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13-year-olds arrested in connection with library blaze that killed firefighter
A second firefighter who battled the blaze is still missing. Authorities say the boys were seen running from the library after the fire broke out.
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A decorated detective, a suspected mobster: How a secret alliance ended in claims of blood and betrayal
The allegation that a Glendale detective betrayed his associate and arranged a 2016 attack remains unproven.
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Legal marijuana use still costs people jobs. A new California bill takes on the issue
More job applicants are being disqualified for marijuana use, spawning a debate over whether drug-testing rules should be eased.
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Column: So Trump wants to solve California's homeless crisis? Here are five things he can do
If the president is so interested in pitching in, why is he proposing budget cuts likely to make things worse?
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Does California need 'another cook in the kitchen' to fix homelessness? Newsom says yes
Money to fight homelessness in California is distributed by multiple government agencies. Gov. Gavin Newsom wants to add another layer of bureaucracy.
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Three men killed in Perris cemetery; crime could be cartel related
The men's bodies were found near the grave of a man killed in Mexico in December, authorities confirmed Tuesday.
L.A. bans exotic animals from house parties
Exotic animals such as elephants, giraffes and lions have been brought to lavish house parties in the Hollywood Hills for years, said Councilman David Ryu.
Second defendant pleads guilty in 1993 Westlake apartment arson that killed 10
Johanna Lopez is expected to be sentenced to 22 years in prison for her role in blaze, which police say was set by gang members over an attempt to stop drug dealing.
Trump visits Los Angeles today: What you need to know
Trump visits L.A. Tuesday to meet with 2028 Olympic organizers and attend a Beverly Hills fundraiser. Wednesday, he heads to Bakersfield, Rancho Mirage.
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Amie Harwick died of blunt force injuries to her head and torso, coroner officials say
Marriage therapist Amie Harwick died of blunt force injuries received in an attack inside her home, L.A. County coroner officials say.
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Kamala Harris endorses George Gascón in competitive Los Angeles County D.A's race
U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris said George Gascón will provide "real justice for every Angeleno" in endorsing the former San Francisco district attorney, who is in a fight to unseat Los Angeles County Dist. Atty. Jackie Lacey
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Harvey Weinstein attorney scolded for writing op-ed on eve of jury deliberations
Harvey Weinstein's lead defense attorney was lambasted by a prosecutor for writing an op-ed that addressed the jury ahead of trial deliberations.
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In the Noah's Ark of citrus, caretakers try to stave off a fruit apocalypse
It has been described as a Noah's Ark for citrus: two of every kind.
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A surprise big spender funds attack campaign mailers in key L.A. school board races
Bill Bloomfield, a wealthy Manhattan Beach businessman, has poured $1.7 million into the Los Angeles school board elections.
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SARS killed hundreds and then disappeared. Could this coronavirus die out?
The containment of the 2003 SARS outbreak is considered one of the biggest public health victories in recent years. Stopping the new coronavirus, known as COVID-19, will probably be much harder.
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How Jackie Lacey's and George Gascón's time in office shapes the L.A. County D.A.'s race
Jackie Lacey and George Gascón combine for more than 60 years of experience in law enforcement, yet their visions to run the nation's largest local prosecutor's office couldn't be more different. The Times reviewed crime data, filing rates and other metrics to compare their respective terms in Los Angeles and San Francisco
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The stranger-than-fiction twists that led to Robert Durst's Los Angeles murder trial
With jury selection set to begin in Los Angeles on Wednesday, the Robert Durst murder trial is expected to last up to five months, pitting a lineup of elite Los Angeles County prosecutors against the high-end Houston legal team that helped Durst beat a murder charge in Texas in 2003.
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Central Americans have long migrated north. Today, their studies are getting their due
Scholars have worked diligently to create space for a field that decades ago was considered irrelevant
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Op-Ed: Have you heard this one? Los Angeles can't take a joke
When you can't make a dog joke on Montana Avenue, L.A.'s officially a tough room.
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Boy Scouts seek bankruptcy under wave of new sex abuse lawsuits
The move comes after the deadline for filing childhood sexual assault claims was extended in California and other states.
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Riverside County homicide detectives launch investigation after 3 dead bodies discovered next to gravesite
Homicide detectives are investigating three dead bodies that were found Monday morning in a Perris cemetery.
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