 2028 Summer Games.
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Federal judges reportedly call emergency meeting in wake of Roger Stone case intervention
Federal judges reportedly call emergency meeting in wake of Stone case intervention.
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'A huge vote, especially for Latinos': Democrats court diverse voters in Nevada
In Nevada, where one in five voters is Latino, candidates are working hard to connect, with Spanish-language ads, social events, and a soccer match.
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Bernie Sanders' rise worries centrist Democrats in Congress
Sen. Bernie Sanders' front-runner status has centrist Democrats in Congress worried that he could cost them the White House and control of the House
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Bernie Sanders continues attacks on Michael Bloomberg in Bay Area rally
Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders rallies with supporters in Richmond, Calif.
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