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McConnell wants to delay Trump impeachment trial to February
Senate Republicans hope to give Trump time to put together a legal defense before his impeachment trial begins.
3 h
Biden immediately turns to boosting federal COVID-19 response
In his first full day as president, Joe Biden signals a more assertive federal role in the response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
3 h
Family, co-workers, old FB friends helped catch Capitol intruders, records show
While bold admissions and digital forensics played a key role in the fast effort to bring Capitol rioters to justice, so too has an army of tipsters.
4 h
After Capitol assault, corporate America rethinks its role in politics
Rather than stay on the sidelines, business leaders condemned the attack, withdrawing funds supporting enablers of Trump and his followers.
8 h
Motley crew of far-right Californians accused of joining Capitol siege
Southern Californians arrested in the assault on U.S. Capitol include a doctor, salon owner, and actor/model.
At a muted inauguration, Biden asks Americans to 'stop the shouting and lower the temperature'
Biden was inaugurated in a city that depressingly resembled an armed camp — as did California's state Capitol and statehouses around the country.
Biden inherits border chaos from Trump but begets uncertainty and false hope
Hate from Trump gives way to hope in Biden at the border, but caravans, ongoing wall construction and thousands of asylum seekers already there collide for an early test of his resolve.
Joe Biden has a bust of Cesar Chavez behind his desk in the Oval Office
Joe Biden is already making a memorable mark in the White House, honoring beloved Mexican American figure Cesar Chavez in the Oval Office.
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Column: It took President Biden just 21 minutes to remind us who we are
Deprived of the normal pomp surrounding Inauguration Day, President Biden gave a speech that felt more like a heart-to-heart between friends than an inaugural address. And it was just what we needed.
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Inauguration coats: Where Ella Emhoff, Amanda Gorman and more got their looks
Yellow! Purple! Turquoise! Here's who designed the winter looks seen on Michelle Obama, Ella Emhoff, Amanda Gorman and others at the inauguration.
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Review: An inaugural like no other breathes new life into a besieged tradition: democracy
Combining the familiar and the novel, the inauguration of President Biden and Vice President Harris sought to reassure the nation — and then to forge ahead.
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News Analysis: Biden calls for 'unity' while warning against 'lies'
There was never a doubt President Biden would call for unity at his swearing in, but in his Inaugural address, he coupled it with something sterner.
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'Grim and beautiful,' Biden's inauguration a day of jarring juxtapositions
President Joe Biden's inauguration marked a return to a more traditional, unifying politics. But it was a surreal experience amid a pandemic and waves of political violence, which the ceremonies were forced to reflect.
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Alex Padilla sworn in as California's first Latino senator
Alex Padilla on Wednesday became the first Latino to represent California in the U.S. Senate.
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Democrats poised to take over Congress, but advancing Biden agenda will be a struggle
As the new Senate convenes, Democrats have more power in Washington than they have had in a decade — and a lot of roadblocks undermining it.
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Who is Natalie Biden, style icon of the Biden-Harris inauguration?
President Joe Biden's 16-year-old granddaughter, Natalie Biden, stole the fashion show at the inauguration with a matching pink ensemble and mask.
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Casual Bernie Sanders goes viral as the inauguration's unexpected meme
With his jacket, mittens and manila envelope, Sen. Bernie Sanders becomes an Inauguration Day meme we never expected but certainly appreciate.
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Read Joe Biden's 2021 inauguration speech transcript
Joe Biden was officially sworn in as the 46th president of the United States. Read the full transcript of his inauguration speech.
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Celebrities cheer as Biden and Harris sworn in: 'Today is just the best day ever'
"It's good to be able to breathe again," Bette Midler tweets, echoing a host of celebs on Inauguration Day. Here's a sampling of famous folks' thoughts.
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Three Supreme Court justices skip Biden inauguration due to coronavirus concerns
The three oldest Supreme Court justices — Breyer, Thomas and Alito —do not attend the Biden inauguration due to concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Here's what Jennifer Lopez said in Spanish at Biden's inauguration
Actress-singer Jennifer Lopez injects some Latin pride — and "Let's Get Loud"! — into Biden-Harris inauguration with a familiar passage recited in Spanish.
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Across the world, people bid Trump 'good riddance'
As President Biden took office, the rest of the world bid farewell to Trump, who will be remembered as one of the most controversial presidents.
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The significance of 'Amazing Grace' at Biden Inauguration 2021
Garth Brooks led the inauguration in a rendition of 'Amazing Grace.'
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The @POTUS Twitter account now belongs to Joe Biden
Moments after he was sworn in, Joe Biden reached another presidential milestone: He now controls the @POTUS account.
1 d
Eugene Goodman, who diverted Capitol riot mob, escorted Kamala Harris to the inaugural platform
Capitol Police Officer Eugene Goodman was named an acting deputy House sergeant-at-arms to escort the vice president-elect
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Lady Gaga goes full diva for moving national anthem at Biden inauguration: Watch
Wearing a red ballgown and a giant dove brooch, Lady Gaga performed an emotional and theatrical version of 'The Star-Spangled Banner.'
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Biden visits cathedral ahead of swearing-in
President-elect Joe Biden's first stop Wednesday was a church service at the Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle.
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Read Trump's farewell speech from his last day in office
President Trump officially left the White House Today. Read his final remarks to the public as he exited office.
1 d
A new turn in history: Kamala Harris sworn in as 49th VP
Kamala Devi Harris makes history as the first woman, Black person and Asian American vice president of the United States.
1 d
Trump pardons Lil Wayne and commutes Kodak Black, but snubs Joe Exotic
In his final hours as president, Trump pardoned Lil Wayne and commuted the sentence of fellow rapper Kodak Black. No such luck for "Tiger King" star Joe Exotic.
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